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Bruins can’t muster a shot during the final minutes

Apr 8, 2013|

Frustration is brewing with the Bruins’ offense after the shot-less 6-on-4 power play against the Montreal Canadians on Saturday. Mut and Lou try to make sense of the puzzling performance and look for possible solutions going forward.

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Was -- -- game content you know pretty goals and you know we. I thought we're better as the game went on and but you know not enough and -- -- six on or partly cannot -- your child was that's something that that was extremely frustrated. A -- thought it was frustrating what do you think Bruins fans thought. Watch that -- Saturday night Butler not a 37 WE -- we are live at grammys get set for. Red Sox opening day finally it is beautiful out here now clouds are -- sun is out shorts poll OT sure whatever you want. I don't know how you're Saturday when it was your birthday Saturday -- happy birthday you know thank you very or 29 for the what thirteenth fourteenth only 39 nice to get the arena and a sticker on their for a few more years -- -- at thirtieth -- respect that. -- I went to weigh a five year old spurt they party. On Saturday and the talk of the party was not the Red Sox Lackey the talk was. Its Canadian Saturday night Saturday not Friday excuse me. How they can respond when he giggled sake at its center again that was the -- mrs. You know guys in their early thirties forties that's all the talking about the Bruins forget lackeys -- was all Bruins. They come out Saturday night. -- basic crap themselves in a legitimate regular season game. You lost to a three to Montreal. You come out as flat as all get up you tip in two different goals. I get your goaltender Tuukka Rask in the capital law fetus or we'll talk about it. 86 on four power play to end the game and you tell me what it is like what was worse the U. No shots or no say it. Because it was no I I think both of the six -- -- -- -- probably -- -- out there no idea. I have no idea now that yesterday practicing down that third line looks like Kelly's gonna be back considering now with -- I guess from what will we see that. You know you -- that put him out there to six amount for that was frustrating now he wanna get the power play. It you would think -- Diego last minute of the game when it was 57 seconds no shots. All right well maybe they clear the puck a few times now know that what it is all the -- -- -- a couple shots but he missed the net no. Didn't send anything in that direction in the -- the game ends with the puck and -- sticker over a -- -- they try to eat for buck from back behind the net it's. It's unbelievable the fact that they even fire anything on net. Nothing passed passed -- good god what are the most frustrating last minutes of the game I've ever seen in my life. In the game itself off I thought was awful will be the first period they couldn't get the puck out of their zone. If their life depended on it in talking about you know defenseman controlling the pocket it out the -- in space than just turning it over or giving it. Ciara I thought woods was awful in -- games while not who's the most disappointing. Bruins Montreal game I've seen in the long time the fact that they only lost. The one. Now knows how good Rask was scoreboard did not indicate how badly they were outplayed and now they've lost three of four against Montreal and I he would not feel good about them based on John playoff exits are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You would say their underdog against Montreal. Underdog -- Pittsburgh at least those 2 teams in the Eastern Conference. And it's the first period I mean -- went through the first period. Cloud breaks up that second line like I get that he's upset was saying it's taken a martian optical shop let's get a game doesn't make any sense. But that locker on fourth line at the bottom but it today you know what that statement from now on. I couldn't believe that it gave late in the game and it app for periods that yet so Arianna your your gonna -- it's a world now -- the -- -- And obviously this this this team right now frustrated seemed like front -- is taking so we gave away some of the reporters that Kelly will be -- You'll be centering that there are lying to transition right now. You know you've picked up a guy in the -- Kelly back keep trying to find something to try to implement some new pieces. So might take some time but I still feel good football them against Montreal. But it's gonna take some time to figure this thing now we still don't know -- Bergeron the -- Sagan what is interesting because when Bergeron went down I was one of the guys -- that I want Sagan. Moving back to senator wanna see what he can do after that first game -- had second thoughts to look at -- for one game. How much your crazy about the responsibility advocates at babies look that much. If if it was earlier in the year if it was the first month of the season OK give him there because eventually that works out or you slide it back to the wing. -- get a better understanding better responsibilities of guys I -- Bergeron on its line whatever it might be it'll help him in the long run. Down the stretch here. When it like was -- to -- guy that was engaged thinking too much but spots those queries should be I don't want that from him he's too valuable -- one of the top of his game. So they slide him out of there. After what path -- few minutes in the first three again 041 at face offs in my have to leave the Joker three for twelve the -- that I said let's see it gives time. Caught it like. Portions may be yardage and that was it Selig thanks for comment. So it beats the cyclical but I just. Transition wise I just that that's what they are right now and they've got a few games to figure this thing out. How awareness yarder fit in Caylee back helps we don't know Bergeron is -- key. It was Lucci each crate she important they stayed together. Marsh on -- -- Which team doesn't belong to this line combination. Campbell high AA younger. Those guys played together a lot in -- wants Saturday those three guys I just. Are you using it correctly when you do that that's my question he brought it mattered to a certain things. Are you get the most Teddy Geiger -- with those guys a -- with Kelly come back to be changed today. It'll be different -- altogether. I don't know that that just bother -- 104 shots in the first. Were you able fairly open up now that second line. -- deal wit with yarder Marchand. And I I would imagine that you know unbelievable going to Kelly back in the swing of things maybe you'd be the guy that you would jump bump up but right now he's down let's say that the big picture here is that -- -- it is now where there was -- whether -- -- He's doing something -- so frustrated he's got what I don't know what would've been excellent -- played the game. The punish the team -- -- -- could say he's not getting back defense that's fine. When a six on fourth and about defense it's -- it's creating shots it's about skill who can make plays. An excuse let's rank the skill the skill position playmakers all start to go first. I would say it would appear but I would you. Sagan number one I'm sorry David creature but it's it's it can no one and a six on four when -- -- the most ice availability. He's not out there. You gotta be kidding me and this is a team right now that's got a couple weeks to figure out the got a couple weeks because. I thought terrific the people blaming him on Twitter Saturday night you are clueless glorious -- clinical. Because they were -- have been -- 345 to nothing early it was effort to -- -- vis -- -- Nazis stop it being the problem. They can't score they can't get the puck got to -- them that's the front. Elizabeth just yet been a lot better at that he's comfortable he's seen some things but that goal was just thirty seconds of his life -- liked it back I believe you know they didn't nice job of showing. You'll give Kevin full of rules players amateur was Peterson Britain however it was colonial was brutal once -- -- -- -- kicking off the -- off the wall to try to. But nobody was there you know is they had not up does not recognize that. Gives it right up but it the sliding and didn't -- in and kicked in the the puck basically and if you're Tuukka Rask. I was talking to Bob Beers about this last that it sports Sunday you know if your baseball if your pitcher. You got bases loaded and you get a ground ball to short -- there was legs and 23 runs in the scored. Those called unearned runs those those don't count against your ERA. But it took the wraps. Murkowski kicks -- and it in the second goal goes off of Ryder office Seidenberg stick it pops up all your shoulder. Those goals those goes up goes that's your number -- goals against this one. -- -- Against Montreal before that you want -- is that against the coach are. You know often is offering this stick with the game winner -- the game winner often stick to our except it's a ticketed and and of one of wood off the cyber space I believe. That would write to the guys have wide open shot it's well it's this water goals he was outstanding. It Knick game if you ask me a couple of schools never should've happened and I love the way you respond notes to -- in two games general from Nebraska that that's a that you should be a good about. I Carolina New Jersey New York the islanders and Carolina again here this week the -- 6177797937. Mixing -- A little bit of Bruins thoughts off that game Saturday at Fenway opening day go to Dennis at a truck driving around Dennis. An important how diplomatic what's up Dennis Dennis. Question is -- it one quick question and the -- -- commission -- cash -- Islamic -- amendment an image along the court. And that's just a quick question I wonder if you brilliant it's no longer I didn't you just -- simply don't -- -- -- -- I didn't change and Campbell I AA jogger that airlines for a long period I'm on Saturday yeah actually I can't watch them -- that gives editing right. How frustrating was about to watch. -- all right and rightly belongs to it why can't bring enough rain to the table as far as I'm concerned he can't remove the -- His own even if it weren't for the -- on time -- at least -- -- have a -- -- like to -- -- Actually I don't think I need throughout yet. Malloy and I think it's I think it is frustrating and and to -- the -- -- a note. -- it ignored the -- 846. Sailors coaching career and what 97. But yeah that's it when it comes these lines but why got you that I didn't slipped up real quick -- -- Lou will we got a little history of it that. Why you don't mess with the first line. Abuse of -- -- inherently -- X -- Sox -- seven -- -- out why well because it was approaching the trade deadline -- those two guys -- light -- fire and that are -- to get anything out of. Let's say people bankrupt heavily dealt with I've missed the -- right there's that that joke about you know -- the high glass that talk but and Comcast felt respected that on his shoulder across to kill. The idea that -- the importance not brought up an -- conversation yet another point blank look on Saturday you could make a list. Update support opportunities right in front where he has missed the -- completely or fired -- -- -- -- chest and have a list of opportunities -- to give those to yacht. He scores those schools I want to call on -- I'd. I don't down a third line and I say we get a shot. They left and right of lines but that first line is played at such a high level that we can't mess that. Yes four goals in four days of -- what right before the trade deadline rate before he was rumored to be traded. What do people down because the other he's not playing well that's a surprise. That's not a shock at all if anything those guys get motivated -- untouchable. Will the guys around how gift critical score if it yarder that they're not done moving these lines around there's no question about it you know. The good news is that -- to get bodies back to try to figure this thing out I think they will figure this thing out. Nobody is comfortable -- not a bad thing over there on those team that on. Although slides that are on first -- I guess they are comfortable with so nobody should be comfortable. Which vacant lot and hopefully play a high level 6177797937. Detects the show on the AT&T excellent 3793 civil -- -- since August all your phone calls live. For grammys right near Fenway Park Sports Radio WE yeah.

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