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Daniel Nava has the game winning home run on Opening Day at Fenway Park

Apr 8, 2013|

Daniel Nava spoke with Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish just after the Red Sox beat the Orioles at Fenway Park 3-1 on Opening Day.

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Then you what it time to get out bomb for the right side it. Came up a second and third one -- do you with a key hitter this -- game what was your approach. You know. Been at the shadows and it's taken over -- that I was trying to its appeal blatantly get it really does know that yet because stuff working today. No fortunately let's open -- that -- little bit about yourself. How big -- deal on the channels will be for fans that might not ever get that type of experience what they do for you trying to see the ball. You know sometimes on the given day can be worse than others and that it wasn't that -- that's had a had a bout with them on. Early this out of there so sometimes you just have a hard time again movement in. To -- -- of the play that. We are surprised to see yourself in the lineup with a lefty going batting right handed. No they give -- -- the day before that might be in there and so I knew going in I think that's -- that's. You appreciate that you -- therefore mentally saw at a at a -- did you it was so very. You mentioned you and stuff pretty good you play stuff was really good really well yeah second time around yet this stuff was -- It was a lot of fun -- play behind because you know he was. -- -- and his pitches and announced his speeds and obviously you know you -- -- it is you know London but his defense for. You know safe to say your biggest home run since you made history Brady the first that your career for a Grand Slam yeah I think I think so you know. Obviously this you just trying to get the ball in the outfield important. -- fortunate worked out like that knows when you're part of it is hoping David Byron and everything especially. Fun to be back home oh yeah very -- back home. You did such a study in perseverance on it it. To if your college team to make the kind of off to get to the big leagues. -- they come back up last year we've read so much rule that they now feel about playing first base hit that. Hitting the game went around opening day yet. It really a lot of movement. Yeah it's you know I was thinking about that today and obviously opening day -- year all the way it's special but. And had a little more significance at least for me just -- like to mention very you know stuff and I was trying to not -- Syria I just know that the last team is that I tried out for haven't yet been cut so something that meant a lot to me. To contribute like that did a nice thing about it worked out like this. It didn't ride this great -- it is it she's probably watching back home to a that would make it today or she had a game on. From cheers from the count for something like that that is the medical field yes yes yes. Very good thanks so much Daniel congratulations. That you. They enjoy this day off might be a lot sweeter now -- -- farewell party gets them go our way Daniel Daniel about a with a three run blast that would have for the Red Sox.

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