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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 5, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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Yeah yeah manager Otis 29 and seventeen and you know you you think you're gonna win a game and curry goes forward toward me and he did make -- -- when that thing down the -- that's what -- is. But you know until our guards played overall pretty our armed only made a lot of mistakes. And the first the following on the first quarter just. We were when you show that much he puts him in the penalty that are related -- the odds are we had a chance to stay in the game still in the lead -- and get away from home. And so that was disappoint. It. Yeah. Yeah but you know you'll learn you know bomb. The -- a typical religious can't pick up before for an. You know as a breakaway layup you're not gonna stop the guy. You're the guy you can pick -- that four file. And he did it and that hurt us you know so. I was sent to what is effort but those are the things US learned to be -- -- knows. There. -- I don't know he's playing great you know I don't just the but it that is just playing very fast forward to plan. 22 quarter was certain when we shot the ball well. The rest of the day. We're pretty awful at the beginning of the game the first five minutes we shot the ball well and then. The next seven we didn't and then when sick you that's the unit that got us going. Because they start making shots and moving the ball. They also got stops you know with that group. And we just never get back to you know guys got to -- shots that we. We missed a lot of open shots. But also we settled so no. Until job they're called time down the stretch where he got over to the basket and threw it out three. And -- that's why. Two points are good. You know I think sometimes you down several buried in their -- it feels like twelve or fourteen maybe -- at this planet that probably -- us. You know so but overall. I would not upset that I just don't get children excited. Yeah it's the little. -- And over it as. Yeah. You're back there. Yeah I mean you're asking guys -- mormons and some guys in this. And but you know that's basketball you know you just got to step up and I don't believe mature eyes I thought we played Minnesota. We didn't happen expectation when that day I thought tonight I thought. We have that. And I really felt that the former Minnesota damaged and feel like our guys start -- -- she would have -- to win. And until at least tonight. We're all those guys out. They believe they can win there at this point and so that was good. They're over on me to take somebody also you know we don't complain when he makes a lot of good place to do so. You know. It is the -- -- of sellers in the quarter ago I took a tough one but. Six -- I hope. And if he could that he makes Nixon takes three shots I'll live with that inaudible -- you -- -- -- you -- -- -- And one turnover. So overall I thought he was used pretty good. Arms are and -- the wrong one let's remorse -- But I mean honestly I didn't I saw one shot that I thought it was a horrible show. He gets to -- too much and there's nowhere to go. You know I don't think that's it turns out to be but I don't mind that I just don't want a -- that he you know. In the Indiana wash it and play what I call it wants where you. You know honestly got so upset. That they were looking around it's usually see at our beat even when he grabbed the ball and said I'm going to make something happen that can -- when a shuttle repairs. And that's -- that's being. Very competitive that's the one thing we've found a bottom is. -- competitive -- to charts and that's usually what do some intro. -- mean to -- this question. I do but I don't I really don't. I knew in the service. I -- we wanna see -- -- Asia. Of course we will -- but we plan won't be ready. You know but of course record I think that's. Listen on that -- -- I'm out. Not the brightest guy become -- I mean really you you would love to avoid anyone that you listen. No matter who we boy we're gonna -- today. Is giving New York Indiana Miami. There's no cakewalk for us is going to be more. It. No I wanted. Polling of for the night but couldn't picture obviously and -- -- would have played him if you go to. But right wing. You nor -- he says then follow that it was swollen and was bothered them. Where -- you you know that's an easy doses. Yeah yeah. I think he's fine I think it was more they hit. I was concerned when he grabbed shoulder there's shorter and Korean -- me. That he's someone I know border in the majority showed the sort -- -- thank you for the update. -- probably could. And it. Well I don't -- is that -- honestly I think now when a guy starts out just confidence is good where a lot of guys started their confidence in debit card. You know so there's a chance he -- -- out because he's Gartner. That's Reynolds thirty minutes. Are so important also allows chairman and Brendan don't. You know. And that corruption differences. -- there -- some. Now stuff. Thank you can you go and admit it. Salinger. And there was a file magnate. You do what I do it don't do what exact opposite of what I did I mean selling file border into my. So I don't want them following that advice at all. And you know market has of that course. He's gonna do what did because he's a good kid and you know I explain all our guys are dead children or your team you have Paul you have Rondo. -- -- -- You know -- took the article or your. And it's the truth and you know also. They have on the in the world you should have been disappointed tonight I thought he played so hard and got some tough calls that went against them and he had the right to be upset tonight. It. -- you scorers can't download takes a while. You know but he does and you know what's amazing what -- is sometimes you think you should have went right. And because it takes awhile -- went -- -- foot circle it's and demonstrate and over budget. I'm bill would you guys. -- door to -- I just wanted to.

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