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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/05/13

Apr 5, 2013|

Salky makes some new friends. And then loses them after singing on the radio.

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I'm an absolute rule I can't believe that sets so -- -- times now. This is around you are friends. -- -- -- -- unfortunately all good things come to an end -- -- job with -- can now. -- I I'm -- and unduly influence yeah. OK okay whole amount. Here -- high right now you guys and Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In I had no I don't court. I'd go to. For the first if you get in down and Mike Dunn and you have problems are not just nation. All we saw economic. -- double -- -- by AT&T. WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider. Other Boston Bruins almost four G coverage in New England anyway we got today. Hey Mike -- you know you might be 807 win. But that's okay big impression is pretty good might get a residue on had to -- pretty good. And now until seven when he goes still doing my since 1990 break. What was Georgia did exhibit a because -- -- -- -- I'm a Red Sox 3 AME yankees coming up on the show us WEEI Red Sox radio network and it's -- based jobs job. Muslim because they -- fears of job. Netbooks all you know why I don't think you found no light boards and very good boy yeah but the more I want an idea. Why don't want it on the Big Bang theory. And -- until somebody said that earlier you guys what's the big banks we're really is that I seen Michelle I don't know which guy you know Leonard isn't trying to -- -- -- penny is this the only one that -- finally got some like I know I don't want Leonard and amount Pozen I have watched show I think he's the kid from a Roseanne. Dedicated for relaxes joining elect -- I can be worse. Our business parade don't want you out -- yardage -- -- -- -- like you'll find it anywhere. What you're always supposed game. Let's welcome Jack Edwards saying maybe prickly and guys years all right. Yeah we -- very very standard message. That was awkward that was a really I've had all four guys are much talking about today agreed for guys that I like and respect and enjoy listening to -- but -- it was an awkward awkward conversation between them and -- you know I'm an Internet computer at this point. We'll get one -- outcome of the listing of every cable system and -- where you can see both games we -- he should have Google live or something yeah Google. Certain things -- almost -- problem. Toronto it's not your contract this February number I'm quite like number -- and this message random -- -- very Andy. Dexter on the eighteenth eighteenth exercises some of the name of the song. Got to know the name of the assault. We'll salute you name the album. It's bizarre faces of teachers expect the -- And mr. esoteric so I was so tired yes Boston guys try to pull out of -- every sort of iams good. They felt better out here -- refer you know obviously. There is a good morning -- by letting everyone know. Fears are you on Monday. Who's been invited the media events thereafter -- -- And that's the message. I -- Yet it was John Dennis is little. -- -- -- -- Cool each of you ever wanted to tell you -- drinks for every single person who were telling -- that we said we might sign a couple drinks if you come down to me this will be the art house. After 7 o'clock or so on Monday night. The -- by the way is Paramount. Surfing is still seven Manger square and Soledad band they'll send limited pretend you're Dan. There was a band called -- -- pretend we're down I don't remember there's not -- that Luscious Jackson accounts at home Luscious Jackson never let alone the good guys -- You hate John venezuelans. Who all the way to block look at their hair color I know what's going on us. The fellow brother to make another movie had a video though I didn't she try to win the role of the others -- hot hot hot. And maybe it's because she's never had a whole -- never in his life. You're sure is not a -- total he said he's never had a beer that's a man's name right. Saw Barack -- -- -- there I thought hey what thoughts did you find your business continuity clearly divided. Her boss or do you actually arm and his message. -- -- yeah. This sale might -- of all how all they can't very well brickyard god how good how good could we could provide good trick. But sort of -- why won't Obama because. All wrong Kmart acquired the always gone did they could tell that the -- stood guard guys had been ordered Vick doesn't know what we're all guys. And I didn't always go to put up put up -- they've got a beautiful -- all all of me and I don't want doesn't. To promote that they'll run -- they -- a there a way to block which didn't feel good mode quiet. That's good good good good shot in the line of white guys at this. Of course you know help most I've been bad bodies -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- its biggest one that I McRoberts got a good -- The end result is. And just imagine what what what was said there I think -- was true too drunk to actually accept another drink -- them as it was that was the end result is that he's not coming right. You should be happy for -- to everyone else is safe to show. I thank you didn't have good coach coal provides -- motivate -- let the other out. Our own lives some miles or more varied -- why did they didn't do and I believe you do don't. You folks thought this thought that we expected. And -- message. You gonna survive but I mean won't survive I have my volleys my body guard what a crazy worry about it. He'll Wear the glasses so everybody recognizes his. I go inside joke. Nice. You don't talk I have to admit. Good kind of grown -- I don't I don't I -- I just -- and -- you understand this message. Bush should -- addressing you or more of these. Mike de France have gone on like this whole heavily on me for a while I enjoyed how long does this go. You could very well while cookbook. A lot of guys anybody know who never would they would live debate like 40000 hits. Standard -- just sorry. Scored a hundred points a game -- remains that averaged 54 saves in less known for that great he's a guy Bill Russell always shut down. Pulse. We're very worried here -- film. Don't go -- Google Talk. People. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Truck -- -- reform would always check back boards board unread book store itself picks checks. Overall radio give Boehner back the one check this year. Hello. Generally -- saying all don't know much but enough and Luke Hughes and Anderson that hey you know write it -- wasn't terrible. -- -- -- -- of -- you'll always be worse but it wasn't. Don't -- it like a five. I thought -- -- not a professional singer she's gone not even close to ask for I have 54 and a half five assault anyway is that about right before half fibers or worse than that. -- Why make Michael -- yeah. Thus we once -- -- stolen in the albums are facing this easy they are face. -- face -- -- don't go with the older Russians going of TSA are putting this easy errors also -- person's going to I don't know. But -- more awkward. Michael called me. You've -- -- and Nicky. -- kissing a hole but I'm not necessarily between I'm very. What's going on in the garden after the first period. Yeah the first three innings in his one done in a lot of heads for the New Jersey Devils river cruises doing just enough to keep from storage. -- Greg thanks very much we'll send it to Dale Arnold. -- innocent plus side you're on mess and we are in the midst thanks very much -- third inning all right guys. And this match. I felt bad man that was tough to. -- -- where did you three live broadcast blogs is hard absolutely heck I'm sure it was incredibly difficult and I think they got some new equipment over there they're experimenting a lot of new suit -- cool -- -- -- and I -- appreciate the -- again. But when you love to watch a game when you have to watch either baseball or hockey and -- with that that screen that's Fine -- That's frank this is Jamie he would do it could also result of sometime after the game just focused on the days. I'm just asking I was I was -- folks in the game to -- Just when emotions we do that maybe baby to be an article. They are very good that was. Really good as I've often revert to a colonoscopy at the brown buttons and a message. And I don't know about you guys been -- have been tired of hearing about this thing go low paid for the latest. Don't lose coverage and then all -- -- power forward and complete your trash after all season. And that message do what you do -- is -- his -- last night for. Denver. The dude hurdle Danilo Gallinari Gallinari got our captain you've seen an injury. It's brutal watchdog I mean it's not as hard as I say I'm not one -- are right after Kevin where nothing is brutal blood. It's still pretty brutal it is an ugly injury can just yeah. It looks painful objects are giving -- other one Dexter gives you a solid four -- world take a breath. You hear leasing -- I'm good to -- But I can sing -- don't. Now every rose has its -- some I heard that today on mattress yes I would -- poisonings -- -- is now an honest I'm not saying that now 'cause that's pretty -- really. Would you rather saying that I'm not good every rose has its storm can get pressed a big but just my best but I know all the words there rose as the storms like this and a better. Hey I am yeah you know I'm I've been living headline volumes of -- but they still can't find when I amended my cup. Yeah well my period. Didn't even ones might end up in -- combat zones -- ever happened. Although he would want to wrap this 2000 elevenths my group that you're -- doesn't about it. Pro -- I don't plan it is all -- ball or even mentor on the moments and Eddie George Horne meteorologist I was a fan of medicine at all. They are as Mike -- today to -- right AT&T like every day the official wireless provider. But the Boston Bruins the most orgy coverage in New England they answer the question -- next we need your questions text them any question or answer the 3793 sevenths alcoholic WEEI. Wanna get on the air. Just pick up the phone and -- six point 777979. -- yeah. -- three point seven WEEI estimates WEEI.

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