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Dale Gives His Opinion on the Bruins Scoring Woes and What Their Lines Should Look Like Going Forward

Apr 7, 2013|

While Rob goes to meet with John Farrell, Dale gets back on the Bruins discussion. Many B's fans continue to harp on the lines and Claude Julien's decisions on who is playing with who. Dale does not blame Claude - it's the Bergeron injury! Without Bergeron, he is forced to use Seguin at center and everything is a little out of place from there. He also talks about Jagr and how he can better fit in with the B's scheme.

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Number three sports Sunday Sports Radio WEP on my name's Dale Arnold rob Bradford is at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. -- at this moment down attending the press briefing with manager John Ferrell I'm sure they will have no information no updates. On the status of John Lackey Lackey is back here in Boston. Scheduled to meet with the medical people while they -- somewhere around 11 o'clock he may be in the midst of having an MRI done even as we speak. I'd be surprised if we get an update today. The Red Sox are in Toronto lackeys back here my guess is when they get to Fenway tomorrow the home opener tomorrow at Fenway Park. That's the point where John Ferrell will be able update Red Sox fans is that the condition of of John Lackey and how long he may or may not be outline. We -- were on the practice ice in Wilmington right now. After their 21 loss. Last night in Montreal to the Canadians and Claude Julian has shuffled the lines around a little bit I will tell you two things one Adam Quaid is skating with the team. That's the first time he's been practicing on its own for the last 0345 days this is the first time he's been practicing with the team. So the Bruins technically have nine defenseman on the ice right now. For the start of practice. And as we said Chris Kelly is very close to coming back there was the possibility he was gonna play last night. They decided to hold off I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you saw him play tomorrow. At home against Carolina but here are the latest line combinations that Claude Julian is going with. I at least on the practice ice today in Wilmington as they prepare for tomorrow's game against Carolina. -- the first line stays intact Lucci each crate she -- left to right. The second line is Brad Marchand on the left. Gregory Campbell in the middle you are Mary -- on the right. Will immediately noticed that Tyler Sagan is not the center on that line at least for now. The third line has four names on it then you'll know why -- -- as I tell you because they're not sure about health in some cases. But the third line at the moment has Daniel pi day on the left. Tyler -- in the middle. And on the right there's combination of and all fall and Kelly. If Kelly can play he will likely I'm guessing here slide into the senate spot on that line and Sagan will move back on the way. That's what I think will happen tomorrow night so I think what you -- is high AA -- and Sagan. As your third combination and the fourth line also has four guys on it right now. As you know -- estimates and decisions and who's going to be healthy scratch and -- Before guys who were on the fourth line at the moment are Shawn Thornton Jordan Koran. Rich Beverley. And Casper stock humans. I don't know which guy he's leaning towards scratching in that group -- was healthy scratch last night. But that's what the fourth line is so just briefly running through it again in order -- each crate she important together as one group. Marchand Campbell and younger together as another group. Four guys are rock are technically on the third line right now hi Sagan and all -- and Kelly. And four guys technically on the fourth line for the moment until they decide who's knock on the plate for Koran Everly and dog opens. You've got some issues here for the Bruins in terms of who can play what positions I think Kelly will come back tomorrow night I'm just guessing that. No inside knowledge I thought it was going to be real close to being able to play last night. So I'm guessing he's gonna come back that would lead me to believe and all -- will be scratched. And then I think that a club will have to decide between Iran and dog ovens. With the other healthy scratch will be and I don't know which way Heatley in that regard but the fourth line. Will probably be some combination of sport and Beverly and let's say documents for the sake of argument. This team has got to find more drive and determination I started the the show by saying that there's a reason why the Bruins have drawn less power play opportunities. Than any team in the National Hockey League. I don't think -- soft hockey team but I do think they're playing soft. And there's a difference I think they're big and strong and tough and they can play as -- game as any team in the NHL. And if they play. That kind of game then they force other teams to drop penalties against them. If -- -- just got a full head of steam headed for the but the -- are your choices either you welcome you hold them. Interfere with a you do something to keep him from going. You know straight to your goals so that's why I think that they're playing soft and I'm not pointing out Lucci just the only offender -- my my point here is. As a group as a group they have a tendency to stay on the on the perimeter too much for my liking. I don't know if they'll play it differently tomorrow night or not and already. The the text applying coaches sorority. Checking in Sagan on our lines still it. Sagan didn't do much for you last night I don't know if you watch the game server and -- And we shots on goal Brad Marchand in too much for either last night by the I don't I don't know exactly what they're gonna do but what I think they're trying to do was gets taken out of the center spot if they camp. Nick is his transition back to the center position hasn't gone seamlessly. Horrible in the faceoff circle. He looks lost at times in defensive zone coverage. I think that that they are better off if they can get him back on a wing. The question is where you gonna put him. At the moment. It in an attempt try to get this offense going let's be honest they're not score. The offense isn't exactly cranking along here you won that game the other night one nothing a loss last night to one. A court you're gonna shake the lines up I have no issues with that. Of course you're gonna change it up you got to try to get some bolts out of this team. For those people by the way and I love this after back to back starts for Anton who'd -- act MacBook starts in time ago. We got the old love goalie controversy at Boston -- things. Tuukka Rask is you're starting goaltender will be your starting goaltender when the playoffs start. Will be starting goaltender as long as he's healthy. And ultimately this team will go as far as Tuukka Rask and take them at that position. I'm OK with that by the I think Tuukka Rask is fine goaltending is not a problem for your team either guy I am uncomfortable with both guys I think your goaltending is fine. When I checked yesterday I think they were won in two in the NHL in goals against average the team as a whole. And the lowest goals against in the National Hockey League. Team defense and goaltending is that your issue offense is your issue and that's like Claude Julian has felt compelled to shuffle things around here. And I don't blame them a bit. I mean the way this team has played from an offensive perspective they had to do something. Now whether this is ultimately the right answer or not I don't know. And let's not push too far here I am I mean this team desperately needs Adam -- back in the lineup and he has practicing with the team today. But they need him back in the lineup and healthy and he's not close to that yet. They were saying for weeks I think initially when he suffered the shoulder problem they're not ready there. He's not ready for that but the fact that he's practicing with the team and out on the ice with the team right now is all good. By the way talking about Lucci each did you see the play last night. Did you see the plate Alexi Amylin. The for the Montreal Canadians. Has a reputation that he's built around the NHL he likes that he -- the of people and and by the -- I say that with admiration I have no issues with that good for him. I'd like to get people. He took on the wrong guy last night. He tried to hit -- Lucci to full -- bogey right in front of the the bruins' bench. -- cheeks I'm coming brace and it was yeah Amylin who took the worst of it by far. He. He was seen leaving the arena last night. With his knee in a brace and on crutches I haven't seen a medical update from Montreal yet this morning I'll try to find one before we get off the air. I'd be surprised if he saw Alexi Amylin back in the lineup anytime real soon -- in his. At -- did not look like he landed right when he when he bounced off of Dellucci to kind of landed awkwardly on his right leg. And then he looked like he kind of -- a lot of abet it didn't look. Just he at the wrong guy at the wrong time I think. -- -- -- -- -- It was playing well on the second line -- why confounds things just leave him there okay what was the play center for. I mean that's the problem we have here is that Bergeron was the -- forum. And he's not available and won't be available anytime real soon. Up Bryant in Connecticut hey Brian I don't. Not that great what's up at at and get a hit the vita game -- last night but. You know seeing the -- the last month or so it look like that -- pick -- our problem here I watch. I think that happen again it is it that a little bit but -- can't seem to get this boat. Like make. Well I mean I I never know how much it's the coach's responsibility to motivate players and this is an age old discussion. Meant that fans have had for years and years. You know should it be the players' responsibility to motivate themselves and prepare themselves I understand your point though. And if they were to be another first round exit in the playoffs you probably would turn your attention the coaching staff. As an -- that the commitment that -- a three year awful. You know what part of it I don't know you know he seems a little bit there at the. Yeah and -- I mean it's hard to say that the that the power plays is horrible I mean the numbers tell you it's horrible what I'm saying is. It's hard to say how good or bad they are lately because you never seen it. Yeah I agree -- that's another point. And that's their problem for. You've got to draw penalties they're not gonna be penalties you've got to go get them. And they'll know yet frustrating. An editing it you don't put. Just a quick yet but Orton. A drop or not a doctor just bought it at least keep it but it struck at -- -- all I like there. Well and I understand your point but that line has actually been really hot here up until the last a couple of games have been really hot here of late I think that's the that's the problem is. You were hesitant to break them up because they've been really good here lately. Yet I did but it -- 81 goal game may get at -- that this is that you know. This visit curry wrecked yet. Well -- circuit is back in the day I understand. It out so don't -- quite enough but who doesn't seem that there's a lot of problems. I appreciate call Brian thank daycare 617779. 7937. Sean on the cellphone Tayshaun. And get I don't. I heard earlier -- -- the -- for the most odd about that he gonna go you've got. This -- regular vote for street burger and look. They look completely lost that sodomy it it goes through every line and goes through every page -- want to do. Yeah you do have to shuffle everything because of his absence don't you Sean. I mean that ended in he looked he's the best player on this team of course you're not going to be as good without him. But but other teams go through this as well Sidney Crosby is out of the Pittsburgh lineup and and they've they've hit a little rough patch here and they lost a couple of games in a row. But they'll find a way around it if you're the Bruins no excuses here are you know no will always meet the creases and hear how we gonna win you got to find a way. And that's the problem that they face here and there are not finding a way a lot of the times 617. 7797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. Whole bunch of you who have used that as well text -- point at a great point Alexi Amylin did launch at least teach he did. -- just launched at the wrong guy and another text -- said and I didn't notice this when we were showing the replays last -- I'll go back and look at tomorrow when I get in there. Said if if you notice on the replay Andrew Ference sought -- Mullen coming on the bench. And yelled at -- each and warned him I didn't know -- as I was watching the hit I didn't notice behind and you may well be right may be wise. Because parents was able to warn him and let him know was coming that he was able to prepare properly. We'll take quick break we'll get right back to the calls and texts as well and that many of you communicate with us on Twitter app Brad -- or at dale. We're happy to take Europe communications that way as well here on Sports Radio WEE.

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