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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 04.05.13

Apr 5, 2013|

Before we go home for the weekend, you ask, we answer it. Warning: Mass Pike ANGER ahead.

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Black Friday prices are back in Blumenthal Home Depot and we're right now you can -- EC candidate and get another equal or lesser value free. Not only cast your savings twice as far. And W harvest vegetables herbs or flowers Angel come in while the -- good -- her in now -- Diebold and Black Friday prices are back. I've flown it more savings and we're doing and that's something powerful Home Depot. No triple -- US only shoe store for details. This Marathon Monday join Jim -- -- -- on Boston's -- for the best seen before during and after the game Jim -- will be mixing -- cocktails all day long plus get Conlon -- Jim -- red stag -- AT&T -- whiskey drink -- Jacobs goes quite whiskey cocktail and you can win a pair of Red Sox game tickets go into the game Jim -- is now proud sponsor Fenway Park and a Red Sox don't forget to check out -- bar inside the ballpark for. Or grab a demon caller ready to drink cans for the stance Jim -- remind you drink responsibly. It's crucial piece of you Morton's a place where legends are born and advanced with a light shining bright there at the intensity is never. This Sunday millions worldwide will be watching me wrestle mania. Global superstars one of the it's a home tie John -- I can wrestle me. Fans CM punk DC and the undertaker is unprecedented real strength will lose phenom finally feel you can wrestle mania. It's time for answers the question jerk answer the question with a -- in holly is the big question. So would you be years not answering any pain and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the questions that. -- -- your questions every day at this time we just text ME DT text line 379. 37 into the question brought to buy a RS restoration specialists. Your property your facilities manager or insurance -- they are asked to ensure you have a disaster. Restoration game plan in place -- 77461. 1111 or they are -- serve dot com Mikey Adam's yeah oh this is always yellow no annoying voice is today I don't know anybody likes that jolt -- just answer questions -- gastric charcoal grill. Charcoal no question charcoal school gas. Right because I don't wanna wait for charcoal like go -- I clicked it's like inside these guys right to call these the same gentle guy that's 32 cents in order to taste just like you know you cook. Can I cook I can barbecue out. You've now yeah -- -- snow well no because if you could cook I can't cook well. You would know there's a difference chuckle there's a taste difference but as the convenience factor motivating -- reality in my mirrors there's someone -- -- my daughter -- difference and writing major convenience we you don't get sushi at a convenience store. Clinton's own doing last week I didn't get to downstairs here and it didn't all well and food have sushi and what is sushi and Indian back to back. When he was -- -- the worst he's got sicker and you can you can -- a wider conflict and excelled -- it was from the Exxon station crew that is not a sound was not me very old way right now -- there was an -- Alex -- could you record the next question. Jerks how do you feel about Mass Pike -- collectors -- -- like all collectors is not their fault can -- please I have ever read that right after you -- and I got -- Pacific guy. We just discussing all this in this day and age you should have the transform absolutely free I guess. You morons who don't attach your transponder to your windshield did you think it's -- -- to slowdown in recent years now and -- and -- -- up to the -- -- a -- just -- -- -- were -- and I got hold hold on -- I can I jump on that real quick and I don't know you don't need to put it on your thing on your -- you can just leave it anywhere in your car and it picks it up anyway that's what I do and it's always works no problem really. There's a guy at the Alston Brighton tolls. At times he's a bitch. Okay Dave has got a bit shocked because of what's obvious sorry I'm sorry I didn't ask to pay a dollar 45 on the Mass Pike. I did so I don't have exactly dollar play five. If I got ten dollars or five dollars or just take your money -- snatch it -- and -- shedding the dodge -- don't what don't we don't have correct change. Public this -- if if if that they're giving -- for you to let me go -- for. Or making a dollar may keep some meat but and there are some nice don't I don't know strobe goes him. I don't hear administrators -- Iran on the out of -- there and I strongly CB is of -- -- -- for years -- you always smiling happy guy -- see if you're out there we love you baby but here's the deal he's just trying to get -- -- holes if you so if you position the transponder right you don't see or read your -- about your trip to ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't have correct change check -- jerks Mike's case your modern pastry it's an age old debate I think it's Mike's. I know there can be kind of tours the thing about my excellent I think they still have the best analysts saw torch -- -- -- this a tough one but. What. Good PDs does good Jerry curry I work. You look at it what's product line in my X pastry is never short that's the problem -- that's not -- question on our question is which can only Geithner got people there that's what it is where it which is the better you can only you're afraid of offending somebody and nearly silence tells me win can be brutal modern -- for just tastes just -- she'll still -- monitor yes there's one -- -- over their two right. This couple and -- -- -- the other one's called. I just try to bomb Bianca is among the Medifast -- next question. That was really the goal with a look at the would you rather SX with Kate Upton or play a -- the national. I've been to Augusta National I was there already I saw a film that doesn't win his first major so absolutely secretary donor got a guy are though that. -- -- -- -- -- I sexist keyed up and Arnold dust and -- eighteenth green that would be great -- role for you prefer you can answer -- -- lower Echelon. Up next and just know that the next question did you play in that stupid thing that Michael Yani invited back. -- -- -- Just that might -- the next question who's your favorite Lord of the Rings character I don't even know how. How -- answer I wouldn't know one of them to -- fell over one of Ben and Andy could probably spend an entire four -- show answering this question it's got to be column but I gotta go -- because it's shown below the actor who gets killed and every rulings of a -- just turn over his great network as it related to Michael -- Yeah sure unbeaten and also -- influence it. My guess decision not his knowledge I don't even know -- I don't I don't you're I don't know you're right. See these guys are nerds you incorporated third quarter we inured you to read that book -- a kid in schools so you don't need to do to reach -- -- in school bestseller called the -- and pretty good school. Next -- -- I first saw quite cal Perry over pitino UMass in the early nineties mid ninety's. I love that team is still my favorite college basketball team 096. -- does all the -- -- leading UMass minutemen did you ever used in -- He's right absolutely had to refuse to lose do you still have it now but I nomination probably in a bright but definitely had a refuse to look -- -- I was I was as upset. At the loss to Kentucky that year as any other loss that I could think of a basketball I don't know why. Pataki was better. I know they were better but -- -- -- about that team the US team Dana dingle Donta bright blue -- Lou we want on that team you're on by the paramilitary SO Edgar Padilla gallery course -- that's -- -- Tyrone weeks. -- is normal. I love that camera with a big necklace. -- a -- -- -- -- tell -- -- -- argued there was a violations and I remember they're -- that's about it I don't care about if you look around the basement you'll find some things. From your -- My youth that and that will surprise -- I would like to I mean like an old pair converse weapons or something all -- I would like to find an old UMass I have. At some point had to UMass refused to lose shirt and a jumble Wyatt tee shirt from morals but ninety -- And 96 and -- jambalaya yes. I want in the early 97 was your mentor you really -- see here's a guy on the tax -- knew him he mentions The Lord of the Rings character that's not the movie the barrel -- so that very very -- Sorkin gets tire Wear and on that then that is -- Dorsey that's going to be it for us Mikey. -- -- -- you guys are you and so little surety. Well thought out shine a little thing goes before the thing that starts the Red Sox thing the -- they are and fifteen minutes they're ready for shorting what might get that right will be back with the guys Monday after the game we will go until 7 o'clock. And then meet you over at the yard house down near -- clear out have a drink. Hang out Michael how much you wanna come Mike mountaineers 79 -- guys are not mean it's early can I drink come yes I drank it. Get ready -- that on Monday until then see guys -- Mike got a good weekend. It's your homework every -- Boston. This basketball -- 33 point seven WEEI estimate. WEEI.

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