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Mustard and Johnson on the Recent Play of the Bruins and the Addition of Jaromir Jagr

Apr 6, 2013|

Craig and Larry chat about the Bruins recent play and their push toward the playoffs. They like the move to get Jagr, but is it enough to put them over the edge?

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I was just a well played game -- -- you know we've -- had a number of opportunities -- today. -- football game. All the stuff you throw across home plate and just a very good baseball baseball game for for those reversing a person. Quite as satisfying result for John Ferrell wasn't exactly greeted enthusiastically. By the blue Jay -- last night. And surprisingly enough almost to sell out. 45000. Team like old times. The Rogers Centre formerly known as skydome I was up there in 94. The year after they won their second straight World Series Larry one of those hotel rooms I was on -- so now that they change that I. I this hearing David last night game and try to figure out which hotel room there were two things going on and whatever hotel rooms I remember early on a constant -- went up there in the early ninety's his assignment was not too. Actually cover the game clock -- the players but the figure out where which hotel room the action what. I got out once again Larry John Aldridge is out this. The reality of life what you want me to ignore yet while apparently you don't you know he he -- once again to lay a scene in a hotel from America and -- -- come back. And trying to get into baseball it's Alltel debt is -- Just me -- upon the plaque at mile -- -- either way god visiting tweet from -- -- -- nothing earth shattering but he did say John Lackey. Was at the ballpark very early this morning greeting teammates with a smile. Big day for him rooting for him I really -- and I speak is Dennis and Callahan reported. Are people who are around -- speak very very highly of him I like anybody who's not cheap. And apparently he's very generous parties and I Generali people -- not against and nothing worse in wealthy people who achieve that might issue with you. Yeah that's my problem Iglesias was out playing catch today but you AM Abraham says he looks okay but he's not -- the Liam so he won't premier. -- -- -- -- I love the ball park bomber raven go nowhere near the -- Is after they come on the ravens just won a Super Bowl the Orioles can't make up and a little accommodation. For the team that's across the parking lot from -- that's absolutely ridiculous 6177797937. 37937. As the AT&T text line. On -- -- up in New Hampshire in the six of the -- says ouster would be estimated slash bank optimistic slash hopeful. Slash excited. About the team not playing. Better than being one of those alcoholics that calls me man -- -- nag all. Our man -- commands. On the button and every week which is that begala Alex and he GR. AN HL IC eight ms. -- that even. This European media -- it is. -- Abu I'll get back to the old man rock group the current staff convinced it's a good idea -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wish I. First call it -- car. Eli. Just how could be a guy that they. Chart that -- here. Sorry got Larry -- -- beyond the -- all play really appreciate what. Good point by -- I'm if you look at the -- it. And -- -- -- -- that this guy I'll. Call -- that -- pox on the screen at all. If you go. Back and help it pay attention when he all the right. You know Roger -- -- -- -- -- you just -- that you really did because like you got a guy here it's Friday when he is old. You think politics could learn anything from him in terms of planting yourself in front and that like that. -- -- -- -- -- won't put -- at the Oak Beach 44 year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our on and just hope I didn't talk all the problems. Big problems. What their big -- where -- -- they. I realize that brought it blocked the -- You're out and I compliment you guys. Do you think when that went way to stop from you when you said he you think he was set up to fail or did he contribute to that. I. Didn't know I I big. Start by the -- OK let my outlook. I -- and sure I want in. My opinion. And I don't know. I mean there are upbeat and I -- they call it. That would be changed quite Roger email Jason wolf at WEEI dot com right have a good feeling. -- -- -- And you want the best people on the planet I don't count -- Well I only got sheriff demonic our six. Out of seven vacuum pretty adamant. Thank you very much -- man very -- caller obviously you've got my check. Yes he did 37937. The eighteenth I'm so obsessed -- you know you don't find that radio -- seriously Vick did is just the way it is like some people lobbing -- I've read some -- -- -- Really is that -- there -- ensure our radio so. You know -- compliment should take in the insults -- except it's just the nature of the business Roger makes a point he said that one of the some of the younger. Generation Bruin fans may be all the younger generation from -- never saw yeah -- In his buying play for Pittsburgh along side. Aerial view back in the ninety's and attacks it takes issue Roger and me saying it is not a good point if -- hockey -- you see it -- -- The most scores HL history stadium that. But to see -- as a young player which you have ten years ago mean I'll take him but I wish we had a ten years you know I was watching on Thursday night. And I was that they use the your favorite F word fascinated. I was staring me I was that fascinated yes OK because. Here's a guy that I as I was saying earlier this guy that I was in the Pittsburgh locker matter forget this Eastern Conference finals dropping a lot of names -- and he won in 92 this how one goes this. And Roddy was playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins after his islander I largest us after Iowa and New Year's. And yard there was this eighteen year old kid from the Czech Republic. Wearing number 68 awards were 68 that was in honor of the Soviet take taking the Soviets over Czechoslovakia. In 1968. And here's this one this eighteen year old yet. And he looks so mature beyond his ages is -- and now ironically enough. He's 41. But he looks at least ten years and he a 41 Euro dollar he he gets up my estimate of the nineties gates and works out he looks incredibly youthful and he's gonna help. And I would use him like god that I that we use him to teach. If if they can be teachable I would use him not only as a player but if he doesn't mind. I'd get him out the I disagree I I think -- is certainly not teachable. The two -- you got to show these guys how to do it in if you same -- this guy's body when he's standing out front of a net. In -- charging the net I mean that's what you want I just which Bergeron was our rights. -- -- -- -- -- Off towards towards John yarder -- little -- shot off. It's. During his first visit Boston -- You got it down defensively they Zdeno Chara day. On number 68 with goals six AD and of course he's all right he I loved him last did you like this comment after the game -- out -- I'm really him play that well you know and take a minute. How refreshing you know -- -- -- guy that is a hall of fame player and he's -- ballot really complain that while the one comment however he said he never kicked. Or or or agree that aren't well. Calling him a liar I am not because I think he is joy to watch him he's one of the all time greats of the Bruins -- very fortunate to have them. Of course they're playing in Montreal tonight we'll talk about that talk about on the Red Sox Larry Johnson yes he's -- the L word. They are all likable after if I'm not I'm not backing off that at all if you disagree -- all of your Greek. Caucus Craig wants to sit here -- be negative. About what you look at how realistic what's realistic which. George Shea a parent is looking -- operate your idol. And noticed another. Defense we lost that -- so much here in Boston and it's that's slated to defend them and play and also switched to Ottawa senator humbled us and on and never -- but does. This is an assistant to some different level. Yeah that a little bit more concern about hockey in these parts than they are in Dallas where they play two sports football and spring football. But value army our -- remember about today there was some rock and moments back in the early ninety's those back to back Eastern Conference. Final championship rounds Pittsburgh winning both the jogger a breakout star in those first two. By years of of his career Jiri is 22 years later coming full circle. Started against the -- of those great games in the early ninety's -- now he's where in the lacking gold out of Pittsburgh. But of the Bruins and a pro is -- get a benefit but the question is Larry and -- was talking about this a little bit earlier in the hour. Duke the Bruins and the absolutely need to have Bergeron. Back on the ice if they're gonna win another cup this year. I think they do will have to see more of Sagan who did about it at that two of the playing center. But obviously Bergeron is just one of -- who Wear a hockey player is great vision and great hands. He's just he kind of fly and fly under the radar screen if you really really watch the games by. Usually lamented showery and Sagan and browse but he is a very very valuable player to have on this team so. They need all the -- but which scares me is like I said it wasn't. -- hard hit so that that scared me even more. Believe I can never. Judge how someone's gonna get hurt based on. The the moment of them that we are not so many times. That you you think I'm even the Kevin where entry last week for Louisville. It didn't seem is that what what happened on the floor would produce that kind of horrific injury so that is real difficult problem of course to Bergeron is. It's his fourth concussion. And we saw what was Savard three years ago he never recovered from that Matt Cooke hit in Pittsburg in I think. Remember we had a specialists on Monday and I know John -- -- also but I think -- kind of described it like where is it it it's with a brain moves. Slightly. Within its place right it's a natural place for to be -- it is. Moves a little bit and just that is enough to cause our kind of problems later on in life. Survived obviously we saw what happened -- him you just feel so bad for his Bruins team in terms of the amount of injuries and that kind of an injury that they have. There has to have to so long I don't know what you can do in that case I don't know whether bella helmets I don't know. They're probably helmets I heard people talking about that and has been discussions and went on for years and it and it pertains to football as well. Helmets are designed to protect the skull. They're not designed in near really incapable of preventing. The brain from jostling as you just talked about the brain moves around inside the skull. Help you really can't do much to her I just don't. 888 in you can go back to four probably you know ever watched it for years and hockey. Even when it Bobby how McKee you're all these guys coming up to the ages who have no helmets or anything I just don't remember. Is many -- the diagnosis wasn't sophisticated. Lawyers are also the escalation is it also that the plays a bigger and faster could be now that's why I think there are saying about job even. Yeah tiger -- adjusting his. These team players -- so fast now we take it for granted how fast they in upstate. And you know they could use. They can use their equipment like weapons very similar to the national news -- going -- up its -- But -- was the first -- the first superstar. Ought to Wear the helmet and that was considered. Very odds in the 1960s. And but even with the the advent of the helmet has it really prevented not at all no and that's still the best sweaters an oligarchy you agree Chicago. You know unfortunately there's a little bit of a racist element to and I hate to get all season and beyond the arc over the phone app to beat a player of that six and seven. 7797937. Is that now very seriously. Do you we do on the Blackhawks are ID a big part of the Chicago area and part of the the Chicago hockey team's fan base I loved them over the years Larry's talking about the black -- tried. I don't know how many of them yeah exactly they owned businesses there IE seriously doubt it so we can get into that PC discussion another time is it if it. The from where it was mighty you know if I were being right I don't know I don't like we are group I don't know where you stop with any of this stuff visit visit the or article going on our crying about kgo is saying the -- football players say that they were -- is contemplating coming out together. Who are gay and my reaction to that is yeah. That he gets your football. -- he -- can -- cover I mean really and truly I think we're to a point where people are just trying to find things to. If they come outlets and more power to them just come out what is gonna change. -- you feel about them as a player anything I certainly don't think so at -- you know it I just think that. Gosh we get to a point where where is there enough trouble out there about trying to find things. By the group sensitive toward the subject and I think that they like mr. Redskins you -- is the most offensive yeah. If you talk to a native American that is the most offensive term. And certainly you as a black person I've heard many offensive terms over the years like -- for a black person. Let's just put it this way I know you know -- if that -- -- yeah if you're at it. Rather I'd team caught while you know -- term used for the New York -- are markers. That sounds like Decker our guys I'll admit yeah yeah if it were me. Think we have averages -- and I -- two cents. I don't know where you go that I I am testing of this well that's you know I'll believe it or not and misses the un peace about it. If you look every year you blow marketing new while logos of the visual aspect. In color schemes and everything else and in all sports. I think. If I'm wrong you can take a look almost every year the Blackhawks sweater. Is the most populous -- in the national but they certainly don't think people buying it because the Indian. Apps you think so yeah I think is that the design of the hole. I think it's the Indian. It's. They're buying because of that local -- Blackhawks fans who walk around black yeah I'm not brushing it off I will never stated somebody out of -- every you know warming gets back to something and some -- much -- guys that value being too sensitive. I will never accuse somebody of being too sensitive. I just don't know how many things you can change. With nearly a reasonable period of time. A team called the -- lawyers now that would truly be offensive at -- -- It is critical market came. I'll tell you that I. Want to. Sykora Britney Everett lawyers around. Now that they know where there was a Crimson Tide here and never. Listen yeah. -- -- -- strictly speaking with the water that you got. Did go big get a get a team in the column Orleans -- these guys and did some abuse. They haven't gotten a preacher -- handshake lately. Not -- much I'm doing the crunch right now with just the problem. Getting along and Lacroix as you know in the. -- you really. Guess I do speak it native Americans they invented the world. -- -- -- but I don't doesn't have to report it and say it is a great sport and it's fast moving in this a lot of team work involves stats aren't necessarily important or another great supported it. Let them make that thing I wish I saw was Jimmy brown blame it all. That must've been incorrect. Like a -- boys. In Manhasset high school on long I'll highlight or Margarita I like rugby Joseph Louis it isn't there only so many hours of the day so we're not try and introduce more sportsmen and so. I don't want they're booked up. It just struck me this week it would a lot of conversation a couple of gentlemen work but that's what is torture and AD and Mike rice. It just to name. In a nutshell it sums -- the hypocrisy. Of sports you don't forget who wins the essay that all of these things now all about money. That's all anybody cares about and the question two win. It's incredible. I am sorry for a lot of these guys are there -- going to be -- but for the grace of god. Because I think. I've been eight. The battle royal I mean -- course when he coached and Arizona used that the kids. In hundred degree heat. When an uphill holes in the back of apartments and Woody Hayes as -- problem and again Doug Williams grab and mutton clock on the bench thanking. How about that note let's send it in I think you got off easy how about that Notre Dame coach who was insistent on having that kid out videotaping. A practice during a hurricane and the tower collapse when -- I. Larry again because going to the bottom line MA and. I know didn't go to the length of physical abuse would be honest you look at a guy like herb Brooks got to witness to it but they're the national here role. He truly -- don't kid. The psychological mind game do the things that he put that seemed to -- well we're just absolutely incredible. But the bottom line is that meant somebody winning everything Al Davis just win baby. I mean and it -- -- -- is the line drawn on the brink of how many problems. Wanna be assigned to go play under Bobby Knight because it looked like hey you know immediately -- -- Beckham may mega man out of -- Your battery and you know a lot if Mike and payment if Mike rice had been successful and winning programming guys in the tournament all of this would still be unknown -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't I mean and -- thinking -- all these guys coming -- and you've got -- look like he's the best guy -- like ridiculous helps the other day. All of these guys you know it's. Because she didn't hit growing and that's something like this is going on. I wasn't that I could ride Claude Raines in -- Blankenship and his gambling going on in this building. And you know I think good from a professional standpoint where this has really carried over to rule is in terms of the treatment of officials. Today is no different comments welcome -- I mean nobody does anymore up against it -- screwed by the officials against duke. The bailout moments coach it was quite an opponent that's important part of this program ready to get. Let me -- -- -- or Tom let me ask you this then what do you do when you're not working during the week. -- that rush wherever I am I Jordan says -- -- -- official. Palin now. I DNN -- -- and that you -- -- -- on a small world the background republic I play one thing then you realize right now. The -- and confident. Play and can make -- six. Clinton's commitment that it but the potential have to be. It's all about the war OK it's OK okay -- yeah. Tom what's the worst. That's why -- You -- at a leading I mean this is a good balance professionals. Okay Tom what's the worst thing Tom what's the worst name -- been called in a courtroom. But surprisingly a lawyer officials and -- Pretty thanks for the cost of obvious -- obvious that the great carollo 61777979837. And we can probably take it that Tom doesn't want to a lot of Celtic games.

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