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Pete Sheppard discusses John Lackey's biceps injury

Apr 6, 2013|

Pete Sheppard delivers all the Red Sox news after the Boston bats go silent in Toronto and John Lackey leaves the game in the 5th inning with a biceps injury.

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Now he simply shepherd she oh. -- Heard only sports. W yeah I. -- is yet to walk a batter. He's been ahead -- -- hitters. He deals. Ray has almost gets hit -- that want me -- advice backward and if it goes to the backstop but I think luckier itself on the delivery. Here comes John -- trainer Rick Jamison please let me. -- -- It's -- shoulder on the way. He fell backward up quite a bit because of the pain in the arm we'll see -- he obviously felt something. He's worked so hard. It's the Tommy John surgery in October. But 2011. He's got to leave the game that he is holding itself -- Is that his -- Audience small things right side. I was leaning. Really can't tell the field for the shoulder but it's definitely is pitching arm. If they'll ever be sort of stumbled and fell backwards but it's because the -- off the arm. Very good pitching so well. And John Lackey. In his first start since September 25 2011. Has had to leave this game for the apparent harm injury. Let's Jokester -- John -- the call earlier today right here on WEEI in yes indeed. I don't know about you guys and girls like I screamed. It's just who was I was it was surreal a little bit just have to watch it happen hopefully it's not going to be 22 series level all the press conference where we hear from John Ferrell -- bit as well. I don't -- jeopardy here on a on a Saturday afternoon WEEI until six in the final four time here. NCAA final four tiger and don't agree yeah I -- number 6177797. -- 370 detect that 37. -- -- -- 37 tweet at me at -- ship three through six Red Sox lose five nothing today but of course the big story was Lackey on his 76 pitch. Actually the 75 pitches when he first grabbed his arm but. Try to get through it 76 -- grabs his upper -- we now -- is seems to be an -- biceps injury. Pitch to Reyes. And that is they say is that and hopefully. It will not be a big deal they resist coming back to Boston for an MRI tomorrow. John Ferraro saying after the game that the stress tests after the least in the clubhouse were pretty positive we'll have more from John pro coming up. And -- just emitted zero loss here catcher Dave Ross we'll hear from John Lackey also. Rob Bradford is on site in Toronto he's gonna check in with -- last year sometime before 6 o'clock -- certificates out of the clubhouse. Get his thoughts on the game and -- -- Steve what what he's -- in kind of a different story but what did your phone calls -- reaction 6177797037. You can text at 37937. Really is a shame because lack yet but. Overall you have to admit I thought it was pitching pretty well yeah he gave up. You know that give up to rom a bomb but. With a flat curve ball. But I Italian wasn't I thought overall it's pretty well. Really did -- captive in a remarkably cutesy differently. It's a question of what to get a Red Sox got the lead off double by you know by Ellsbury diversity they'll get another net. Until the night went Pedroia gets an infield single in the hole between you know -- shortened third. That was there. There a couple of generally left four on base today is as opposed to a gazillion last few games but that we -- we talked about this that's what this team is going to be about. Other gonna have to scrap and and gut and claw their way this year. For some offensive numbers so far overall addicted to a really good job this is a really at the guys -- talking about this warning. This is it really likable team that it despite what happened today. And I would but I have blossomed like this this year to -- is no question is that you just have to come to grips with that they're gonna be days late especially Ortiz out. And Jackie Bradley junior still you know coming into his own he's done a lot of great things today today it looked a little bit overmatched but that you -- -- expect that rookie. But there are some that a lot of positive self parts of very small sampling only five games but there's a lot of good things to talk about here which -- with this Red Sox team. Gambler from John for I was a little bit by the entire press conference he had afterwards with Villa with -- all the media. It's 1777 nights at 937 -- 37. 937 again only two -- today up by the Red Sox are all for five with runners in scoring position and we left of the left four on base. And Lackey overall was pretty good for a third five hits tour runs no. I actually actually west credited with one walk because -- via. Of Reyes. It -- service came in and the blocker but what was charged to -- -- Lackey but eight strikeouts. And I thought almost pitchers look pretty good at times except that you don't want curve ball left up. Open a way that was hit out by or sepia in the fourth inning two run homer but. Other than that I thought he could start -- October game and hopefully this is not going to be. You know he won't be -- extended period of time. Because despite I know how. The animosity is towards him. And I guess some tweets and and -- already about how amazing it is how Lackey is becoming kind of a sympathetic figure today. Amongst as some of the fans a bit and in outlook he worked his ass off I think he's gotten pretty good shape but the real on the old guys are pretty good shape which -- that. Just a shame and like you -- of -- mean -- I thought of was the last time this happened to was that back in 2000 eleven late -- -- That elbow injury that he and the course -- Tommy John surgery a month or two later. That's the first thing I thought was always goes the right double again -- -- -- -- I mean did you know shades of a two back in -- -- you received some nasty pitching injuries over the years and it looked. Hopefully it looked a lot worse than it actually was you find out again it's just it's a right biceps injury. Right biceps strain. And he is going back to Boston off for an MRI. Tomorrow. And I did enjoy your side of the -- we have John pro yet. OK let's let's do that's Donna Josh see you guys are all lined up already 61777. -- 770. Again -- at 37037. Let's get the job barrels to probably right -- wanna get information as best as possible judge -- moments ago in Toronto. Strained right biceps felt stomach cramping sensation. Obvious who took them out immediately but once who's in the clubhouse Syria sit down that they're cramming one away. Strength tested at least in the training room showed to be. Positive and in terms of full strength but we're gonna get him back Kenny and get a full exam. Likely tomorrow involves. Yup like Limbaugh's guest in Boston he seemed in -- Virtually norm. Which reviews for the women. Did you notice that -- me. Yeah and saw the movement. At the time you didn't feel like it was anything it's good to be alarmed by he did acknowledge that he felt the youngest and something there are nothing compared so what that. Last pitch he threw. So. I was soon regretted this as he did it it was real clear senator get an is there any discomfort in the elbow so you know almost following. This is in the belly of the biceps so it's kind of an up. -- kind of an abnormal area for guys it's -- feel that. Grabbing sensation on one pitch but I think the encouraging thing is. As he came out of the game you -- the soreness and in the cramping feeling to have subsided a program to watch what happens -- human -- can't get. Q are you it in particularly in his case what he has gone through but any -- you see a picture on 11 pitch gravity it's it's obviously not a good sign so hopefully through the testing them go through -- -- it certainly more information but. At least following the game -- there's some positive that's coming out of what what the symptoms as they've decreased. -- hospitality to perform these kids are sharp you know in connection to a secondary stuff the velocity was from the best we've seen to date. He was free and easy. You know he threw all his pitches for strikes. Hillary gets a cutter who's -- NCB which it's more what he can do with the potential and strikes on the other match then nearly pitched out of a couple of jams or some men on base and I think in that inning. Overall. He was pushing as we could've ever anticipate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I used his changeup in key spots say in a 32 count Pedroia for wanted to get the pop up books. You can sit on anyone's pitch and get an area in America. No we had the one opportunity where walked a couple of guys in one inning with two you know we made some pitches to get out and against. It's. News. And this news came -- was there concern that there's something seriously look. The review and then just setting aside what is going through -- anytime of the two walks off of in the middle and the fact there's there's always concern so. I don't we just got to get all the information we can tomorrow it's. -- -- On the I think his front best at this point where we've got to get through tomorrow and then you factor everything in that that we do. Get on the information front and Johnson isn't it -- you concerned. Disorder. I'm. So we can have a game I was so can we we've just got to get every test. And running through. Your property exam I don't know perhaps the other ones we get all the information we -- Yeah helping them all right just. Thank you -- when you look at. -- there's been credit suspensions. Come away. I couldn't. And testing and went through the training room after some time elapsed. You know. With the -- strengths -- manual testing and here's your children from good good strength almost full strength. I was so there is some initial positive signs here but you know we can't rule anything out -- -- weather channel -- And Verizon. We don't know this is the first and it. So you know as he described as I'm sure you'll you'll get to know it just almost like he had. What guys feel when your hamstring when when they get tighter they cramp up and that's the sensation felt the biceps so. I assume we'll get more information about music doesn't. Are grabbing sensational touchdown. That that's not a normal Larry to we have control over the elbow -- -- -- civil suit transporters. -- -- -- to the obviously go all the time. Get ready but had been throwing no different hope. Oh and another. You know Sean I think if he came in in the inning and things unraveled in that one inning used to say well it's a little bit of a surprise but he got a movie -- the following the next inning. You -- Rasmussen got a -- Clinton was so what did with a foot. After that he knew he was very sharp powerful crystal all the secondary stuff so. Five runs -- -- claims about third drivers are capable. Are there is Red Sox skipper John Ferreira the Red Sox five -- -- then obviously the big concern about John Lackey who left. After -- number 76 -- in India fifth inning. And it is a strained great by -- he's headed back to Boston for a -- they'll have tomorrow lot more coming up here up to chat with you until 6 o'clock tonight. Rob rapper -- at the rod etc. to -- join me at 430. Also got your guys' job than others lined up a bubble lights it's 177797937. Texans 38793. Said we're gonna hear from John Lackey. You're from catcher David Ross as well and they're probably owe a lot more stuff to hear from you guys last one hot today the Red Sox Lackey big hockey game tonight in Montreal. Through today's public golf at a Boston Bruins for fourth place in the northeast division again. Again Chris Kelly by the way it will not play tonight and Tuukka -- will be a net tonight for the bruins' second game for you are -- yarder. Play again with that would Sagan and Marchand to look that. Lots doorknob final four of course your brackets busted my busted up the Georgetown -- my wife kicked my ass again she got three the final four teams in my wife only three of the final port teams. And you're watching get like your -- out of Wichita State I got one I got Louisville. But once again spreads as a secondary to -- is gonna win -- at Mass. General which is unbelievable. Kicked my ass in this every single year. I six -- sever its of its seven night 7937 your reaction to the Red Sox in the Los today at wacky Red Sox were to get today by Toronto. And look at your phone calls next -- -- for thirty -- 92 break. But you guys Sports Radio WE yeah. Do you. Swung on and missed like three. John Lackey took something off there was an off speed pitches Cabrera was swinging fastball. He goes down. Six strikeouts per Lackey threw three innings we'd go to the fourth don't score. John -- for the call earlier today -- stick was there as well of course he was in the Red Sox a loose vibe just in the big story job Lackey went before the third. 76 pitches five hits two runs walked the man and struck out eight but of course the 76 pitches one will be talking about. Most of the show today. Is he was injured it looked horrible at first I mean there it's just all these were your thoughts at Barbara was gonna puke right on television. You could tell how you with the thought it was going to be very serious and hope we won't be. He is got a strained right by set is headed back to Boston for a MRI. And let's hear from the man himself what John Lackey just a moments ago at the Rogers center Toronto. Buffalo's boastful type on the on the pitch before Bruce Graham presumably. This. Different from my hand and move -- -- -- north. You know with ovals so who -- was right. -- but. The what -- good. And we won't. I'm driving home from world preferred. Listen to us tomorrow when when you check but the -- Sort of carry over from children this way with a -- -- some true. So we. Different experiences of so -- You've gotten -- by so slow. You'll -- you have small -- food processor. Because I was -- What. You're an apple didn't of the sport have been doing here. That has the room -- -- we're we're pretty good so hopefully you know. The -- get a picture tomorrow we. We can you know get out there -- no please not do speakers joined or left field -- Which was. If I mean stuff for a -- that he had better miles it wanted to haven't decided that comes -- -- -- -- So it felt like pretty cramped but yeah you worlds -- -- -- Handspring kind of thing like for. It's. Like commit to that exists. Well. All right that threats like Richard John Lackey speaking after the game today and you know sounds. Well as positive -- one could be after coming out of the game if it looked awful when it happened I mean of ways are. Back right away thoughts -- reminding -- pulled shoulder route art snapped his elbow again or what he grabbed his by -- pitch before. And that's replied it is well afterwards but. You know what the hell was going on because it -- -- in the bombers like hanging off -- know what was going -- but we find out it's right biceps strain. And he's had back to Boston remember art six point 77797937. We'll check in rob Bradford would be -- dot com. Is out of Rodgers and we'll check in with him just a bit but just because you guys -- John it was her first day at W I repeat I John. Eight the -- taking my call him my illusion I'm in a bad sparring here you know -- although it was that now I'm in all that. Voluble it's tough ball out to be careful to not let the cops and Bolton. And yet you're out -- in order that they do it here. I just I would look into the game on radio when he let me talk are most heard Paula didn't think it was right by well. -- -- frank -- ticket to Becky a pic of I thought of a lot of people you know and the way our peace are at the way his. When he came off the mound his arm to see the replay tonight on his armor of dangling. It looked like your shoulder popped out initially provided to you know it's suspend any gravity was grabbed his buy separately kinda new. I'd rather see grabs by ship that is double that's for sure. That that -- the idea that what they think Michael. My pleasure my friend appreciate it it's once ever actually. Data to -- by action to dump them. Our Freddy's at Toronto up next your W I I Freddie. He doesn't know you. A look at the image is unacceptable in there I mean. How. What watching it with a minor -- you know what what effect. -- -- bigots that obviously. The approach from a pitchers today between happened a -- Barlow opened sent -- to the great job. -- -- Opportunity to score that like nobody else can be. -- yeah what is going on. They left they knew that there are over five today with runners -- position that left four runners on base. Let them -- And it did not -- of the -- left and right you know went. While lyzard it was sort lucky if they score six runs and win. But today you know today wasn't a day they got up again up its today. A question that despite Lackey pitching pretty well eager to -- -- -- to the proper steps up at three. What I see an overall concern with the -- lineup and is backed up a little bit of the hour no Ortiz. It's a part today today that I have games like this Friday with this lineup that's why they're gonna haptic scrapped and once great they're way. Did to get runs that's that's that's -- it's going to be for awhile. I'm thirty you've been watching what he's been called Hewitt in Portland -- I guess. A friend why. You didn't think that was gonna happen with this team this year -- That he'd you have to realize the way this line -- is this year -- -- and this is not going to be a talked about possibly in time this is not going to be. The 2002. To 2000 -- -- twelve Red Sox where -- lead in the league almost every offensive category is you have to accept that that's not that's not gonna happen my friend. -- they're gonna have games like this. And you know what all -- what I've seen small sampling five games I like what I've -- -- you that's all it's already. A much more likable team the last you can already tell. I love what John pearls to one and accept the fact that there are going to be games like this. Throughout the it's gonna happen sometimes it's just look at the dates it to happen -- Barton and -- Especially. That went 77797. Under through seven quick break up welcomed back. -- phone -- -- chaplain rob Bradford WEEI dot com was up Rogers Centre right next here on sports rate united three point seven FM WE yeah.

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