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John Farrell postgame press conference - Lackey and the loss

Apr 6, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after John Lackey's injury and the Sox lose to the Blue Jays in Toronto, 5-0.

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Strained right biceps. Felt kind of cramping sensation. As it was and immediately but once was in the clubhouse seriously domino effect -- one way. Strength tested at least in the training room it showed the positive in terms of strength but we're gonna get him back being careful -- Like that tomorrow. -- what about just involves a decent. Place. Version arm out on the Patriots with a -- about -- -- Did you notice he. Over the Arkansas movement. At the time you feel like it was anything to to be alarmed by it he did acknowledge that he felt you know just something that nothing compared to to what that. Last achieved through. So. I'm assuming revenues as he did it it was presented him. Discomfort you know. No -- -- this is in the belly of the biceps so it's kind of obviously from an abnormal area for guys that -- feel that. Grabbing sensation on one -- but I think the encouraging thing is. As he came out of the game you know the soreness -- in the cramping feelings kind of -- -- talk to watch what happens -- -- reviews -- different. Yeah you -- and particularly his case what he has gone through but anytime -- your picture on 11 pitch -- it's it's obviously not a good sign and so hopefully through the testing them go through won't -- certainly more information what John. At least following him there's some positive about this coming out of love with the symptoms as they've decreased. Pretty impressive that happen to prefer them to the chart the only connection to a second -- stuff with the velocity was for the best we've seen to -- He was free and easy. Coming through all of his pitches for strikes. And he gets a cover up in the zone there and should be which score what he can do the -- of the strike zone but. Match you know it has sort of a couple of -- or some combination. I think in that inning it overall. He was pushing as we could have ever anticipated or hoped it would be suited to him. Hope to have that a good job Stanton play I don't fastball changeup he's got deception and swung and missed his fastball was on -- -- -- He used his changeup in key spots and 32 count Pedroia from London to get the problem for us. You can sit on any one -- and dinner and and we had the one opportunity where walk a couple of guys in the one inning put them. He made some pitches to get -- against. Yeah and then just setting aside what he's gone through I think anytime of the two walks off -- -- on the fact that there's always concern so. We've just got to get all the information can -- it.

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