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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Apr 7, 2013|

Joe Castig caught up with Red Sox Manager John Farrell just prior to today's rubber match-up between the Red Sox & Blue Jays

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Judge yesterday we certainly all felt for John Lackey -- work so hard to get back to where he was he was throwing the ball very well. And he's gone back to Boston in this. What do you think -- you'll hear well. The encouraging thing was joy after he came out of the game and as the day progressed through the symptoms of the soreness he felt the biceps starts to go away somewhat. And in just talking with him this morning. He's landed in Boston before getting examined he feels like he continues to feel better. He's gonna go through a thorough examination late this morning and then we'll get the results sometime mid game I would assume. After the MRI is performed so. Yeah you know Joseph when he when you see a pitcher go down and one pitch like that regardless of what they're. Rehab situation has been it's a little bit of a sickening feeling but in this case given all the John has gone through his first start back to have happen. We're hopeful and an optimistic that this won't be a prolonged situation. Answer there is -- need right now and it. Think ahead of that that next start at this point is there. No all we have to get all the information first determine what's best for John first and foremost. And then determine you know of course that will take. If there's a need. To make a change in the rotation but. We would have a better idea you by game time tomorrow. Jose Iglesias is back in the lineup pretty quick recovery because he was really drilled with a pitch -- you know Johnson and -- that's two -- that kind of chased him -- and and -- you know underneath the -- or that triceps area and he got more -- the game on on Friday night but you know even yesterday. He -- and I listen I want you back in there and and we want him and there's been very productive years in a great job defensively as shortstop so he's back on today. Portland was frozen out yesterday so. Stephen Drew did not play he has it set him back a day or two. It has adjusted the the initial return we we expected him to be back here you know for root for the home opener but with. Yesterday's -- moment. He feels more comfortable you get an additional eight to ten at bats they're so hopefully today and Monday. With Portland rejoice for Wednesday's game against Baltimore. How is David going down in Florida he had a really good day yesterday. Not only did he take swings in the cage he ran the bases he took -- he took. Probably six rounds of BP on the field he -- Franklin paralysis in game. So a very productive day he's still on. On tapped it to get regular bats in an extended spring training game tomorrow Monday. And we anticipate three days of that before we would take the next step and get about a rehab assignment. This is Jon Lester against RA Dickey than actually Cy Young winner we haven't seen him since he pitched for Seattle. What type of knuckleball does he have and how good is it. Well it's a very consistent one -- it's not quite as violent through the strike zone as maybe Tim Wakefield -- it's more controlled it's got a shorter break to it. It's a little bit harder than wakes you don't know throw is in the high seventies. Low eighties type velocity but. You know he's a guy that controls the running game ball he throws a lot of strikes when he see what the other numbers were a year ago. I don't his first outing it was probably not characteristic of the Cy Young season he had last year but. You know we've got some guys that I think fit him well a lot of today and we need Jon Lester who out pitches he's capable and win another series on the road. Speaking of the running game you have six stolen bases tied for the Major League lead -- is this something that that you think will. Continue with a pretty good team speed at the top in the bottom of the York you know -- I think of. This thing is the is -- success rate I you know our goal is to be successful 80% of the time then we feel like we're we're taking. Not only the right situations to run and potato or we're not running and outs. And you know I think it's a reflection of the guys we have a lineup you know -- -- -- are present lineup you have Victorino Jacoby who's been more aggressive in the last couple of days on the base pass. We've got some guys with -- good instincts on the base present won't use it to our advantage. Our manager's question brought you by Mercedes-Benz the home opener tomorrow -- that. How do you feel going into that did because that's going to be your first game as a manager of the Red Sox at Fenway. I think everybody's really looking forward to tomorrow we have to certainly finish up the road trip put to you we go through two months this spring training we start the year on the road for. Two series say in. You know going back home. Having won two series on the road I think would certainly energize our fan base even that much more. But it's opening -- is a special day and certainly it's even that much more especially in Boston. In this position particular. And just looking forward to that not only everything leading up to the game. But certainly how things trends you know transpire -- and I haven't buck calls back on the mound for hopefully another quality start in this part. Good like today be nice to go home for into yet sure what -- appreciate it. -- question with a manager is brought to you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers visit your local authorize Mercedes-Benz tailored his schedule a test drive today. On the web at NB USA -- job. John.

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