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Joe Castiglione with John Farrell on his return to Toronto

Apr 5, 2013|

Today's Manager's show with John Farrell on his return to Toronto for the first time after he left to manage the Red Sox.

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January very popular right there all kinds of cameras around that media people and the fans that what is your feeling coming back to Toronto. You know Joseph I think popular for one reason or another -- -- -- -- and I think in this case probably not for the most up positive reasons and but you know what. You know I've asked. Manassas question number times and I appreciate. The sentiment that the fans have certainly this -- probably a negative one but. It shows that there is increasing interest around the Blue Jays the amount of changes that they've undertaken in this past off season they're darn good team we've got our hands full this weekend. But I I thoroughly enjoy the two year -- here great experience working for Alex and Paul beach and but now we're back in here competing as a very good team. And certainly have a lot of friends that still in uniform and guys that played them for you in that coach with. Yeah you know we we did go through and quite a bit turnover you know that obviously butter and Torre have come over here. To the Red Sox Nation this year but that there was a good group of core young players there that are talented aggressive. They've certainly added to that particular emphasis on things so it'll be. You know spring training -- some a couple of times and you get that first initial hole -- out of the way but obviously once the bell rings say it takes on a different tone. This is a position you never really been and you thought. Always been. The good guy. Well. You know I was asked that question yesterday -- I'm sure there are people that would probably argue that point as well but you know the unique set of circumstances. Thoroughly humbled and honored to be in a Red Sox uniform again. And this'll be an ongoing challenge and battle level have what's wrong all year. Or certainly was a good series in new York and even in the defeat last night there battling right to the end. Yeah we did and I thought we put up a number of good at bats against Mario in that ninth inning but. You know I think overall we executed extremely well defensively throughout the three game series and as we're talking before we came on air here. If we -- on that flight coming out of spring training to say you know we'll take two out of three in New York we certainly would have signed up for but. I think. You know he always have that feeling when you when the first two games of the series. Eat you know what the significance of this week can be and I I thought Ryan Dempster did a very good job with it was some men on base last night and to not give him. Patted on the other hand he got three key double plays to keep his pitch count -- more deep in the game donate innings but I really like the way our team is going about their work. The way they're competing with a hustling the energy that we bring every night that even in some. Questionable elements in the cold the win their butts. -- we started out OK on the right foot. Mention the talent of these Blue Jays and they have a lot of speed to it now with Reyes and Bonifacio to go with the power. Well they do this is a pretty dynamic offense that they can throw much in the number different ways so. One of the main points of emphasis in spring training was to control the running game from particularly the guys on the mound and our pitchers and and -- in her whole times and given the guys behind a -- a chance to throw. If they get on base you know we know that they're gonna press the issue with the stolen base attempts. So. We're certainly prepared for we've got to go on continue to execute. What's happening in Portland with Stephen Drew and in Florida with the David Ortiz. Well Stephens set to go seven innings tonight and get four bats to get three at bats last might have played for five innings on the field no issues as far as the symptoms go so. He's moving along -- the progression that's -- David did return to Florida there was rain there today so he got straight ahead and conditioning running in the outfield. He was kept off the base has because of what grounds but we still fully expect David to be getting some live at bats in extended spring games on Monday. -- manages question brought you by Mercedes-Benz what about the pitching matchup tonight to get two guys that can really throw hard to do brought to -- Was leading winner for the club last year and they have Josh Johnson who had some big years of the Marlins before his injury. Well he seemed in Johnson's case he seems to be back from the injury he had a very strong spring he's throwing a lot of strikes he's got a four pitch mix that he can attack both lefties and -- with them. As we've got a pretty good understanding even -- come from a nationally we've got an understanding of the type of patriotism and how they'll look to attack us. And I think as we saw Felix continue to progress -- spring training to be the first couple innings has been the key for him. Once he settles into that rhythm it's always been that third inning on -- the efficiency in the lower pitch counts in those innings have been more consistent so. I think more than anything if he can get through those first couple innings establish that rhythm we shouldn't -- it. -- great like tonight and that. Hope things go very well for here in Toronto well it'll be interesting I'm sure the the fan reaction will be a little bit less than an -- from my perspective but still. It's a great opportunity to be in this position. 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