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Minor Details Ep. 43: The next breakout Red Sox prospects?

Apr 7, 2013|

The so-called Killer B's -- Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Bogaerts, Matt Barnes, Bryce Brentz -- commanded the lion's share of attention among Red Sox prospects last year, with those players (along with Allen Webster) enjoying the highest regard in national prospect rankings lists this year. Who might be the next Red Sox minor leaguer to see his standing among all minor league prospects soar? In this episode of Minor Details, we talk with two candidates: left-hander Henry Owens and third baseman Garin Cecchini.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He had one out in particular that was about those were there as being ridiculous like video game. Erica thirteen of the better days in an odd game while during -- cricket make the bat well the I 95 miles an hour. A devastating changeup and a Major League caliber curve ball that it wasn't hard to dream about top of the -- potential. -- spent last year in lake -- where he reported to have any RA it wasn't all that impressive but. He got a 130 batters and just over a hundred innings but the second highest strikeout rate among all qualifying minor league starters and a six foot seven left hander he -- an angle and a look. That you better ready to me. It's Owens nineteen mr. that he should -- last year into spring training in great pitcher's park and hi Salem he could create a lot of national prospect buzz about a year. Here he is. Henrik thanks much for joining -- it. I'd be here so what are the things that interest me you got your first professional and last year. And coming into spring training this year. And -- having an opportunity to reflect on that first for a year what's that like what do you. Puts you take away over the course of the -- and how did you. You what you're accomplishing 2012. I think -- isn't -- a few. -- not meet unemployed don't be incredible if you had that kind of. Art part to thing -- two games and then there -- watching around the throat and where stuff was really did you learn winners do and their rulings that. And a sophomore coming in my acting chairman -- -- and really. Either -- that four of them back oh please let me step toward the. Where there area that you looked back on -- electorate -- -- better than I expected and you know and an area where to focus. My development reporters. I mean plaster that and I think that your experience innings -- just need to you know kind of continue my development of the pro game to get a little more specific now that you do have that for professional. Again. That we've been back here. Higher levels in different -- all the guys and cooler in and out letters that are involved. In. It is Indian. And their friends about it. -- our. -- up last year and to. Click on. It. This spring I think that your balls played up I've been hearing people things you can -- -- -- sitting around 92 in just a minute or that thing going that. How does that compare to where -- always a year ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- Become. An on screen and usually -- a lot of -- back. -- them. And an injury and then yesterday touched by the person that's not possible. I mean I'm not focused on velocity. And I don't strikes. And an exam on anyone's. How different is your or voted commander alters your. Your -- On -- is -- can. Economic and over again -- on that drove package and -- -- a couple. And you guys like five innings but then. Playing in. In my mind my fingers. Over the where my knuckles diplomacy and he said. Right here and -- low velocity and a because -- on -- -- -- I talked about on. I don't want the man. And that he's. The one. -- -- well what do you know about that because you. -- bigger -- -- right you put them to put it on my what do you you know what patently. Find 181. Payment. -- -- -- -- -- and hopefully keep. I think -- done on. He's written. What is the added strength allow you to that is just you know that where the -- coming from where you seem like you. Finding. Your ability. To repeat mechanic. Differently because investor. I think them one of them can. Having. Gotten him. A lot to me. In the fifth inning. Ninety carrier colors. And numbers and after an announcement -- -- a that's it here and basically. Weightlifting. Her injury prevention you. Make. Me. In my lower back intact. For ourselves our. With her with or what what to specify how do you how do you want fastball act like isn't it isn't a relatively straight. You know ninety to 9092 -- or or are you looking to you know generate movement and -- What kind of movement are you looking for a promise. A lefty -- all arms and I'll. A lot of guys. And really it really. -- game that -- lose. Ground balls camp. Yesterday -- much. -- -- Just for the record you struck out thirteen team if you could -- until it was able to generate ground balls man. And double plays on and it is. -- Isn't that part of your game and -- because I hear you had great strength in numbers and my second in the -- strikeout rate per nine innings. But it you're but you know it didn't seem like you're getting -- -- ground -- Over the course and it seemed like it but it seemed like it was like growing number of them in progress. How much of -- -- to -- -- outweighs getting you know bad contact in addition to. Mean they're trying to do every time now for when you're trying to or conduct more when. There's a runner on it and I think. First for a ground ball throw made -- into a long and hard and try and -- him. I mean putted that there's nobody on Odeo and force him. That's an attack visitors and there's nothing. I don't know that this isn't they're -- is. Right back got back at Saturday's qualifying exams and how oh how as a change of developed over the in the beginning of last year. Adding more depth in their own cars and help me here I think most. Or. And come into camp this year. On a hard. Generate the name because my fastball on. Well not overthrow but make -- about. The trade and I'm losing doubt that buying them and them. Getting him back on top and work more. In that camp so far. Coupled with. Trees and as. Yeah no -- well I heard that you're lucky you reluctant to open up with a changeup that you be committed to. That there are trying to get a commitment you're able to lock them up with fastballs well I mean you're change. The one you wanted to -- it doesn't -- to drop out of my. In terms of in terms of how plastered did go what was what did you take as the big accomplishment last year. Well and when they accomplished. Man as though. It's tough to do with a pitch count that you face it sort of your career -- get right. They inferno thinning of the to put yourself in position it -- And luckily I had a the -- the some good guys back in that you can help me a lot I don't 05 innings of two. 21 and they come and it now a lot of and a different games. A year ago were you trying to -- way under Greenville or what how -- -- approaching spring training Willard I would put chemicals if you -- to whatever. Honestly I mean I'm trying to tactic. And I. I mean does -- matter. Don't know and admired. David Ortiz and -- and it got to attack and -- came out there -- audience and a green. How do you approach goal setting this year's again just you know through throat and your ability or does become more focused. -- and after in my. Nose. And the dog is is. That. People want to come out -- and charged him for the hitters. I -- and again I get -- guys get better as of -- and here. One thing that's great about spring training is active the Major League side in the minority in others so you know whatever odor -- opportunities. -- at a very good view of some of the big leaders coming down into camp. What are things that may have helped you in watching guys like John mustard guys like -- Bryant obviously. Pretty accomplished left hander. When they come down in Miami games. I think when I'm wrong and how to control again. It there that you can his -- and everyone watching utterance and I don't play him. -- only as good as the law about Obama and for all eyes on them you can get that. There in complete control. It. Makes me completely -- What of the and and things great complement to -- that you -- your first professional season that early in camp John Ferrell made kind of a point of being around for a different things -- game that you can map Farnsworth throwing him what does it mean to note that. You know you've put yourself in a position where you know it we're not a matter of people in the organization looking you can kind of make it a priority date you know it -- -- Things are moving fast and are in a game like I took the fact that here and homey coach down there watch and get down -- Watson and -- is not fair -- second is that -- competitiveness. A lot of fun I mean it's inner squad. But -- that I am not you know to come out and compete. -- -- much for joining really appreciate the time and time and thank god. We talked a potential break up pitcher but what about the -- player. What you could elevate prospect profile quite a bit and -- thirteen in third base and Argentine who -- -- and Salem. It's what one year old that Greenville. Had a strong season hitting real five with a 34 on base percentage -- a terrific played approach he also stole one base is. More on the right to be all and think that on your feet. He hit more homers however but he showed such advance understanding of his approach the hitter that are reasonably -- power may come down the road if it happened because -- potential high on base percentage is with perhaps -- winning -- potential -- the ability to them they are talking about a guy who would look very much like an above average big league every day -- day. -- you talk about his outlook -- -- You you had a couple miles you have you know you'd hit for average and over 300 yet and act and on base percentage on it was normal for hundreds of notes that -- it. And that of course you have the fifty steals which which jumped -- a page a little bit was there any one aspect of your game that you're it would look back at the aisle and say. I feel really good about what I about it where I've come in in this particular area. I mean I like all aspects you know errors coming off you know playing short -- the high school. That you there'd be a unit that was different and get my feet under me with that. Work and Andy fox or a tablet with -- mechanics -- like that. Really helped me I was really proud of carried out defensively. You know on hitting ID you know. Eight with my regular -- at all at my whole life. And working out so far why change you know. But the yelling -- you know I've always known to Obey. A matter of give -- till they at the professional level. You know what you get like five ending nightmare go for it won't be attending you know like American morning you know and in -- it's funny like -- -- -- you know. And that's the way I know they -- like that of. I got -- as long as we're getting one for better every day. And anything. Related to baseball. And weird developing into. It. What was it like being able to work out with your brother who was first round draft -- -- here. The the opportunity to work out with him and kind of I imagine push each other a little bit. I know if you guys if you if -- in a competition between siblings or if it. Or that kind of mutual -- mute mutual support but. How does that dynamic takes it over the course via. I think there is you know it's good to work out with. You know not only your brother but a -- that. In professional baseball you know are we not only worked out I'm -- worked out my brother worked out with a few other professional guy on the Yankees organization. That a guy in the -- organization an -- Marlins organization and it's good because it really put yourself what if you work out our youth golf. You know within. You don't know how -- that you gotta have to compete you know that's what makes you better and we love it if he got it really is. I feel like it's paid off you know but it. When you entered the up and you said that you took action and obviously a number of aspects of your game but was there one aspect of your game. Do you really were focused on doing you know. -- you know of course -- -- every game. But was there one thing that you took from your Greenville and had. You know maybe -- media you know how you handled you know how you -- letters on the rail something like that but. You know something that you really -- a lot about as in terms and this -- and as an area of potential growth. Yeah. The mental game you know so. I feel like they -- like. By far the biggest thing in baseball is the mental side. And it comes with growth you know you got to develop your mental I'd like you got of that development tools. You know hitting and fielding you know -- a right. To do much important is not more important than all of those things because. And you don't have to have good mechanic I mean you don't have to say that but you know. Here really strong in the head if Theres really tough mentally you can get over the backstretch. Then that's gonna separate I think. From a minor leaguer to hit big league they've -- it is typically very long time. And that's what are really tried to work on with are meant to -- a coach and hopefully you know -- I say hopefully I know it's -- -- -- -- yeah. And with duke are working area. It's just say that because one of the things that actually stands out about your game and that you hear a lot of people like Matt is your instinct and the fact that you know at a as a guy coming out of high who you -- have a period and mental approach to the game. What does it mean to improve on that because you come from a really interesting background one which you know both your parents. We're both coaches both your parents really have a deep and abiding understanding of the game. How do you improve you know what what that means developed your -- to allow you to be in better position he does a baseball player. Right I take it day by day you know. If you have a bad day 040. With four strikeouts are borderline out -- nothing wrong. It's -- you know he got you know that you come back. And talk about you know I -- over that. The -- you know that that's inactive and saying you know. You know. We can always get better at you know like a separate. You know minor -- -- completely unity in separate. Leoneans are -- and all it. -- Human the -- that you'd made a third baseman to calculate that home on the diamond we're getting better every day if I'll. -- -- -- -- Rick I'm in the minor leagues and I'm trying to get better and played -- part. On the air in my -- get better. As a hitter can you kind of give me basic description of of your approach at the plate what you're trying to do in you know as a hitter what you're looking to accomplish. You know let me and I try to keep it. Well I tried it. Let the rich and I try to. The ball and hit the ball hard. You know if I hit the ball hard I -- you know I don't care -- now -- line out hard ground out. These side by side hit the ball everywhere that I hit the ball hard. You know everyone knows I want you to the pitcher's mound though the pitcher knows I want it you know. So I mean my approach get back to the question. I mean -- let the ball gives deepest possible when with a -- grip you know because -- the bucket deep pot -- -- for a long long time market. Paying off in this yeah. Curve balls in the -- to change it and there's that the pitchers one wing -- -- going but you know you can -- -- -- -- -- on long trucks to. And I have to learn that a -- -- a favorable outcome. It. You know based on what you've been able to do in your professional career person -- in 2011 and then again last year. When you know you as I had great numbers for and it's almost 400 it seems like you didn't have to overcome that particular hurdle how comfortable are you. With you know with working -- account excepting it you know if I if I -- -- walk you know about Japan that's that's a great outcome. Yeah yeah it I mean. That you're human you know you're going to hit every walk up the team -- And -- you know if you did they -- you know. In. -- it you know I like it there. In the -- You know you in game walker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But does what what's happening with your -- what's happening with your approach when your books -- lost the ball on the ball. You know drive in the -- at a home run went. What syncing up and allowing that -- you know. I got off -- guys. Work in years. -- power. At home on. -- think I'd be talking right now at 240. You know. -- Approach have to work for forever. And. One hour one hour on come back -- Now. It's into you because you know -- a guy like the world middle -- a for -- didn't had a lot of homers when he was when he was Greenville. And then as today the power came you know had a little of it in IA but it was -- and really and got double -- ago. The power hitting prospects. Means well on the haters club watch him. Like it to. Something -- ought to. -- pictures on. Richard. I thought the -- mean. You. Name. It. That's one of the fascinating things to me about minor about the mightily in player development and I mean -- even the -- the big leagues now. You'd like to think that things -- that you can he when something is going to come when it's around the corner but that's not really elegant -- happens -- -- sometimes like. But they've developed ones -- at the point. We're all of a sudden like your plate discipline and -- your pitch recognition is now so refined. That you Kim you know that you just instinctual he put that swing on the ball that's going to in a lot shouldn't it. There right yeah I mean it -- he knows it it take. A big leaguer not developed in the one year you know some may be -- you know but. You know that time it takes development. You know tit for that does -- come you know it took me you know a little while to get the pain of they read their base you know but I'm -- you couldn't get better every Dana -- all about. Last series and all your Greeneville I think that that was her collection is much of the strength of third base of those are based ocean and the Red Sox system is that what of you're a year with much. I think that there was strong case that you could have been promoted. Where you. Mindful where you kind of torn a little bit to do you know where you are you a patient person or were you getting. A little bit antsy like OK in other guys move up the chain and and let I'd like to do the same. We have mean you always it's always a good thing get promoted but you know we got to keep in mind that that was an offer flu season and. You know you don't wanna play front office or anything like that but we mean when you're in you don't Condit you don't think about that. You know you're trying to get better day by day and trying to get the big leagues you know not turning -- hi hey you know. Of course when he gets promoted him up like that but the minor leagues and minor leagues and you know. That vaguely why separate -- that might -- that kind of out of you know try to think about that you know you that there is that there is not as you have no control over that you try to get better. And try to be a big leaguer that did you know. What are the things that interest -- the women -- offered a job that you have a comfort level with the idea of you know baseball being a game in NC. Government and out to me as. The quote unquote most of prospect in the Red Sox and and here's why. They all Americas -- the number of in prospect there that -- them. Every year. Let. You know I'm not sure -- pay attention to every turn -- that's three straight years. I'm not sure you pay any attention to the prospect ratings probably don't that's only healthy at the but you know your mind. You know how far have you come in your player development how different of a you know of -- quote unquote prospect are you now than you were. When you were when you'd made this decision to. On that well you scholarship and it turned pro. Like I've done a lot better in 2010. And -- his victory in three years ago. Yeah they'll fill a lot better -- and my knees today in my average is good health being awful we'll. I mean gone back to the enterprise today. I like the numbers at me and I'll Wear one at that I like that number evidently -- you keep it down on the media members him forever like. Well it's good to get into like a guy like meadowbrook -- I mention -- prospects don't -- that you know don't in that and why he was. Like when he when he got drafted and you know Gary I'm went up he went down he was number eleven and then all of a sudden boom he was number one when he went off in not in Dublin in 2011. You know do you feel. You know when when we mentioned sometimes things come together. As you as adherence spring training now do you feel like some things and really come together for you at -- Jet at an all in question is pat and I mean deep end of -- lot you know. I just feel so comfortable there you know not having no a year of the ball -- -- -- kinda have a little bit of the year you know coming off a hard you know there are. You know -- not hot you know. I -- a lot more comfortable with everything you know not that I wasn't comfortable before. I feel like you know. You know common easy more you you know a lot more easier for me and and that good things you know you wanna play with energy and stuff like that but. If you can play with relax energy comfortable energy that's -- really -- -- to a long season and make you a lot more because. That that you know that game of life you know being a you know not to baseball and if your kids. -- good -- then you're gonna play this game for a long time. But I don't cause the kind of in a year for -- I'm not sure -- -- are mindful of that but. After this year you would be. The Red Sox have to make a decision whether or not to put you on the forty man roster. To protect you from the rule five draft or otherwise you would be. Proposal -- eligible I mean hypothetically. That could mean you know that could mean big league camp this year away or you are you mindful of a kind of how much closer you know opportunities are getting to be -- to the big league environment and that's that I was. Talking to my agent and he told me and I never knew that you know opt out of five years I get this -- like that but I don't know. Yeah I mean that all of them I mean not that the use that analogy journey you know I dreamed of having been doing -- I was hit. With the ball on the back with my dad and brother you know I dreamed of playing. At Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. Like that in. I'm living my dream and that is an all seeing all my opportunity for me. And to be. You know with the Red Sox and have different -- across much -- There's not a better organization. To represent the dearest -- -- -- -- returning -- active effort thank you. About ahead -- when. You were kind enough to doubt it very admirable in the wind tunnel spring training in Fort -- -- you'd like to hear the complete interview them. -- -- down on the arm to check out WEEI dot com slash podcast. They ever to produce a pattern today it looked toward a check back in next week.

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