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Red Sox take home opener, move to 5-2 on season. Response and reaction with Salk, Holley and Rob Bradford

Apr 8, 2013|

The Sox took game one of the first home series 3-1 behind Daniel Nava's 3 run shot, and Mike Salk, Michael Holley and Rob Bradford break it all down with the callers.

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It is a good day you hear that. All the stock markets went up the NASDAQ the S&P the -- the Red Sox win it's beautiful out. What's left -- -- -- complain about what could you possibly complain about today Abbas and I'm sure people out there have something. They usually do 61777979837. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com gonna join us in fifteen minutes. Get his take after he went down in the clubhouse and now find out what he heard and saw down there. The one not a surprise but I think if you ask me couple days ago when it happened I would have said absolutely not as the fact that Jackie Bradley junior. Was not in the lineup today now he's three for 21 that has not hit the ball I think in the last few days last few games the way we expected he would it. After the first -- the patience is still been there the on base percentage still there. But he's just not making enough contact and clearly Michael. Getting getting beat by fastballs and -- There is getting beat by -- fastballs inside you talked about. I heard Lou on the loose talk about this. For the last couple days and it's not just. Lou reacting to besides -- reacting to 143 from Jackie Bradley junior. He was he was one of the rare people one of the few people who was saying. Weeks ago to say Jackie Bradley AAA because you need a little more seasoning and actually agree with that I think it's a great story Jackie Bradley. -- is give people lot of hope as you mentioned earlier. Huge response today huge ovation biggest ovation of the -- him a fair rate but I still I keep looking at it and see a guy. Who. In double -- last year down the stretch. Really had some tough times and adjusting. To what was being thrown at them and that's like he had a little more seasoning a little more hundred more that 300 -- Edward bats. I think -- serving well here and. Clearly me watching you see that he's got a good approach he's got a good eye for the for the bombing he he knows the strike zone very well and it keeps getting beat by the same pitch -- -- this -- him earlier today explaining why that inside fastballs given him such problems. We talked about it said listen there was fourteen receivers in the CC -- -- eighty miles an -- -- swung right over in right away it's like there it is so menial. Toronto has advanced scouting and out there watching the series before. So there is evident that there blue jays scouts here at Yankee Stadium and you watch in this lineup and that probably a lot of eyes have been on Jackie Bradley given the spring he had. Can always going to be in this line of -- trying to figure out how to approach him. And as good -- on opening day it was there was no there was no game. -- she resents that CMA from a lefty knows he may be a fastball in from a righty CLU affection that but I think you started to see that. -- early on with a B fastball away curveball for strike early on that we have busted me with a -- seem to maybe get a swing though suing over it'll follow that back. Not put a good swing on and I got the most to went to a battle back but the finishing pitches fastballs then. Elevate the little bit above the numbers inner half he's gonna have to make that adjustment I think that he will. He also went on it and has listened to him today as they were broadcast -- more from Jerry Remy is. To describe how he's got such a good approach and is so good -- making sure he doesn't get beat with sliders and off speed pitches away. Then then he's trying to react to the pitch inside right now is just not fast enough reacting to the pitch inside to the debate becomes -- sellout. Try to react try to build off that inside pitch like son not to take out of the ballpark today or is he stay with the approach that had been working for him until they started. And now we are good questions that cinco we talked with Bradford a little bit when asked him if he sees the connection if if I'm not mistaken. When Jacoby Ellsbury came up not the Jacoby Ellsbury with a on base guy. That Bradley is even in the minors or in the early stages of Bradley in the majors but Jacoby Ellsbury the weakness with him -- it towards start. He forced Coco Crisp to lose his job in the post season he was fantastic. -- after the adjusted to -- Jacoby Ellsbury it was the same thing. Inside fastballs he had a hard time adjusting to a and once he adjusted it it was no problem for a I wonder if that's the same thing that's happening live with Jackie Bradley if it's the same kind of hole. In the swing for Bradley that was there they used to be -- Ellsbury and and think it is no longer -- I'll go until 7 o'clock today and then -- over the -- housing can more square if you wanna com hang out it will buy you beer as long as your cool to the producers been in India the gatekeepers. If that works out by -- -- -- -- there at the I -- you went there over the things we don't scouting without scouting mission maybe I was shocked I gotta make sure -- -- you know you're you're tweeting over the weekend he said lunch. At the yard house but I think when there were going there on my part -- it was CG I was meeting somebody who who said let's go there now ending his day. No liberal -- are you that easily -- somebody says. Are -- art house would like another twice when I say now I'm going to be there on Monday let's go to another -- another big hero for you I'll tell you one of the relationship and then I'll tell you -- Michael they make a mean Turkey club and they put up McConnell want you put avocado on a Turkey club. I'm pretty much willing to go to David's in a car David your old -- -- all. They're guys I don't for David on time was definitely appreciates -- no problem to Michael a little -- out early you mentioning I'll. Cho transitioned from Ballantine chew up. Church of -- and I think as far as the I wolf Karl -- on -- but I think as far as. -- reading for the success of a trial coming -- out of transition from Francona to struggle would have been that she would have been moved this year and Karl. I think it's a fact that. We kind of went with -- of the upheaval with we don't I don't wanna because that is fast. And hectic because it was so bad. I think froze looking even better because of. Well you know I I think that's a good point good. So assured that it would have been a rough transition. Is Ferrell had had followed Tito now it would have been. Difficult for him because you're following the guy who was beloved you're following the guy. Who got you to World Series titles and was it was an extremely popular manager. But I think a lot of times we get into this. Well I don't know we get into it or owners and in the IG and get into it. If one guy was a player's manager the next guy's gonna have to be the opposite. Until we start complaining about him so we complain about the players' manager he's too easy and the players. We want to disciplinarian. Than disciplinarian wears out his welcome and we go back to a player's manager I think it's okay. If you have a transition of similar managers. What what would be the problem with that I don't think it would be an issue whatsoever going from Terry Francona style. Immediately to Jon Farrell's first of all the whole idea of replacing a legend totally overrated. Yeah Iraq totally over I doubt you'll find out tonight all the way overrated I don't think that's a big deal at all to anybody actually totally agree election with the caller I don't think it would have worked as well to have gone from Francona Farrell and I think. There was. There were still some purging. They needed to be done at the end of 2011 I think that it's still needed to be hurt they needed to get worse. And not hang onto what they had just think we can just we can just make a couple of tweaks here and everything will get better. It needed to get worse they needed to her Jeep and now you can see this a rebirth of what the Red Sox are you could see it as you mentioned today with the viva. All around yet I needed to get -- -- just one. I would keep bringing this up especially if there that they are in first place. In July. July out a political death on the give myself a deadline July 4 July 4 July 4 I will let this go okay. I agree with you missed result that it needed to get worse but it didn't need to get worse the way. The Red Sox made worse by. Overriding the recommendation of the general manager in choosing the manager I. I agree that they pay that was very cut his legs out shouldn't -- -- -- was getting worse it. Help that they were continuing to act promotional and marketing wise is that it wasn't getting worse right and that's mistakenly think they recognize that they made those mistakes. If it had just gotten worse -- -- that. Vacuum without those things happening I think you're right. Might have been in better shape until July 4 point bring in six point 777979. -- and the only their first was only if your -- business in Boston Dan -- Hey guys that we don't. -- when -- -- -- talking about maybe -- I think eight guys -- radical Obama and Mike wolf. And -- -- here you have -- it really demonstrated leadership not just talking about it -- doing you know he was a guy. Show up every day work but are obviously want to win. Not only that you know he was a well spoken guy anyway bilingual -- I think if you forget that but he was a bridge in the clubhouse between. Management the coaches and some new younger Latino players bringing them into the system. Great great great points and there's one more thing I wanna add to that a viewer Michael for every the biography by rob Bradford is called drive. It's available on Amazon.com -- book. I bought your book over the -- thank you I was mean to tell you I found on Kendall it was 79297. I mean I bought your book appreciate -- -- and start reading endless and as I finish your local tournament markets can go to college when they -- really appreciate this excellent that we are gonna have rob on the show here about five minutes Mike. Excuse me how about -- losing Quincy -- But I you know silent and -- over the total cost of that. The -- -- has created. Will probably this year was so well let's put tremendous pressure under the skin -- Because it will absolutely correct although all of before we -- play the Major League. Hold on -- -- just the media is that the fans they gave him the biggest donation of the day. It politician it's it's just hit that well this particular very. Suggest you couldn't read it because they wanted to go. But outside the government sent into -- -- of course it's also so we did. The most importantly. In this town picked him rub. -- most -- -- -- It just doesn't go to neglects. And is equal to all of us grow -- the -- and I didn't go as a sort -- I don't know there is no and what is. Including simple question -- contact is little bit this year and -- was so hard. So glazed look into. Talking -- -- -- don't know -- that -- Are -- hey Tom appreciate the -- comments he says Tom Menino. So let me tell you today. Is that I don't -- -- saw the mayor walking around the ballpark today it was nice to see him regularly and eat them. Outside -- wow now he said did you say he's. It I had a hard time -- -- a few cents. These eight dead a glaciers is the most of misused abused player which one I don't know. Abuse I don't know OK what do I look I'm not like all on the pilot didn't say -- -- they -- get to -- hitter he did he also cities have some pop but don't worry about that pathology report we got rob Bradford to sort all this out we'll talk to Robin ninety's effort understood Beckham Bradford understand everything he's the super genius that next salt and. -- -- You know the wage and has been effective against lefties Jackie's been -- to. Pretty consistently here of late and really the way Daniel is all about there there's. I think he's got a much better job of picking out some pitches to hit to him and get a pitch to drive. Yesterday again opens Ronald today with what obviously the difference in today's ballgame but it's. He's puts up consistent ABs you know. Base hit and a second nobody walks in his first at bat and then the difference in this final putt today so. He's an Eric Wedge over the plate. Whether it's play in the numbers -- play in the -- John Farrell got it right today Daniel -- inserted for Jackie Bradley junior comes the rule. The huge three run home run as the Red Sox win it on their home opener 31 -- your final score Buchholz improving to two no. On the year salt -- the rare bonus hour. Abolish our Mikey Adams is usually in this space. I -- I misspoke before last time we did this you know the home opener arrested there's no Mikey he's now wait a -- have my typical thirty minute show tonight. So there was Mikey Adams and it. I'm guessing it's your Mikey Adams showed that if like three hours a Mikey Mikey had a two out tonight to our struggle our IKEA two hours go until 9 o'clock last line of Egypt there we -- That's how we got -- -- a Michigan. NASA budget is evident with my heart not my head I had a hard time. This is it's so difficult is so difficult to bring in your breath for the Bradley. You give your opinion on this is that he's. -- at a -- okay do you ever. When I don't you listed a super. -- that's absolutely edit that's what's alternate -- pictures of project you've got to have the right answer what you want to downgrade -- to genius you -- -- the national semi finals. And adding duplicate and care about that that really don't have a a dog in the fight what you hate Michigan but right but think about hate Michigan. Just from birth I've hated new journal I can't help it. That I hate Syracuse because of -- -- and all the people in the media that went to Syracuse what but no not because Jason will just because Jorge Hartley can determine that tempers it a little to control but 90%. Even knighted by percentage of their time. So when a situation when you don't want anybody to win yet have a problem if you tell the truth. Your problem becomes part of his past and now tonight I have to either root for Rick Pitino yeah -- you know you're going Michigan portion alarm equipment. Root for a little Ricky corporate from Michigan on Saturday absolutely public universe that rob Bradford joins us he was down in the clubhouse. Rob what did you would you make what was your biggest take away from the opening anyway. First ball what you do you Michael Siegel the art house during -- here it's okay that's gonna happen Dario -- I got that covered you sell -- to just turn on the -- game and forget about the basketball -- that there ago but. Yes so a lot of data -- not a talk obviously. John Ferrell seems to -- making all the right knows right now where where would reach seven games in seven games and but so far so did it. I think the things I take out of it is if we go back to last year last year of disaster but that first month -- it was a disaster in large part because Bobby don't that was all over the place in regard who. -- always gonna put in that role he was gonna. Nothing worked for him. And I think that. They're familiar with the players to familiar what they can do the players are comfortable doing it and so for far things like putting the novice worked out. You heard liberal -- breakdown on what what's what's bothering. Jackie Bradley an early stages of the season. And I made the connection of Jacoby Ellsbury when he first came -- you see any correlation with -- the way they were able to get him out although -- very. It was harder to figure him out early. Because he had such a great start. Yeah though the weird thing with. What is really hurting Jackie Bradley is that he's getting beat on the inside pitch low and inside the secret lefty hitters usually eat it that you want it. And so in Ellsbury his problem with more identifying the pitches identifying the fastball. You had a little bit of a leg kick and he was late on some fastballs so. That was his bigger problem once you start identifying depicted better yet don't buy it and what they are remembered today because he's Ellsbury is off to a bad start against -- pitching. With -- when he get taken out that. That lead off spot that second year -- think. It was because he was not hitting lefties he was not getting on base against lefties at 250 on base percentage. And so it would like that OK you know what you go down the bottom of the order you figure out become backup and I think that this is what we're seeing with Jackie Bradley. This isn't it should not be a surprise this Jackie Bradley Samaria. If it -- -- surprise you -- -- surprised. Iowa somebody we had a caller because he's preferred him -- -- -- -- -- all at that he is the beetle he's still got them the biggest audition and I today. I'm watching it less worried about Jackie Bradley junior -- you guys together to count I think he's going to be here for a little while gaga went ahead that would I was on. -- -- -- You eat at like three things I don't I don't remember -- -- -- I can use any manual -- those darn it that's what happened that they thought Bradford said for drivers that he is solid ten minutes that could go to the docket. He could stay here. A it's a beautiful talk. We're able to I'll tell you exactly did you go back before that was the innocent until ultimately. That you the best move was put on the team because he was the best option in terms of building the roster avid. Getting them off to a good start all right Jack that was the right move. By it's also warned beautify these twenty days well. He's not gonna play like he did the first two games that we've seen all along is going to be adjustments there's scouting report -- -- video. And that's exactly what happens when he went in Toronto and it'll be interesting to me when he comes back to see what it just. And that's a baseball and that's why found them -- a common so interesting right if you're saying that -- one problem is what is typically strange. Four left handed hitters and I'll go to what loosen -- again -- the only guy. He's what the only host in this city who play the game of baseball's all trust them on this when professional professionally. Who says a Celtic greats and a lot of reflection of him and tell you aren't I'll start respecting your -- little bit -- -- because you call -- a -- or you'll -- you have Wendy peppercorns and what it -- look Luke tells us that the key is looking outside his approach is to guard the outside and then try to react to the inside right now that's not working and they're busting him inside over and over again. On the trust that it's up to him to react to that too would just that we always talk about baseball players and adjustments and once he adjusts to it. The starting pitcher that we'll see how he reacts to them starting to change the scouting report at the back and forth that goes on throughout these guys' entire career. Well here's the realities you still see two receivers that are gonna orally and on you from the left hated pitchers in Portland. You just are are gonna see it and that's what you are gonna say it's recurring very much and I'm gonna see a Pawtucket. Not not as good atmosphere but I think that. I'll say again this is not a surprise but still all of that he can hit I said -- at the -- in the year two he hit 250. But he can still help this team. As good as a lot of people I think the one thing that people be valued also which we saw today with the -- When -- you guys talked about the Jackie Bradley. And you brought up all you know what what's good what's gonna happen with Dave Ortiz them back where can Jackie Bradley play every day. And music off sit down -- -- not well now we know what they saw in game now I'm I think he's gonna be like this now under your right but they saw something. But you can take that even farther everybody. Was devalued. During spring training because all the one apparently. From what it was jacket -- -- -- Jackie delicate -- afield as the duo. Outlets started to get the props that that Jackie Bradley and he had a fantastic bring Clay -- quickly but also great spring Buchholz and Lester both -- incredible springs and an article that you know and an -- for the Red Sox five wins -- to begin in the here so a lot of people really got caught up for overshadowed by. By a moment rob Bradford all the -- rest. 1777979837. Sultan Ali here until 7 o'clock after the Red Sox win Robert is in a car Robert -- -- I it's like well let's we got an -- chain managers you know. I think they do that it it -- it long term executive director Robert that it -- time. They got a brilliant mind who just turned a lot of people also would -- bring another -- there. You look at them with a clean you know that are right as opposed to -- -- -- -- -- they have the long -- And I call it -- put myself out there and pick all right. Well they're there and that the terrible job. So that the Mets manager can have. A bit and it's been up since. I think I could handle that job and that. You that you can do that is that we are saying that I that I thought you just -- that I was back. It hired the guy I may very will be that -- I got a wealth yeah. What has happened here -- important coverages volunteer to beat Bobby Valentine I think kind of brought her joking result. -- not. A all right Robert we will trust you to be the terrible manager when somebody in the next what else yet. While expecting you know it's gonna call it that it's up rapidly into media that patient and you don't really what we're. All right and and you're -- -- that a while ago you're right. And I like all it right is -- -- -- out immediately make Vietnam. Any real well like that for every way. -- -- Making making Bradley -- I think. Of anybody and immediacy. You know Jackie Bradley is this an -- anybody. Defined him as the next Mike throughout the next Willie Mays -- but what whatever I don't think they put a they put a ceiling. On on. Are we as a player I think. Most media members were reporting on the phenomenon of Jackie Bradley and he could make this team. And fans are excited about it and he's -- the Red Sox top prospects. -- remember anybody saying. Put them on the team because he's got a head he's going to be a 3030. And I think what happened is people really overreact to the fact that we were talking as much about him as we weren't so why are we talking you know while this guy like there was nothing else to talk and he was the only one anybody wanted to talk about that a fan base that was so furious with the team I don't buy that they were willfully blind to what was actually happening -- spring training here let's just put the put it -- -- I don't know I don't know put it this way. There way is it what is the best story line a desperate about that there was anything to talk about you guys that he felt buckled laughter Al Webster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It you know -- start double or triple it. -- -- -- whatever it is and does everything and all of a sudden now he's on the team and he's the perfect human he's got the energy factor and actually that's about or nobody want. To hear about Buchholz and Lester because they're so furious about the past that they think they think it goes on in perpetuity cult holed it's it may have been the best story line on March 5 with it. Still the best storyline on March 25 yet it on April 5 I think it. Storyline that would go away I think it was a hundred Oprah and I. -- my default story on Jackie Bradley -- gonna stick around with us for a few more minutes we got more with rob Bradford plus. The one group of people that we've kind of ignored and they may have. They may have changed the way Michael view this game today that's coming up salt and -- rob Bradford WEEI. You know stuff but I remember you know been in the polls -- from the inner when Fenway and you know to set in us what a senate floor when I you know so don't play in Boston you know great now there was one other habits of fun for everybody Red Sox win 31 they're now. Five and to look on the season alone in first place in the AL east. Salt and -- the bonus hour taking you till 7 o'clock and then we will. Head over to the yard house here fan here just outside of Fenway Park come on over we'll do what Amaechi who want to hang out we wanna meet our listeners we wanna know what you guys are all out and we might buy a beer and -- -- you guys -- and you buy people's view by people of your mind when I'm -- is I'm starving to. I'm starving so if you haven't eaten yet you like avocado event organizers I'm gonna have a bird do you like avocado on a Turkey club I do not like Turkey global. Well certainly the name OK. On a side -- electorate may have a conversation it is just don't you like it but if you just straight up I eat food that is not great. For me but I love it tanked so what -- it's hope it's the home opener into baseball. So I'm not gonna order hot dog and not in order hot dog restaurant. I will order for order -- Hamburg. And some Fries. Pressure is on because I -- tough grader on burgers. Rob bro rob Bradford is -- to -- it's. Partners yet. -- -- you -- -- -- that all I -- Casey burger at Foley to New York let me -- damage on Casey -- what he'd do retail I don't know what the other Bloomberg I don't know play in New -- that I realize though it was -- -- place in case of just how they -- it it took till 2 o'clock at the Florida. Look at the reds have like it was with -- great it's a great but the -- that is the cameras on burger in New York it's would be all right that night. You know I -- I would ask you this. We were talking about this earlier. Before you got here and that is one existed to wrap up the Toronto series. Where there's something that was happening. The -- that we didn't see on TV because -- like that taunting of John Ferrell was soft serve and that was. I thought he was supposed to be the villain of Canada and he came -- they were chanting Ferrell no big deal was a summit with the intention they. -- you know I think it was more venomous then probably keep this TV it's horrible it's a more permanent would benefit of that people -- -- do maybe I don't know. But the view but they probably show the paper airplanes fly down and the Boeing. One Yemen as things like that but people -- talked to who were near the dugout. It -- it was pretty bad man. But but still it it was and they sold 40000 more tickets because it. And and what -- trot -- I was the one place on Friday night that the alcohol volume. Makes people act differently after the succeeding more than any other place in May two why is why Toronto. -- I don't think they care about the baseball team quite as much and other places there's little doubt I don't care what worries that -- has well. Higher alcohol are now at network now we're again as part of life there in Cleveland takes exactly -- Toronto but tonight we're gonna act like we're rid -- we're gonna let our hair -- -- to the -- -- But you know it's like -- what you guys as he said he walks the 45 minute walk from the hotel the park. And nobody says anything. So I bought it though he's a big dude man you thought about this story I had a very different conversation when -- up with the yeah that's the problem which sits on the John Farrell and -- -- that we don't know but if you go beat the minute I got off the plane there everyone was talking about this -- This was people were consumed about the -- I don't -- -- it's -- it's uncomfortable. There's there ever and that's the one guy. Of the Steve Simmons is that. The columnists -- I was looking for -- -- -- looking for this new age baseball guy I was looking for just a different way of looking at things you gonna get that from John Gibbons says that would give. Well I you know I tell you why I like a lot of its army of it to buy it. We've seen when guys -- man you know sharp knives and you know OK questions Libya. They they did not -- no kidding because there's not much of -- game to bring. Ferrell is not some arch enemy he is not worth the kind of vitriol all that they seemed like they were gonna try to spew about the whole thing was sort of a joke with a paper airplanes. Related to Farrell was such as -- not a sport now has boredom. What are slash alcohol -- an active alcoholic and welcome back I know how much on the Red Sox seem to be having with the whole thing I guess that comes back to to where we started this whole conversation with this team whether it's because of barrels impact whether it's because of the group of good guys that they brought in whether it's because of the guys that maybe weren't as good that they shipped out of town. -- when I look at the two dug -- and certainly in a thirteen nothing game obviously they're going to be the team having more fun when they show the blue jays looking at the streeters like oh my god. They're postponing our misery how quickly can I get the heck out of his dugout and go home. And then they show the Red Sox all pointing and laughing at David Ross is chuckling in making fun -- in the middle Brooks obviously season good mood has had already two home runs and another on the way. But you could see that difference was very palpable. To Doggett yesterday at -- and -- sure didn't look like he was open. No I think that I think I don't want an anti John Gibbons -- -- I don't know it's relative there is relative loss if they're -- they're gonna hit John -- I'm -- And hit job involved I'm gonna hate given the -- they -- gonna come at a town that's all anybody is talking about John John exhibit they. Let god judge Gibbons had be forever Wednesday when you know that hip and terror for -- you guys who would not where you -- right and they would yeah custom wired you're beautiful while you're a poll ovaries that because that you pass. That. He wasn't too fat to fight him -- on the -- -- that's about it can tell what. Now not dollars great but -- love that guy looks exactly like Colin Farrell on taken -- well. Go back to spring training that's what I think -- on this team -- desperately to -- who knows. But they offset in the dugout atmosphere was totally different than it used to be to translate maybe not to win but to work. Well thought let's say a -- definitively is that accurate I don't know whether I can however guys work hard and put it could. BP come in early to take -- infield working together do we do we believe that that has some relevance in terms of how would you go out there helps account -- sure. Accountability because not only the high fives and hugs and everything else it's if you screw up. You're gonna be approached by not so coaching staff but the teammates. And that how well and I like a 100% agree with the when the accountability for a but if we believe that that. Extra work matters. Do we believe that a team that likes coming into the office likes coming -- to hang out with each other decides hey let's come in early and take a little extra BP don't we think that that can be the positive out -- of having a good clubhouse instead of a -- one. I'm like that's what I always -- I think you may factor into it I want to ask you what makes the a good open if you think what the Red Sox have done so far is legit and -- Hanrahan gave up to a the home run in the ninth today but for the most part bullpen has been very good and reliable. You think is legit. I do we knew coming in that this was probably going to be a strike it would bullpen just never know pride this all over the place you can be your best to billable time. But on paper it looked pretty did and I think that that first game on opening game New York that was it that was the perfect example why I think he can be yet. You bring in Andrew Bailey not for the eight. But for the most import out the seven. After -- Bart Bryant Miller who wasn't great but still he did enough -- showed what he could do. After you horror has done his thing but you're -- -- barely get that out but -- can only do that if you have another got a brilliant day. That was does Allah and there's not a lot of bullpen where you have that luxury to do so. Where you could see it today and -- -- -- by the way who's with us hanging out after the Red Sox win we are at Fenway. You could see today Michael -- your comment that you made to me when -- first site after the game was perfect. I knew the game was over the moment they hit the three run home run I knew the game was over does this Red Sox bullpen. So far has been locked down short of the guys that they're bringing in for garbage title at a game it was like. Baltimore last year right. It is so as well Baltimore won their games and if you like a little inside baseball with the game today I was baffled. What Buck Showalter was doing late in the game not breaking in the infield second and third nobody out what we will little brought -- you struck out. OK but if you could tell me why did you break in the infield. Because. It's one run it's the eighth inning and you have that much confidence that your team is gonna do what he did last year and have a comeback like every single time do you. My wife left him in the game to the face -- at that point well why do you lock up. Or or walk now I mean well -- OK so that we talked about this before he would went on to the righty to face going to quibble we had the same with that situation here in New York Joseph Girardi needs that you know you're not I don't know like I. I don't know what I don't like walking the bases loaded if I can avoid it I would prefer not to walk out in the and they get a game like this. Is that that game is really your your best chance of setting up double play. What -- -- out what you want not yet. You gotta gotta play at the plate. Get it on the ground yet -- you. But to go back to what you're saying about the bullpen. I think the Baltimore probably still has that confidence that happened last -- had to come backer opens at all but that you want to what you guys are saying. Bet this is how the Red Sox are thinking right now this is how the Red Sox fans are thinking. Well and I wanted to after the break and only get your take on the latest. On John Lackey to retirement the bullpen and this guy that affected the services that affect available right now on their best case scenario I don't I don't see him as part of the mix. But he may be in the mix with the rotation if if John Lackey. Has to miss of the few weeks so what is the Euro all the latest on John -- get told rob Bradford uses super genius I mean he's got to have all the inside scoop on this coming up Bradford with -- -- Ali. At Fenway after a win WEEI. That -- of their routine work in between starts. I think spring training. Obvious of getting bodies in shape but it's got the ability given some momentum going into the start of the year I think we saw that throughout the course of spring training and think the biggest thing is it goes back to that the question previous is that they don't try to do things differently just because no. Were playing in stadiums with the third. You're playing for keeps. And they do the job of staying with what their routine and do. Nothing to complain about right now Red Sox off to a five and two start to -- -- assault -- going until 7 o'clock today and we're heading over to the art house. Here in income more square if you wanna come meet -- hang out have a beer will be the art house. In about I don't know half hour so will be over their rob Bradford WEEI dot com is with us as well. And look if you have any quibble with the Red Sox so far they've run into a couple of outs that's probably gonna happen when the try to be aggressive. And manufacture some runs the only other worry has been in one of their two losses John Lackey got her. And you saw him grab his arm as if he'd been shot I mean really looked. -- saw him I thought either he completely torn his elbow again or his entire -- fallen out of the socket the way he was dangling it like that it looked awful. And then afterwards is that. We still has is that trip Abigail was I. Steel's assets of the game and a lot of people were asked him of being. -- I think was coordinators into the -- -- -- But he he -- he admitted. That he thought he was gonna go back to those days when is working hard and had to give back with the rehab most of so what's the latest -- It's funny because I thought it was Steve Burton who just said to him elbow. -- What is going on and -- was invited -- by the -- of those interviewed at the apple wants final. Intensity. There -- some sort of dot. And it works that revenue growth of what is going -- are lacking. He's got so far so good -- the -- they say it's not a there you think it checked out what the doctor before you -- because he's in the club about today. After the game in gonna talk to -- please wait till Wednesday. Negotiated doctor again but. The initial report -- via our -- note there and that. They're pretty optimistic but as I was telling you guys that they. If if I was John Lackey I would be concerned just because you're talking about something that the couple inches up from. A surgically repaired elbow and did it have to be some sort of connection you know I ask. You know will Carol rightly or is -- injury Major Garrett in an injury expert on -- Twitter he's gone from as you know baseball prospectus to SI think now he's with. He's with fellow Bleacher Report but I house will about it today. Have you ever seen this before where a guy who's just come back from from Tommy John has a prominent by simply said he's never seen him before. So I obviously rob Mike my immediate reactions exactly the same as yours to say c'mon. The elbow is how far away from the -- have about two and a half inches come on don't let us to be some sort of related credit. America let's say is that it's not that I connected to Tommy John surgery at all. War why the guy. We we don't know a thing to your point about what was talking about after the game in Toronto he kept reference it as it felt cramped like hamstring. And all right well maybe there is no connection maybe it was a -- sort of thing give her the pitcher have an elbow coming by well for what was. Keynote use the word strange city this morning and Dennis and Callahan and usually the -- for -- spray it with -- but that's a putt made that after the fact it says that these are -- it is note there. As -- here right now what we're getting from the Red Sox is optimism regards -- well that starts the next time is John Lackey turned to start -- -- up I think probably seven. I can't imagine that they're gonna throw John -- if everything goes perfectly this to John Lackey back out there and yet he hasn't put on the -- -- now. Yeah right I know he was that he was in the game that. I mean happ was great. That in that game for Toronto and so. But once that once. What we came to lose that game I felt like the game was over the Red Sox just weren't didn't have anything going there but what -- you. What did you see from -- like before the injury what did you think of the stuff what did you think of his velocity. -- look like. The Lackey that you thought -- we all thought we're gonna see in 2000. It was the best velocity he's had throughout spring training. And it and it was about as close as you could probably ask for in terms of being the guy that you wanted. And results the results are there other than the -- -- two run homer. It was great but he struck out eight guys that beat you struck out six in the first three innings so I expected it got to come out and be a little bit while he was to him. And maybe feel a little bit rusty but he was great it I think. That was if if -- was gonna go down on the path of being negative and to be a problem that was discouraging thing. That he as he said you're -- half. Come back it's great that ball. There days you could see how he'd be freaked out -- I -- it obviously. If you're John Lackey come back and it's taken as long as it does to come back from Tommy John plus the crappy performance he had before he had Tommy John been hurt for awhile before that. And the first thing you feel something anywhere near your elbow. I can understand how he freaked out -- -- don't -- talking about it yeah that's some level of sympathy we were talking about winning and coming off the field about him right in his car to me that was the side -- all while it is active right but I think it. Like you said that was a mechanism. That is -- a little bit probably scare -- freaked out right out of sympathy for the economy and commentary expect these guys to be instantly able to diagnose themselves and in. I get it man of your freaked out I mean you don't think that some of these guys with the injuries. What's that they -- from South Carolina out of out of remark at a lower volume in the first time this kid comes back and feels anything near his knees and if you get a call from Arizona yeah see. Thought they with the future is he mentioned here in sepia is going to be guys. Calling their own home run to be marked -- you see his reaction after he hit that ball. Awful Lackey how much of a doubt I don't advocate said to himself while -- -- -- don't cover the calendar that was his own a home run call. There was a bomb that was tremendous was it better than middle -- second shot -- -- my favorite thing about the second home run you see where it landed. Right above the Dickey -- -- that were totally embarrassing and that they were he was just get shellac. Around let's talk about power also will be missed a lot of debate about Napoli how good he's been friendly part fourth best hope yes of all time. But that ball that he hit the double he was out front I mean this guy have a lot of I think. Everybody tournament I think the fans think that part of fans in the balcony. Thank you mom and dad to kids come and given you the if the rap music thank you thank you all the credit but most support the producers most of the orders that -- -- -- inviting Gasol. Come on now come -- -- -- as we're gonna have a couple Beers realism some food walked it over there now. If you can get past or security detail producers -- and -- right. We will out trying to buy you beer come hang out we'll talk to guys tomorrow at 2 o'clock thanks to rob Bradford -- about it.

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