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Dale Arnold on Jagr's Bruins debut

Apr 5, 2013|

NESN's Dale Arnold joined D&C to break down Jaromir Jagr's debut with the Bruins. Dale said that while Khudobin has been outstanding the job is Rask's for the foreseeable future. Lastly, Dale is cautiously optimistic about the return of Patrice Bergeron.

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Our conversation with Dale Arnold has brought to you by Joseph and -- golf performance center and by Salem waterfront hotel and marina has always deal joins us on the AT&T AT&T -- LTE good morning -- -- -- According -- take a climate policy armor jogger -- -- about it I would think someone -- Hum well you're -- -- yeah. The liberal particularly. Always left you -- giving him an audit that -- Really I -- all. See now he made a rule these out and and I tell you right now Kirk is not inherited all his old man airline. Does that as an era eight. They fair to say younger it was the center of attention but Rask was the best player on the ice last night. -- would start I mean what army are crucial because of -- view very the only goal all of -- Tuukka -- with spectacular. He kept saying you're accused in the past when. -- he's not playing well flop around a little bit he says you know I went per -- and and we. Kind of adopted that we were talking about his game well at no point last. -- called for a swim yeah he was upright and square. He was all solid shooter. It looked as good as he put all your long. Forty saves seventeen saves the first period his third shot out so much the goalie controversy I suppose I don't. Which I didn't buy into any -- and by the way you could get anybody in the Bruins organization -- attic of a kick out of some of the talk radio up over the last few days attempt on the go into a wreck and back up goal. And and they are not afraid to play him in any circumstance against any opponent. But he about the -- and this is clearly and arrest scene. He's clearly the starter. I know for a fact that they want. I'm beyond this year I want to sign him you know as some sort of a street -- your contract will keep yours as an important goaltender for the foreseeable. -- can't have it on two putters in your bag can't have two quarterbacks. And you have two goalies is that what you cargo is the one and and would would Bruins do that in the playoffs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I am I -- you guys talking about this earlier today and and you're right at their operation and the rule here. But they won't do that playoff it will make it look at a number one goaltenders back goaltender. I know it's a cliche and Gerri -- the nail on the -- earlier like quarterback if you got more than one you don't have. And that's we can play. So -- -- and wouldn't play at all unless. Brasco and heard -- really slumped. Or you know one of those deals where you have -- team is up -- album a lot. You know steal a few minutes of rest for years starting goaltender that would be the only circumstance I would be implying occupy Iraq. Start the playoffs and and we'll beat goaltender. Probably until -- done whatever that. Is is younger strength of his game is his puck protection his strength his legs the ability to carve out space really -- dirty places and get -- were a lot of people don't -- venture. You know it's funny. A misnomer about him people and and -- because he's up and fight. There's this site be out there that saw than what is Arkansas he's got up but besides the -- And and unit and -- is Barry Petersen played with his rookie year that other than -- -- never seen anybody built from the waist down like jogger. And not only -- go to those dirty areas actually scored all last right now it's got a couple things off the skate ever I don't need that. But he scored the goal because he was going to the net. And he was locked up with the defense and puck deflect off him. We're watching some sort of write to him full on holding -- so often that back side he has some control in the park. So called the -- in the same thing. It got physical specimen and it it it hit it and yesterday when I was -- morning skate. You just don't like the scene that awful right out of their equipment that is a bit. At least six great quarter from forty counties that big guys. Did it surprise you at age 41 of all the forwards and sediment on the ice last night he logged the most time on the ice. Now I mean he was getting that that's -- ice time in all of this well. -- the other thing is they only had one power like he played an entire power play and what I was watching the morning skate yesterday. And they were running through their power play -- idea what it looked like. They had two power play units. They changed or died on the ice and on remote unit. And that's what they did last night during game as well he's yet. Incredibly. I mean the stories are legendary open Philadelphia and -- In both places know a thing where they had to keep the facility because he was there all the hours that they might show up at 11 o'clock right. What Arnold we did that and -- waited hockey stick and lot of the -- -- now. I mean literally like that when the Celtics played two nights ago. It was in the building 8:9 o'clock at night during the Celtics game working on it fixes and getting itself ready for the game the next day. You don't work out warrior incredibly it's like he's gonna play beyond this year he said that yesterday -- retiring anytime. Is he gonna play here dale I mean. -- amazes me that a 41 year old guys the make and for that million box what does the future hold for him. I think -- that well. He definitely gonna play next year and Arabic laudable and say yeah I think you might be playing here. Michael back to the Mark -- situation -- acquired him when he was forty. Eighty -- case it was forty or they acquired recchi and an exciting to a two year contract extension. They wind up until the second year of the contract extension and that mark. Retired you know age 42. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see them and give our current contract extension here -- Might get it to him on the team next. Does say considering you -- and -- and makes no sense to you does that -- screeching Horton and Lucic the sort of heat up the middle ornaments with that line. Well it in the short term you have a choice because that the injury to -- and you really had to do what you did last night. In the long term -- it's not what I would prefer city I would prefer to see lunch each crate she and -- together. I would prefer to keep march on shaken and Bergeron as a unit leave them alone and that that the it is aren't like that. That consists of early Kelly and or -- right which is a legitimate scoring light in the NHL you can have. Real legitimate scoring line what line that can chip in from time to time. That you got it -- it's very tough place. Sagan who won only three of twelve faceoff is that a problem going forward dale. He talked about in -- cabinet. It back on the ice and practice more and there's got an app -- -- about Bergeron entry off the model where -- if you expect -- -- a concussion and I'd be -- -- exactly what he had to do in the short term but they -- the one of the areas. A concern I mean second patent complaints that are using junior instead in the NHL now for almost all seasons. I I hope he'll get that erratic but it's not they're gonna have to have two senators on the -- -- draw and and not let -- -- -- taking pace. -- what -- you hear about Bergeron here -- -- thing behind the scenes that you can share with us. I'm probably reading more into it -- I should let. When when Peter surely is trade deadline press conference. And he was talking about Bergeron. And he said can I talk to them about an hour ago and without walking. -- product jumped out at yet. -- -- -- You know unfortunately we have a lot of experience with concussions around here when Marc Savard got it in action and whatnot walking in and -- right. He was sitting in a darkened room with no TV aren't as he couldn't handle it. The fact that the tree was outside on a sunny day walking. I think indicated to me the make it wasn't that bad. That -- right here initially. It's described as moderate -- I'd love listening to the doctor you had on yesterday you don't it'll make that assessment until after. The upper right well it -- -- to -- comment at this point I'm I'm just maybe it's wishful thinking on my part. Think that's going to be more like a play -- a couple of years ago where he might missed. In ten days two weeks something like that and be back out. I hope that's the case let's reverse of that and take it to the worst case scenario the Bruins win the Stanley Cup without Patrice Bergeron. -- art you know I won't say -- it's simply not because. You know they ended up winning Stanley Cup without a red hot -- -- a few years ago after he -- can cast against Vancouver. It it's hard to picture scenario in which they went without Bergeron he's -- important -- that. Good stuff still appreciate the conversation will do what's this weekend. All right tell -- all our help our biggest -- at check in the mail more now. -- always secure the -- yeah prodigal son Dale Arnold joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Brought to you by Joseph and -- golf performance that are and the Salem waterfront hotel Henry.

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