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Rutgers has blown up their athletic department leadership... is that enough?

Apr 5, 2013|

We discuss the Rutgers controversy and press conference from today and whether or not their self imposed actions are enough to overcome the blind eye they turned for their former men's basketball coach.

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You like Christine Brennan USA today columnist. -- doesn't nice job she's been around for a long time she is recalling older -- everything that's -- she's a veteran of the are there veteran got a veteran reporter can't go right after the season she is a fortune. This whole Rutgers situation Robert -- you the president -- just. Absurd comments that he is made today in his press conference tempered Eddie if you've been following the story he's the AD he's resigned their. After not firing Mike rice and -- way too -- he's the coach who was gonna basketball's -- kids in raiding them and really saying nasty things that them. So finally today Michael bar key. Meets with the media and he didn't exactly beat themselves and any glory. He he is his his statements trying to and with its capital is doing and tend to do it yourself it's as if he's just laughing the whole thing off okay. There was. Yeah you know again it's very easy and retrospective scope to see what you should have done what I should have done. And for me to say young boys should have. Again remember that Tyler Clementi situation was also bring it to me the whole thing is for Aetna today. I'm still trying to find my way into my house and and old queens without getting lost are saying the police out for me. Getting lost on campus -- -- It's not an excuse. For not making -- -- It's herself and actually it is with a little bit of an excuse the hogs just I was lost there is that the police in this funny just a fun little press conference. I don't know man that's a pretty lousy -- it and that's a lousy -- -- this this this is what's jumping out of me. From this press conference. And and the resignation. Of -- that he. The athletic director. Of the former football player at Rutgers. So I played a tight and it Rucker for many years he's the guy who hired Mike writes Mike Wright was it Robert Morse in Pittsburgh. Did a great job there in three years in terms of getting into the NCAA tournament. And so he was hired and given along contracted at rockers. -- -- he dropped this -- today. In his resignation letter. Have you know he writes. My first instinct when I saw the videotape of coach -- behavior. West to fire him immediately. As you go then when you gave interviews. In race on radio in New York outside the lines in your used instead your your mission was to rehabilitate him. But I guess now that Burnett is not getting the backing or didn't get the backing that he expected from his superiors. He's letting it out now all he said the reason he didn't -- that quote however Rutgers decided to follow process involving university lawyers. Human resources professionals. Outside console following review of the independent investigative report. The consensus. Was at university policy would not justified as well don't worry -- the president he's trying to make the exact same argument about himself and see that he tell want to fire Mike writes what what did you say to mr. for -- when you saw that tape. There's any fire. And what was his response. Can be done leveling. I said he said she said he said that whenever they all claim that we want him -- -- are you actually want to fire but he's backing him up that's so. I guess or do you fired he's not backing them up housing if you have -- said. He should be fired. It and and Eddie is saying I wanted to fire imprint Eddie told -- it to be done by morning so that does bowed out. I don't know that says that he wanted to fire mr. that he was gonna do whatever Robert Park -- -- -- was that while he was he said he wanted to fire him he tried to firemen couldn't do says that now. Do you believe I don't know I don't know who to believe Mario and quite frankly I don't like it -- and I'm not into the store 'cause it's fascinating hundreds of what Mike rice did obviously it jumps out to people I don't think it was a serious crime as some other people wanna. I think it's wrong I think it's probably not I wish I knew more about how much the kids and you go union. I play for some coaches is a -- basketball camps who would ever. Who were ruthless the kind of yelled and screamed and yelled match instead nasty things that saying nasty I know that the penalty is always always I understand that that's different I'm not exhibited the same thing. But I responded well that I was like that kind of a coach. I don't know I wish I knew what these kids -- -- union. Did they know that this is who we was did they know that he was the yellow and screamer it would be personal and that he would got a basketball at them and that's what I don't think they knew how do you know. I don't think that they had a great secrets every year they go to McDonald's drive through -- basketball -- -- yeah. Great visit and they sit there with a guy -- already on the team decorate it with the coach likening their like a they won't help him any putts all you must speakers. I think they -- A coach that's great motivation -- -- wouldn't fire Basque club and I love Dick Armey this and that and -- As you throw a basketball let me and pushed me around -- that Michael why do people keep going to play forum is not the language why people keep going to play form maybe what he wasn't always doing this. Maybe wasn't always doing -- all when you go to your recruiting visit you talk to the guy who's who's hosting union like based on what's coach like what's coach rice like and he's like. What does that I say if he's the basketball's it is all the time they hate it may be don't think he's gonna say hey look here's what you need to know. I like the coach not everybody does he does have a habit of gunning basketball's Madison screaming out of the swearing at the -- nasty things to know that before you're gonna show a lot. You think everyone of these kids knew nothing about what was going I mean they didn't -- -- I -- I would like to know more but I just passed out and I would give back little I don't. I don't know -- -- all over Afghan got to -- what's about Wednesday Christine Brennan is okay that's fine Christine Brennan I'd been around for a long time I -- It's not about the -- calling her role -- years. But. You know that you said it's not that bad make a distinction here. Coaches who yeah Tisdale and that's what coaches do I'm OK with that and that -- There's an expectation. If you're playing at a high level of college basketball college football whatever it is and you're dealing with young men. It's gonna talk to them in a certain way and it may not play well in middle America I understand that. We're not just talking about language. We're talking about firing basketball's that the got to talk about pushing them around I think that is bad -- the difference. I don't know what Bob when is it different from Bobby Knight is it that different from Bobby Knight and everything that he did I -- is who is this from. This more from the president has more from president -- here's more from -- He -- the second point I wanna make that I heard right from the beginning I'm not sure you'll heard is that all of these practices. Were public. Right if you look in the -- of the video -- people in the stands. Nobody says anything for three years about anything. It wasn't just our athletic department there were people there. I don't understand what happened. Yeah so again I mean to me this is we were always okay with this until when Republican there was outrage there -- completely agreed that he wrote the other day -- this is not about Mike rice's actions this is about the business of how do you keep your university in your program in the money coming in successfully once this stuff gets out all the -- people freak -- -- -- -- firing Mike rice because they didn't like the -- coach to what he did the firing him because people out there away from the program. Responded so negatively to it that they had to make a move for business. Our guest and oh yes you know you mentioned Bobby Knight red example. You know what you know what Mike rice's record was this year was fifteen and sixteen. You won five games in the conference. Bobby -- survive for long time being a bully abusing people probably verbal and physical abuse we know that including his own kid. He survived for a long time. Because he won three national championships he -- for a long time. Because you get an undefeated season in 1976 because these are guys that approach I think clearly got the probe. Program didn't get in trouble with -- if you don't like clearly he's not as new -- night and he grew. How to play the game. Absolutely right and I'm not so winning migrating into a dark -- and rights but what he did I don't know I wish we had more information as opposed to just complete I think were overreacting. To video that looks horrible -- you're right it's horrible imagery -- the good doctor. I mean it's doctor. I think I wish we knew a lot more about I wish we knew how much the kids knew going in and the idea and I know you -- is saying Christine Brennan is by yourself on an island. But I really ought to others say that I think a lot of people believe that this is very similar to Penn State is not as an institutional control all I got asked to be stopped. Okay this is not even in the same -- that's that's what happened -- got an eight that is a horrible ads in popular. That's an irresponsible. Compares that you and I will just move past that yet and agree that that's complete insanity to compare what went on here even if the institutional controls on its highest it is not what happened at Penn State -- something truly illegal and horrible was going -- I don't I don't equate what I like rice was doing to do anything that was going on Penn State. No I I don't I don't see the connection there at all so move past opponent talk about it yet that's why at this move on from now what hasn't asked for whether or not I just. I wish I knew how much the kids knew going in while also the -- that he does have -- -- a story earlier today there were two kids. Came out and said. Well it wasn't that bad I know that paper looks bad but it really wasn't like -- we used to play around with coach -- he's like a Big Brother to us. I put him in a headlock sometimes. He talked traps and you are making a summit the Penn State that note that's what this particular thing. He talked trash to us and we talked trash to him on and on. So it's not like everybody said get this guy out of here I just feel like. His approach. If you -- -- fine with streamers. If your five -- guys who who say things to get your attention -- they -- shock jock so to speak. That's why did you get results is the only problem you have written all right so firearm because he didn't get results that start -- because of the methods and -- is -- point 6177797937. Hi -- Erick Ericsson Eric what's up. -- into the and the two other ankle here for many important if there was some sort of cover up with the Baltic and in play in weather. You know both BP and president decided they didn't want to bring this kind of swept it under the rubble. And it wouldn't. You know it when it let it take -- sort of figure out there. Records in the look -- little better than. It really -- They look better or not they made it look better. Because. I'm not following. Echo what they you know -- -- read the same time story and it came out and they were getting in light of the picture and and would it still get that Nancy if this should come out the way it is now they would have. The other part of it it's. They say the Big Ten we're we're not a about the Ivy League year drama depicting him as a lot of money involved the only reason Rutgers is part of the Big Ten is because of money. So that the checks bounced no they don't get the invite to the Big Ten but that this was all about millions this is multimillion. It's a multimillion dollar business and in some cases billions of dollars. Leaves in the car are -- Steve is and forever Steve go ahead. Spotlight Eric I think clearly bet this is exactly what I -- it once this thing became public. To the rest of the world they had to cut themselves loose because they were public practices. And when you -- might solve well what are the play is now. I I didn't really think back to what. Interview with 48 cents or interviewer that he should coaches and I talked the other that the coaches. It -- -- took the job anyway and then I'll belt would remain active. Find one day yeah it would at a meeting in. Coach -- took the projected to be out the window the office walked out and Betty that she is equal to what happens all the the old -- But he knew right date couldn't talk of these systems that there was something going. Outlook and an end and maybe maybe these I don't I don't know the details here Stephen that's what I'm trying to say I don't know whether everybody's keeping the big secret or I don't know whether they all said to him look -- crazy. He's got to throw basketball watching now and again you have to be ready to dodge he's gonna break you and say things about you that you would never wanna hear. But we think it gets the most out of -- so we'd like it that's why we State's appeal. I don't know whether that happened or not Michael I'm not saying it did and I'm not trying to excuse it because of it I just wish I knew more before I pass judgment on the -- that's why I've been hesitant to do so. They got a guy who resigned today and assistant coach in this -- mark Kelly's son. And he they used to call him baby. They called him baby grace because he did the same thing to go back want to videos. You see Mike rice pushing players around him and doing the dodge ball thing with a basketball. And then there was baby rice right along with -- To a 777979. 37 apparently this is. This is a huge story today it's been all over ESPN all day I understand that it's a scandal I understand that it was done for business reasons I'm not sure we have enough information. To be torching Mike rice and his actions the way we have more your calls alcoholic WE.

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