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Will Middlebrooks with Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish live from the dugout

Apr 5, 2013|

Will Middlebrooks with Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish live from the dugout after he hit his 1st HR of the season and helped the Red Sox to a 6-4 victory over Toronto.

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-- -- -- Well you last till it actually hit -- -- -- the double over the center field as yet thank you all want it that got out and that was like Hewitt dropped the way this game was going that. But that insurance run that made it six before. Yeah my my first couple of that side. You know since when is very good very good pitches and like so with the close game -- and you do something make some adjustments. And I got a couple of -- in this. In -- few odd things in this game maybe none more so than your manager getting booed every time he poked his head out of the dugout did you ever seen anything like that now we just told -- I thought it was you. Got up after. I hit all of that stuff well you know we had a we had come within an got that drew ago. And it will ya wanna overlook these guys. It's been the case report and other rights act like cats and he can't watch benefits around tonight and that was a big. Read his game -- was you know that was stressed base running and defense extra spring training this year and -- did a lot of drills -- -- -- -- work on the little things on defense. But you know. In the bullpen has been very good for this team as well so far this season they've got guys you've got guys that can really throw hard. What do you think you when you see guys coming out with a Daly 98 and ran 99 yeah I mean as a hitter that it kind of change your approach you know you get started early in the -- those three or four good pitches up there so it's not just a bit don't appreciate everybody's got to sort of his best blocking does other stuff so it's good to have that I've lost. What's -- like with a grinder like that knowledge base it's got to be training even if you win the ballgame but of course much worse if you double. Yet this is -- those games you after the after the game because it your -- and this is like. Who you know win -- loss you know picture book so. But it was a double force and that we need one like and Jose made a great play after it was it was that it's definitely did. -- yeah it does just brute force and overseas and got around his elbow go nerves there. You know just pretty sore so at this series their just for -- -- victory. Well currently playing like it better and and that's great to have you and thanks so much majorities in regulations there's -- so you are right the Red Sox went six to four to go to three on job.

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