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LB on Jagr's goal and the Bruins win

Apr 5, 2013|

LB joins the guys in studio to mispronounce Jaromir Jagr's name, talk about his goal, discuss the play of Tuukka Rask, and preview the Montreal game.

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Profound -- Palestine. I have a full -- But I'm I'm happy Rwanda Rwanda Galen and nobody -- us it was tough for me I was very tired. -- I don't know everything you know that this threat -- and then just. I'm surprised they get treated pins and that's through you know back and I get steady -- there. And I didn't -- -- off full blown me two hours so I don't know I haven't just. That's effective pitcher now. I have to go to sleep. Clinic that. Job here -- After he debuts of the Bruins one nothing win over New Jersey much load on a 37 WEE I hockey analysts. LB let -- -- -- that upstairs called unbelievable by -- and -- poets -- did I -- -- -- but what do finishes. They have now. Is exciting when that it was exciting day I liked everything about it I liked him on the ice like them on the power play like them on the bench him between. -- at -- talk and you know is given kinda giving him pointers and talked and in between shifts. I loved everything about it a yeah I was exciting it's -- and I. Hey you know I again needed. He give up forty shots again there you're you're yet you know -- are playing defense and aren't going anywhere. Anywhere in the play seven shots it to gazes and I can we get -- -- so for the goaltenders please you can -- and you can either goaltender lift his arms anyone anyone's seen. Don't think -- really hard to get to have the trainer comb his -- after again. This got a lot of guys that we called up and down that we advocate -- Ference but. Chara Seidenberg that that you did like it's a mistake you don't normally see them in oh yes there are kind of caught up in slipped and trip up a little bit scored opportunity bit. We see that a few times have got to get behind in the net interest. Lackadaisical given it up idol it's fatigue is that time a year but those two guys aren't exactly been stellar. I'd like to see everybody get moral guy like -- everybody get back to that -- Julianne we've we've played defense first. That have hockey. I have the high fly and they don't let it rip it's it's all good it's all -- -- given its you know we had a Dow and the playoff hockey. And you know I electorate when his win I'm sure everybody Marchand and say you plan with -- you know I'm I'm sure they had some butterflies to young guys. You know Tyler's -- he's got plays he's going to be played it's obvious he's -- -- of its spot until you know we don't know if six. Yeah -- they're some good news you know -- birdie was you know and again. It's nice that he was Tarkanian receipts that could be the well I did the feds are now really because I got back things up and up and about walking around and and and he's coherent is there's gotta be some sort of good news for everybody and and and it keeps you positive. But the defense of -- Just not plan to know these guys play in Iowa many parents in on the reason he's -- he's not the biggest men on the planet. But he's the most physical is in big guy on the plans on size right. And you get -- finish yet NASA makes him good day finish to take depart. -- -- -- want to finish is the -- give support -- on the other way you know charm. Finishes Horry takes apart turns it up -- mean all those guys have the ability to 21 passer out of his own -- -- in the big game and the other way and it's just the looks like it's a little bit of a struggle but. The W is a W baby. With a final stretch -- defensively that's that's is apparently you weren't focused on last I was watching a bad they were defensively yes turnovers. Hottest club managed epics we know on the policy he wants to play Seidenberg and chart together to see -- Different defense combinations between now on the in the regular season may I try and China are now much different -- just well we are well to go different combinations together try to figure out other guys that -- Doug field the better or somebody yelled to wanna try to get Wade Redden that they are received that is going to be scrapped. Most yeah I would I would -- together and -- gonna get a yeah did a couple of games and near before the end of the year but he is definitely he's -- he's he's not done he's -- -- scratch. It may look outside it's exciting that twelve to go these guys are right there they get together today to two games in hand -- it. -- -- began this game much throughout morning he does it get any better. I. Out with first place and I got -- ways you know of mine 47 against Ottawa team that's been hit with injuries forty against the New Jersey I don't support gold whose youth vote and that's what's your all and you look at at a five to one loss. IEA you soluble agency they got they got to go up to Montreal it's gonna be at duke amount they got a they had a play physical. The water budget Montrose guys it was a Gergen dodger club meant. In other -- they're not and -- takers Gallagher for real they've got they've got. They've got three lines that slot. And and and they get a good goaltender so. Again big big big test big playoff test morning. Her seemingly mythical man. It was the first of interests of the senate position right in the NHL nah you know this gonna beat transition you lost nine out of twelve face offs. -- get the faceoff in their own in their own end you know he slid over to the wing just until -- -- result in my document for him. How long before you look at it and say okay we take it away from Tyler Sagan. How we make in the kids think again which may be the problem when he first came into the league and how long before is that there's a you know what. Would Kelly comes back is that would Kelly comes back knew that you know we got some depth it's better. I don't know maybe put him back out in the winning. Yeah I won't listen it is the -- can have a great problem nab a problem any coach in an age old one out. To too many really good players. In on I mean. I mean every coach wants our problem. Really I have to put. You're right -- on the third line up on the right side yeah that's. That's a real tough problem to have so there is double the -- yeah I disuse because it's fun -- people off. I don't know yeah. In Akron yesterday -- -- hey hey guys nice to me a young Mario Lyndon byers your memory -- Ladies and 1992 the conference championships and tobacco they didn't I had no clue right through just look straight through amenable to what the audio it's always tough to play with the Bruins -- Leo Bruins to draw -- that -- Really get -- Well -- -- I completed product it's not your fault because -- -- -- got to add another senior moment and kind of surprises -- -- looked up and the army yardage career yet right now after the game he's talking about -- burst and there have been traded. Analysts. Are already Ameristar. What -- just you know I guess sudden I don't sleep the -- And -- Dawson because I have to ask the fact and then make sure. And that and everything because of the for the first time -- retreated to -- during the season so Rosen. Muslim -- wasn't very easy to hit northern Stephen -- before. And its pros today on the next day. It was that such a long career and I'm thinking OK as many years he's play he's never been treated during the season. That is a transition you have been traded during the season now I think we just know they didn't go somewhere else they just desperate there elect delegates. Immediately just does appeal. -- in the sorry is like hey listen. United's it's been fun LB just and go go and enjoy one you'll join fight the problem is you find a job 0304. He was traded. Does Washington ready to -- the Rangers two years ago -- sees fit in that it takes. Yeah I'm not suitable for -- like when and who knows it blew up and forgot Robert -- and I like John does well -- -- remember some didn't training camp -- 1983. OK black clinical blackjack you remember actually being traded during this season the first amateur athletics I CA IAI yanks do you remember yearly -- 56 school. Guys guys get 680 Iraq. I'm glad he's betrayed once they're a year ago about. I mean let me ask you sir are you guys excited -- I mean not at all so -- and I -- I are so excited about the. Fact that their computer -- league got dissed on -- -- Yeager I mean and it you know and it just it was it's one of those things. And I I just I I'm staying positive on Patrice Bergeron I think that he's going to be back probably it will take ten days. And die and then not -- your thought a lot that this is not this is just me I haven't I have no scoop by a you know. I did see Bob Sweeney I don't know if he ever has any -- diseases runs a foundation good guy. Foundations unbelievable you don't really giving Stoops from those guys but I just think the way. Peter surely says that he was up in a body -- has stopped and frustrated so that means he's coherent to stock and and he's walking around you know is it you know you when you hear like the -- -- -- common he's at home has left the house for two days that's when you started documents over. So why you know so if. Three guys are right birdie -- that he said need him Kelly is on his way back we have played another guy. Help me out that the Blue Line yeah but when you're right though I know what I'm excited but you sit Peter surely. -- -- Two minutes. -- played over forty wanting continued double shift the power glass half half half you know but still half. Realizing it and seeing -- -- that it didn't score but it just it felt differently this that this presents is quarterback Aaron and -- since Savard went down. Now right now I was I was gadget in and you know -- is only yeah yeah I share of urgency. -- text -- -- also keep all on it and yet academic army dragster side because we're tight. Retired and you -- remember Virginia you know I'm -- -- -- comics -- can he kick DT terabyte twice in the conference files so Bob. You know I just easily easy and get better you know I mean you know the -- yet to play with you know whoever yet he plays with. It's gonna be awesome he's been around for every play with what everybody mean when. You play with Google excellent -- and and Stevenson -- and all those guys you can play with anybody so about again -- do you know what. These guys got to dial in their defense -- got to dial it in daytime because you cannot give up. 85 shots in two games that's just insanely. Not talk. But the before the goaltenders. And it's nice. Right love the response from -- last night but that was his best game of the year he came out and and say that team in the first period and -- race or chance but still. -- that team. Down the stretch. Don't you want some don't you want rest separate but do you wanna go into the post season you -- on the play offs taken off -- doesn't look. Good game one of my -- the courts they got a hunch in both would open gained through. I don't you want that I don't think clown I don't think -- -- anyway -- it. I -- it into what I like about it looks looks to me that bush both guys. To -- knows he's number one he believes he's number one. -- Adelman knows he's playing behind a number one. Andy needs playing confident and knows that he get the job done as some happens and that's a great. Problem to have as we all know going in the class is the greatest cliche of all time. Is you win a Stanley cup of good goaltending so the Bruins are on track pretty you know again. I gotta get back to playing Claude -- hockey and that's -- the body finishing in the last pushed at last after you get the last punch. Majestic Bullock debate -- right and we saw that the unit with a cup and those Honda was a classic or they're just burning nimble and goalies there -- Right built theories are getting old and just take pride in that they currently they always went back to Longo. You know they always went back to you -- you know you want that creep in your head in the playoffs of brownies and sharpness should. -- hunch in -- I don't know if you want that so it's nice to rest gonna step up last night. I liked it I like LB sang and out as always has brought you -- -- and smoke shop and Plymouth Pembroke Brockton where him rain and and tonton. By LB's haired doctor the great doctor Robert Leonard gives Atlantis change your life call 1800 get here and by the city of Boston credit evil talk to Peter and all your phone calls and your 6177797937. LB. Hanging out here McGuire -- 11 o'clock. You're right -- on the third line up on the right. Side so there is double the -- Yeah I disuse because it's fun (%expletive) people off AT&T -- -- reset every seven a lot of the 41 every little -- elderly can -- younger correctly from the to a seven -- got excuse for the loss he spends Gergen pump in the -- okay job in the 603 not doing -- purpose -- just pick a guy like Allen -- And for also for -- we took a shot -- last night. When your locker scored a lot or is it yeah we are not thicker ice cold EI it text in the days say that when the tree went through but the first said the first bar in Boston. It sells Jager bombs it's gonna make a lot of money. I'm pretty sure every bar in Boston mediator -- yeah course right yet been L I got off now -- taps nice seeing those. It illustrators like you know I ever had them before it was a critical boss Tony Angeles it's so good you know it's real Bostonians what they believe they just came up. The you know they they are doing here bombs in Pittsburgh. It amounted. Odds are you really favored -- Jager bombs over in Russia -- -- can -- it to -- so good. Where the best here awesome where in -- were innovators. Sides I arcade yet -- the yanks. Were tight -- guys it's up to nothing it's another team that you lose for eagle. You know option -- you know -- activities -- congress finally glad to a lot of teams compete when there have been up to not -- attempting to narrow it down in the Politico that it's it was never part of the economic collapse. -- out we greedy Gambino a lot moment comedians differs -- -- career. But if nothing with that with David at parties agreed after the game -- a lot of things he set out great sound would meet the league a long long time with you think that -- known that that that Boston's a lot of passion for the game of hockey. I've been noticed in other. Defense we lost that -- so much here in Boston and that's -- that's -- -- -- different than a play and also switched to Ottawa Senators don't put us in on this have a good but does this is an assistant to some different level. -- -- and then he -- a little lucky UCLA Bruins a nice compliment without taking a dump on Dallas because. The best thing about Dallas Lucas you've been to Texas is did their dealers sister present got rid of it's -- it's the equivalent it's the equivalent to Montreal Austin is unbelievable golf -- downtown when I you know I just -- the underrated part at all. I notes -- and I asked him listen -- down in Dallas there's still probably talking about the cowboys' Tony romo's contract. Now audits but it just a game from from the -- few -- you know games that -- Austin's. Passion and here we -- original -- -- culture. Here yet but our kids where -- that the point about Dallas -- dallas' eighteen that was a couple of points out of a playoff spot they don't -- but he made it it's not like there with a bottom in the Western Conference date of the deal that the interest is not there. -- they make those traits. You can talk about this week in a Montreal you get extra fired up these Canadian. Yeah ours is a big game man you are you are load Julian go yeah who is your goaltender Tuukka Rask. Not played well against hunger fear Rask. Grass will be in the -- doubles this good. It's fun to do -- opens grass is gonna -- Montreal Tuukka Rask in the pipes that go up there. Big time -- and play play Austin Boston Bruins hockey where where the biggest baddest. Bad -- on the planet and that puts him on that nice. Eleven game -- to wood to the playoffs maybe maybe maybe even win the east the -- nice five game win streak win the east. Was she would have they catch bits -- music to games and -- My man -- games and four points back and Pittsburgh is that the minimal Crosby. Has been hurt in week I'm -- -- -- illustrated your job entry entry deadline -- bigger and -- -- defense he's -- nobody needs that you want the them nobody these accomplished more than and other analysts analysts and an -- around for real. Instinct to put Milbury last night talk about the penguins. They'll watch and Mari in -- and Iginla. There was a different speed you know -- -- -- pedestrian I think -- I think he should you compared to the speed that the Pittsburgh sort of playing nurse you know kind of works out. Well there are -- it's it's it's that it's a two or three game you know I mean it's gonna be she is smaller now theory was a regular you know and it was an 82 game season and and we had the trade deadline when the trade -- when was supposed to go down. There -- BA you know usually applicant and game. Everybody's got to figure everybody out period now it's. OK 82 or three game let's figure -- are. So you don't we appear on I I -- ask me how is it is it still called double timed. You know is this still called double time -- he coached is difficult to -- time or is it let the guys dial -- in time. Say you wanna hang out for talked beer at salute you want to remind all people get to get -- like yeah what did -- here's the problem isn't -- people on this building. Are pulling I don't want to say too much. But the Polonia a different direction this morning you came in here in a pit stop moot topic is about but something else and I wanna make sure that must we keep it through the air you're not gonna turn it was ago I -- -- -- -- -- -- to do my. This is like what this is my this is my this is our time this is like this is like I I is that what it -- like Jackson -- -- in my Zan. That is where you are you real me and I got I got I come in here I'm not not so well be anymore it's awesome. A -- I love you guys I love hockey. Hello appear appear yeah -- got one of my favorite people she got in Carthage north were connected to what's at times it's summertime and it broke a jurist through Labor Day. And there and they and -- people don't know I'm bringing back the seventies cut off jeans. But they're down to the knees are not jeans they're not shorts they're jurist and it washed them like 45 times I get the white castles going on several clothing line he -- big -- or it's. My duly read and do it blew. It do it ma of his guys don't Wear pink when we -- chick stuff too. -- we come back -- ask the air about shorts and anywhere that know a lot last year by George last year about this Bruins team about this capitals team Washington we had dead and buried in all the sudden. Are crappy division but they're third in the Eastern Conference Peter McGuire joins us next.

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