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Pitino wins another national title, bad news for Boston

Apr 9, 2013|

The boys broke down the Louisville national title and what it means for Rick Pitino's growing legacy. Dino wondered why good things seem to happen to bad people/

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The -- blues. When the medication wears off. After your surgery -- came out of the same whose annual COZ you high yeah yeah and I don't know what does that mean. I think he's that we are all Brothers he meant to -- and ultimately the same womb ma. And it turned -- moose. I. It was a medication and -- in noodle bar stool have a teacher any data to numerous. My whose -- -- -- Would've done without Kevin where they'll McNabb went out to promote job yeah but -- sure to check this out. Here's my observation beginning this this program are written to you know wins the big east regular season. Rick Pitino wins the big east tournament -- -- guard tied for the big east regular season wins the big east tournament at Madison Square Garden. He gets the number one overall seed in March Madness is kid gets a big time college -- S -- job. He wins his second national title last night in the process he'd -- ties to great John -- 664. Wins his horse is gonna run in the Kentucky Derby a bad one question and one question only. Why do good things. Happened to that -- Why do good well I do think you got to wait a few days because I don't pickles internal organs are working dislikes the wrong -- livers -- work its best the best comparison of the quickest out. Basketball arsonists on Twitter. Rick Pitino would Gomez Adams. -- -- and -- young for that I used to watch the show -- Coke or is that Gomes. -- -- -- tomorrow golden -- gone by daddy's gone and Jonny Gomes but it's Gomez -- a list items and Rick Pitino who looks like I know it's a great time drinking a lot of red wine right now as we speak yet. He needs to get some vegetables on some vitamin yet one a day to walk in the sunshine you took a little color on -- and strike me as a as you know a paradise island kind of -- John Henry's complexion. It does almost transparent. Looks to yet but it looks less healthy is it looks like a doc Republicans say. Under pressure and so you know you need some medication for you know currently is gonna go to sleep -- got to I think he's awake right now running -- for five the last week like it's eight hours or six hours sleep in Rowe I only do I think he's one of those guys write negative about respects the other day it was -- guys -- -- we got last. Yeah right we're -- and we are on the that is about to taxing plastic surgery but so did that work right balance ballot in Michigan to Texas it would ever slipped you guys I doubt it yeah. I I can relate I feel like we look like hell I'd look like Rick Pitino or I sleep like Rick Pitino. I just you know don't get those bonuses recruit you know I love and he pulled their rebel and yes as a bonus we get. 500000 for winning the game last week like 400 from make in the game short you odd that he's the first guy ever to this isn't school app that -- I don't know like I think the guys. Notes. Obviously there is no right angles yeah. But I think of the great coaches. Coach Brown wooden to -- ski right now being Smith night I guess right. They don't -- I mean it was like it was going to expect when a title. They usually have that -- it's a good long run and they uncles morals and and they and they might and magic again anybody by gets a bunch of guys probably. 11 coached in the championship game for another team. You think I don't know Calipari. Well he does and UMass doesn't count of the -- championship game for. Memphis and then won the title with content no good point. Larry Brown I think maybe Larry -- every job that unless I was surprised that I -- Saturday do you want to play at the Orleans royally and yes. Are right yet you know Vietnam. -- a bunch probably at least the first. And and all of in the national title right. And probably you know get busy with some scan it then forgot that and fifteen seconds yes there. Whenever I -- that you know generally it is. It is in a bowl after the kind of championship game whether it's the Super Bowl the World Series seventh game of the national championship in college is for somebody say. -- came happily sucked -- anybody say that game was not entertaining and -- great game to watch. I absolutely spectacular game -- and that somebody mentioned that you know as the law goes long way to. Redeeming the NCAA and that took the players to the eighteen year rule in nineteen -- looks like all -- The redeem the NCAA after all the damage that was done by Mike rice and by mark emirate but. It wasn't the greatest game ever because it didn't have a great finish you know it was a great game and don't get me wrong -- the finishers get around -- -- does it mean if it hadn't have went down the last position of there was a last second show oppose Michael Jordan jumpers opener. Or. It's an auto -- keeps keeps -- moment yes. Then you'd say I'd say greatest game ever -- sales and class ten. It. Gold at her work cut at the moment moments but greatest championship game every right yeah. If there if it went down while it didn't and I'll say this I never thought Louisville was in trouble I never thought -- -- in trouble I'd love spike Albrecht like Albright was fun. Spike -- it's still great chip that that was gonna laugh at that did you think those athletes on Louisville. Morgan -- bike all brick beat them did you think Hancock was -- -- -- did but it's different he's bigger he's got more moves he'd get the whole you know as a better all around player. It is just but it opens up for him because get better teammates right with spikes in the game -- on the bench right. Julius dale I know they have played together and and I felt bad for Kabila and the coach and sent. If you're a -- in the game on gonna blame you and you know and they will and they do blame him for -- convention for not -- -- In the last minute ago they were -- 11 did you think that matter now -- every -- every second that touched the ball. As long as they got the Hancock or Ciba. Then they were gonna hit their free throws that we're gonna lose -- -- Louisville is. They have at at the same time have this frenetic pace as the maniacal and press and they just close -- shooters and they play. The word you hear over and old is relentless they are relentless. But -- also in a way they're poised and patient you know. I don't think the players think you're in trouble when they're down ten or twelve well I know pretend it doesn't Victor in trouble in the down -- twelve just bide their time you think all brick in the rest of Burke in the other the other freshmen the other way kid. Think that they are gonna. Keep knocking down shots with that kind of pressure with that kind of defense no. And the steady force adding deceive deceive the other ten guys on the board any time seems to be one kid out there who was -- as as as store -- say hey you know what no I'm not mistaken. An -- and there's just a a calmness about this kid the seems to settle global doubt that -- -- notes on the game the writing down now. A two pages of notes in the words shows us curtain system the red dots are bad the green ones are good for football. You don't do that's all and astronauts for football. And it took two pages of notes in the word appears on relentless no. Deep as in deep three deep three did you see that we're like who steps three steps behind the arc you know why 'cause they have to here's. And we talked about Bob Bryan wrote a column week and a half ago blah offense -- score anymore called basket. While the number one reason is the defense play so much harder. I hate to say it in the olden days. I think it was Bohannon would be closed shooter and just over the top yes yes flip publicly it does and what this is -- about -- that well. That's how hard Louisville plays all the time beginning to end. That's not the way ones when -- sixty years ago Bob writes that whoever was Cincinnati scored a hundred points a game in the NC turn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they could have wasn't against the rules. It was just mindset particulars of the apartment by the -- teams have always split like that. He gets guys who you know probably the at a -- in their -- like within -- couple -- style and get some -- play like maniacs like their hair's on fire and no -- and what it and when they don't. What happens Russ -- -- -- -- -- much and doesn't start the second half. -- their three best guards. Russ Smith three for sixteen. Sucked aptly choked that third basket and I love you heard about this broken leg I heard about that out not didn't play some. That's a good -- was you know yeah I mean he was of their top three guns. One joked the other sat on the sideline and and watched and it's he was scared and you're right you see him he was he breathing hard now. He has some and I think one of the guys after the game mentioned this. They're all in great shape would agree all called -- players at this point disease and no one's in better shape than and then. We've queried about the -- on what he does to these guys to get them ready Kentucky when he first went there was on in the work out these guys do it's the old you know they leave the ball home for weeks and weeks and weeks -- the season starts in history see these guys are never. Tired ever. And and that's that pays off at the end there was no way. There wasn't aware of them picked lay -- out of Michigan in the second half there was no way Michigan was gonna win the second half they wanna. Feel like they -- have enough money and they were up like two and would you agree that the way the officials called the game and there were a couple of bad calls at their -- and large didn't they let them just yes fashion they lose -- I love it I mean I -- underneath which has written balls out of people's arms that -- -- -- -- went up and everyone's whacking them right could barely get hits the ball on Baghdad and yet he's the top. That they just look away. And and and I write the locals will analysts and you don't normally is thrown tantrum right and maybe get teed up but he says they're going 00 good the way it's going to be good good job. -- let's let's get. Let's get physical and they did and that played in the hands illegal and went wore out just war help it would anybody. It wore out spike Ulbrich and company as I've sent the tape. On my DVR the back seriously look at this how many times there were guys on the floor terrible it's unbelievable would you say. Ten. And it's unbelievable hotter play ball on the floor and it's fun. Because. Again you you're always were allowed to play that way somewhere along the way and I don't know who's responsible what player what coach. They just started playing harder on both ends of the floor obviously you don't teams ran in the old and tell the Celtics went on nights and ran. At some point the last 20/20 five years -- started playing defense like this you know. Like they did that we saw last night like you see in in a lot of tournament games. And it changed the -- change the flow of the game. And then -- head. If you're superstars hit the floor yet to -- superstars are close enough shooters and running back on defense changes to the whole temple the game editor exits so much harder. Edit your big shooter is firing -- perfect -- to your little guards and humble applicant is probably the best way to -- idol mean that that's. That's we see the Oakland what do that would have been about witnesses and clearly much better athlete yes energy -- effort speed the speed if Smith. Mornings even Alex Smith or Ciba press has taken get from. Out of -- Under the -- say it's -- Michigan scored right. Getting set up on offensively and our result on the fast three seconds in price and a second fast he has -- off the charts fast and and you think -- spike Albrecht is trying to keep up with that. It was great. How long can he keep up with that well I think Pietrus for twenty minutes as he scored seventeen points in the first -- and -- in the second and it was second wind and probably at halftime score I can't just write longer -- You gotta get Burke back in good shot he took in the second half club short. -- to probable yet from a previous -- -- and they shot over 50% missed its 52 priests and twice I lost. -- that's of their good shooting team much better shooting team but that's hard to keep up it's hard to sustain when he -- -- there really is too bad -- pitino such a weasel he's such a sneak. And he stuck a -- right in the back around our back yeah -- Boston. And now you know it's like it never. -- care so prosecutors and get to the hall of -- gets me off a -- but you know you like for the titles like you like I don't -- -- I don't I don't. I don't hate him. IIR Michigan I gave him I I was -- in his eyes darted from bush read to greet him with these mobile line yeah as family. And is the basis for private -- his uncle is private Ryan. They changed the names but it's all based the -- week is based on his spam and it's really cool story. And obviously that they underdogs I think and guess in the go to class. More -- kids. Problem if it against something to say probably exceed. That clearly awareness. -- -- Study out today does this school there you know it would let him go to C via the women's -- as violent and -- violation probably. It's in violation I read that they can't go to the NCA in New Orleans girls' game tonight. Right well probably because it's just a thing to do not the tickets -- just a national championship to the war and the next day. Not to be you know it's fine if you do open I mean their college kids right I mean is that with this must be doing that -- today disposed to fly than to Atlanta in a private Asia world some watching women's -- our lives at this -- completely -- we're outraged about this and it seems to me to be the right thing to do go back to school I know we live in a world where that's. Not reality -- -- school but I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll be in class. How to -- persecuted like. Seaver and -- -- class. That -- -- Felix superstar hasn't it and -- -- and they probably wolf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would think we all came -- the same move the. Mike was it -- Northfield Mount Hermon last year. Little over the sooners play and then Worcester area and crichton and not highly recruiter no no but. It's hard to believe that he can electric and to step been under the kind of pressures and is an example of how pressure can bring out the best in some. Hancock and -- that. In and Smith BC -- does to some guys it hurts like he probably hurts most people but other guys pressure's on them they just get more locked him. 6177757. Under through seven we will take a ninety. Second time out will -- the full want to talk with you obviously want to get to Red Sox opening day tomorrow but as we get ready to do that. Think the last night's broadcast. Was there any one or two things that just aggravated you. The entire broadcast last night on CBS there with three. It just drove me you not notified authorities are qualities I know we're on an idea why happily agree don't give it away now on that one and don't know the other two okay the three things that aggravated me and I'm sure something is to India might get that and oh Gordon -- -- Jonas talks Red Sox baseball at 8 o'clock or your phone calls a minute from.

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