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Rob Bradford is Back from the Manager's Meeting WIth Some Info for Dale

Apr 7, 2013|

Rob comes back to join Dale with some info on David Ortiz and his rehab, the status of Stephen Drew and where the team is at with the John Lackey situation.

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Matthew trotting out all the wrestling team for wrestle -- -- there -- -- were robbed Redford has rejoined us from the manager's office and we get -- involved rob let's get an update on a couple of guys here let's start with David Ortiz. -- David Ortiz out of your day yesterday river basins which had been doing and the players for him to play. Predicted the Russell radio -- You ignored. While. To. -- the popular I had to get the tickets are part of a well play well. But yet though the plays that he you'll play the game Fort Myers on Monday. And man. Three games there and then perhaps but -- pocket after that if everything goes and tuck it opens their homes seasoned members. I believe that's the case yet so though if you did Monday Tuesday Wednesday could be Thursday may be more likely Friday. That's if everything goes as planned because -- -- already. There -- setbacks and if one day happens where you're right they have to do something they drop out on. This was gonna drive Red Sox fans crazy what's the update on Stephen Drew. -- and crew will play board games Portland. So you'll be with the Red Sox until Wednesday though both Iglesias will get it aims to be to Houston starter. On opening. But the plan here is for -- to be a part of the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday and presumably that means the -- There's no question about it you yours starting shortstop. And -- know that people love with neatly done so Far -- it played very well these are different player than what we saw last year. -- Eighth ninth even threw for a reason and Stephen Drew was showing them everything they hope you -- before. The wrath with a fastball. So yes he's -- starting shortstop in weekly -- will most likely. And I I will admit I'm I'm a little bit surprised because I I said to you might guess was we wouldn't hear anything on John Lackey until tomorrow. They make it sound as though they may hear something today. Yes so he was getting your mare MRI as we were document John Ferrell is I believe started at 11 o'clock. So federal it said that he thought that maybe during the game he might have something so. You know hopefully -- by the time the game and we will have something you know we keep you would really mean talked about. What would be players in terms of who might fill that spot in the rotation until we get those results. So so you know that conversation this has to be done guesswork for any else from the manager that jumped out matchup. Yes the fact that Terry Francona left the gift for John Ferrell. In the manager's office. Which he would not disclose exactly when was hearing too well in Toronto. -- -- trouble because Cleveland was in here before my guess would be a flak jacket. Go -- it. YouTube era with Steve Weinstein where each chip kooky people -- The redevelop the dollar defaulted but it was yes it was a nice that they -- idea I would imagine it was probably a just so heart tell them that this if that's a but yes so a lot -- that come up now I mean you've been their for a couple of days already -- through it all you know we didn't know what Doc Rivers we viewed the body you view and LA for a -- yeah that's true. It's you know I if someone asked about they -- big serve for some bass and I think Francona money. Hinted that it maybe with his team though but another thing that -- so Austin also mention they asked about why Nava is not carpet first in. And he would flatly said that they really liked what they -- from now have a odd at first base in spring training they felt confident there's a big day. They -- this game analysts is an important game because it's the sixteen year by it as a potentially. Early season defining game you have to race is going against each other. You had a very lackluster performance yesterday. And they really want to return home elected knows especially after you returned home Alaska we -- 0615. Texture says Tito left Ferrell three envelopes. Dot dot -- -- -- -- at The Who what hope play well play I don't think that's what it left him that I hate and you don't wanna know that. The other apple guy that was more like when -- -- a pro. Back to the calls we go with 617. 7797. 937. The AT&T text line is 37937. -- -- down Connecticut hey Jim how are you. Hey how are you got to grab it. Let's and I have -- -- -- on that regard I think he's a step while RT I mean no disrespect series that are -- are a lot let. Just seem to be a step behind I think. He's better off playing with our Sean at they get. If your -- -- sort open up the ice well that makes him for a while I eat just. We try to Kerry tried to be guys. You know apple used -- -- -- -- At the state with them. Look -- I don't think speed has ever been a big part of the army Yonkers game to begin with. But I also think that that part of the problem he's having is that he's having trouble keeping up with Sagan in March on. What their vacant space well I think -- better I think yet problem keep it up with a whole plate last night with the whole game or market here. That's forty year old guy -- -- ops unit which aren't gave the twenty something he has been eager. -- -- -- -- anymore I don't know I just got we're kind of frustrated watching now but I put it out power player I think it was up. Sort of crime not having eight and RBIs during that battle major bass player your best playmaker -- -- -- I think it was more an indication of how -- felt that Tyler Sagan was playing at that point. Yeah they'll tell their -- What did did Julian explain. After the game why you take figured out this that are -- and oddly it he didn't take him out of the center spot so much is. And it looked the kid the kid has been horrible on the faceoff circle. It in the head in the two games that that that they've tried to do it. He's failing miserably edit by his own admission he's failing miserably at it to every time you have him on the ice it's that are. Whenever there's a faceoff especially in the defensive zone you have to put a second senator out there with them because he can't take the draw -- Well I mean that's the issue that there. Having. He had the -- as we talked about earlier about the power play the game tremendously frustrating and I'd realizes that he was not out there that he was not one of the six guys on the ice. Yeah news. You he would put the puck on the net jail. Well nobody -- nobody even try -- -- process of elimination in maybe he would have at least attempted to get the puck to the net because that was the frustration. As you're watching it was c'mon somebody's got to at least look at the net -- that it just passing it around the perimeter I'm sure the Canadians were thrilled to see it. Well it's not only that but the what -- from my vantage point it was. You had opportunities it was like -- just say hey you know what we got to put the pocket the net just for the sake of it. They had opportunities in the they weren't taken admit that they were intent on past. Trotted it drove me nuts sitting in the green room with with Barry watching it in your screaming at the at the television c'mon let's go go to the net I mean but at the time -- there's no time left in. They just there was no urgency in their game all over the final 56 seconds. Tell you know as we talked about it either show last week we were you wish there was a Sunday between the two Sundays out. Because we we could've talked about the trade deadline together and you had made your -- in terms of what they might do. So now that we do have a a real live Sunday what was your take on it. -- that none of the the of these so called offensive defenseman who I thought the Bruins were interested in none of the -- Ryan Whitney Dan Boyle Brian Campbell none of them got traded. Which indicates that -- either their teams were interested in trading them or beat the price was so prohibitively high that nobody was gonna step in front of the bus. Yeah and what's your take a younger I like younger a lot. -- -- as I said on a team that's got a lot of written determination and art and all those things to -- in the brings by the way. Guy you can -- war. Which is what you army -- younger can do he can just score. And and their power play has been -- all season long not just the final 56 seconds last night. And he really is a power play specialist. I think he will -- if they ever get power play opportunities I think you'll help them in that regard. I tell you -- from the from the view perspective reading him in the listening. Yes personality this team IE is actually that there was a couple of shots we have on on NASA last night of him. Sitting on the bench laughing with Shawn Thornton. I don't know what they were you know saying to each other but he was laughing he seems to like -- here you know he had been here very long but. He seems to be getting along very well with -- new teammates. It is a very likable guy to begin with then and I think the guys on the team like him as well. Yeah you know. Italy's serie B get to the trade deadline in. I've talked to other I think I've mentioned this last week but as the GM it's a tough situation for a lot of gyms and you've surely. A lot of credit for bouncing back and make some moves and doing what he can. But we we've seen it -- time and time again where teams get frustrated when when teams don't make -- why did he do it why why didn't you do this -- why did he do that. I don't think it's a bad situation I don't know surely addressed the team. But I don't think it's a bad situation for the GM to get -- team today you know are. This is what we could do this is what we couldn't do without naming names about guys now. Locker room. It I think it surely did all right for and so. Idea I like the acquisition of jogger because I think he brings more of what they need not but I didn't like to -- again -- did. But the price tag for -- was a lot higher than it was for younger as well. Yeah he gave up a lot less to acquire younger. And and for the people who've corrected me on the text machine and all my Twitter feed it is closer to a five year difference in the -- between. Younger and and again like I said it was four and I apologize for my math mistake. -- 50. Well it's you know it was a whole year I was off -- -- could be your course right now that you're five years ago well some would say Mike Hsu well brand name like NATO. Very well -- up. We talk about what the early -- of the trade deadline. Cleary didn't he -- is going to be. The experts or and that -- Now. -- where I want them. But earlier -- not the people like me can you. Cricket players on the the dispute. Leaving -- -- police work he put forward complete. But there aren't corporate or government. But. And that. What it will look a lot. Well and I and I think I agree with you might that they've got to find the right combination -- a big problem with that right now. Is that two key pieces. For the proper combination is an available. At the moment I mean I I think you'll see Kelly tomorrow night. But I don't know when you'll see Bergeron now when you've got everybody available that I think club will say all right here's what I envision. The line combinations today. Pretty I would like to see them -- Knuckle. Off of it there but eight. And sooner -- And remember the most important thing you look. Quite a while. And Irwin center for the rule out -- -- -- and and. I think you know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have a question not out what was written. That and expect an awkward. Well he's a spare defenseman he was he was a depth defenseman added with -- Adam equate on the practice ice today they had nine defenseman on the practice ice. -- obviously you know you can only play six at a time. You could theoretically play seven but cloud never has he'll play six. Look when I think I think when -- is healthy he's obviously sliding into one of those spots. And then you've got to decide if threatened gives you more than than any group both and in the group would be part taos ski boy shocked parents. -- koskie and boy chuck both struggled pretty mightily last night. And art house key in this in particular is a young defenseman just up from Providence. At times has looked great last night was one of those times it may be that -- will get an opportunity to play tomorrow night. Perhaps in part cow -- spot we'll take quick break -- in Toronto we'll get right back to him as well -- back to your calls.

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