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Mut and Merloni get ready for opening day from Jerry Remy’s

Apr 8, 2013|

Mut and Lou react to Will Middlebrooks’ strong showing in Toronto on Sunday, going deep three times and narrowly missing a fourth home run. The guys also look forward to the 2013 Red Sox opening at home today.

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Here's the pitch. It drives like the right the allied political Davis on that while not. All -- 300 -- -- month here are two run home or for a whale boat rocked him a Red Sox lead at that now thing. We've had to drive I get deep lamps that are out Cabrera lifting it all is long gone into the second -- off home run for a -- -- His second of the game and it's at the end to deep left shoulder this way is going going and Ryan. Over the scoreboards section of the wall in left center three home runs -- will middle Brooks this afternoon. Can't. Yes. I'll tell you what. I'd say the Red Sox had a good stretch of the Brooks added that fourth home run but I'm disappointed. Will that hit four home runs -- at three yesterday. In a Red Sox thirteen nothing the blowout but in Toronto where you wanted for I wanted -- -- because of that Iran's -- Rutgers by the -- wrong vile lot. We dope runners on Friday and -- runners except for the Red Sox home runs over the weekend. Was two and a half and I took the Yonder now might pick in the under just on Sunday loser but -- in the others felt will bill Brooks on Sunday loser that -- Goodwin. Yes woman of -- -- and now we'll run through your head on over to pry it over about one dollar I think awarded on under 600 have been a six play. We pulled let lastly Cologne and a buddy -- shots full well it would have been nice Seles unbelievable. Size for -- Brooks in terms of the weekend he. His effort. Was. Summed up the Red Sox weekends of the first six games. He over achieved with a three home runs they over achieved in terms with the expectation was these first six games they come home four and two. And maybe disagree but just walking around the ballpark this morning we're live -- -- your -- in time for home opener this afternoon. There's legitimate was down about this team were you told me three weeks ago two weeks ago -- we'd be set up your lives if people would beat Pete Carroll -- at -- For the Red Sox would've said you're not or Europe one of those. Think capital got to you know right come into the season like how's everybody gonna feel about this team what's opening day gonna be like you open up six and a road. Yankees Toronto. What if he delayed start off one in five again is it going to be owing -- above that the last two years right wanting 15111. Rather. Jail and then again if the w.'s help there's no question we talked about it before is it more than just winning and I think it did. A lot of it had to do with the way they won. Yeah -- we have discussion last night sports Sunday and is well that just won four games all the matters well if you had won four games opening day if you beat the Yankees take the seven Lester went five to give up seven. It that you beat the blue jays last night thirteen eight Lester goes five and is up another seven. You'll buckled it hit around two bats wake up you win some games. Which you have the same field now with -- equipment which you probably know. Lester looks like he's department to make everybody look foolish from last year who gave up on this guy. It's just hum the guy that threw the ball for years prior not just last year. A book called it's like a -- get tweaked and beat him it's spring training my conditioning. It goes out those jam against yankees as well so it's how they did it. The people that have hope that this team traffic or other playoff team while Jon Lester Clay Buchholz look like the guys that they can look like at times we've seen in the past. And still do when it anyway but what it. I'd like -- favorite things of the fire for six games are reportable Johnny -- a giant while that probably two full. I look at April they scored New York when he slides and unity jumps up again Rick -- will elect he just won game seven the World Series. And I don't get the Friday night right and this is very early in the job legal career years -- milieu but look at this in the -- week ago. It's vastly overpaid he's not playing a lot why would give them much like that was a lot of conversation leading into the -- law. Called the worst contract the free agency -- years and billions for Johnny COLT is the worst deal all the offseason all baseball. And gold keep this Friday night now Friday night to set the scene again. -- like crazy. Barrels and -- lineup card out there barrels. Booed every body goes about their paper airplanes flying around Toronto like it's an airport and a manager validate what a joke it was a -- on Friday night called -- this. You get a little bit The -- spots go to the plate with that I was going crazy the quick character check in we're going to be tight knit. -- link any of our guys we've got your back go -- go well our manager we've got your back at school after the four freaking game of the year. Reese put it out there but the blue jays -- -- that it -- -- I agree he got after -- purple barrel players. That crap but I guess Seattle what biased -- that it public lot of Red Sox -- where that kind of stuff this early is winning a lot of fans. Yeah I disagree with it if he thought it says the worst signing off slightly at a picked I don't agree there one bit if you wanna look at some skepticism was probably more. Thirteen million for Victor Reno looked at the institute say while. How's he gonna back that -- -- -- defense did a play that much when he gets on base to be effective on the basis but that's that's a lot of money. The -- type of player that he is but Jonny Gomes to pay two years tense it's five or not thirteen per. If you overpaid. For what exactly what he's bringing to this team -- party scene in a week. You know the leadership this is the guy not many guys we've talked about the past deferred be savored a large say it it takes a special individual Curt Schilling. Let he said it is well to have a guy that's not an everyday player. Not the best player on the team a guy that's on the bench. And when those those roles -- -- and David comes back. To be able to be a leader. -- vocal leader but somebody from up on the -- grab a player that this is not the way we do it. Five million dollars a year you'll -- for that he crushes lefties. I think it's a great fit in I think it's a great fit and it again it's it's a different attitude it's a different feel. A lot of people that -- this organization. For a lot of good reasons I think in the past and I'll look at that this team a little bit differently it's just. So much fun to watch -- game now compared to what I've seen the last seven months of baseball it's fun because there's. Talent and that talent is not spending its time bitching about the schedule I played Sunday night -- not complaining about it's our neighbor -- RBIs write another one out there they're playing up to their talent level. And the the guys you really need to do well he talked about starting pitching. They have performed here -- Lester yesterday go look at the Saltalamacchia quotes map -- start best I've seen Jon -- -- -- Jon Lester that the game. The big picture on him it's still sort of out off in a couple months ago we set -- sick being prepared. Aces and now this team he embodies this entire team right now where it's almost like -- we know. We're not expected you'll -- that -- we -- the national pundits have you know some are fans the media hate us and yet this entire team will come home. To a ridiculous standing ovation like it that. John well the John Farrell. Celebration over there today the -- crowd response that he gets it's going to be like on any manager pat maybe I got a couple well secretary Francona. That's how crazy this band. It's going to be about -- know what it comes to -- -- of course you know a civil comparing the aces it was. Expectations. Out we'll what is this next level everyone's talking about it and it was I think he caught himself is correct itself. You know the following day when you start talking about what expects out of himself. He -- twelve innings and I think for eleven of them he has been dominant he has been outstanding you were in trouble that fourth inning Yankee Stadium and that they used to pitch pitcher fastball command -- didn't have a curve ball didn't have his changeup. You know so heated debate and go to when he got to a champ came back in the fifth at his best curve ball -- his best changeup editing. He took everything into this game against Toronto and Alice you're up five nothing before even told the rubber. That helps yes but you still wanna be aggressive that -- -- before from Johnny last year the couple times where. The team local school couple runs and you come out and put up that zero so. That was another important step for Jon Lester but it all the pitchers work in. It's it's a different. Guy than what we saw last year but not a different journalists that we've seen in erect such beautiful I think people last year for god and we. We go back and forth right listens altar and the skies awful it -- -- -- it was well. -- -- brewers had -- embassy which on falcon deal because it. -- we've seen it. Terms of the start at -- Q and the way this city is now sort of reminded the Red Sox underway. How much credit you give up girl because maybe I'm giving him too much but I feel like that's the way -- set the tone in spring training when he came -- and at the stop watch behind pitchers what he's going to like Alec Jackie Bradley junior make the team after really that's ranked. They did it steady answers look you can get beaten down by some of the stuff like Bobby belt that was beaten down by quite frankly -- it's crap on because what he. -- here now the team performed. But I think that he was in it wasn't prepared for Boston rigged. Got a statement of questions same type of housing and respond. I give him a lot of the credit ports start because there's been reports storm and he is. He's been the captain of the steady. Early on but given the last year's exit Bobby get beaten down to the players got beaten down to come at a ballpark wasn't fun. The minute they announced barrel was the guy think it was a breath of fresh air for a lot of these guys ticket to sort of exhale a little bit like okay. The guy we're comfortable with so he walked into a scenario where last year was such -- -- Such -- -- the bottom. Then it was you know hard not to have a different feel ethic just his experience with these players helps a lot. He deserves a lot of credit I think a lot of the guys they brought in deserve a lot of the credit as well. And it's just the termination of guys. Cool coming back from injuries last year -- down year's one to prove something themselves as well so. Perfect storm I think it's a good fit lot of people questioning -- if -- through. The other knock it we don't know that -- that way to me -- wanna wait a second -- it -- wanna -- That's not gonna happen is what happened -- we don't dole -- what the team's gonna look like after 162 so not gonna sit here and say he's negated all out this industry -- all you take it day to day you enjoy which -- right now. And I think to give him a lot of credit they're budding green light way in the -- -- the coaching staff that he brought in with him. All on the same page but expelled Butterfield -- of little guys yen to Ronald. Good baseball guys -- -- good people -- Alex Victor Rodriguez called reaping all these different guys are. Good people do look AG. I think that places while on the guy to regain our middle like that about baseball would you again and it -- interpret the coaching staff. The coaching staff talks with the manager and the there are certain players that don't talk this to -- to the what what happened to coach. Always helped out it might others also the trust factor too and I think that was gone early on last year the staff and Bobby. And he felt early on that a lot of these guys are either. Going after his job or were talked about his active -- all of that was probably happening -- -- what their job but. Because of that the relationship didn't go so -- -- players talk mr. coaches that which is a complete picture fast. It's at -- is back to -- We said it before arrives at stopped pitching star pitcher stop pitching side hit and it's Nomo pitch and it is going up there and appliance and the plane in the right way and. Exciting way to watch the play in the and the right way to make extra base I'm doing full. They're playing great defense if you're six games that's an -- up but. Just the way they've gone about it it's the -- not shocking he picked it up these exports do this on for extra to the -- last year it's not -- It's the -- on how quickly. They've won back span it. I get a -- blown away maybe it's -- but it 61. On the news. All of these live shots that you know -- even -- the -- -- recognized that. This team won it back with it all on April where -- on the -- or the of the -- seasonal every Yankee Stadium. They come back forget the 42 record that people would feel this way about its appeal legitimate months. Would you agree to ask that shot it's way more shocking record aren't too much golf three months ago above the gold. Everybody said -- organization the prophecy it's at that Wednesday the streak is over. To be shocked if it's not. To be shocked -- that you know a lot people don't wanna come out here and and -- buckle to seal the game goes today the -- is locked in against new York and it goes out throws a -- and it's more excitement at Fenway Park that. Wednesday's selloff as well I I'm a cynical thing here for. Jackie Bradley Jeter's not in the one. They can now promote Wednesday. Your dollars that year it's a lot of plane tickets available wanna be the first night JP -- Is in the lineup say it's all on his -- now they think it's -- it's very except that it Fenway Park yeah history lot of pressure ever history that that's so. I'm curious thought the Red Sox Beckett went the ballpark today about the game out of literally come join us. Jerry grammys board report at the ballpark Red Sox tickets while we're here. Red Sox dvd set and want war. Your phone calls all day up to regain just after 1617779. Seven not 837 at -- -- excellent 3793 set you back in. On this red -- you -- like I picked up just how quickly. It back if you all star. What's the main reason is that the way to play is -- there is Ferrell is Jackie Brown what is -- -- yes. At what he's -- or overstated like it will -- -- I'm at the -- companies in the notes that. Like a little report on the weight it bought back it -- -- I am -- guys that -- in the early. -- -- shocked that we get this home opener and at that feeling about this team's 617779. 79370. Text that's on the AT&T next 137937. Nine seconds away from the biggest reason you feel good about this team and that is the in depth reports that Jon Lester the couple of starts no one.

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