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John Lackey postgame press conference

Apr 6, 2013|

John Lackey spoke to the media after he got injured in his first game back from Tommy John surgery.

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Over you know a pretty good program almost going. As we -- all the buzz when you know we'll. And finished things. -- If you. In terms of losers. That I mean sore -- We're not going to do it. I felt to lose muscle type on the on the fish before who grabbed pretty soon. -- -- And for a long. Different from my hand and move on removing my. You know with the ovals so who threw was right. And from the ball pretty well below point. We'll. So what will. And we won't. -- I was driving home from world. Or more so -- do -- Two tomorrow when when you can't. -- Carry over from surgeries where it would we're. For. So we. Different. -- -- -- -- -- -- The rules you out tomorrow from sponsorships. Because don't want. What. You're an -- -- the scores have been doing here. You wouldn't. That has the room here. We're we're pretty good so hopefully you know. It didn't picture tomorrow. And -- out there opens. Up two --

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