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Red Sox President and CEO, Larry Lucchino, explains the keys to the Red Sox season

Apr 8, 2013|

Lucchino joins John and Gerry on set on Opening Day at Fenway to discuss this season’s X-factors. Larry also shares his emotions concerning the injury problems with in the Yankees’ evil empire.

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Just -- It was the -- drive. That shaped him and say what shoppers little bit late just got it shaved. Alex I was it down there talking abducted shells Sam Kennedy and they said Larry is stuck in traffic yeah it's that old stuck -- me. You know because he's so excited to be here opening day -- -- so -- -- jumped out of the Kabul ammonia and ran like the last mile I have is that true. Do you look at some had problems some incredible limbo on the commonwealth what you did at random rest of the way just because you're so excited -- yes. Albert Hughes. Well you know there's a lot of happy people around here and guess and you are probably top the list off the charts happy right now it's just like I wanna know. What was the thinking behind bringing well developed and in anyway. Yeah I got a little closer to what pleased though Michael locals there you go perfect. And it went over on the year we're on the year well update what they -- you. -- generally sort of scale of one to ten how pleased -- -- with the way things are set up for today's normal. I'm I'm very pleased of unity -- a great couple of series against. Two certainly seems so. I think a lot of excitement about team pleased about that. And the team is fun to watch it's just the baseball's fun again. Let's hope that this is can sustain itself. You know -- -- much was made about the character of the people that you brought it here in the culture change the locker room all to some extent where you can have all the good guys you one -- the locker room unless they can play good baseball -- -- -- -- a lot of baseball games but we're seeing some some tangible proof. That there can be some positives that we were talking about. Bill Brooks Thursday night -- too loud out to New York. It came back to the dugout after flying out with getting high while that wouldn't. About a year ago right well probably not -- -- and now I don't know how that translates into wins but the feeling is there's a different culture in the clubhouse and my guess is that anybody who might -- happy with playing time. Or anything else wouldn't wanna be the -- -- the picnic to try to -- that feeling. But that's instinct is that it's been that way throughout the spring training you guys down at the beginning right probably self -- beginning so it. But that -- say this has come together there's some great personalities. It does seem like Natalie is it fun for the fans are watching them. But it's fun for the players who were playing a game they seemed like each other they get along and a lot of that comes from from John -- and the and the and the coaching staff. I've -- change or coaches they get too little credit to blame for what happens in the -- season. There's some very big guys who worked very hard a lot of fun with baseball coaching staff and John it's been a great greatly here and is. Has been just. Pitch perfect go along with. When you're in the meetings and I -- -- -- all of the media and all the all the personnel -- with the big picture meetings and people mentioned. Jonny Gomes said. He's really good guy Shane Victorino really good guy did you say what will you -- your old baseball guy your cynical guy that you have to say. They play. Note certainly there -- there was discussion exactly along the Logitech. You know this is not a fraternity you know we're not pulling together the and the coolest guys in the class. We're what we're trying to do is put together winning baseball team. But it is important particularly where we work that -- -- of players who were great teammates it was fun to play -- to. Who made the game gave some personality in and light to the club house and so that was that was of value in and of itself. Obviously we look for players can -- field and throw it. But you were willing to overpay would you agree for the person who our character I wouldn't agree that we need to certainly -- pay I would say that what we what we did was make -- conscious decision to go short. Our our portfolio of assets being a baseball players -- -- gonna have please. Very few long term contracts certainly keep the options for solemn but. And he -- shorter term contracts for players and we have to pay a little bit more in order to accomplish that we're going. Starting this isn't -- to your first place alone you're on a a projected target behind the -- -- -- -- a I have to say that I -- Saturday wins but -- wonder what the template is in your mind in the baseball off people's mind how into the Red Sox win. More than what people think 9090 why is it is it starting pitching is it short in the game is getting the pulpit that's all fall -- that if -- bashing the ball -- the ballpark dealer. Well I think it's it's like pitching I always say that it's such -- pitching and it's votes seems simple mind enemies say it over and over but the the strength of the rotation is the real XX factor in his being. The bullpen we knew it was going to be strong we did nose can perform as extraordinarily is as performed so far. But we knew there was some depth -- that open and so I think that is the way we win is that we we are winning now and that is with that was solid pitching. Shut down -- and and so minds of timely. Timely hitting you start to finish this defense I by the way I know -- you feel sorry for the Yankees you know I don't think I had that look pretty domestic and that pretty messed up that. What's on the cover of the New Yorker Magazine last week if you guys so -- -- Is full of yankees to run in with crutches and wheelchairs. And suggesting that they are getting old and I I think underestimating them. They will find a way to bounce back memories of playing with 45 there. Analysts forty years old -- -- four years ago granted authorities hope you know 39. -- and decides that it. Whenever we saw yeah. Which they have there issues they will be better Gary -- we better you know appeared on the old they're on pace to to have to lose and they did exactly like that but but Larry you get a lot of criticism. Rightly so stop there for the Valentine for the -- that movement on your oh you know. -- -- but didn't. You were instrumental in the Dodgers traded to work -- I'd say that's -- -- works for you because the Dodgers trade see this well we Nazi era -- -- gonna vote. There was a lot of participation. John -- well Tom Warner and -- -- and I did get the initial call from Stan Kasten. Requires -- willing to. -- -- -- -- Players that you think it was a -- and he actually prefaced it by saying Larry it never made like this before it's you might -- well. As floors and high priced players and the others -- go. So what was done one thing about the managers say that. We. Conducted a search and -- and in design them done because Bob was this the global. We had we had hoped that beginning and it's the John -- from. College student and tried to carry them. To island to interview. Didn't hear my good friend of their while the east and. Decided that that would not be appropriate not the best interest of the blue jays. -- he's that being inconsistent with the sort of freedom freedom of choice freedom movement and he preaches when it. Players that. But he day they made the decision and then -- in an active the nationals. Would've happened that they and he perform better as a manager there because -- -- it would. Which might keep it after two years well I'm you know I don't know after the first year there were new there -- good side of the -- -- years I guess. I can't speak I've changed his mind that was the dynamic pressure. Back to you don't give you credit them -- -- Bobby Valentine. Has much you want I like him I have a lot of respect from America that will walk away that whatever but thank goodness. The Dodgers called you this did you think that would. There's about one what do I sport that you didn't get that. Let's see is. It's hard to say is we've got a lot of what we wanted it and excellent. With. Pitches to pitches and and holding out. Both. We would have been -- on. And Stan Kasten initiated this yet the Magic Johnson. I think we always give magic the -- yeah -- well. By the way let's wait a little bit and see how the -- well now -- have come a -- playing exceedingly well we have that are made against dallas' bag for lenders to that's. Yeah I mean -- he has. Quite as one sided you'll -- right tell us what let's transformative for us in it to me that the most exciting moment of watching. Excellent baseball years was middle Brooks -- that that yes if there was an excellent what I it was like one of those hard. Well you know moments which did that a lot of those last year has -- walls lately. What in the first six games. Was your highlight was the one moment it. Could be on the -- off the field. To be the way your guys stood up there manager at Toronto I did. Like that I did like the way he came out today in the faces. Canadian hostility it's almost an oxymoron you know hypothetically. A but did like doing that the -- if I would say Jon Lester. As dominant as he was yesterday which really. I am silent watching. -- was -- to secure stuff evenings made a couple of plays all -- six games that remind you know one is that. Turnovers ourselves. But he thinks. Just extraordinary yet because Jackie Bradley exciting. Play. So why did -- situations -- -- a situation might be your second controversy that you have to deal with this year and probably a good one. If he gets set back down and he still hitting like this and play the -- defense he has what would be the reason for drew taking over of the shortstop would -- nine and half million reasons. It would be a track record of of -- productivity. To I don't think our fans -- gotten -- Stephen Drew yet I think when they see him play. -- in any produces they'll understand the dilemma. Jose licenses has caused us. What would there be some level of discomfort in sitting some elected they just -- Pataki saying. Who's got this up spot a couple of chances is 22 years -- we've angry he won't between periods to at least through tomorrow. I think exit -- update remodeled Bradley. I think he's I sort of points later it's withdrawals they're going -- Larry definitely do like can't you want to writing ones left to get that with two. You've got to have enough balance on the team captains of Mexico Phillies -- can do it and there's a particular leases could play. Playing OK let's be excited about Iglesias celebrate what he's done so far recognized that is rich. Great future with this. And I hope it's this year to make -- recognize season. Was at the sheer numbers that will or kicked in the door for Jackie Bradley to what I'm sure they get to the investment -- the reason is here is because of the numbers but what about his personality and what about his electric kind of interest to people hasn't if you have -- little hearts and minds Babson. Only a factor in instantly and it in my mind but they by far the principal factor was his performance he came in. And it and hit and infielder and ran the bases and didn't do anything stupid or wrong that you might expect roommate at that time to Euro. Rookie he turns 23 next we vis the war OK so so 29 people don't want to do okay. And still and twenty -- rookies so he knew he was sensational and he does have the same kind of. Charisma. The charm personality. That's infectious -- positive thing for the club house that was. Those of I said there's there's a whole off season or we talked about it while we announced we're trying to -- kept him. You know let's bring them up they want Jackie Bradley it's got to Jackie Bradley era and everyone kept saying. They'll get the service time issue and not rated films this bluntly Gomes had. By logic was there what they could not have -- it is dissenting voice. Here and -- -- in your meetings that your who was against starting Jackie Bradley. With the big club on opening day mostly the media. You have let's say once again a rare ballot in -- I say Q4 watching while you were pretty consistent all along with Jackie Bradley. But there are a lot of people who read the rule book and says oh my goodness it seems to make sense that Jackie would go. Intensity. Of the service time issue. But. In our -- we had to start the season well and play -- that he was especially important this year. We have as good -- team on the field. First series as a possible they made until later that night he doesn't you know we're definite time story about that we'll all be none. Let's hope not. Did you vision a year or two or three down the road. Bogart's at third but -- is that short. Bradley left middle Brooks that first Detroit is still the second I thought about. Right I love division homegrown players yet that it did there is a. A different feeling you have -- home -- plays it seems like. One of the real joys of baseball's Roland -- an old general manager's office it was watching young players. Mature and develop watching this thing. Senior part of them mightily masters -- -- companies and agencies. You see real road. Steve real maturation and that's what we're seeing. What their books that sourcing and Jose Iglesias I hope we see Jackie Bradley this just makes the game more fun. Two things and it's a good funny thing baseball. Who's gonna get people having you'll -- You won't be introduced today right shelves now are gonna do them now -- -- the list who's gonna get the most allows them get up for you get a large yeah. I don't know I had I I think that. And John -- digits again one in the opposite it will -- sidelines before teachers who did very -- I think doesn't that urea always desires of our knees yeah. The faces faces franchise. Any new information from the medical crew want to elect. Almighty information is incomplete from my understanding an MRI is unity. Did biceps strain. No structural damage. What looked a lot of them that it's surely did you the -- watch that you couldn't help but feel really sad story for -- for John Lackey. Who by the way is very good guy yeah -- knows the public perception of them did different. Then that. But he is a great team made his players' -- teammate who care about him he's so evidence of that than it is today. In no way you reacted to -- injury so in have to wait and see I think he's certainly. This society to -- -- -- but let's hope it so much appointment any projection on David. And that protection remains the same sometime around the twentieth when he first. April he's playing his first game. The extended spring training today's -- three -- -- game. He was willing to come up here but -- these ceremonies and festivities that goes -- it was more important state out there. A few games down there if you duplicate that it will be here that's who we hope for the outcome would -- -- and the new -- Webster. Ruby Della Rosa could be. Not yet but. I mean we're not through with the it affects the benefits. That that's right. And you picked two of the more intriguing pitching yeah personnel is. And other let's on time goes when you're doing trade. Always ask for another arm another arm you can have too many arms given the importance of pitching. And so the fact that engineering today could pull pull off day trip that included both those alliances part of -- -- -- scouts. It's one thing to get -- -- take two and six two main dollars is another thing a bit and take it and that and -- part was them. Very problems prospects. But -- to wait and see how I'll go out good the Dodgers size equation who's to leave that this year and that's. Guys again to ask for Clinton her show. Now I don't Rico that we have they said yeah. -- -- Now doctor Charles wants everybody in your seat by 130 -- you would you describe this as they understated but touching. Opening day classy classy of course taught us anything anytime we celebrate the sixty year anniversary -- -- -- But it's likely very touching and and I saw a little bit. -- Perseus. And I was. But it you also have elements. Of traditional Red Sox people personalities so I think it it will be unity. The kind of celebration opening day here and we parked there and come to expect. Introduce and tells this to the amount on average different -- I usually don't do this sellout and the publicity on the crowd we're curious to see other and enjoy your opening day I know they already enjoy them Larry -- the presidency he'll Boston -- saw -- Dennis Kelly we'll be right --

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