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Mike Napoli postgame press conference

Apr 5, 2013|

Mike Napoli spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 6-4 in Toronto

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I'm formidable -- You know I mean. Every game we're we're here to win. To -- -- x.s and places that the series. It was a it was a fun game it. Through it and those you can ovals. Figured figured. Earlier this. I was feels good and owner. You know just I had been found to being placed in -- time and been off a little bit and -- can -- it and you know somebody anybody and it guys. Should jump on it goes from hanging it in too much and -- did it surprise you just how loud and really aggressively crowd wants good for. -- -- I mean they're allowed. But I mean those it was fun for me and -- like -- -- like you know you're gonna opposing stadium and then they're allowed to turn for the team and I was finding does that give you a little more motivation and figuring him through some. I mean -- against. You know who we hear that you know when I would come -- play 2100 days. That was nice of him to give them the first one of the series and before nine. And it's. This gets me. An -- suddenly can. I'm just trying to -- square. He's more than move forward. And get them out so. To Gasol from me. Still not there. Where the other day and go from there.

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