WEEI>On Demand>>DJ Bean, WEEI.com, Joins Dale Arnold to Discuss the Tough Loss for the Bruins Last Night and the B's Lack of Scoring

DJ Bean, WEEI.com, Joins Dale Arnold to Discuss the Tough Loss for the Bruins Last Night and the B's Lack of Scoring

Apr 7, 2013|

DJ calls Dale to talks some Bruins hockey! He hits on Jagr and the adjustments he'll have to make to get on track, the Seguin line and his play at center and the fact that he sees NO goalie controversy brewing in Boston.

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Rob Bradford is in Toronto where the Sox wrap up their road trip and their series this afternoon against the Toronto Blue Jays. Let's add another WEEI dot commie to the mix. BJ being joins us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible good morning to -- A separate bill Mario. There are you -- DJ was going on. -- -- -- -- and I was told -- a story about how they almost killed me when -- asked how the Bruins game on TV last night because Maple Leafs were on the same time but fortunately. The Maple Leafs game ended just in time for BC last minute the Bruins -- which is clearly all that frustrated dale all day. Whether that's a good -- it very good footwork now wasn't a lot of yeah. No reason to be frustrated there the Bruins have shuffled the lines around little bit at practice today and I'm not sure that I blame quote I mean ultimately until you get. Chris Kelly and Patrice Bergeron back it's going to be kind of mix and match and I guess they don't know much choice right now. Right especially when it -- -- -- units that are experiment clearly out working. I got to within thing in the first place the that was even attempted. Given that the second game of that experiment was gonna come against the Canadian and -- to shell out a year earlier in the season. That -- -- quicker on the trigger when it comes shuffling the lines so. I mean that the that the question I have there it's like to put it in its center at all -- work CBS are obviously because the bodies -- limited. But bill that that was kind of destined to fail state and looking to get longer shot there. I'm sure it jumped out at you was it did mean that when they had the sits on four advantage in the final minute. Tyler Sagan wasn't one of the six. Right and you know maybe got a bit of punishment I mean -- I bought its -- punishment I think that they -- should be held to a much. Higher standard he clearly is by -- and that comes with being a high draft pick I guess -- getting all the attention he gets but look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just between the crew and our -- center -- -- -- not go is was three of twelve story. From the dot against the doubles. And then. Not during nothing offensively. Yesterday not even not even of a blip on the radar. You can see why when it comes to crunch time Julie did your -- -- in the. I've already you know spotted off enough about why I think the Bruins are dead last in the National Hockey League in power play attempts what's your take. Might -- is that. Who go through because look the part with the personnel thing right it was. It was. Then Marc Savard they haven't had the right they have and have the right personnel I didn't buy that anyway because people scratching our regular very Smart offensive players. Into -- Chara wherever you put him whether it. Point or as these pride every now and then probably not -- or not we are -- stalling throwing him in front of the net to kinda create Havoc. They're not -- there than we teach of course the other bodies from that. We have the personnel. He would be tried changing the that he might suppose our axes and those lies that your I'm going to more 0131 which. I thought would work better and that hasn't worked so younger has been added the public looked better. On on Thursday and obviously it was nonexistent in the final minutes so our -- lot and I'm sure the Bruins are as well. While I and I was even talking about power play attempts. The fact that the Bruins are dead last and attempts and that -- I I just think they're playing softer than Bruins team should be playing. Well here -- -- they're not Belichick and everybody. And and that might account for some but that's not the sixty power play tried difference between them and the Canadians. Right right exactly. -- so yeah maybe blow harder -- a while we're on the he'd be intelligent thing good for Lars -- and paper for dropping out against the -- because. That all the big support the gun on that I was with the Bruins and all of Belichick state. Is ridiculous so actually give the Canadian gold of the credit for kinda given the fact the group last start. Probably a bad plan for Alexi Amylin depict that guide to try to freight train how. Off man that was that was brutal and -- like I think he knew who he was going up against when he feared that -- full speed ahead. For -- -- -- -- these is because he was great think for that I was aware are you so many ways. And you are mobile left his feet when he did it true though you're throwing everything he had to brick wall. So probably occur again. In -- get a chance to try at any time soon he was seen leaving the building last night. With a knee brace on and on crutches. Yeah and that's that that's that's a pretty. Big big -- from the back and obviously they've about it they're putting people back there but. -- -- what -- more physical guys one of their heavier hitters so it separate -- built -- Tibet. It was funny in the you know I want it. And I want it now world that we live in after two good starts general for Anton who build and suddenly the Bruins were supposed to have a goaltender controversy. I don't think there is any I think the guy that I supplant last night as they're starting goaltender. Right clearly I was doing another sound -- where. Was the villagers so many. That the personality likely group the group double eagle river -- I don't know what they're getting I would like. -- -- You know there's birdie eagle is and then I realized that there exists a key idea here that there's a goaltending controversy. And yeah Bibi maybe Julian is kind of dangled the carrot. What accounts. To to go and and giving. I don't been more starts to try to like reasons game or something but. People forget that specifically to consider one of the best goaltenders. In the league it's -- Nokia hasn't made. As many years ridiculous pottery I highly -- realty. The sudden the other guys but that's consistent he's boring and -- these are responsible goaltender so -- -- and very very good. I think that the -- did better than people expected ruptured Julian global because in the corporate world you always got to be goaltenders. That you can. Still back and forth with because it's just not his style rely on one guy that type who. Like Jonathan Quick type -- BJ we always appreciate time and I'll see at the rink tomorrow thank you. Take care that is DJ being from WEEI dot com. As he does all the time reports very very well on the Boston Bruins on dot com and we hope you'll read his stuff there.

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