WEEI>On Demand>>Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Brandon Bass's great play couldn't have come at a better time

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Brandon Bass's great play couldn't have come at a better time

Apr 5, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Brandon Bass's great play couldn't have come at a better time

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Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the garden -- to the four game homestand against the Cleveland. Cavalier or conversation with -- coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harbour -- health -- countless in. I'm sure for you personally it was a huge celebration to make the playoffs. There was. -- -- Whenever you -- the but it it commemorate -- did you even know but I didn't know I echo your walk in the locker room. And the commitment. One thing well truly worth celebrating I guess in what has been difficult year for him -- -- Brendan has put together a string of games like he has last 710 days. And on the defense of -- worries. Yeah I think -- great. -- lot of good things force are obviously. -- couldn't compare -- time. You know because we really needed right now. But since you're so. We spent a lot of time talking about Jordan Crawford in this space on the show very little on Terrence Williams and -- and we talked about trust with some of the new guys. As a close that you have. -- to a point -- right now do you have trust in the ten to twelve minutes he's -- it. Yeah I mean. The room and there and take advantage of the minutes at that -- written. A lot of things Gartner. Really understand -- -- you know from. Players literally in some of it later these are. -- out I think yes incidents are reservoirs you'll do. You know where what region and -- vote did you have a preconceived notion of world preconceived notions about him and he's turned out to -- it's only been a couple of months when -- bit different that you might have thought. But again I've said -- you know. I just to know what to expect have always thought yet to speak body yet to. Properly. And so I didn't know why. You know I talk to born tomorrow who coached and you know wars it was a big proponent of it taken. You know when I talked to him so. You know it's bigger proceed anyway so high school carry basketball. Now. Because of it just took stuff turned it over and hopefully that little ability to try when he gets filibuster -- -- the sands -- like football fumble. What makes you is -- -- -- That's what makes you comfortable with chips starting now they didn't -- years of war defense enough it is Bo is just -- pretty honestly mean this whole year. War. You know. Our -- order remember him saying it -- it seems to higher power conditioning. -- it just took time and at times. When you have been on line. Hopefully cardinal sins what's the -- can you figured it out complain often does it become. A battle of wheels almost in the course of the series team users see which team past the match of first of which team that's doing just burst. You got you go now. -- we don't. When you don't have -- or all there is no. Match -- you know you just have agreed to involved but you know we have Kevin. And all those guys all back then yeah -- -- -- week freedom matchup every night -- who's gonna try it. It will be just missed the playoff series you may win the first game. In the -- side that makes him with a matchup with. We're gonna play our best guys and see who wins it and do your game tickets. We -- get to see carry last week in Cleveland. It's probably would have been a good thing. It's very rare to see a young players continue to be able to score in this all the things he does. What is striking to me is -- often he is far away the best option that's who you have to stop and yet he scores anyway. Well that's what to call report. I don't element that we're here right. It's the same thing you go slower same thing with a bronze saved their -- -- pistol you'd admired her I mean that's. Militia that are always laugh here guys -- just through this. That's where -- that he's -- they would -- And that Mets -- read it. In the Mexico and injured in this in this year when Minnesota -- that are running our ports throughout stuff you know what this is why you need to be on Twitter there. -- supplement just so -- that would. You pot holes there war. Celtics -- next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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