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Mustard and Johnson Open Sports Saturday Looking at the Opening Week for the "Likeable" Red Sox

Apr 6, 2013|

Overall, it's been a decent first week for the new-look Red Sox and Craig and LJ kick off Sports Saturday discussing the positives for this team early on in the season. They talk about the improved pitching and bullpen and of course the debut of Jackie Bradley, Jr. No matter what happens, like LJ says, people are interested again and this team is now...LIKEABLE - DING DING DING!

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And if it is a sport Saturday it must be mustered in Johnson and looks as if spring has arrives. Look outside the sun is shining temperatures start to rise a little bit. The the feel of spring is arrived and of course the Red Sox a -- out of the gates. Winning three of their first four games last night John Ferrell returning to hostile territory. I didn't think they had it in the mop their blue jays fans. Extremely. Displeased with John Ferrell leaping to Ronald for Boston. Boo birds route all might didn't work however as of -- -- try out the Red Sox win it. Six the for a look at them go Larry they're three and one in the early season. I think the last night's game right now are like a brief glimpse possibly. Of what this team is going to be like this year but it is my seventh of the ball now the got a scratch our Ryan's. Hearing base running even our even our running on contact you get thrown out you get thrown how can you Stuart -- story for our wants to play this year. Napoli came through with a home run as advertised. -- ports are broke out Pretoria almost had one. Very you don't particularly on Friday also -- to worry about you know what's it doesn't -- getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning very entertaining game back and a lot of second. Game has more entertainment value on Friday that it was saying you're on Wednesday know if you don't half to get up. The next morning early and you -- -- worry about the game being a little longer. It wasn't long because pitchers were just standing at a mountain program three minutes a pit perpich. Is because ever going back and forth it was one of those games. Although I have to admit I'm mighty temple meter my internal temple meter. Is still adjusting to Major League Baseball watch I'll -- I don't want to a lot of spring training and -- -- -- oh analyze Dyson I tried it from the tape you area that I admitted eight I don't I don't -- our spring training baseball. But it does take an adjustment. It used to watching Major League Baseball again each and every spring. I really think are in in -- Who knows where this team is gonna end up they have some holes that they have the patch in terms of getting a little more power. In the lineup and alike. But I must admit if you if you are capable of turning the page you realize last year at this time they were in last place. -- tied for for us who catches it it's so early high atop the aliens so early right. I think a couple of things you -- and look at in the infancy of the season. In terms of they appear to be a very likable team. Thank you -- appear that again. You said what they were what they appeared to be a very likable. What's that mean. Back it was minutes mad that they and I got out there that I had a little back going how long it would take you to use. The dole were. -- looked like yeah. Shake up at that while compared to the last two years. Anybody that's why I always had a bad week we have become so predictable this is definitely not like a merit eighteen years old -- I knew and I say I walked him as you walked out of the reviews. The sound effect. -- -- -- -- Casting because they got the that's the operative word it's okay you'll like homes the other day that -- -- in the home a home and eat it you're reminded me of J. D. Drew when he was standing there when they. They were in Ellsbury stole home plate he was just the -- there. People want eighteen -- looks like they give a -- and this is what do you -- -- last night that guy has a bang out punch out inning. Nannies in the dugout like you just from the Cy Young. People at least me I like that I would like my team with some -- course I want winning yes I want winning. But I'm also looking at a little things that this team is -- like Victor -- -- I like what I see in him. -- you know we every edges to really see a lot of him -- -- just patrolling -- like he usually does. It's just seems to be that they've exercise some of the real bad -- In different characters there. It it's that team. That you can root for again I think 'cause I certainly wasn't hurting from last year. Art because they won three of their first big topic did I know -- -- all jump all over that Matt -- to get another sound effect. We can only yet but we do. She's you know get a Mazzone. What we can do like a toilet that's Larry's not -- a -- at flushing of something like that well what we do is because going on once a week. You analyze from week to week who knows what's gonna happen next week and I'm just saying in the forest. They played at Yankee Stadium 12 out of three they had a dark right game against around last night. It was enjoyable baseball great I like the way they played at films and right and it's early and hope springs eternal everybody knows at the start of the season we can all be optimistic every team. Including the Houston Astros won their opening night in almost got a perfect game against the next night where the Kansas City Royals -- everybody else and the Yankees possible. Is it possible. Actually project beyond the Red Sox first war gain. Are okay extrapolate as they say in the scientific know what I -- we. Argue this point for the past that for cover. I am not going through the whole season I'm not going out selling job -- -- World Series tickets or anything. I am just stating that from the short. Period of time that we've seen -- new entry. Of a ball players out there. I like what they've done I I like what I see so far will that change. Who knows I don't expect them who don't know whether -- compete I don't even looked at firing head. I'm just going by what has been played so far that Jackie Bradley junior's situation was resolved. He's a very interesting player every game that they played so far he's been involved in some way or another whether it's. You know falling down going past -- in dog or -- there are certain things you look at is say well he's gonna have to work on that. His plate discipline I wish I had that bridges plate discipline is an unbelievable and I saw that particular you know I don't -- is a hall of fame pitcher and everything but that. Punch out they called on him to end the game. What was not a strike it was off the plate but you eat the umpire is gonna give -- to a hall of fame player. Every time and Jackie Bradley junior is gonna realize that what about CC CC. You remember an opening day Bradley eked out walk against CC because it would go order rules were written by deceiving -- right -- but anyway. Now I feel bad for Bradley in a way in -- didn't buzz and a great defensive game for him last night at all but that okay he's playing left field the ball comes -- about -- little bit differently. He seems to have trouble like with the parents coming off off the corners and stuff and look at the ball up quickly and stuff and that's gonna take time V he's a center fielder. But I feel bad 'cause by the time they pull in the Fenway yet I don't know -- -- the game is Monday is probably an early shot five and 205 yeah. Jerry's gonna have to go out there like Jim Rice did in work on that left real wall because you know that ball comes off from all different kind of angles -- here for -- Larry. That's the old the old teens face Fenway Park where rice was there actually now. It's a very easy left once you understand what you went to him once in it really it's because remember if you play left -- even make any was somewhat adequate. In left field -- -- shallow there isn't a lot of room out there once she wonders stand how to do it in understand the flight of the ball. In the spacing out there it's not so hard. In the old days -- premium and -- media and 1980s. I would they had it in. Based wal the other balls did terminal every Iraqi of the ball hitters out here at all our counties and -- now I -- the scoreboard would provide. Some some fun out there for any -- left fielder but. In general. The -- arms come off pretty true. He should be able to master that pretty well now the problem well. I'm talking in short term rise just gonna take it when I watched him last night I said. Is that they said it was a terrific fielder in the and I -- -- remind myself if he's just he's playing center field over the left. It in I'm just saying look like -- coming a little trouble with some of the terms is anybody's ever played the outfield. Senator field while you have to cover more ground you get a much easier jump on the block you see where the pitches right and the ball -- right does come off vision wise from that that -- appeals perspective. In a way that you -- -- the ball much more easily than you can left the remember the Kentucky Maine Yankee Stadium it was a great catch but it was also apology mr. read exactly. So that will take some time we certainly understand that you know we remember a couple of years ago when Ellsbury and play left field. He had the horrific injury there not necessarily his ball. Of eventually however you'd have the believe. Depending on what happens Ellsbury after this year that Jackie Bradley junior may indeed be playing center field down the line. So so far. In the last time we spoke was a week ago and the week before that we spent basically Larry. Nine straight hours talking about Jackie Bradley junior. And his status on the Major League roster and obviously the Red Sox and at all that debate the very next day last Sunday when they put him on the roster he's been playing. Ever sets so do you think that was the YE's move. That all the discussion. That we had you think the Red Sox made the right decision. Putting Jackie Bradley junior on the roster and of course playing all these games obviously I do why -- why because I think that he knew he was the best player. Right now with the best option at that position to bring them up. When you bring Ortiz back later you'll have a nice sample size of where this guy is now right now. You know he's only getting to fourteen but again every game he's been in -- -- -- got four -- our product. Three RBIs he's just an interesting player reflect a pest. To the opposition because he's always involved in thumping on every game and I think that's interesting with him. But I think when Ortiz comes back you'll have a nice sample of where this guy is that if you feel like he needs more work. In other areas venue can be justified to send him down and nobody will be complaining -- don't think anybody's going to be complaining it depends how we doing. Are right now what happens this is obviously today. Eight theoretical situation. Hypothetical. What happens of Ortiz came off the DL today. And they had to clear a roster spot Ortiz. Would you put Bradley. Down to the socket to accommodate Ortiz which -- right now. Wanna re gonna put it laughter I mean. Now he has done pretty good so -- -- complaint laughed as he was the project that left field commandment that is the reports on him defensively he's -- adequate as most left fielders are well -- around it you know what I want again I heard somebody this week. Column saying the drew -- serious debate about setting a gracious found was ridiculous does not even an argument are naturally use -- -- down. I don't understand why we just assume. You just take like -- very -- gone -- the -- -- so Nokia's why don't we just assume that none of these plea is can be signed none of these plays can be capped. I wanna see. Again and talk about subject that we can certainly handle three of them. I'm going out of my mind with these games I mean I wanna see Jeff Green. I wanna see Randolph I'm trying to watch the -- are his game. And they are just as interesting. On defense is they aren't offense so it's like on defense. -- made a play in the third inning to throw out Reyes at second base that was. It is certainly sport. -- are today are all land know -- are all and Greg I'm just gonna demo guy on our got a rain on my parade -- not. I am I I'm just telling you. It just was so -- you just shut them down OK as I know they have a problem I know they played -- drew. Nine million drew last night went one for three got a pretty. Got a double. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I take an up and manipulation is you know he's he's been sent down three times he's got one more time -- -- him down and after that you can't send him down again. Everybody was clamoring about how -- you know. If like I -- hit even tool to -- me. You know you want to keep him well you know I and I know a lot of idiots have been around on the on the infield. It everything I of the standoff that. But the guy is improving in Pretoria -- 580 threes improvement I read about not going to be yet but I listen in if they send them down I can understand it. But I I just I don't understand my people was just so dogmatic about some of these things that you just take a guy. Who's performing. And you just send them down so going back to -- Bradley point. Right now. What do they said he is Brad let me ask you this in one week's time. In I care about. Moroni a lot of credit I really on this because. You can argue a point. And then when it doesn't work out the way you wanted it like he -- secure enough in your argument to come back in and give the the the the subject of all the player credit. And move on from its -- people get so trapped in what their point -- -- -- want us. -- Campbell gone from a I give a lot of credit for that because otherwise you're gonna -- the whole season and be miserable if things don't work out the way you want them to when I give a lot of credit. Is it right now Bradley is -- as is playing he's appointment. -- In it like I said I can't ever remember last time while rice and -- limits on a fielding but they can happen is that right rebels like random making it I remember the last part that was appointment viewing to you and I'll turn away when that when the defense of side of the team is on the field. This is the border between -- buried a crack team loses again Craig and mark the Value Line. Negativity as UB over the a shining average you -- to get over the at all Larry I love you could whenever -- -- but it is our job -- -- -- every extra bricks left. You're not raining on my parade I'm enjoying this team so product. I like the way they're playing I like the young players and I love watching amazing place and like that's that's the thing. -- -- Just play our our did you why are you watching out lifetime now -- to Iowa because he would like we just let some time together and I know you overreacted. Why why you over I'm not overreact I know you. You know love. Not in a moment make all these are weeping -- so why don't we talk about the what -- we talk about the patriots exhibition season and since you don't wanna live in the moment I'm surprised your area review review the draft that's that's what others coming later I got -- -- -- -- -- I don't. Six senators out of 7979. 37. I what do you -- I I agree with me or you gonna be like like like. The grinch who's trying to steal the Red Sox baseball season. Nobody is making predictions. Nobody is going all the boy I am just making a statement. Do you like court you've seen now compared to the match data out LSU going overboard with -- thrown up three rap -- --

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