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Things get personal as Kirk's motivational tactics are revealed

Apr 5, 2013|

A discussion regarding the impact of a good motivational speech takes a sharp turn into Minihane's personal life. Kirk reveals that he has not had a drink since the Pats super bowl in Indy with D&C. Listeners called in with support for Kirk.

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Do you disagree with doc who said that his presence where's presents. On this court with these guys in Atlanta will have zero I I totally agree totally agree totally disagree. At this time all the time every coach is always looking for and I mean you'd rather have a healthy -- -- that's not possible. -- used this and use to his -- and pick of Louisville. Mean when there. Like role they are emotional and and Jack -- who -- -- and hard right exuberant good word. They're gonna set new. Records for two parents and it's if there's a lull he goes to Africa well there's going to be no personal to -- final four. So that you need motivated no matter what it's an extra motivated by the by the coach talked to him and I have a halftime speech one of the pregame speech and it's all -- -- show a movie it's garbage it's toys is I -- that big idea when you say super ball there are always moments probable that -- want Belichick -- a Great -- to -- elected to do that that's -- they feel like did you think it's all -- this I think it's all garbage. So when Belichick gave the parade route to the Eagles and try to get team in all fired up I delegates why they won that game do you. Nobody I don't think it helps you do. What at what point that gave him hell about this thing about the local cardinals they played the disrespect card they are the face huge fear that they can't say nobody thought we could do this they -- the Wichita State type of thing. They need something you think I'm -- do you look at what the kids to break and certainly not like that but don't make the most of certain exactly -- I don't think at a certain point -- what was that was done and that it was not gonna die in the -- set out of place you there was surgery -- the cast was on all of that into -- can be OK eventually dealer said. This is good for -- it's helpful that. And I don't -- -- 5753. Louisville with seven minutes ago and Wichita State. After which which testicle 82 runs of -- Louisville is not to a corporate -- got it right. Everywhere here people don't like they don't let them. Forts and that too late in it -- -- -- -- -- -- do you think Hickory hoosiers would have won if Gene Hackman and give analyst critz beat that's different that's the one difference and no chance do you think the titans -- one of guns alive and Herman Boone had given them those great speeches. If he had said witness for a year you kept an enormous dale didn't think to measure. And -- don't know wash away they went back shots of the matter is that division. Subliminal it might actually rear its ugly head. Literally in the huddle think about this near the end of the game the you know which struggles on Iran's capture the -- they go by two. The deal calls timeout you guys too tired to defend our guys to hired ex acute. Are you guys to wiped out to play this game the way it needs to be played look at her teammate over there giving he'd be tired of the rip -- you'd think he would be tired that. He's given us all something to say these guys these guys gonna -- its final four it doesn't matter every game at all times as a matter of the Olympics. Really it was the Olympics you play and the Russians wanted her -- -- -- -- even -- on the team. It's because that's what coaches think they have today and it works notes so it helps so so you targeted when they do if they win into the injury that didn't even know it's not if he -- talk to the Eagles before a -- race ago just -- -- -- anxious -- -- -- he -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right that's why they lost its part of the reason I think you'll -- Belichick Britain the -- -- if they'll lose in at halftime in order to -- -- break my leg that -- -- -- him victory with a deadly arsenal on the bench yet it can't get over it Kevin or. Let's see. -- not think they win and win in -- run up points they're scary when the little momentum and egg roll yeah and they will have a -- -- it will -- opens Michigan we don't files by unions. A bomber for which -- -- state beat -- I am too -- oh by the way I changed my mind on that I didn't decide yet. -- when you guys on the root for the shocker is a public have a chance. Help -- a prayer I think it's going to be a time the team that night. -- -- -- -- -- I don't usually root for Michigan either but I am rooting for Michigan primary here in Michigan I can't stand -- I'm just watching his interviews this week he's just knowing power. Which your favorite word functions functions power anxious to fold a dollar and just arrogant on the. Wichita State coach whose name escapes -- -- Was on our yellow glasses yes was it -- eruption and I was very very good. And and he was he was friendly he was revealing he was sort of Doc Rivers asked if you will. The Tony I was setting it well what about global. Greg Greg martian and he says that audio interview that went just fine up to this point I ask -- about global he says there really really really good -- -- we -- to beat up in -- best of seven. We just -- to be a onetime I heard that one yeah that's her Brooke yeah classic we just gotta be one time so you don't think a coach ever give a speech a fine and he can't hurt don't think. Was that -- was I don't look at putt putt with that. That you breathing yeah it's my -- sorry yeah who wish -- were. Plastic so easily so all's speeches all coaches are waste of time managing. What's he can do it it's fine my point is don't -- you -- you win or lose it's fine -- -- what do you think it's why they went to just -- bulls were three points brought a big difference between you know the page -- and patriot locker industry hearings that water to change things around the plane that game okay patriots. That he's asking the question. Jerk. -- And let's let's put ahead deal that says I'm good afternoon. She's not exactly but what she gets all that you have that one play happened because of pregame speech it's all of Rome and I'll be a mindset. You get people shock you get -- -- and snot bubbles to -- the help out of the final time -- were Koppel looks at -- and says this is it this is this is our last word in this Jimmy -- How well does what work they took off at the -- -- called the I don't what was the conversation that -- -- select four or five patriots put their hands and your daughters all way I don't get tackled. This we're gonna do that's a priority throw throw the bubble gum thing -- gets David Tyree stuck in his helmet. You have to catch the ball guys to justice the rhetoric -- I will Farrell fast start. Sometimes you got to listen because I think that speech but -- -- want to don't just -- -- would continue to on the win the whole neighborhood first series. What October is important get off to a good start and I'm pretty incredulous he couldn't yeah the new the numerical aspects of last three years to attend to a twelve to an eight I believe I was like for like numbers of six teams that start to know in June 90% of the -- the playoffs we can get that nobody unbeaten teams are Major League Baseball right now but I just don't -- -- just -- -- unbeaten -- three you know. Everybody played three games. Did you -- I should know that Washington that -- -- -- -- -- probably Miami it'll probably games and have one yet. 03. And and and to him as one access. Action on the don't know it is the case necessarily Washington wash it real life he's played same team. There's no team you know teams play more than one team so far. I concede that point. -- their their -- and to request -- -- to say it would more. At leisure in its. Acrimony yet if you segment as answer the question your tickets. Coming up next is into the question are you going Monday after the after the show big -- with the listeners they said yesterday -- resulting in Alia -- like blackbeard one. For all their new listeners via salt -- by -- it looks like the enemy doesn't look like a beer drinker. You know like you -- You know actually Wear a sweater -- like you all guys who were sweater vest on print you know fronts on the ticket you're not well dressed guy a guy who can actually went and -- it. Why should approach super hi I take offense I saluted me -- anyone in this place on the table -- ever put together. But does it look like a beer drinker. No. Pockets you have an occasional side but now maybe popular hot summer day but again Kensing gunned down a six there -- drink a beer in my life. Really it appeared that all your life. I've not had you know why does is just doesn't get the job the hope is that -- -- your last alcohol I had was would you guys. When you bought me shot. I don't drink. Once the occupy her -- we geologic trust me I see ideas are about half a cup opposite that's what was -- the hotel bar yet yet I remember actually split the tablet -- representing a 27 -- at address that's the last summer and you're kidding and I don't you know posting -- I'll go to the bathroom a crap the -- out have a -- it's good to go. Why it was a well do you remember discus with a drug ever being there we look now. Is. And socket for the drink. Yes or electric and good for anybody -- -- I mean is it would my Fam family itself and iPad like troubled past 100 election -- well he's drink to excess are younger now at. One of them yes what if not don't wanna see me not officially quitter and I had. That's what you are you guys in the that was that was -- last that's what Charles -- says the Dennis leader in -- in the shadow and as the absence. People can change of change gave a tricky because it does that mean exchanged in Europe plus. Unless you know what happened your -- it would it would don't have too much would it mean drunk no annulment on the frankly I'd become a talk a lot real friendly smile no laughing problem. Melbourne I would drink a lot law aka the -- that probably just don't know how many -- -- can't want to -- can't stop. Self control for that I don't know. So you imagine this -- that was last stop it and I don't know yet -- occasion occasions like that that's fine I'll have you know whatever but very -- so last time Greg who was -- with us over -- and that was not a bad experience who was. -- have a shot against comfortable -- -- I shot I don't remember this title -- he. And again I. I I don't. Album ever by an inning which he did the waitress came over I was sitting with Bradford and she said -- over the I want you guys dash -- it sounds like you yes that's right -- attractive waitress and yes I had a shot one over talk you guys ripped everyone else here. What if you went to bed that was an idea hung over the next thing. That's sports part of you know once I'm not anymore just one just Soledad today is like six -- banners and some Scotch. It's like Rodney Dangerfield says in the easy money. I don't know how to sleep and how to pass how difficult it. Go to sleep right yeah there's a lot of weird you know everybody -- you know we gonna get them yet again on again I gonna wanna see. Minute Adams got stopped forever. I mean. Ultimately a yeah -- -- that I about that I can't picture. Like when your -- patch Tuesday. Last time you wrote them with meter he literally right. And it's true but the right as we can afford capital grownups and didn't drink the other day. Some lunch still trees price Dracula before and probably slapped her got some decisions too much that's too. As we did all right can't believe -- -- is Patrick to agree to adequate treatment. Yet so I Estrich I usually the data critique his march 18. Like January. Actually technically it was as they did have some of it Patrick yeah last street Saint Patrick's Day lives together when did the time when. You guys that call each other middle of the night at a let's -- do -- don't do what Dowd put down you know. Talked to get steam Steve's that would come from the troubles. Ever wants to talk about Couric -- in the Carlos talk about getting injury socked in and can you call Steve -- agree it's -- forty okay but -- Bryant to the car is right chuck you know now. He looked dog I've Brian what's up on Coke. We got a -- -- -- -- -- you where you can't go -- you know political syndrome once you pop you just can't. That's true that's true. Yeah I don't know what that means via its troop. It's just you know it got to a point in the most of them have been out in California I was younger after college. It would be you know -- much from compliments to the she called us to analysts. Harder proof. And it was you know you wake up and places in next few people you couldn't believe he actually if you if I'm going to go out tonight like our goal of the game Monday -- a cup will be his wife be disappointed. He came home and now it's Williams it's -- its -- -- that's very -- that you promised you know the car. Duluth the car yes I lost three -- yes it's like to look and it's a look at yeah I would how they running. What I -- like you he turned on opposite or no wind up places the next day in play I didn't know where what is in literally with people didn't really work with. Well you know eighties there was not I've ever done that yet. Blocked it was. That veteran. According to our it looked up to Steve Simmons the troublesome next may be not maybe ever -- maybe not it will mainly be. Texture to the AT&T Tex lines -- once Kirk woke up with a 75 year old hooker that's when he realized he had a drinking problem yeah that was a guerilla that you as a girl. She's been handed Josh Hamilton of WEEI. And you do need a babysitter I don't know I'm okay you -- jeweler -- you have. Keys to your own country does she have money missed some people have so much that -- -- Talk to let's talk to a Everett right ever. Eight acre well I'm really surprised that you would say that speech is dole motivate people different. At all when it comes to local -- in the game so. -- -- -- right right. Quite a run marathons -- and one of them you know most you know most ultra marathon is. Rehab people -- -- former. -- this is -- addiction pious are running. Really -- can I stop doing and it's true that's true. Yes so running is a replacement for alcohol yes -- and no more opens ago Columbia got -- buzzes yeah. Well what it in my might not bothered -- recovering alcoholic I wouldn't. I'll. Prepare you or in the Indian -- -- -- -- -- banks and I'm not that's why aren't you argue it if if you are it's a bit in our -- all the people lined up -- on Monday and they're screaming all the riders in the app. Question if he's had absolutely nothing or nobody was there would there be any look at this patient. Everett that say that's a rare good question that isn't great -- good -- say this I've run these all I've been small marathons in the Boston Marathon when it's mile 21. And you are bleeding in -- in -- it means nothing -- his -- yes. Italian he's your your -- you just so the women and elderly -- not spur you want to pick up the pace a little -- spurs you want a little bit and a different way and and you just keep running I think you're wrong you -- -- -- -- I've done that and I've done little races exactly and I did the -- -- so when you get toward the end bunch. Or you get the lake Olympic it's nice pictures very -- fence they have like well all the patients -- It right -- -- Aaron back legacy for -- -- I don't feel so bad anymore it's great that the thirty seconds later you still feel the same thing. It hurts the guys. And that would indicate political what I edit it in a Super Bowl and YouTube are Internet telephony how to walk in and Tom -- telling. Oh west or -- or our our -- reluctant to -- it but the idol that means absolutely not. I think rocks I think Wes is like oh my god really does this thirty seconds left in the Super Bowl this is it added that thanks Tom now. -- CNET every time they -- that they are on the -- -- any. Everything -- -- -- different examples we disagree yeah I think you're probably what it was his first one of the rare valid point by him and if you see these inspirational kids from the Jimmy Fund nor imported yet they had -- challenge. Clearly that past inspire you to say listen -- hurt. These people real points by last buyers you -- Thirty seconds or maybe it's only 32 -- that's -- -- -- -- the very same way habit where their next to global -- look at it whether exhausted with the worth a couple points. I know I don't think I agree I -- Obama go to guy who's why championships I don't think where -- is worth more than where healthy. That's -- course. Will you make you don't even get motivated buckets in the gym that's that's -- -- that's -- our guards are just hard it's so unfair so you know that's I don't know you anymore that's when mayor. They're completely disagree with the fact that where is more valuable pertinent news injured Tom. But I also want to say that. People in the recovery community. I'll speak in more meaning and we have a thing called yet. And when you haven't experienced all the terrible things new light. And you get pressured into taking a shot here or shot there are other things can happen to you that haven't happened yet. Judge says -- I'm sarcasm this really quick -- -- before get to goofy that's not my situation I just stop because it is it it's just it's not related to within -- -- final meeting shareholder meeting over it's nothing like that's a personal choice there. Pocket for personal choice and that's fine. But I do believe that the motivation. That you can get -- coaches and from year I'll lose. And in depth LP book or -- obviously the time between games. It will it will wanna walk if you're if the motivation is -- some here are keeping. And it puts you bet practice harder every single day of course that's gonna translate into. A better. But overall game but the -- Why do you think we're having such a good show today is because of that speech that Keenan Davis at right tackle sites before we brought -- Hanson portrait the lights on we don't call the office. Right now and his. To. That's you due stolen from him I did indeed the idea always said when the best guys those speeches is Marty shot it -- all the time -- about why he won ten games every wind into us why should. What happened in January. They said Belichick could -- -- -- -- Tug of picture but you know except for the stuff we see an NFL films. And the best players are saying gets a -- -- subject comes up -- reasons that that they would -- is respected. And every coach does that -- better than others. It does give you an edge if it's almost necessary you can just say -- Google play Google. I know for a one texture to the AT&T -- like when you're running Kirk and -- hot sweaty chickens running toward you. -- to suck in your -- start running a little faster and she's not even giving a motivational speech know what I do is five -- -- Hampshire Jerry knows this effort grows attractive running the same pace as you. You -- right behind there you'll see you should drive these. Us and mass challenge until veto it love it. You literally run behind girls like how -- power to rush hours. It is the best part the usually fit yet they wearing bike shorts. And they have a name tag with their address. If you Smart you know he's a savvy -- you know it didn't -- it'll say in whenever that her name than under adults say don't Natick mass. And the you know play area I'm -- -- regular I mean if I tell this to single as a mass challenges the and guess what you know with their statement yeah everyone stays the same place the same reason do when you run you run to music. I don't you do so I don't know sometimes more often not I don't know -- would you why do you. Why do like your time now a distraction stress you to write like that I -- to share credit for -- to go by fast on the lied he had not -- could you just want to suffer. One point one because it's more painful though music. Well depends -- if you're running a busy sort of running I don't like to have which Tony -- by truck. Really solid he's able to learn that Rhodes went pitch and it went beyond you'll hear is much you can't you know as -- where's the do you have to headphones over you're driving a car. Now though while I would never learn and ride a bike I see people do pregnant like they're insane right. But running a little different. You know you're not running cross know when you -- -- where the the the -- with everything -- toward France fewer of those allies -- I don't -- the yellow. -- -- yet you do have to Wear the share of the idea here issue or yes funny it's it's a gradual concession my first horizon you know I was cool kids regular. That's such a -- post season but eventually don't want -- like sounds like you have bike -- -- up on the -- -- the -- and -- -- -- -- to see you see the guys who run poorly by the pressure again two year -- you get a pan mass challenge -- clinic went from a team at least -- routine. So I get like two new ones like them doesn't already yeah and in an emblem -- days in the week to Wear but. It's I used to ride without a helmet you know brain eventually says that -- And then you fall off that -- -- candidate coaching music clubs through -- to think those were -- but if he answered it around the globe so eventually we all and the luckily fully equipped like geeks.

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