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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We're in a good position if everyone stays healthy

Apr 7, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We're in a good position if everyone stays healthy

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Seles and -- presented by Alexis continues from the garden it is the Celtics and the Washington -- six games remaining in the regular season our conversation -- a coach Doc Rivers but do you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Count Bosnia and before we get to tonight and line up and now everything you can fit together. What we're gonna see over -- next -- one -- -- that were just discussing about these schemes without off without Kevin Garnett down the stretch are there things you are extracting from these games that could be valuable amongst. We're all our guests and are you or your hope there are. You watch it every team you play that you watch in order guys who made that we have commitments will not as many minutes when all the gods are back there are. But each guy is sort. A little bit of something. You know that the that the perfect -- for coaches to have separation. You know that if you had two guys historic night guys it's separated himself from the others it as far as how well they're -- That's the -- -- what we don't have that with this. And -- it doesn't teach you to have that when you had younger teams here when you first got here that you didn't have any Broward brings those are you. I didn't want it we we had it. We had it -- the night. People forget that -- voted well here okay. Or maybe -- player it's one of the other and I thought -- push each other was pretty good growth. What the one -- we're talking about -- submit them loaded question about extracting things it and that who knows maybe has become significant maybe it doesn't let you Avery and -- support as they are going to be for you need one of the things they have to learn is to play better with files. It -- learn how to well. It's -- parents learn how to play with. Happened through that. Oh let's hope to have that in the game only guy. You know -- score at that her apartment and do you have in your mind right now. The script for these final six games when you'd like to play when now. I do. But they're in the department that is. -- right. With that script in your mind the -- said the other day you were asked about the city of Miami you say you're not stupid I don't make that point here. This particular form but if let's say Milwaukee got hot they want for rocket that script in your mind the -- Now and that's where it because it -- are saying anything about her I can -- -- positions if the birds. By the wizards totally different team now as pretty and you want to -- -- Bob Jones an answer to. It went fine. I was ready for the -- on Wednesday when your actions and -- wizards totally different team. What was so early years to -- top list to get to him but as good as he's been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Defensively and a lot of the metrics it is amazing and nobody talks about anything of the John -- the weather when. There -- and a lot of viruses there it was centered. With John Wall. You know. The last -- -- -- network. I'm. You know that's. That's just me. Gothic about why is the post injury to know Walt -- better than the solar cells post of Arctic. A little bit. -- got a chance to watch. And play. They. You know it just takes time for certain it is. Any thoughts on the Michigan Louisville -- arms. Both -- to repeat our -- all basketball wise. Apparently partner in Terry. Aren't they Oklahoma. New York have -- People that have the finals or won the -- of -- but it's it was a pellet just throw it master artists of our. While you watch them as it can you take off the coaches now when you're watching a neutral game like that now -- -- for an -- or -- -- You know -- was perceptive writer. Just watching everything you know I tell people what that means please plus over -- don't know what. We run against zone it though it knows whatever airline it is -- and they did different things to. Which you know now what you watch -- why are we to. So you're always watching -- -- that coaches he just those Celtics in the wizard next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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