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Dale and Bradford Discuss the Catch-22 When Watching the NCAA Championship Game Tomorrow Night

Apr 7, 2013|

Dale and Rob mention the National Championship game tomorrow night for NCAA basketball and the dilemma they face - the Kevin Ware story is a great reason to get behind Louisville but how can they root for Rick Pitino? The boys discuss their dislike for Pitino and his ego, especially after the way he handled his time for the Celtics. Some callers and texters do not agree with the guys and think Pitino is great for the game.

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Rob let Saddam one last time just make sure people understand with the the logistics are of today. If he hasn't landed already he's due to landed an -- time John Lackey do back here in Boston. I saw I report on Twitter that he was scheduled to begin the medical proceedings the examination in the MRI are round 11 this morning. My guess is given the afternoon game in Toronto and it being up there that we probably won't know anything until you guys get to Fenway Park. Tomorrow sometime. I would I would guess so atlas obviously something we throughout the night later tonight by with the early game tomorrow that would seem to be accused the -- -- the no formal announcement will probably be made that. 6177797937. As telephone number you're probably lucky. That they refuse to put the Canadians game on -- in the restaurant in Toronto last night it's spared you having to watch the Bruins power play in the final minute which I don't always thought that a single shot on goal. I actually thought that the because the Maple Leafs game and did. And and they switched to that and everyone ran out the restaurant because you know they -- after news you'll derive from the Bruins Canadians on. And now but I did see dad and that was -- that was enormously frustrating -- last minute do you think yes. Take that shot there out this artist once in awhile -- thank goodness. That we may -- just you know once -- a wild throw the puck towards the net. My statement here and I'll make it for your for your sake as well rob. I'm I'm torn about this whole -- thing as I can't root for Rick Pitino not after what he did to read our back I I can't root for pitino team. And get the Kevin where situation may -- I don't want to root for them. So I went back and forth I am I mean Wichita State and that was gonna beat them and I'll try to decide if I really want Michigan to win or not that is. They're kind of obnoxious too so I don't know what care I can -- for via. I can't do it and and I should also say is that I was nobody was more immersed in the evil Rick Pitino and them went in the -- and me. I was coaching high school basketball at the time -- the mock turtle Mexico I -- with. I had all the same mannerisms. And by you know life. Your point -- read our backs situation what he's done since I IQ now I'd never. -- for repeat. Yeah I couldn't and and like I said Kevin where may be one root for them. I mean just for that kids' sake after what he went through physically but it's just hard for -- dagger freedom army units are being good for him for. I'm not good for them but could bring him for -- fighting -- be able to be there and I also handled the situation so well I mean the interview he did. We're diving with with the -- I can't remember who has lived but. The -- lengthy interview where he sat down on TV. And it it was so well done so well executed a lot of votes in the answer every question -- seemed to be handling everything with. This race. Yes it seems like a very very nice guy who's apparently very tough situation very well but if you get asked me to a bedroom four missed. 6177797937. Tony since it to Rhode Island hate Tony I don't. I don't vote in -- well. We're without the ball watt light it will -- so much -- -- on court you know what you mean all of this why why you do. But you get. Who can. Don't know why -- why -- -- all they are very open. Yes -- he ran the Celtics organization into the ground that was after he took read our backs jolly founder -- not only -- into the ground but then he left and it cowardly way. It it is that was that with the press release have you didn't on the road. I'll have my press conference when I get back you are right there's -- waiting. Both you and I don't -- I was very lucky color or outlook saying. That no one is really. Said that Rick you know what he's been here you know. No what I said was no one has ever suggest that he doesn't care about his kids and I truly believed he does. -- good but really not. Edit the Italian boat and the audience they bailout that they put everything here and it was all about him winning and it was in that it was -- it. -- well and then and then I will respectfully disagree with my colleagues I think he cares about I I I think he was genuinely shaken up by what happened Kevin where is anybody any human being would be. And and I think he was upset about where being hurt I don't think it was crocodile tears I don't think golly cared about was not -- we still win the national championship without him. I will say I will say this is there a -- so after their game. And they have the pale Barkley Kenny Smith all those guys and they're interviewing pierce and I'm I'm drawing a blank of the player's name was there. Buy it -- is -- -- to Tito Tito was basically grabbing the Mike at every single instance -- wanted to talk the kid. But did you go away is this was his moment and I think there's a lot of that Rick Pitino I do you think he cares about the kids but still I mean I think there's a lot of that with them. What -- the one that in -- and I edit. I haven't -- -- and then obviously you know I don't want to with them but they've got. Small minority it was a Lakeland. Other the -- -- it out well who and what it. A I have the habit but you know -- And I and I hit it good I'm -- So maybe maybe in my mind that out without a little bit but and I -- -- rate quote if I make out. I don't know anybody who says he's not a great college coach. I'm not even not even John and Gerry and Kirk would say it's not a great college coach. Well apparently we agree on that and maybe I don't know what I'm thinking Obama VP two I had never. About an -- and I intentionally left out the whole personal issues that he had a techsters here says his whole restaurant affair proved he was not always honest and pretty much a fake. I left that out because. You know judge not lest ye be judged to get all preachy with you here on -- on a Sunday morning Amanda yeah man I. I left all that stuff out because that's that's between him and his wife and his kids and an and I don't wanna -- Judge medal in that regard. I know what dale. You know if you're actually right for the way he handled that after with a -- Ted Kennedy's statement now you know that that's the things that we should criticize him about. And it and because that shows that give you a glimpse into his personality. Is that a DO don't judge me -- -- adored don't criticize me. It I think this probably an element that we can't understand a being in the state of Kentucky being the coach Louisville and being held on that pedestal. Which you know he he obviously would get knocked off the -- store here in Boston pretty quick. -- knocked himself off look I was at the coronation press conference here. I was at the at the press conference where they brought the banners out of the rafters and use them as a backdrop but the TD garden down on the floor I was here I saw at all. And and I was one of those people who thought he was gonna come in here and turn this organization around. And that you know he was gonna he was gonna completely. -- returned the Celtics to the glory days of of years gone by I was flat out dead wrong. Yeah you know what daily eagle it was amazing that things are remember I was cover their team time and how Jim O'Brien. Perfectly executed. Going. Taking over the -- and head coach of the others the guy with friends -- pitino -- was obviously -- because of the you know by. He basically was exactly opposite the you know. When he took over the Celtics used quiet in the sideline he -- the assistant coaches do their thing because we remember dale the data was not like that. He was every single play he was yelling something he was all over the place. Which just does not translate to the MBA. Now you're exactly right 6177797937. With telephone number. The AT&T text line is available to the all the time at 37937. Our rob Bradford in Toronto I'm here in Boston it's sports Sunday Sports Radio WB. Them. And eight -- around the AT&T neck -- -- 7937. Takes us to task rob and I. Dexter says wait you guys are lamb basting pitino is eight freighter quite yet you guys can't understand why blue jays fans hate -- There's a lot of reasons why we're lamb -- eighteen dollars a whole bunch of them I mean traders the least of his issues as far as I'm concerned. Providence college and probably put it high on the list. -- I think that their fans of other college programs and what -- the last. Or I'm not sure that that's right my primary issue with Rick Pitino to be honest with. I but I'm gonna go back to parallel I don't think blue jays fans want it. I don't because he left another matter him. Again the thing that really get yours did was when he said this -- to his dream job well okay. Finds his dream job -- it we'd be off of three jobs and he wanted to go there and as they said before. He wasn't going to be back probably. And that's what the one thing. It used to like you said didn't really want to Barack. So that's what we have to remember this whole scenario but that doesn't fit the narrative -- we understand that that. I this is great great they fill the stadium they get the throw the paper airplanes they got the boo. And great they got the -- on the evidence outstanding. By now I think it's kind of coming on in the -- Now. And and he he is no more of a a snake oil salesman another successful college coaches and no I'm not saying all of them are. But you know it's it's a large part of of the package I think when your major college basketball coach you've got to sit and kids living rooms and convince their parents that. You know their their star basketball player should come. You'll play for you I mean it's part of that but what. The packages. Well and also dale you mentioned read our back earlier to you can't. Yet not a factor that in it would reward if we're gonna compare John -- John Ferrell. Did it denigrate all these dinner or. You know. I don't know who -- anybody of the throttle organization who might have been legendary status but read our back this is the -- they kicked read our back to the curb. In regards to the presidency. And and then not only did he do it but he did he didn't do well and then when he left county did it in the cowardly fashion. Yeah IA out I I I find it actually a little bit surprising. That there are still people in these parts would defend Rick Pitino I'm I mean. I would have thought that the feeling would be almost unanimous around Providence you you heard the caller before dale Providence right. That goes along way. Dexter says dale your ignorance is stunning. Pitino didn't take away reds job the Celtics organization did all across a a I would suggest that the techsters ignorance is stunning. The part of the deal when Rick Pitino offered to accept the job was that he got to run everything. You if they -- the there was really no plea out and they don't know that -- at the gas. Now I don't wanna be president to don't know -- continue to be president. On the basketball. And you know what though it's -- please don't set the stage in news in in half court at the guard at the Fleetcenter please don't do that please don't put the curtain behind me with a better. Pleased though all is often circumstance. You know give me a break and it's. Listen I ice it before I was totally wrapped up the whole Rick pitino's Celtics that first game against Chicago -- -- -- Walter McCarty. It's what walker Ron Mercer. Walking shoulder to shoulder off the court -- Jordan that was the best. But things change and also showed true colors when you leave town and the way he did. Another text -- says how do you guys think Bobby Valentine would be treated if he were to return to Fenway I'll give you a hint bull. You're not gonna even try to compare the Bobby Valentine era with the Red Sox. With with John Ferrell did in Toronto aria and come this is what I would -- -- you cannot compare the Bobby Valentine error over the -- sites with anything ever at all ever I mean the joked American era was more success about now today it's I that that was too far. If I went too far. Well. Let it Bobby Valentine day's is like to Joseph Kerrigan aaron's steroids. It's just everything about it we're gonna look back ten years from now on Wednesday I can't believe that actually. I you've got to run downstairs to listen to John Farrell give us stuff right. Yeah because Yemen missed an up for the program so far I know while you know. Five minutes on him after our off I understand it but I will I lost that I will oval rug back up an update on all the everything -- I. You do that you did analysts and -- and report back in just few minutes I'll jump on the phone lines that you guys 617. 7797937. At 6177797937. Are there are some different line combinations at Bruins practice this morning as you might expect based on what happened last night.

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