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D&C are full of positivity on Opening Day at Fenway

Apr 8, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk set the table for the Red Sox home opener from Yawkey Way. They predict how the fans will react to the 2013 Red Sox after their strong start on the road.

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-- greetings from a Bobby yawkey way 46 degrees on its way to 66 it will -- between now and game time we hope in an effort to prove. Rick Pitino wrong on the morning of the day you might win his second and a national championship. We are going to dispel that notion that the negativity in this town sucks we are not going to be -- with rocks for surgery. We are not point lament Lackey being injured. We are not put it discussed at least at the beginning the Bruins staggering and others that can be -- little backed off we like the -- getting KG Paul Pierce back but above and beyond everything. You're first place Boston reds off to a loaded first place. Are back in Boston. It's opening day they've won twice as many games as they have lost that I've done about -- -- -- They are on pace for 108. Win these while how staffer noted ultimately Rick between does that mean when Rocca met Jackie Bradley Jews batting average. How do -- motion sickness. Leave it to our people but I'm pleased to get its act like it Bradley now. I told he wasn't ready and that was just a little Malone right -- and Kirk today. Sought here that your service -- without sort of activity. Miners deficits over here's what's gonna happen today Jacqui brokerages get a get a huge ovation it will not be the biggest one I think it's obvious that woman -- that -- but. He's not gonna play. Let him -- he's lefty to face and left it looks a little. Out of sorts -- -- but that's my prediction I don't know for sure we don't have the lineup we might get the lineups during our show we could do that which would be great but do you think. -- and it. In the line he shouldn't be a day order though about pressure put pressure from the open this pressure people wanna see you all they want to see Gomes to -- he's a fan favorite yet but watch and he's been sitting and sitting quietly and Italy's. He's always two centers evidently I don't have the OB -- because The Herald doesn't include them in the stats. Which is more than exit for the globe which doesn't have the Red Sox that they're pretty troubling to me it almost looks -- mr. newspaperman. Explain this your newspaper I -- I give the federal credit there is Red Sox that yeah it's 42 shorten it well. But they're not there out there why not couldn't get it done quickly. One of the most import could not get on -- Bob Bradley's do we like -- Gomes you know Iglesias still leading the team why I want and I got average which is obesity. Sorry. I don't have it we don't have mobile giving up pads but anyway that's. That's my little burst of negativity. -- but I do you can't help yourself you know you -- -- -- -- so well I -- they feel good moment coming up. Well I want more Red Sox stuff. Junior ticket -- no open that it is our special section battle and there just not even look doctor opening idol -- that check that -- -- widget but you have to Boston Herald and right the bottom. Well Mike car parts of the -- yeah I'm really negative he got an app that -- over one Jackie Bradley -- your lowest its lowest average on the team. And as girls at the -- and stuff on the it's a part of the plays that it used to that -- -- still get a base is at 3330 BP. But I do think is a good chance since today. -- Probably could have -- -- -- the -- given the pressure and now he'll get introduced a new -- in the applause O -- What do you think the third the second and the first most applauded most here people will be here's here's my list adding Ferrell will be number three. I think Jackie Bradley will be number two but it will middle Brooks will be number one based on yesterday's report. Yes I can't disagree. Maybe -- Miller Brooks. Flip flops I think just try to make him feel better you know that it's not a slump that no I think Iglesias gets a pretty good -- Iglesias gets a break in the deserves it. Stephen -- is not here today right. -- -- snub or he's still import via the Wednesday so he won't be news of the LT it. Get the lowest of the worst of it's true -- of the name in the numbers back but. You know what you know it's all. You know -- The low -- third second and first or the applause of Farrell the biggest ones you I would probably want we -- at a -- second. And middle Brooks there what would barrel because they were mean to him Toronto because the anti ballot that. I love this guy and I hope they can I don't it it but it I think players. Get a bigger ovation general and these players are more local -- that manages to find it like. But it's not like I think well and I think both hitting coaches who did. Tiger obviously it's a double B three previous since hitting coach -- Italy's which and other maybe something what you say if they loved John there'll be on you know chocolate -- in history. But because as a reaction at what happened in Toronto but equally ought to be able to feel good moment you're John can talk about that for a second because I love this. Indignation. An outrage from Austin. Sure on the other foot they don't be throwing things -- -- -- him a -- and his family I mean the idea that Toronto was eighty. And small. And mean and and they are. Obviously they were but to what would happen if it were reversed. Right course of a obviously. We just like Texas experience. Three they treated. Josh Hamilton what does family what do pitino -- the national championship game in Boston I'd attribute and -- built upon -- and it new person in Maryland Toronto. But if you know he would get him it's still be here it's still coaching I don't why I ended up come around -- you -- that -- Well these guys. As the game hopeful that I was report which does I mean it was hard. To root team to root for Louisville tonight remember -- for missing a whole lot like but -- done but I will put on my idea was -- Yes yeah -- his old and I will root out from all those days school with Mays is that what has made visible yellow right right yeah displays and blow isn't that something like this. -- -- -- -- -- -- about -- that we get from -- Jackie Bradley junior proved right on that I kept -- Kevin where it was. No factor -- -- was L zero absolutely I don't. Short on the broadcast how publicity shot -- then. That you are on the game yeah I guess you know the public land there's -- story -- -- hard but. That game -- would -- one segment. -- it would not made that come -- yes you -- that that they say it is much they did it were kept well Dave rose to the occasion for a number of additional stuff you're right I won the Jackie Bradley why they would like that the first place. So you're wrong but Jackie Bradley you said he was ready. You just want him that money I've ever so yeah you don't like little. Maloney says he wasn't ready -- take a we will -- at 10 o'clock he said that it would be overmatched that they please. -- go anywhere view. That they like use our nations. If you Reggie Bush would -- it. I do it just keeps up which I didn't until I got elected. He looked so comfortable the plate. Unfortunately he -- from the right side so -- you know -- automatic deal were lefty pitches to him. Not really switch -- which. Left the theater it it just like victory. A victory right here yesterday. You know maybe maybe it's because -- or maybe it's. Right he got some right he's better from the rights. From the left side looked excellent is that they think they would like to keep his bat in the lineup. I'm not sure they feel like these just play against lefties and -- told -- this it's just tell me why please use. Can't be with -- withdrew. He's got a it's really you won't play more. What do you think you play more defensive purposes -- made it a target certain. Against certain crises that through the numbers against you play and that play and it's all lefties if you play against all with these would he. Be more comfortable place would that help. Yes we had to sit out. Three times a week -- we wouldn't help yet the -- -- -- -- short let's say it's right or wrong what they're gonna send them back but not from the start. I want it but every every writer every beat guys is to go back in the minors when we come back yeah which Wednesday like him -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In electric player we hope not that -- heard it it's -- it's right exits a lot of peace if he's a lefty -- That's right he's that good form would that help. I don't get why we can't even discuss. It to a with the way please -- It would hurt his feelings hurt to lose a -- feelings. That's it would undercut him. It would take -- -- -- to be looking over shoulders not the kind of -- they want what I -- to begin with but when I can understand that from the late inning substitution perspective yet it was a good field -- -- -- is a great deal yeah. I would love like it would say pick a ballot likable. Silent -- Like the unions do silent vote that they called anonymous yes yes -- -- that on the -- 1112. -- that the vote would be -- you want behind you -- replace all of all of which say the better defensively you're right but unless it marketing and erode support. Yeah if their heart you know heart black snake -- getting -- run to work to be through the truce not a great hitter either. What he has been very good hitters and good hitter yet. Well places that it's. He's on -- -- hit the ball you know what he's -- that they don't really fast to get -- don't we have to have the same conversation we had about Jackie Bradley this week. Drew was back on Wednesday by all accounts -- -- the best -- 529. Do you yank him at 529. -- -- -- -- There's there's drew just deserve. To stardom when he doesn't seem right because because he could make so much exactly and it's Kirk said the other day it's good point if he's one of these veterans. The two putted for a million bucks if you were carp were over -- somewhat like that. Million -- million he wouldn't get his job back because you spent so much money because Boris. You know. Least you fleeced you for nine and a half million. You feel like he asked that his job immediately and give a glacier has continued to perform well and they have tomorrow -- -- goes three for four debate continues to nickel plays the field and Wednesday it rolls around him in and drew is back. It would make John Ferrell. Go back on his original explanation as to why Jackie Bradley made the team needs it because he makes the team better right. Does that place does make the team or explain this well you can't say you know it's comfortable. Just don't talk -- it we -- was 500 but he's playing with confidence. In the field and at the plate he's run and his plane as -- -- art. You can't sit him Wednesday if he hasn't had a game today what is your disconnect I think if you asked -- -- who'd you play Wednesday LC. -- -- barrel privately we want to play Wednesday right now approximately. That's the manager's call them. It is it's not that. Chip well and a half million bucks it's not a perfect world -- they gave him about half million dollars for but he's let you know -- right if you start drew. And send eagerly seized the -- has 500 effort off the top of the deal is it no errors right. Nobody debated there there's up and they're autistic that's right now they have it made an -- -- a person well mill -- -- one but he recovered to make the pro yeah it was a double play ball. You know this with a few. Please Leo feel that this may -- good -- that but. Great defensive team if we do that if you put bamboo shoots under venture into his fingernails -- you get him to say. That the reason drew is going to start on Wednesday is because he's making so much money. Yes you would say that. You can get it to say what you said and she also would take bamboo shoots I mean you get it -- that shoots the -- and start doing that with him. That -- wanted to today we'll just like later in Molly's. You're talking a late latest hot -- yet to -- but I'll throw Larry. Now you know what would Larry admitted. It's almost so obvious or what other what other reason -- they possibly come up with -- if there's a role in his mind Hitler's mind that I can't help. The world I can't -- Red Sox Nation. That drew is way over at least he has because of the money he's making. Then what would be the reason he would have to say other than that. Druze. A good fielder is not an -- in the field he's -- better. Yes that's -- -- -- the reason they gave when he signed. The same line. On all sides sides of it physically she's wasn't rated double talking about -- -- big good offensive player would tell the difference maker. Better players necklace but you know what maybe that resigning Iglesias went to athletes performance right I mean every yes everybody's -- to put pepper right with. Pedroia. -- so maybe the troops and X lit a fire under the offseason maybe pay off outward nine in. Maybe it's and I mean here's the thing though. When you look in years past and and every story in the paper that is about this team different from last year's team. Do you think last year year before you before whatever last 75 years. That Jonny Gomes would be so upbeat so supportive -- sit on the bench. He came in here he told us politically but -- full -- -- -- and every day he's not he's not a full time player he's not playing every day. A rookie. Guns not those rookies play at home. Johnny go home I -- play and but plant -- left -- it's DH also. Yet he's you know he's. The most upbeat guy real story is distort science guy he's gonna get huge ovation today. He will he doesn't wanna rock the -- at 42 opening day Fenway Park coverage and sending it to new action now we're live yawkey way 44 degrees go to 66 we gained twenty between now enough. The first -- the gates open at global five they're instructing their ask you to be in your seats by 130. For the pregame presentation which book which will be Jimmy Fund. Century yes good which sounds awesome yes we'll be great as it always is we'll talk about understated. Like Charles tends to do yes not coach. The flyover might be the colts flyover over studio over to -- he writes it's going to be. Planes from like -- -- I think -- yeah I T I guess at what sixty years ago 19. Plays differently at 53. That -- check -- yeah I think it just sort of the pilots there from ninety.

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