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Kirk says the Sox are 7 games into the season. Hilarity ensues.

Apr 9, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk laud the Red Sox for the Jimmy Fund based Opening Day festivities, then Kirk mentioned that it was a little early to make major proclamations to the disapproval of Callahan. Kirk's rant that followed was an all timer.

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Doctor Charles pregame. Was just as ever pack. Jimmy Fund centric. Understated. Classy nice well done feel good story perfect perfect. Very well done I love the fact that it never feels over done it never feels. Melodramatic right. And Ottawa we doesn't that you deal with people. Just the right touch just the right -- -- never like seeing the old -- old grace Stanley scary or whatever you know what do we still looks like he's in great shape and could play all those kinds of -- I mean do you watch. As the kids are some kids in wheelchairs and crutches Friday. You know how the players reacting in the national Saltalamacchia on the top step -- about him and that to me that to -- like I like watching players. Watch kids from the -- on -- have their moment and actually you know given them their moment and applauding for the men if not. For that sixty year relationship and not -- if not for all the fund raising all the research that Dana Farber is done in the Jimmy Fund as its as its fundraising arm does that. On the -- -- would be there to throw out the first pitch and hold hands with. You know. What's I'm sorry no one of them a real a guy who's there who's diagnosed hutchings disease in 1967. Spoke I'm sure there's a lot of people who. Who were there are are here are here today because the Jimmy Fund and the doctors and researchers at the Diaw who did a great job did. I still think -- produce -- -- is a gutless little we -- though he tried to sign them up for the chorus it's a good singer and he's a great you'd be a baritone rise that would. I pulled a chorus down a whole lot of not doing so would they need you got some. It's a big early and choruses -- not yes I think that's an appointment to enter their attention. You know that they -- years ago -- -- up for the lineup. Guess maybe. Cleanup hitter in the I don't think I've ever heard of anybody with those and needs some cute girls in the course. That she could just like that he should probably two ago you couldn't have friendship. -- like competition yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now it's a cappella and to have guitar players and courses. I mean sometimes there's usually like there's piano accompaniment on mats on the disputed depends on the arrangement. The range. There was one I don't want good. Does talk good news there are lots about the real music is hard almost all the there was one at that moment with -- Ugly moment yeah. The camera and on all of this things well that book. On that. Weren't everywhere and and -- noted that it looks good though there once it's all or wait and I was home run. Something else. Aghast because it was used this -- remarkably surprised that it happened but feel -- -- -- us on the phone one point two which was for a ball and the like that now it's violent city. That it would Dennis went up to the room. And that brook hold one on that he -- the problem called the UC BI TV to -- the ugly moment one as. And we can talk about this at 10 o'clock -- Is standing next to -- And I guess there were eight players and eight Jimmy Fund kids throwing the ball via. And apparently there was probably one I think or eight players at seven. Eight people throw the ball. And reloading intercepted the ball meant for Randy and denied Remy get catching the ball. So ready stem -- likely would put your head up the -- with somebody yeah and they and they stiff yet I'll write to exactly what happened and he is reached it took -- ball away the hate each -- any good at now you should know that they do they don't like each other yeah Vatican to get a little competition that you can -- about it today as -- April ninth -- That won't would be -- may ninth congress -- -- about -- its extreme. Know for sure. It's going to change -- always a matter how solid do you think something -- no matter how etched in stone. You thought the Bruins could lose -- something bad happened to took harassed or somebody. And well Bergeron has got hurt. But you look at thinking say this is the way it's going to be this is not the way it's going to be. I mean. I don't think. I don't think your starters have a 245 ERA starting pitcher starting staff do or five illegals gonna continue. Like the most important things -- static Lester I'm buying it -- -- -- -- I luster off Carl's gonna fix Lester may not be you know Cy -- -- -- -- -- -- knew what he wants. -- I think will be good to as long as he's healthy at support. We IC it's Lester before last year was very consist death and you'll have Lester will -- many -- in the breeze. He'll have a double digit wins. That policies given. That's a pretty good -- I think you're right and buckles will too unless he gets hurt well that's the thing and that's why when I -- this -- -- before their fifth issue of the thought about -- more. I thought Ferrell was going to fix buckles and -- so what that the births are to be better. Oh million that you -- change -- now now listen I picked him for that Britain is asking so but I'm just asking a month from now will be -- and we got -- first week was just a mirage. Well -- an -- well -- -- I'm standing by the fact that seven games -- and -- and yeah -- guys I didn't know and I cut its five -- to that seven games you know computers that just anywhere -- -- glad we brought you where you're acting like I wasn't sure how many games they play it when you're acting like -- definitive you talked about Johnny -- the greatest guy in the planet after seven games -- thought. Exhibit. It's about seventy yards and -- double to -- I supposed to say about my assessment thirty. East Coast say not what I know how many -- I don't -- don't ask don't want to know why I wanted to be something. This is something we've got John I've put a right to say nothing and are actually public and -- Just thought Johnson put him up and write it he's taken note. I've taken notes put him back in his -- drops a ball back as the -- -- up DO GGI puck and Jerry heard him voice yes. Game -- -- seven games it's you've got this reason. Larry it's -- seven day. Yet that's what it -- -- it's been seven game guess what. Thursday morning and convenient Eckert -- telling me home because we won't know how many games and Kirk counts. Processes not effortless. Time now this is an out of water for our enemies that is gonna heal some of these wounds here and ask both questions he's require simple yes or no wind. And this is about the job and affection from these young assistant about and if he can Trevor gonna go away round. This is about the job that. John Ferrell inherited and and all credit to John -- he's doing all the right things so far -- he took Jackie Bradley output -- and saw that he'd been batting better right handed. In spring training and realizing improved himself -- and that's what it worked out really well that always I don't know probably not. Let me ask him just in terms of of the environment and I don't believe in seven games -- and don't forget -- Did this team. Want to he'll talk about inspections and antibiotics. Did this team what to heal from last year sure. Did this team. One to recover what was last year -- -- -- by the way we thought the team you're Google wanted to do that based on the horrible September. But I didn't head and a bat out now other black people who care only about themselves and -- looking for -- pitches and exposing whoever you know. Hold the chicken and beer story to Bob Poehler and all that army to mossy all those kinds of things. We thought this -- wanted to recovering -- a year ago but they did not now -- like Q2 guys there in recovering and recovering. That wannabe you think they wanna be -- not hated because god -- last of September and August and September they were a hated botched the answer to that is yes if they wanna win and be proud of themselves or lose and -- -- my point in asking while this is it was a perfect. Environment. -- John Ferrell the command and do what he has done which is very little other than don't do what Bobby Valentine haven't again I. I wrote in the offseason answer Kirk did too we talked about many times that. Doug Gomes as platoon player hell they're all but two players you know -- is a catcher trying to play first victory as a centerpiece of the plan right. I mean yeah you who's played shortstop in place she's he had won eighteen he can't -- -- but Stephen Drew and me it seemed like. He wasn't exactly the construction a day of a championship caliber team unless you consider. The repairs needed to repair -- -- of the repair was clubhouse you know what I that became a priority and the world too cynical we market we see in on the run a bunch of guys annals of seasonal weird was on the court might yet -- -- that stupid -- buyout numbers say that again by via the biggest cliche at the moment to hold hands and chant going by yum you're exactly heard that a hundred -- -- off season. And it was never sent in in on an a in a constructive way it's set in the cynical. I yeah go back to this so he could say say need to either fix the club house or he could fix Lester Buchholz -- the collateral whenever what they've done both in a blog and then that's -- and brought -- -- all right Omar well so far Korea. It's been a 67 games so far maybe do you -- again which guy on there. And we'll get to this final seven games has the personality that when something personally goes wrong for him when he gets into a -- -- used example. It was a good one although -- small sample of the little Brooks who struck out with nobody with two -- on and nobody out in that seventh inning that was the first one to congratulate novel became. Around the base Youkilis with a non apple I know. I guess every game last year roster that walk off home run in the guys poured out I mean I. David Ross wasn't here they're different -- last year Cody Cody was a feel good guy I thought I don't. Thought it would you be fit amnesty right I thought that would keep them and welded personality also assuming that would keep him. Ross is a better player than Jonny Gomes and yeah I think so I'm in a better all around player but Combs is he he's the face of this team right now I don't know this for a fact that. I don't know this for a fact check Larry August. We should -- this yesterday. Win the discussion among you know the inner circle the guys at the table five or six guys at the table her to Josh -- Do you think anybody they are understanding what. The BBL old for this team was going to be what the what the plan with a recipe that they'd bought into. The change in the chemistry changing that that that the feeling about this team. Think anybody raised and it's -- yes Josh Hamilton's a good idea I don't think so. I think they have bent over backwards to get rid of and not include any high maintenance people. Now by definition of the baseball players -- behind me it's just on the Rafah. But I think they have gone out of their way to find people who don't have to worry about sticking their jobs sticking their heads of the managers press conference and take that should have been hit plot and airs. Did what did Gomes says analysts credit what he said everybody on the -- -- among everyday player now guess what he's not. -- S Davis wanted to do start this stock Elliot he's not wealthy it is and yet you don't have those problems I -- I I I think they felt pretty comfortable the Gomes. Wouldn't be a problem even if he didn't play him in -- set some ground. You know right off the bat -- what game who he was sitting down played against sabathia and they took a seat and I was saying. Lot of guys at this point are already unhappy specially if they were promised at least in the -- promised that play every day. -- just let this -- leads the had a conversation I was -- you're you're gonna have your opportunity they're going to be injuries there's going to be Mitt you know mix and match situations there's going to be day games after night games you're going to have a obvious opportunity here are hoping he's -- -- the course -- -- he's -- him. Anti -- and right he's -- of these guys who say enough and publicly said a lot of stock privately. But do you think we need you mention mixing buckles and Lester. -- that was hard what do you think Valentine was just the problem you get Valentine out and then to -- just went back to basics. It was it was purely mechanical was environmental I don't know remember after the the -- to game and when Lester got popped right up front there was an at an honest person at the meeting right anonymous person but instead Trump Organization told the bunt -- a couple of reporters I -- -- -- what must -- -- -- probably Farrell. And on short assuring that we looked at it did it stuck with -- something. It looks exactly the same -- it was 2010. And a and -- still randomly walked four guys -- they've got to grapple standing up straight on the well maybe yeah I mean and fat right in his delivery. And if you Farrell you sent to slamming him you know he wanted desperately to come -- -- because he knew this a great job. Mean you could he could show up -- his underwear -- head and he's gonna last more than one year than not gonna fire that went at least a couple of years to fix these guys. Only knows how real talent and and what is what is over achieving this year 82 wins. I think that these -- and what -- -- and I -- I still think 82 and eighty is over achieving that's a thirteen game improvement over last year -- 85 mediate. Amazing idea if everything breaks right. Ninety everything breaks right I'm not I'm not would be on that yet. I was told at the stick my fourth -- prediction mr. Jerry sits on the sticker when mine too well it's only seven dedicated to win support placed. But the Yankees would seventy -- a Red Sox went 82 when you are or you have last place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On Sunday night as they're leaving Toronto. John Ferrell told Daniel -- the Jackie Bradley was going to sit on opening day and you Daniel Volvo would be in the lineup. Not just said Peter Abraham. It gave me confidence. Jon and -- meaning bench coach to reliable. Have done a great job of communicating with us about whether were playing the following day. The opportunity to mentally prepare is huge I had a lot of confidence knowing my manager had my back. That's the anti Barbie and easy free she ends up as no dummy he knows what he's saying right case and it's all different now it is for.

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