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Cavs radio analyst Jim Chones with Cedric Maxwell: Kyrie Irving has amazing basketball IQ

Apr 5, 2013|

Cavs radio analyst Jim Chones with Cedric Maxwell: Kyrie Irving has amazing basketball IQ

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I got together you know my favorite Q ball. Jim killed 1970. Market warriors. Played against him but -- the day now a broadcaster -- the Cleveland Cavaliers. -- Libya national that the budget team a carrier. Well at the gates I photographed. It is known that to -- -- and that's. That's. Well the thing -- Expert. He's one of the top -- wars and also think he's one shoes. -- -- -- -- be able to make report like Leo. -- anything about this you. Know that's the collective skills the score is weakest point defense that -- -- is exploited uses the treatment. It is because you know. You buy it and it's. Taken -- we use it abuse once he -- The statement. -- what -- always knows the volume up really. Again -- Ohio players this the first time I -- nothing you. Really very high or what particular players that you have to -- well it was this. Because that was really welcome it started nights ago so that it would. Escude is Smart of them LeBron was at the same page. You really built we just -- -- -- who would. One that they can look at -- Cleveland team up with the young right now and LeBron James you know left that everything with the shambles. Q is there any chance that though as the created that they would want LeBron back for the wrong with what they've come back quickly. Those that discussions that I've discussed it he fired the shot clock. I loved my. -- all like. This I don't know that anything. -- things well and still has that beautiful home back. In the U -- city. To say you know we spent a lot of time Cleveland inequity in the summer. Lot of my cutesy about the club. What they in them but he counted -- -- to load just yet the animosity which would lead agency that it would still -- him about the early -- scalpel that -- -- a lot of people thought -- would -- About one it is every. There. Q do you view Tuesday Lou. Lot of free agents -- equipment. Just want to -- with you missed it. And -- you know waiting their turn -- you -- you can't freeze. I was totally. Respect his right to do. He took advantage of it and it turned out forms so. I'm looking to team that there you know basketball team that you got third -- about it. The carrier you use it -- user or young good basketball players. What do you use the as he wouldn't difficulty right now. Well -- point equipment. Authority that we use -- that we need to definitely Q. It is scores points because no way. If we can do that cute we need cute -- Starts to you can afford to let it. -- 1460. Be physical with yet still do you go have treatment. Nothing we need Ortiz. -- it would they. You know with what brought against teams which were on the elevator laughs with Minnesota play him that night we play the next. -- on Monday elevator. Five guys that because while it's vibrant on the my apartment. Units they've talk these it was well. And a big. That would have been physically -- -- you -- You know I have to ask you this is my last question it's much on the -- the moment our broadcast is moving in. We always like this thing about the -- tell me the difference between -- now. And what you play. -- fundamentals. And the reason being pivotal -- cowboys coach. Lot of times we have -- you might be available because the greatest thing. The game back there. It was great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- -- -- if -- use intimidation. Back but by the activities what you give these kids to get the game it yeah 51. And I -- broke -- effect that would probably teach some money at some blows left some of our young players taken just give up like a commitment that. While well both with that yet so I went about favorite smoke from Cleveland. Good thanks very much about butler's.

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