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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 04/05/13

Apr 5, 2013|

We touch on four topics from today that we normally wouldn't touch on. Pitino to the HoF, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Mannny's HR and more.

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Yeah and and he sold in the police are poor and the floor board or the -- Fun cleaning. -- -- Actual vote we'd still continually. Collins with three -- you guys want to look at. Rick Pitino is going to be elected to the basketball hall of fame here in Springfield mass. If you're the one -- to Tino what would you say. -- get jobs done to -- jobs done very quickly. He -- quickly whether it's turning around a program. Whether it. Better choices. Whatever it is whether it's a way of teams playing anything else. Whatever he'd on. -- -- really really -- -- -- talk about the guys rate no clue what light has all sorry I'm sorry I'm not all of friend like you are. I didn't quickly take away the title of -- are back. President the guy who built the organization took its title and had him sit there during a press conference. And try to kiss your ring don't give -- numbers. Or titles that's what I was electric. Minutes article today WEEI dot com good column on Rick Pitino just wondering whether or not time really does heal all wounds. Bright are you ready did not not think about your hatred for Rick Pitino and -- and ran our back in the title and all the garbage that went on and then the complete disaster that he was a Celtics coach say what you -- Rick Pitino is an NBA guy and as a person. He's you're right he has always turned around every program ever ever been that he's a man he is always amazing even before the Celtics days been my least favorite couch. I loved coach cal couldn't stand Rick -- On your worst day of my worst day out of and -- I was gonna ask you earn your respect yet to fifteen seconds now. Fifteen seconds and number two on a day anywhere at cape Kennedy died. -- Brendon Ayanbadejo claims to have been. Released her stance on gay rights and same sex marriage do you think there's anything to his claim. I'm not good enough. I think I got up up up up -- hypocrisy. Don't need to god that top -- app. Volatility on the woman's life record yeah definitely aren't thinking about what some -- -- after -- -- a lot of divided gonna happen it's just not unhappy that judge that it happened to the best that god knows what could happen in my life where maybe about a one point in the past. Which lowered when that happens observers from what happens when you're married. It's okay. It's OK and real. OK everything is okay what it's okay is. Yeah like one maybe it's flattering. Now it's just like okay fine. Move on and I don't think it's OK I don't think it's never broke camp and what's the question okay the question again it was a question then asked what -- Brendon Ayanbadejo claims have been released her stance on gay rights and same sex marriage do you think there's anything to disclaim. I don't think there's anything to his claim I think that he like most longtime special team is eventually find somebody cheaper. That being said I think him and he said later that he was misquoted by -- -- but whatever. If -- if you're going to make a claim like they're they're getting rid of me because of -- now instead of because of my way. You're really sending people back a long way because then everyone ends up acting like Belichick's then why would we take the risk. In allowing somebody who is passionate and speaks their mind on important social issues why would we ever have them on our team if it is essentially -- now held hostage to keep them on our team because otherwise he described he's getting rid of me. When I stand well I think a few things are happening here is that this car is if he's getting older. I it's easy to it's easy to replace him now he was a a Pro Bowl level is a -- team. Which didn't get a special Tamer fifth sixth seventh round sometimes undrafted. And everything has. For the most part if you are playing at a high level. In the NFL. They will look past a lot of things that they don't they don't agree with you. I don't think that was it that maybe maybe they disagree with them that's not the reason. That he was really. -- Manny Ramirez has more home runs this season then the Red Sox. Would you like to see him back in the MLB TV and circle that talk back. Yeah. It's. And it turns -- -- yeah. Okay. It's. Yeah. I don't want him back a Major League Baseball here war that. I went back if he can bring that announcer with him. I just want to. That was that was fantastic I want more -- -- mare's back in Major League Baseball I don't care only to see him here in Boston Anderson and that's probably never gonna happen again but just watching him destroy that baseball tweeted last night you pricing and -- economic -- WEEI. He crushed that ball. Low pitch. Just his raw strength that it nominated real maybe. Who reminded you obviously he's great -- -- a bad Jeter you call whatever you want a -- watches I mean. Don't you understand that I want -- it's not mean field in the Oakland developmental league. There in Oakland developmentally the river hawks were replayed for all -- a minor league or minor leagues that you don't you don't think that that is he he inferior league to Latin -- playing in the one right now. -- All right earlier this week Tom Brady was seen to throwing to TERRELL OWENS is treated there. -- he's not Toro shortly after the patriots came out to say there was no interest in Owens -- services should they be interested in TO crack her up. I think the page you should have more interest now than they do in TERRELL OWENS aren't -- -- what they're a really good with the with the correct. Out of the real question. That whatever else that what was -- -- that's gonna do it then for our sport is that's not a real question I watched deal by the way last year. In and he was in camp with the Seahawks played a couple of pre season games of them done on our way. He's done done I think he could still play but I don't for the run I think he could still play the problem that -- has. Is that he is Steele said is that of being number one wide receiver except his skills. Are that having number five. Or six wide receiver and that guy's got to -- a special team to do so many other things and he can't do any of those things so they just know. There's no room for him really feel -- Baltimore and special teams vacancy now ya you go to court for Brendon Ayanbadejo played I think one quick note on -- and the danger did you see the other piece of news on him. He -- you know he's been all over this whole supporting gay marriage deal right he also said that within win. We've heard now that there's going to be an NFL player to come out at some point soon he says it's actually going to be a handful. Of NFL players that are all come out the same time. You think that's gonna happen he thinks it's gonna happen. Well I mean it'll be great that this thing is nobody is. I -- all for people having -- The freedom of course to do what they wanna do and live the lives that they -- a lead. I wonder if it does anybody feel pressure to do it. Or is there pressure in the National Football League. What he's saying that three or four player no I don't think -- electric come out no I think what you say what would know I know what he's I read the article this morning what he's saying is. Because I think each player believes it may be difficult by themselves that if they already -- -- and it would have a support system in place already and each one of them wouldn't have the specific pressure on themselves they could rely on each. Make some sort of -- and I think it would probably make it easier. You know I 1742 I would like to see 42 I don't know of these there's a direct parallel here I think there's not I think the country at this stage is so much further along on. -- the progressive thinking in in in the way we treat. Homosexuality supposed to -- the country wasn't Jackie Robinson did what he did it. But. I mean don't you think it's his life might have been easier he wasn't the only one to do by himself at that time. You think it would have been helpful -- and other people. Also breaking the same color -- the same time to lean on at the very same time no it didn't happen at the very same time but it happened that among right happen soon after that Larry -- Wright was right there aren't taken in May. In in and Jackie obviously was at the beginning of the season. -- -- not sure because it's still here with that team. One guy was internationally one guys in the American League. You're dealing with your teammates you're dealing with the crowd a smaller world -- now I mean it's such a smaller world social media with the ability -- the -- in -- -- ESP and all the 24 hour news cycles stuff. You could put the two or three or four people up on TV together four different boxes I mean I just think it would be easier. And to have one person try to do it himself but we'll see what ends up happening aren't. Coming up here I think we all have the same problem. Last night Michael and I have no idea what the right solution is to have maybe can help. It's all falling ninety seconds away here WE.

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