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Pete Sheppard talks with Rob Bradford about the impact of Lackey's injury

Apr 6, 2013|

Pete Sheppard is joined by WEEI.com's Rob Bradford, who is reporting from Toronto, about John Lackey leaving Saturday's game with a right biceps strain.

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But. This. I hear WEEI Schwartz said -- could share with you until six -- -- final -- coverage both teams ready -- -- to reports that develops -- -- 7779770. -- text -- 37. -- -- that we can tweet me at. WEEI dot com the robbed Brad brewers in Toronto good afternoon rob. -- you do it. Well all things considered I had a many heart attack stroke whatever watching John Lackey and thought his arm was about the fall off what. Hopefully anyway I am a little more optimistic now after effort John -- And heard -- heard John Lackey hopefully. This won't be a major setback but that was it's amazing rob how sympathetic they figured that John Lackey has now become. Most of the texts and tweets I've gotten. You know or the bad -- badly -- would have thought that last year. Yeah you know I picked it no matter what you think -- Anybody you know I -- a good -- but the fact is this guy went through. You're -- 42 and through. No -- did whatever he could get actually makes its first appearance here and -- -- over you know -- earlier worst season. -- -- -- the same way every body yet how do you not feel bad -- image went out area. And it didn't look terrible and you have a guy whose arm was hanging off the side of the body. And he let the feel that way as well. But as you said I think after the game they. There were a little org urged because they don't they kept saying kept coming up. Was at -- Catholic -- -- a -- -- to what you would have hamstring but still we won't know or -- -- are higher bots are. Data was there was the pitch before which over the -- the game on TV obviously and listening on the radio but of pit before a number 75 in an open message showed until. After the injuries I don't remember him grabbing that until they showed that pits number 75 to grab his biceps then in the tried to it as usual try to picture the pain. And it just caught up government on pitch number 76 but it was scary. Yes no absolutely you write you a pitch or -- You -- just before that door it's almost to the garden equipment to just -- There is discomfort growing there but he says that when he when he did that final pray that you want to like. The elbow where you have to -- -- -- patient out in your hand. So eight -- he had every right to be scared because anything without -- no matter where it is you would think might relate to that Tommy John surgery might relate the elbow. But but after awhile after he get back after he gets strength tests. -- keep all the little bit better about it about a -- We're reporting a feeling of relief pitcher on this right now but we still won't know you won't know until they get those -- -- The guy we've already had a couple taxes and I was thinking the same thing about the you know with -- chance of a dollar -- or Webster coming up which unfurled recently entered in the press conference -- Savvis is going to be the guys don't and for now anyway. Yeah -- figured out what the plan all along in the and you go back to -- -- severance it's moment spring training with the batting practice got one want to release them. This is exactly why they did early. Because you're there are six starter and then there -- six starter now you also -- morale down the road is another option. And but Webster -- out eventually quit and somewhere along the line I don't think it's going to be just quick. Webster pitched very well yesterday Pataki he continued what he had showed its spring training. But I think you're talking about -- short term fix. As you said I think -- Family Guy. I mean and and we've got a couple of calls or one call a particular that is you know was so frustrated by the offensive but there are going to be games like -- rob urban we're talking about a for a long time. They're gonna have to -- and several game any game to -- the -- to scratch and claw and fight their way. To score some runs while Ortiz though the line up and and until we get back. Under percent it's gonna be that way Jackie Bradley junior seemed older overmatched -- that's gonna happen I mean I go to -- bad form. -- facing a guy like -- who was just you know that that side are perhaps a marine whatever that is -- does. -- -- through some unbelievable pitches that would have pulled some some great great it is but it's growing painted Jackie Bradley junior and that's why mark I'd love what I've seen so far -- left it. -- -- -- -- take it easy and realized they had knocked out of the type of offensive numbers you've seen over the last ten years. Are they feel a -- -- don't reality today and what the reality is that all things you said we're including factors that you needed it or keep that on. -- we exceeded -- scored a run about getting a Albright and surely get a couple yesterday by. I think that you need electric power the goal line -- you see now we've still trying to find a way to Italy Korea. We -- going got to try to pitchers. But you know -- -- Ortiz helped out lineup from top to bottom and to speak to Bradley you know I've returned August is that. That is different this whole Bradley saying it's -- out exactly how -- other. Which is he gonna help even from way some way to help and certainly -- roster that are ignored -- apps but the reality is that. You got to make adjustments and they -- perfect example. No question and it's time to get to yeah I mean that was announced in me all the all the trauma pitches for the most part. Were outstanding and today the Red Sox only had the Earl for five -- runners scored position and we left four on base at the postal last night -- No I don't I'm not looking for sexiness and wins last night de gaga and I know the score six runs which is probably. More than a lot of other people but they scored and that came away with what and so I'll take it overall rob. -- spot shorts small sampling I'm like we're seeing from this team. Like the way John Farrell's manager misty in my elected aggressiveness. Adjective you know that it is a lot of good things hopefully become the threat sucked in 2013. Yeah I think I think that I agree review I think at one particular concerning the -- very very small thing. Victorino trying to steal a base down to cotton and and and I look at -- about Sinatra I went correlate here in Toronto. Which whereas OK you can be aggressive but don't regret some bad times. And it's already that I learn a lot so that you don't not to do it just because you wanna regrets of I mean you have to do all the time that was a very very small -- it's something we keep an eye on. But I think they're in regards to get out to a quick start division. -- is a mystery. That you were the best starting pitching you don't do it -- different wife -- has helped the Red Sox they've got a good start I Obama alters starters. So far this year and and you look at the Yankees immovable object Dubya and you have to work starting ERA in the middle -- -- -- league right now. Am so. That's why there's such bats by early on I picked it if they can keep getting to -- outing they did from the last two bar called even abroad yesterday. And dumpster I think they'll be okay. Now that is there's no question about it. That's just going or some other injuries what's the latest for the Iglesias then I'm I'm assuming -- that -- straw was ready to go next will be ready to go next week that. Iglesias is -- storm pretty good job thus far but he he's going to be sent down. Yeah you're going to be sent down and you. He wanted to play today there already built in and operate aren't that gets dirty articles that back to line up are in the -- objected -- get -- -- -- yet played yesterday. And -- you might Derek Roy -- might very well play tomorrow. Even get a -- one of the game is back when -- -- all because it's true rehab assignment today you begin to Portland was postponed due to weather go. I heard the field was frozen right. You have all you know that you're a Portland man though is they've been. At Google Google wants or to play a pro field and yet. As I can do this I mean it's it's the problem are undergoing -- -- -- -- a game where they're starting to -- and -- -- Eastern -- generally helped by the -- -- particular that you. You start -- so and so or absorbed by it. That's a whole look at a hole. Joseph talked to mr. tuck the godfather -- him in and not a week to talk about this every year it amazes me how the East Coast teams don't open up in at least in domes are on the West Coast. Yeah I do the mini break to get back to a blade up and drew a you know I think -- the girl is going to be a -- our next week at some point next week you can abuse starting shortstop. They go if you could bring him he'd get a good job lawyers here. And knowledge entree and continued progression and it's not an easy units and out of our pocket it's been awhile now you've got to keep up that motivate and so. -- you know but true here Perino I mean people got that -- -- nine million dollar contract for a reason because. He can be a good player went well. All right rob great stuff was always and you know either tomorrow through them again tomorrow -- back home for the F for the -- border but to openly. Yup. Home opener against against Baltimore coming up on the on Monday. Well. That's. Actually our great stuff rob and double talk to double broke ex boyfriend. Okay rob Bradford WEEI dot job 61777979237. -- 37. -- -- 37 your thought your hopes to drink your fears and what you saw today with the Red Sox this so far I like I've seen overall you know the big picture guy that I am. Small sampling but I like we're actually done by the Red Sox big hockey game tonight in Montreal. As a broomstick -- on the tabs again for fourth place in the northeast division Chris Kelly will not play two rascals start in this one. Again look for two. Two yard yard your second game would be -- -- play -- Marshall and it's that you began to -- Eric Ritchie. Org and the first line print awful apparently the governor on the third line and play Campbell important. Up there as well on the fourth line of a defensive pairings that that today -- Hamilton. Berenson Seidenberg and -- ski and envoy to what Parker -- he's grown on me like what I like that -- from a lot. I there's a lot of good things up there. Of course the final fortunately the brackets -- who you have left wouldn't advocate and to that as well but a lot -- wanna talk -- -- Red Sox went 77797037. -- 37937. Has this team won you over I know it's only five games but have they won you over let me know your thoughts next. Sports Radio WE yeah.

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