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Red Sox infielder Will Middlebrooks recaps his three home run game today in Toronto

Apr 7, 2013|

Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish spoke to Will Middlebrooks live from the dugout right after his 3-HR game in Toronto, helping the Red Sox crush the Blue Jays 13-0.

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Well it's certainly a day you'll never forget what did you think when he hit that last ball that deep left and did you think you had your fourth homer -- I knew it was going to be close. And I hit a really high so I wasn't sure what you said of the softest -- it was a you know sixty in my Parker also ensure to have enough and I -- just -- that you think they -- the air conditioning confidence and had a must turn a CO owner Norman could go. Would you teammates genuinely get back in the dugout. -- that the -- -- was unlocked if I want to join them tournament. If that's a great lies in the post game the other night about that you being here what about -- a -- for a while but. Did you feel anything special today yet. What you took batting practice it it is your field. Any differently. I mean -- lose I -- out of silicon normal sales ended up being a special -- three homers and to streaker and three a little about seven paper airplanes on the field those -- today all around if we got a souvenir recchi picked up when I was paper airplanes I got a couple up and almost got a fan not a sexual one -- -- two over their can sort of statement especially -- -- -- in did. We had no idea idea have you ever done this before three home runs of the game different levels. Non non professional ball. Well that was. Your approach it. Their first timeout he hit the first pitch. And that we surprised to see you fast forward -- To be honest the the guys before me truck wickedness. His -- over that you want to get behind -- the two won't forget enemies on the slick fastball and a and man he had that double which you are out the next time up leading off the -- the 32 pitch. Yeah that was those -- a fastball. I took a couple good swings does -- footballs and he'd really been struggling you know get it over the plate -- -- -- -- walk somebody with. And now I'm not sure the score maybe six enough at that time. Particularly so fast bowler. -- -- and Jon Lester is you know maybe that gets lost today were you guys hit six home runs and scored thirteen to. Johnny was really good for you guys today down and that's tougher pitcher. You know this that's long innings for him to be sitting there and then they lose. And then he came out everything working at that -- work in the room when his daughter's going it's pretty tough. Well you lost made some great plays in the series especially in the defense has not made an error over six games they can't get a stance changed their flaws or react -- great stop -- -- yet but this is defense. For you personally but the team has been flawless yeah they put experts if it's on veteran's return in the you know great defense is gonna win games then so far so good. -- you anticipated country haven't yet that you think of the way back. The introductions tomorrow it's gonna be on our fairways to the home opener is that a -- first -- -- -- a different way there will be a first -- -- Yankee Stadium the evidence you know get to go home and play for corporate sense -- congratulations to all parents had a chance to see it all right I hope so.

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