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Rob Bradford is Live in Toronto and Joins Dale to Talk Red Sox and the Lackey Injury Situation

Apr 7, 2013|

Rob finally connects with Dale live from Toronto and the site of the horrific looking injury to John Lackey yesterday. Bradford and Dale discuss the injury and when we'll find out Lackey's status. Also, this could mean the loose cannon aka Alfredo Aceves will be starting in his place. They talk Aceves and the potential of Webster being brought up and more.

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-- -- -- Dexter says. Dale forget about Bradford he's an anchor that weighs you down embrace this technological blessing. No I'm not gonna embraced this technological blessing. Have to admit that I enter this next stage of the program with some fear and trepidation. Rob Bradford in Toronto I hope now. Didn't work. Shortly hopefully. Other textures. Is get a doctor. On if you can -- armies to post well let's just calm down here okay. First of all even the piece written by. By both Ron Borges and Carrie Regan in today's Boston Herald does not say that he continues to have an infection in his arm. It says that there is the possibility. He still has an infection in his arm. And that there's going to be a big meeting. Between gronkowski agent in medical personnel. And everybody else I'm not sure that. -- -- -- Think that's necessarily the case although I have to admit I'm -- it'll nervous about the whole thing I started the day with the gronkowski news's. You know one of many different areas in which the news has not been very very positive around here for sports fans. And yes that was the -- thing thank you for. 6177797937. As -- telephone number text line the AT&T -- line is available at 37937. The -- back to call you guys as we endeavor to try to get. Rob Bradford on from Toronto -- up in Maine hey Mike I don't. Page or go to our -- going on. -- there -- -- call -- and we. Well thank you I think you're doing just fine. That play out I Aqua they're -- a couple comments. What -- And obviously -- -- -- that we struggle and I'll Wear red carpet and all of that. Well he was brought in really -- defensive depth. You know you're you're always gonna have injury issues you're gonna have things happened. Quite quite honestly I I think Matt -- house he had played really well up until last night guy art house you really struggled last night. I mean that big giveaway it's. I think that's where we Rhode struck out its -- struggle to pay off the dragon. Somebody else -- could stop while in peace they thought. Well that's what they're doing out you know whenever there's a draw on the defensive zone there have clawed -- having to put a second sediment out there. To take the draws because Tyler struggling so badly in the faceoff circle. I mean that's it's it's the issue you have appeared that they've got some things that. That are operating at peak efficiency right now and and Tyler's transition back to the center position is one of a look at -- in an impossible position. His entire two plus year career here in the National Hockey League has been spent on the way. And because of the injury to Bergeron and it came at a time when Chris Kelly was also on available. You really didn't have many options and and you kind of had to move Sagan to -- even though asking him to make that transition in the middle of of a season as an awfully tough thing to ask. I I. I'm not surprised that he struggled having to make the move. The idea that because he was a centering juniors -- it was a whole lot easier to play than it is in at the NHL level. But I'm not surprised that he's that he's having trouble. Right now I think that it Bergeron and Sagan I should say Marchand and Sagan are suffering is much. By about a lack of Patrice Bergeron as they are anything. I go back to a point I made last hour. Andy's out of a lineup I don't know I don't know how for how long I don't know you know what situation is going to be. I'm hopeful that it's not as bad as as has been the case in the past. As I said I'm looking for little little hints here and there that it's not as bad when Peter surely did his post trade deadline press conference on. Wednesday. And he said. He had been talking to Patrice an hour or so before in the Patrice was out taking a walk. All those of you who follow these concussion issues know the many times. If you had a a bad concussion. You're not out walking in the sunshine you're sitting in a dark room TV's not on lights are off. Because those things bother you if you've got real bad a concussion issue the fact that Bergeron was out walking. And was outside walking made me feel a whole lot better about it and I might have otherwise so. Idea I'm hopeful that you know it's one of these week to week type things. And they're gonna struggle to win games every single game that he's content. He is that important to them he is that good. Dexter says so happy that Welker is gone now that -- is a question mark. -- I'm I'm not sure and that I don't want to overstate the gronkowski thing. And I wanna make sure that we don't try to pull words out there that Ron Borges and caring -- you didn't write they aren't say. In their place. That Rob Gronkowski arm. Infection hasn't cleared up and that and that he's not going to be able to start the season. They are saying that it's possible. I'll region directly from a paragraph and their peace according to multiple sources familiar with the situation. Tight end Rob Gronkowski has been battling a stubborn infection in the area around -- second metal plate was installed to repair his broken left forearm. And his readiness for the season is in jeopardy they're not saying he won't be able to start the season they're saying that it could be an issue. So like robs. The lack of readiness to start the. All all -- dale. C'mon de LY right you dollars red eye on the I'd I do -- you're -- and is not your -- as much as I'd like to blame it's not your. I was ready eco it and now while I was waiting I went down the clubhouse even ordered probation for whatever time on your scope pitch it's awfully. What you get at 9:30 in the morning in dreary clubhouse day in and -- The clubhouse -- as -- -- come home finally after months and months away well let's let's get the latest as best we can on John Lackey I I said that the fact that barrel talked as positively as he did after the game in the fact that Lackey was even made available to you guys after the game. Indicated to me this wasn't as bad as I feared it was when he first. Grabbed his arm he had hired her view earlier in I agree when I for side. Think there it is he had to feel bad for because vote as he pointed out another year and a half and you don't wanna have to go through that again. But go not only right after the pitch but the way he walked off the field which was he's basically dragging his arm yup. And so that was back. Then they come out dates at the biceps strain in in as he said Farrell was. Fairly optimistic. Lackey was fairly optimistic all that is great. But still gonna say I think Lackey was up this mindset to do is that we we don't know anything until they get these testament. And I also think if you wanted to look at the negative side of things. Is that it's just too much of a coincidence. That you have this injury. Right above the surgically repaired elbow. And it is no correlation. So. They might come back that might be great. But still until these tests come back today I don't think we can we can take that optimism after the game and his Rodman. Look the fact of the matter is that even if this is the most positive that they can possibly get today he's gonna miss at least to start. I mean yeah there's no doubt he's gonna miss his next start do we do we fielded Alfredo Savvis is automatically locked in to take that start. I think right now he is. And but if this is something where you're talking about multiple starts over a long longer period of time I think -- Webster does have to entered the equation. Especially the way is severance -- -- be perfectly honest with you last severed. The parents that tactic dating back to April 12 mean if you are raised over eleven. He's given overwrought and each of them and I know that one year doesn't translate to the other. You have a whole lot -- tournament in between but still the fact is that we haven't seen the Alfredo -- it was so good before you can say what you want about it. But the reason that why they kept him on this team was because. He has value do you what the good pitcher he he has pitched well for them in the past but. No he hasn't pitched well for recently and that's an issue. Alan Webster made -- AAA debut with Pawtucket on Friday night against Scranton Wilkes-Barre. He he pitched very well. He went five innings he threw 85 pitches. -- he seemed -- have a little bit of control issues in one inning in particular where he walked back to back guys. In the first inning I think it was. But for the most part five shutout innings to run ball. Excuse me five innings two hit ball five strikeouts three walks up pretty impressive start. To his -- career and that's the name already Red Sox Nation is saying. Get him up here with a if you. Today but there you -- I think -- -- would Webster if you're gonna keep looking at his box doors. That you have to look at his control and you mentioned that one inning laureates and demand issues because this was the knock on him. The he had throat in the high nineties he has the changeup he has all the stuff. That is the guy who went from shortstop to pitcher and he had as of last year he had quite -- everything about commanding the baseball. But this spring thanks to the one you have is you really adjusted some things and had really good command throughout the spring so I think that's one thing you have to keep an eye on. And another name that we should also throw in the mix here at Franklin Morales who still the way the way. But that's what he's also here for -- he's here for starting depth while. I I've Marty said this you were here at the times while repeated for your ratification as well I didn't want Alfredo with Savvis on this team. I won at the Red Sox get rid of him last year in the middle of the year. I I thought that his antics and and his actions. Both in the dugout on the mound in the clubhouse where such that I didn't want him on the team that I was rooting for. I was surprised that brought him back but they did is this why they brought him back for instances like this. Absolutely. Bill I agree with -- as a good time I think it was a misstep by the organization. Beat guys you both things that he did it -- we know that it wouldn't even more things that desperate just. Though the incident on the mound the accident in the dugout. There are other things. But based -- -- -- on -- trade in my prostate released by the time it's an -- last year. Because what he was delivery at the end of the year even the last week of the season. Where he showing up to the park tomorrow after 5 o'clock which. Or four edification. You know its its players show up about what. Do sometimes earlier three at the latest. And it's so quiet and it's eleven yeah yeah and or Francona which was ten yeah. Ed but it is so I thought it was a misstep by the organization. And -- the batting practice the earlier everyone's at -- OK now that's enough is enough. But to answer your question absolutely this is exactly why he still on this team because. Starting pitching depth of the problem and he supplied them. -- Marcelo and Jerry Remy were talking about this on NASA and I'm sure it was obvious to you guys sitting in the ballpark watching it. And I I felt bad for David Ross. Because it's so lobbyists that that there isn't -- catcher on the planet who has any idea what Alfredo assembles wants -- and and we just run through a succession of of shaking our heads shaking our heads shaking our head. And and I'm not sure that a sevenths knows what his plan is so how could Ross. Yeah especially when you have been dealt with -- I think it. When it's ever start doing that those things back in 2011. And it was a huge disconnect with the catchers who were there -- Saltalamacchia. Certainly and he's gotten to know a little bit better so I don't know tolerate or just over whatever. But for a guy who's coming in do you must be what is going on here. Absolutely. And it's I mean that's -- this part of the entire weird package of Alfredo with -- sometimes is good. But sometimes it's really really bad and we've seen a lot of the bad recently. I'm not sure this matters a lot but just for my own edification whose teammates like him. You know I think it. I think they do like him rock solid -- don't know all that erupted in this regard. Yeah it just does have for instance I know all the teammates like John Lackey yet as to what I would I said yes right away that -- and and as much as he drives -- Red Sox fans crazy. Lackeys teammates like and back they love the guy. I'm not sure they like Alfredo was Savvis at all. Yet. It's a weird it's it's it's not an easy question answer because I think that there has been incidents where the teammates haven't liked them but I think that. He also you have to understand that this is the guy you go back to the end of 2011 where he picked I think four days in a row. And and he tells loved baseball he does love competing and he is a good teammate in that sense so they love that about. But certainly all these other distractions. And some of the other weirdness that he provides. -- -- I think it is kind of tolerate him and in some. He deals and ray has almost gets hit -- that when he -- -- backward and if it goes to the backstop but I think what you're itself on the delivery. I'm here comes John Farrell trainer Rick Jamison please let me. To me. It is -- shoulder on the way. He fell backward up quite a bit because of the pain in the arm will see when he obviously felt something. I mean -- Open two that has been they're. We're we're pretty good so hopefully. It didn't picture moment. And opens. Up through -- John -- both the played during the game as you heard joke -- simply don't call Eaton Lackey meeting with the media after the game rob Bradford is with us. From the Rogers Centre in Toronto we've had several techsters rob who said basically -- at the number five starter what's the big deal. While in this case it probably could be a big deal if he has to miss any time at all from this rotation. I can't -- because he picked it means he's the number five starter that you could make the case he's the number three starter. If he's going as good as he was before the injury yesterday. But any certainly -- that way be paid as an important spot right. So that's a lot that's not anybody's -- but -- nobody every day they need every one of these guys him and that's to go back to the point he made about operator with them that's why you keep that guy on the team because you're not only need every one of the five guys who in the rotation. But you'd need the other two or three guys after him. And as -- -- before the one who won the most important guys perhaps it's going to be out Webster his development because this isn't. He has more than the capability it being just a stop gap guys for what each of the spring training. If you get on some kind of run it really can catch the total lightning in the bottle which you. But the trade deadline but that cost -- to get a guy like it cause a tremendous amount yup so if you have a guy like that mean that that goes long long way. I'm Mike Napoli is gonna move to the DH spot today he will continue to bat cleanup although he is struggling pretty mightily. And Daniel -- is gonna make his Major League debut at first base are you surprised that there dancing in these waters already. -- know here's what a surprise about I'm surprised that carpet isn't playing a surprise the Bradley is planning. And yet so that the people -- about Napoli not not too much in. He hit e-book it's good swing on the ball the last at bat going the other way to defense. He still isn't near what -- what we have seen spring training. But yeah I -- that's -- surprise you despise me more about the cart movement say think but this also speaks I think how much they thought they'd all nominees were the first -- But but I mean if your car -- sitting here wondering will I'm not gonna play today when am I gonna play the Seattle that's exactly it and I think they had built him a day for paid mr. -- who yesterday regardless of the -- -- injury and I I I honestly thought it. That they might give I know they wanna play Bradley every day but they might wanna give him a day off against it heated. Knuckleball has -- as got a lot to mess up a lot of people swings before right. Yeah -- specially you know we're only talking about -- while we're not talk about Steven Wright knuckleballer Charlie Hager knuckle brawler. Now this guy who is one of the best pitchers in the game and as Bradley's progressed here this this kind of take you through reform of what we thought might happen. There's going to be adjustments everyone got excited the first couple games and rightfully so. But we've seen the last couple games there have to be adjustments made by him and and now unfortunately you know it's not easy it does to your point it's not easy to make adjustments on the fly against -- like -- -- In your opinion. -- and and we talked a lot about Jackie Bradley junior. Will Red Sox fans ultimately be. Patient with them if if he if -- all of a sudden starts that not look like the guy I mean at the nobody sitting 170. Six. Yeah well I think but yet at the as a 360. On base proceed outwards and are all the recent before right rattled the people -- terrible line died two and you know he's played pretty good defensively. But I think that that that question comes born to play dale. If Ortiz is all longer than they think he is and then also now you pushed a little bit if Bradley struggles with the whole month of April and Ortiz has some sort of sat back and there isn't a logical roster play forum. Or to make the move down to get his at bats in the minor leagues then that becomes an interesting conversations with. You I don't think this is like Dustin Pedroia in 2007. Where they say you know what he's good turnaround. And we know he's gonna turn around because this is natural progression of things we have Alex Cora hit 400 April and then in May Dustin Pedroia is gonna get fired. This is a natural progression for Jackie Bradley and they know that so it will get interesting if if this -- got to continue throughout the month. Techsters says he's faced some tough lefties morons. Fact of the matter is he generally speaking it's lefties better than -- it anyway yet while the defense pretty tough left the opening date you know objective fine. I mean look I I I I was not in favor of them starting Jackie Bradley junior here at the start of the season. And and my primary reasonable part of it was was financial and and saving the nine days -- nine games I agree with that. But a big part of it was with 490 ninth career minor league at bat I wasn't sure he was ready for this yet and he might not -- No well as I said before and I don't know if he's ready for the long -- I do even you go back to Friday night's game. And he did some things again that help the team win. And I think that that's what you gonna wanna keep seeing you you don't eat according to them. They're not too concerned about his confidence in other words if he goes through a slump that not worried that it's -- -- -- the Cla Meredith continue news though. I think fit as long as he keeps helping them win in the short term that's OK but for the long term that you're right there is a long way to go in terms of its progression. I think I misjudged. I mean I I I knew that there was some animosity. Towards John Ferrell in Toronto F I I think I misjudged the depth of the animosity. No -- upended the play gave that Rogers Centre went yeah they don't care about anything as its business allow it people would they're blowing from first inning elastic now it was it was. It was -- it was weird I guess that's the sort of put it because we knew the -- stuff was coming but then you get the full house get the crowd. And they're bored one via -- when he goes out they think he's Merrill. And that that that's the comical thing they were -- who they were pulling for -- are now if it goes beyond me this'll probably 20000 tickets because barrels. And but I I think a lot of -- these people who say oh well -- good majors all of Fonda and throw in the paper airplanes in. You know what pocket of people who were near the Red Sox -- Who -- in the in the crowd there was some venom there and as one person put it to music there are people yelling giving care who was around. Living here there's kids around the -- there was a lot of animosity. And yeah I think that that's the case -- -- yes it was it was a sideshow it got people in the stands. But the one thing that you can still take away for whatever reason this -- these very nice people can't very nice people Toronto. Have flipped the switch and Nate really hate to April why. Well it people that people keep bringing adoptive Vince Carter raised -- they say oh well you know Vince Carter with a trader. So they as the -- him Vince Carter. But it's a good point dale because here's the reality of the situation and they don't I don't know if they -- grasp this or not. But John -- most likely with not gonna be their manager next year or this year. He just wasn't. The relationship between him now involved with soured so much. Where and -- to have in the success of the last couple years so the likelihood was that he was not going to be -- manager. So what that they want that they want the Red -- to hire someone else. And then -- John Ferrell go get another job what -- -- booted became the pitching coach is someone else. But I think the one thing that really hit all of these guys or these guys beat these five people in Toronto is that the line though it was victory jobs. Yet that was really the one thing is why couldn't this be your dream job what does that have to be dreams why did the players dislike him as much as they appear to. I think that's just the logical. The pandering pandering to two nation. You know it's it's you know. In every club house -- mean -- Ferrell was with the Red Sox. The majority of it too -- that a few pitchers like the remote repairs like the two months. And so you know I think that you always gonna have a few guys so now your point. It is that a lot -- and go down that road and it gives -- an easy -- and so yeah I mean I don't think. It plus -- There was the success I mean if a guy Kelly came in and had great amount of success to be a lot harder take it out but there wasn't -- that last couple. -- I would just surprised com and and confused as to is to -- term I was just surprised. That the players seem to be going out of their way to to damn with faint praise the way they work. Yeah but -- -- -- I think it's it's a lot it's a lot easier to do that the not to do it right I mean it's all if you think it's easy for. These guys in front of this fan base right now to say hey I love John Ferrero he was a great guy. Ignited this is the easy route to go if you have any kind of animosity at all toward. So you know you have guys at a point yet guys like Colby Rasmus. But you know I don't hear too much or I shouldn't say this I mean -- talk to JP -- CBS at the winter meetings and I asked welfare only said he loved the all the best to get the kind of play that that Adam Lynn say something negative about it news. We'll take quick break let's open up the -- bring you guys back in as well not we've established communications with rob Bradford at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. 6177797937. -- telephone number and baseball is not the only topic on the table as it hasn't been prior to -- arrival. We've talked Bruins in the Rob Gronkowski situation as well. All of those are fair game. I mean every Boston team -- crummy north of the border last. -- tale of Italian I went to a restaurant after the game last night. And all Maple Leafs games on every single TV fifty TVs. I asked if like you get the Bruins game. They would not allow ought not -- Toronto. On I'm not done to Ronald much that I have known that I got you probably should against that and especially now that they're actually playing fairly well and making a push for the playoffs you -- had to fight your way out of the restaurant you're there but at the we liked it but they've been effort completely if all 86177797937. Is telephone number. Robs in -- I'm here in Boston we'll get right back to your calls as well Sports Radio W the.

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