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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 7, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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There is I think has been for a while to learn I really think just that started trim on the other hand you know politics at the other. I'll -- -- atlas which haven't especially in which he just make an open shots you know. It's when you knocked world just -- just because it still. Rebound -- -- -- team to rebound more. But overall I think he's -- terrific -- -- he's in a wonderful place. Right now. You. That's good it's good it's. You know stress that we were trying to German where it's four minutes five minutes you take tomorrow. No we won't chapters. And then we are planned congress with Kevin. Which we -- helps Chris you know advocate that helps them. Instead of five Bulger so. You know war two died and there are beat teams are thought to be a good test case because of their size. -- small at all you know. I don't know I think you are probably is -- I don't know. -- -- coaching staff knows when. You know that is just play our. Now Christmas and I think that you successfully and it'll make him. He's doing his best and knocked around hit the face you know it's great. I don't really -- route and I totally removes root. You -- -- notice that yes that in practice you know we that we do know. -- just for him. -- so we can -- want to go and I was surprised how. So that was driven. 24 minutes. Let's -- that he couldn't script that that was perfect exit I want it to. When I was what I didn't wanna go. So. I would only then that. The most part you know bringing this to our particular -- pick -- -- And you know -- in this doing a great job and our team you know they need to be credited. -- -- at all. All the ball finds the open guy. Or -- or drop. You know overrun and our truck series and we just have to want it all well these are trapped in the -- you're trying to Brennan. You know so he knows what to do when it just about its leverage. Yeah you -- -- -- you have but he just tired anyway you know I don't know just a difference from before -- left. Honest I think early in the game she's always gotten tired during -- -- that voters are. There. Yeah. He's -- himself words can not and now he's and the criticism out there. But I didn't. I don't know he's just he's just -- horsepower you know it's -- the space. Yeah I don't think we have a lot of opportunities do. We do. I liked it at times in my -- in the third quarter they start. Action. -- -- victories early on in the first. You know we took the season. Other shooters and that's because you know Jeff Bartlett -- to get back out so our. You know would we give up fifty points the first or wherever -- to eat too. And the second half was better so we have to be better defensively with all the correction that we. Other than that I liked it because it creates wanted to you guys I -- surprised. It's so far. And with the others with Paul and Jeffords to retrieve without Kevin they've -- small town hall. Every job and I've. It surprised me. This -- Wars. That aren't as great offers second avatar did won it. Much. You know fortunate that clearly want to do so much in your budget does when you. Honestly did it -- until you just brought it up and think about it much -- -- brought up yesterday. It. -- me tonight. That's just partly to. I was I was I was just so many things that matches that he's on the floor -- guys this talk is as president. And teams don't. That. There. On such an action I don't I think. -- scored on the first action. Thanks guys. And that's --

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