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Kevin Millar, Former Sox 1B, on the new look Red Sox

Apr 5, 2013|

Millar makes his first appearance of the season with Mut and Lou to talk about the recent series with the Yankees, Jackie Bradley Jr, and the clubhouse.

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The guy we saw last night all over TV the one celebrity in the house we think. -- -- with us here tomorrow probably ball season -- alarm. -- -- -- -- I gotta get crap out of the gate me naked -- and maybe NASA just looking for celebrities -- liberties very loose term with him. He's over there talking or he's during the game we sit by the Red Sox dugout hey no cabinet you'll play anymore. You up here. You retired as a -- he made a -- got the dugout. Like we wanna talk the players dirty game -- he's on the field reason his butt off for awhile at least. -- -- Baseball -- pretty outlawed group. Now player -- I. The got a big guy was not really on the field get a nice hat on nice jacket looked good but he -- there you're mute their. NASA and charge a million times Kevin like talking Ortiz popped into a clubhouse guy didn't. Yet to bring your food and drink out of that but to tell you how what you got -- go out there is cold though Kim Gregg McCrary what happened that luxury box you know. I'm working and how big pop beat OK upon how you want to look at -- -- -- on a ball out front we are. And happened birdies on me all the work -- and right now CNET so now -- ethnic -- -- they rookies say you gather. At some answers right now. You got crickets. I'd already gotten what he got force when you're out of -- -- It's gonna Beckett two weeks. I think you know you -- to build great in this league per rehab assignment. On the metro Atlanta -- -- -- he has but you know. You epic that thing because that was good news because not like what is it you -- -- -- you -- -- Achilles. And you know what -- about poppy you know him he's the top guys so hopefully get this thing healed up pretty good swing on it you know -- some helicopter -- over -- It no home runs these first three games -- a 21 it's it's early in the year but something you've talked about with two years for us. Is about the make up this clubhouse and you've talked at times about who's the guy in their do they have. The right attitude it seems from the outside -- that they put together a group of players that like each other played again in the right ways you might say. And that the personalities team is change you around this -- do you believe that to be the case that they different personality 2013. 100%. First of all to become president now what John -- You're -- see it Jon Lester. Have a great year because he just bring a present for a Jon Lester Clay Buchholz. You know Johnny being obviously pitching coach back in the -- -- by their take our presence immediately. And then. Part of -- and make a lot. And got baseball players again not the biggest names Ryan Dempster they go all Mike Napoli. Chain victory all but you know what they've got a bunch of guys now are you -- and smiled. David Ross. Tremendous tremendous addition you know he area as a back up catcher but here's the entire game is firing guys that you guys lapin and that's what you're start this. It yet you know and so now. The first question what. Red Sox and yankees what amber is gonna be more excited that in the year -- -- -- engineers a little bit quirky yet mean because or not -- our house. The oil dispersant repairs laps it would surprise me at that Calgary and a Red Sox yankees painting at Largo in what it. It would surprise you but. You start to see at least eighteen now with the Boston Red Sox -- -- back to eating those guys. And those kind of guys just seem like they're a bachelor because that they -- Democrats. With a group of guys -- -- Well best for the guys star last night against you guys go way back and we've talked a lot about him I've talked about with you -- spring training and what got I felt like this team that kind of take themselves too serious -- the last couple of years to say the least and I think he kind of will have a huge impact on this staff I think you'll be consistent on the mound but off the mound. Just an every day presence being around some of those other guys to lighten the mood yet still get the work that when you need. And we're gonna get a chance to see Ryan Adams of course now I want EC east tremendous and to you you cannot work. So not only is he good guy and you know it's -- about the good guy you have to be at what you do what Ryan -- all working. Good veteran to have on this club to lead by example John Lackey you know at dinner with him -- go after it came in the studio where I'm at midnight Gomes. -- and you know I asked John you know how you feel that he looks great we see in the weight loss. You know John Lackey in around him. What a good guy you might not be a great sound -- You know there -- some issues here you know what they're wired and -- time you know -- blitzer at the breast cancer alternate got broke force or seen a lawless and struggles. And and the -- -- all yelled and cold beer chicken pink. You're around this guy there's a new look there's an eye of the tiger. John Lackey back in the day you're at a horse and now are on good eat healthy and -- put him in your formal. You know I like this squabble like what -- set up their bullpen looks great you know like -- admitting any -- on the first couple days game but right now. It was thirty -- lot -- and there was a whole homeland go anywhere there but I just I'd like the way they're set up right now. You okay with the -- Jonny Gomes when -- -- also was in your studio couple days ago being called. This team's version Campbell -- Yet her purse and jot down because I have my looks fine mean you know he's an Allen spoke on our -- -- your per month. You know -- whole beard he told me you have Olympic -- and wake up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are some bagels and I don't we talk about this being and jokingly yelled chemistry and what does chemistry blah blah -- clubhouse guy when he type player. Winning follow Jonny Gomes. Winning follows Jonny Gomes you know he was there with a dual format is. And they want to. And he goes straight little -- Cincinnati. They win and it goes all we know where nobody had bet you one more acute by gains pressure they went he's got an infectious personality. That people can respond to. And position player wise he's big attic and get on somebody because wanting stronger than anybody in a -- out and chill. He doesn't go away I -- going to be huge addition is club. Yeah I loved the fact from day one you the stories about him already you know with the -- decent doesn't like not afraid at all new -- a team. He'll address that what the player right away I love that I wanna get your opinion broke quick and on the kid Jackie Bradley you know where were you. What is -- heard about a where were you at a decision was made to keep him up rather maybe seven down seasoning -- servers time whatever wants. You know look it's big because we we we seem nearly 419 -- couple Almonte had a great spring. Congratulate reject you brigadeer I don't care about that the forty at bats have 45 at bats in camp. Whatever you had a week and a half but perhaps the big right so nobody is gonna hit 400 but the first question I asked. What house Jackie Bradley cultures make up house's work ethic what kind of player courteous here. The instincts and -- check check check check tremendous kid. Great make up works hard. And a great defender. So there you have it now does -- -- have a good spring but this -- almost ready to be there now and you know what you -- really prepared yet Macgregor because. It was his first at bat against CC when I saw him walk. It was gonna want to you know count here -- -- he -- it in Yankee Stadium -- LAPD. Has credibility that innocuous in just he saw a lot pitch that game -- you walked a couple times and got out but. This kid got that that these technologies that strikes offer young -- that you seek. Even more mature because you know how to -- for the Badger -- shaken hustling for. And that this kid this kid's got debt problems but what a what a nice young man and I think even my condition right now at least a routine starts. You know everything can't work out what poppy get back what happens now. But he he's been nice tradition really at their demeanor dynamic that club speed and eat that -- great catchers. Or Red Sox Campbell -- joining -- on MLB's intentional talk programming joints every Friday during the baseball season. You mentioned that the the the presence of John Farrell. And so far so good I guess my question would be on back to Toronto here Kevin this weekend. It did you learn from rapid Toronto from the throttle guys we talked to thinks the knuckle well they're didn't wanna be there anymore. You feel like he learned and it it that calming presence is that some -- the can resonate throughout the course of an entire season. Yeah they got such a great staff from media rebel all you got Brian Butterfield -- mean -- -- much huge enterprise but I still want the great baseball got a -- around you know use our bench coach brought to trial. -- just a great. Great feel and and jobs -- happier muted that there's a culprit backyard and a great man. You know -- surround himself with great people. Are you Greg called Carla Berry you know they're just big it's got a good mix now you know last year. Boy it was not a good mix and start with the manager of discount like it was a weird seeing. And I think that that was what felt that the Red Sox are way better at six -- win let's get that straight. -- only time they struggle that was not -- -- -- -- -- -- but what happened -- is it turned into a snowball and that's right it's -- -- and this goes downhill. But now you're looking at a positive group you look at -- I'd buy it and laughs and jokes and Brian -- spit -- guys and you know HS state bond fund group the watched and it's gonna be scrappy -- going to be easy. -- me Albert try to beat you but -- what they're better and that's saying they're any better I think people think. Miss Jose -- some huge -- -- defense -- ethic is unbelievable and it's good to see him get a few hits and has been some talk about why would you ever move him out I think it's. Lot of us do people don't realize how good Stephen Drew is when he's healthy. What do you think how to think and this thing unfolds. Ellis and Stephen Drew shortstop Stephen Drew defensively special -- You know and I asked I asked all lacking about Stephen glad to see him play a whole lot the only bad nationally irked. An ankle situation but they said this kid you know I mean -- -- -- catch the baseball so it's not a defense that thing at least in -- obviously brings more offense. And Iglesias you know he he's got a -- -- Petr at this level we know we can ticket but he still gonna hit you still gonna help that the Major League level helping -- spelled out of that yet. You know first couple -- great but I think drew him back is another presidency you need -- line -- you know and it should starts. It start holding that poppy opium poppies are present you know they order -- it it breaks up right charity got Napoli who's gonna hit home runs per year. Help the Al very you're you're looking around this club I mean it's a pretty darn good little team and I mean drew you know -- shortstop when LP. I think it's the most interest in division in baseball Kevin you nailed it any team can finish first and gay team can finish -- it's going to be wacky between now and the end the season. How did you see going in and in particular after assessment of the division. What you do with Baltimore because like they're the team after what they did last year with Showalter. Get a lot of respect and I would not be surprised at all if Baltimore again is a division winner in a playoff team in a very competitive -- I agree with you they're very physical offensively. You know beat arguably mean -- -- -- and ambulances -- quick away from being a start asleep at Chris Davis can beat it. Someone and this keeps hitting it 35 months but you know he goes through those periods work. Six weeks elsewhere -- that spur long time but it could hurt. -- a little more consistent this a good offer to Kabul area and their bullpen now -- power you know stroke and Jim Johnson and I'll stop that compatible. Note they have seen or read a bleak as it started pitching. They finally figured out there and went so I think the Orioles are gonna often -- like you know people that last year and a great year now the comeback I think -- that your state. And they're gonna get better and keep it better south. So they're definitely -- that I have on the upper tier net division you know that bit -- blue jays they came on paper that looks the best. In -- division but. They haven't done anything yet -- -- a lot of for a long guys over there you know and and we don't know what happened or last year they approved. To themselves that they can win not just you know or perhaps because they got Reyes and Melky Cabrera and all right -- Ian. Johnson and all the guys they got a lot their stay healthy and play the game but that's going to be a cup team the Yankees the other they have entered I mean. Who knows what they're going to be getting to get healthy somewhat I may. But value of the race relic market but they don't hit and I know they're gonna get -- -- this year you know -- That's Smart that's that's my opinion on regrets socked me right there right up there also. To be interesting. How many games yet to Houston Astros win and we'll get it on that if it. Man I'm on page 6864. -- I think it's in the along here for days after 64 W. Say they're gonna lose between 9805. The BC I predict this I predict four times and MLB network you guys beat cutting in on Houston Astros hitting in the ninth. And it struck out a whole lot and strike out 43 times during the first two games like while. You don't got to play an -- ballots give credit the national got to make the Marlins look like a -- club the national by the -- the big league -- You know that you start -- all those teams are very good. And that -- player probably top tier teams in -- -- Couple years ago which is hosting a TV show now regular reality show with Tim Wakefield now atop -- during games. He's double -- joins us every single Friday that nobody great -- back and Exel docket next week. -- -- Kevin Millar joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T four GL TE. With speed that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible. You guys are on hold at 61777979. -- recently at your Red Sox calls then at 1230. Interesting conversation this morning about. Sports in general with that the morning show and Ken. Can be motivated you played major leagues baseball and we a lot of people they get to that level we believe there's a motivation factor with -- -- -- speeches and all that -- mini Galley where. In her for local -- actually factor in to eighteen performance in the field would get your phone call sex with that twelve there.

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