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When will John Lackey be back in action?

Apr 8, 2013|

Mut and Lou discuss the frightening sight of John Lackey clutching his arm during Saturday’s loss to the Blue Jays. Medical tests revealed no structural damage which leaves the guys wondering when he will be able to take the hill again.

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He deals and ray has almost gets hit -- that want me to -- -- backward and the pitch goes to the backstop but I think Lackey hurt himself on the delivery. I'm here comes John Farrell trainer Rick Jamison please let me. To me. Pretty. Almost like. Was until all the buzz when you know full. Control of troops. When. Well that's the called and you heard John Lackey after the game Saturday but -- 937 WEEI. -- you guys felt but. I thought that was it all that hard work you're off try to recover by -- tied into the shoulder -- the arm. And that was all she wrote and so I guess it's promising that he says after the game it's the biceps and currently -- the keynote today. Say it's a biceps and the MRI but animate him to set a pessimist I saw that -- -- sought goal bouncing behind Reyes sent. Well that's it at such a trade for starter John Lackey experiment over again this year. The lie I think it's hard not to think that you know you'd always go through you'll find spring training those that want pitch the next thing you know -- needs this he told and is on now. He did see the biceps which it's hard not to believe that it's it's wasn't associated with the don't know hopefully. Who yesterday when they speaking to them are trying to morning hoping and upbeat during the game eating -- -- during the game meeting in the update after the game the first I think -- that's not good Ryan mean it is her second opinion now is this who will -- -- holding charter. It was unfortunate because -- that was. -- was best John Lackey we have seen here. Right and meet the swing and -- stuff to me. In the eight strikeouts of fourth third 77 pitches 51 for strikes. You -- break -- ball you saw light that fastball you -- in 94. You'll cut and it -- seemed a little sick piece I mean it was it was a great John Lackey is great to see. Even advocate at the home run -- CBS still you start in both the fourth inning like a lot of this is a post. Struggle won the last three guys stepped up to see him blocked it all the all the way he was. I think it's unfortunate because who once he's really looking forward to. The senile guy could come back and it turned things around it's been a tough goal for John Lackey since he's been here in Boston. The perception of the fans the way he -- act that -- put a lot of that on himself. But still gold up there and performing at a high level people jump on right away. The way he's acted people jumped on right -- isn't CP come back healthy and sort of change opinions now we don't know. I don't know how long it's gonna be the outing itself. I think start to change some opinions about what this guy can give you talked about the eight strikeouts but I talked -- you bushel up the lack a walk with a one walk and it came there at the end. -- the -- itself I thought the control for a lack it's like -- in every pitcher gets themselves in trouble. We put guys on base when these guys been really bad Lester and in Lackey particular. It's the base -- man and Lackey. He made guys miss but he was in and around the plate that was challenging guys again which. I don't that we've seen a lot of that from John Lackey. A lot of it's the only tablet chicken -- you know to me which is it is it. Is to be -- -- -- confidence and stuff I don't think it felt right to -- after challenge guys and because of that you know it tried to nibble a little bit belt are mine didn't wanna give in. And I think because again just like the Ryan Dempster out in the swing and miss stuff. That's the encouraging part of it when it when you feel confident in your stuff you can challenge a guy with a fastball. Or throw that slider curve ball where you want whenever you want your conference to attack hitters in the -- the -- down just like it Jon Lester we've seen here. So far so it. I'm a little surprise on a public -- watching that game the pitch before. The pitch before he grabbed his own. You know here's a guy coming off Tommy John make his first start -- pitch to Reyes and after the arm dangled little bit. He kind of grabbed this by step below but he shook his arm out -- his glove off went back to amount got on the dirt swung his arm around a couple of times. Mean that's a red flag right there. He noted that it's that it took you a whole -- timeout both their amount before even throws that pitch. Now maybe -- -- didn't see immediate picked up on it who knows but given the history that he has -- you see that after would pick you a with -- wanna block there unfortunately. He throws another pitch and now we got to wait and see unite us are wondering. You know this early in the season bad timing. Bad bad timing for some what does the Red Sox try to fill that spot all of that I didn't see until they -- the requirement -- the good job of showing you exactly the pitch before like you said. He was at some discomfort before that. Is that a trainer or is that the catcher. I guess the only question in terms of somebody's gonna allow their check on why it's it's it's I think it's look at everybody write it and you know. Ross you know the -- back here before maybe you know he throws the ball back he doesn't see it is these top of the umpires chuck Hirsch about. But also call recent Downey's look at the dugout maybe for what they want to do next or whatever it might be. You -- a lot of the guys after a lot of eyes -- on him during the start in almost didn't happen but it back to Heidi fill that void this early year that's tough. And our assume that it's Alfredo save his job to try to get to a against him gains try to stretch out -- Davis -- Morton's it may be popping another long relief type of guy because he's picked okay. We'll get a piece together some starts with the -- and -- -- -- call it Alex Wilson. The -- and give you multiple innings. Saw late last night I think was buster role tweeting on the Red Sox have some interest one of the -- -- -- an -- ranger -- -- -- for Simon on Colorado. That might be the quick fix lot of people call for Alan Webster. May be a lead and that's -- timing thing a body if this was a month from now. If you got lake. Victim or Alice. Franklin Morales is sort of it up the -- and that Webster got that gonna bring him we'll Morales and bring him up that your interest rate lengthened it out and maybe a month from now six weeks from now he's the innings he needs -- Pataki you get depth there. A month now -- young kid like Alan Webster. Who's got five starts under his belt get a better indication of where he is I think -- would but after one start from Webster he threw on Friday night. Against screening -- five innings two hits walked three guys struck out five still. Impressive outing walked a couple of guys but it's -- It's comes up from Florida I think it's too early for him I think it's too early for morale has nothing to save his job we'll see if they're -- much -- -- entering what you've talked. This before where. You can sometimes the Red Sox Tripoli team has these -- -- starters their right other times. You'll it's. As at this much youth and a -- with the Red Sox Tripoli to look at their staff and go to -- A retread major leaguers are not guys you consider prospects will now Webster there. Its prospects -- guys who are ready is not a natural fit quite frankly normally there's a natural fit for somebody to come up in the rotation. I hear your your words not rank and Aaron -- excuse me. Seven million dollars he's -- this year. Eight billion dollar mutual option next -- Dodgers already at Dodgers a dollar by the Dodgers are paying four point 25 million of that OK so it's only what two point 75. So you're gonna pay two point 75. If you Reagan made here. And is that saying that somebody else out rotation that Miley questions you argument for that sort of like that chump change on expenses that are dealing. A rank you know along lackeys. -- un elect himself for two months here here's how they feel about -- he's out there today with the team doing stretch in the outfield we thought was something really long term. That extra. With the team -- not doing anything upper body it's all lower. By bush and stretch -- tell me it's the play catch and throw baseball announces positive not hear that from Fenway but he's out there with his teammates if they thought it was significant long term. Not just by step but shoulder reconstructive shut him down. Would it be out there today. It that's that the red flag for me that he would not -- it's not a red flag it's this people. Did -- showing it to senator -- because. It and always -- two million dollar buyout mutual option into the year. What you get what you think it is is if if he's gonna miss a couple of months you're in a position depth wise and you always have to back yourself up if you say okay. -- save his skin and we can stretch him out. But what happens if there's another one. What happens if there's another injury -- -- but. So that you bring if you bring a guy decorated for a couple of -- say you know what -- he's the -- -- kind of -- so case something happens to another starter. We can buy time for morale is we can buy time for Alan Webster we can get. Elect you maybe back in the this rotation yes is it to the Gallup bio but maybe in a couple of months and garnering that the team that sums as you know what I need a fifth starter. The Red Sox get all these are expects you can then deal than that you can almost ripped him for a couple of months here for depth. Beatrice what the price is going to be like you said the Red Sox -- interest to Ken Rosenthal. As you got two -- three teams that all of the Red Sox the twins the Astros. Have all -- that interest we have like Alec that your point about the Dodgers paying it. And if it gets them more competitive it gets -- teams -- in the board cost so you can already merger of the gulf of those that break the you have a birdie at the last place team that the at the end of the year be a number to -- the central a again Vince Worley started opening day for the twins right it's -- it will still ranked the number two and use that he's number two in Minnesota both teams are going to suck. And if your rank right say at the end of the year you don't expect that the market is gonna buy you out for the two million. The team you'd best have a chance to show your show stuff to showcase to -- is the Boston Red Sox but you know the Rockies are gonna try to get. You know whatever they can't rightly terrors of the best package of prospects -- the twins are Astros -- the requested. Would they be able to give up what the Red Sox with those seats are competitive this year and how it's gonna cost but of like the Red Sox beat the team boasts three most politically and -- -- only 75 he's all the rest this year that you beat the second highest player maybe your. When I don't even know in Houston right I mean again if you're saying is innocent Lonnie. I can go lots of innings I know I'm gonna pitch for it for the Houston Astros and it may be that the trade deadline by shows up the teams want me. Maybe the same mindset out Minnesota he might look at it. And say you know that this Lackey comes back -- might be different month or two and then I'm going to be gone but then again -- it's up to him. You know select got to -- trade and he's the -- gotta go so we'll see at the if -- self rollout Pickering will be in the -- no question about it -- Lackey on Saturday was asked after the game how he felt. Or hurt by -- that it. So what -- do. And we won't. You know I was driving home from world. So we do. The velocity to -- terms of the -- if people talking about afterwards you know I guess that may be expected. You'd have to work into it -- accused the all the 1994. That was about I guess it expect that the first game like that off for a year spring training he saw what you saw but I didn't know we'd be out there throwing. In the low ninety's consistently. Early in that outing right it was. It was positive -- -- much about John Lackey positive you talked about it this being a big year for John Lackey -- he can win people back. If he's healthy he's pitching like that any sort of stays out of is always in the media he's gonna win people back because he's gonna keep. Ticket to fumigate. Against other three and four starters in the American League and he's going to be competitive with that stuff. Now I -- will find out more as the days go one here but if it's by -- they're sick of these was one story. Or two starts for him. He looked initially like yup that's it rebuilt so I guess that you think -- look for are that they get really just an air around here now be excited they go get him. That they would be concerned about Lackey long term and if you don't get any sort of further fall off the Amara -- -- John Ferrell says about the -- it was going to be asked about it. You know that he's going to be. To be brought today in the pre game if lackeys over there he's going to be asked about it -- little -- -- -- -- -- no indication of the care. He said that before the media so that that that's a good sign he just. You know no information again -- nation in the buys up by set that's been -- no indication of the -- so. That's good news that's good news but still red flags health lies. By indices -- Tommy John -- also biceps forearm whatever it is it's still concerned. Whether it's for heat -- did just -- but hopefully hopefully that's the case -- and again inflammation in the right biceps is the report for the Red Sox may miss a start. There's no hair so I would that's really good news -- outlook on Saturday at the wrong. I you're making a way to Fenway Park for the home opener stop by here first come -- say hello. -- who -- to come up while he's talking on the air sakes how you deal and a tell by your fantasy team rightly choice here laughing as he knows -- truth his favorite thing in the world to come up we tell our -- your fancy -- -- the after we succumb ironies were outside the sun is out and and not minutes ago. -- -- -- short sleeve. Polo shorts shorts LP doesn't matter is a beautiful day. Out here today obligate to -- calls the pre game as well 6177797937. The feeling of this team. Completely different that just a week ago why is that why you most excited. About the Red Sox home opener about the sport to start this year phone calls you -- ninety seconds away. We're not hearing any will that are -- three home runs but the fourth one that almost went out. You gotta love what jokers that we don't had to say about right sucked broadcast we get that for next.

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