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Chris Bosh had a really bad surprise at the end of his birthday

Apr 5, 2013|

The guys discussed how Chris Bosh had a really rough birthday party and described the absurd cake he had to celebrate the occasion. The guys also could not understand why athletes need so many expensive watches.

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We get to exactly what the surprise was for Chris Bosh -- birthday party after a Troy Davis during a long break. I -- into the office global Stuart Little breakfast at around 7 o'clock. The office is dark shattered dark pitch dark. A -- I walked into the to the -- a page here were out of stich and Whoopi are as of two geniuses as the environmentalist. Turning the lights off in the office right in the middle to show. What you put to stand up -- sheepishly I am so I asked him. Why. You feel compelled to turn the lights off in the office when it went in and out of there all Oshawa. Well you know my being my first week here at the eyes it was a emailed on Tuesday or Wednesday that we have left the lights on. And the TV on office by. -- He instructed me to make sure that -- -- lights off the lights. And so today you know I went -- their program. Myself well earlier. Realize lights -- -- I'd wanna help will be one active or have some concede that the lights on because I don't know if it was only when the room was vacant room left so I wanted to turn lights -- that was to avoid it -- email on Friday after. So the program director. Is still on the producers to make sure internal lights off in the TV's off if you're not with that -- you know what I would appreciate if you would unplug the fridge when you're not in there. Yeah. Milk and drink warm milk on its -- -- honest to god. Shutting the light off yeah office during work right. That's a palace used article on off on off off every bush -- yeah. That's the concern about right now with a freaking lights on time off and director Portland PM imagine deal with that. Chocolates often he would mess in mind that it would like that. Are right Chris -- we had a Campbell -- party. A Moroccan Tea Party but it -- of though displays gold breezed. Rise on the bay at bay shore due August 30 cents to one -- yeah he returned home Wednesday night. To find that hundreds of thousand dollars worth of merchandise. Have been stolen from his South Beach mansion. What she paid 121000012. Million dollars 340000. To be exact. The stuff this is 407. In Miami Herald the year. -- No yours yes this is from but the but the but -- but about I don't know tiptoe tracking aside dot com. 470000 dollar for the goods from watches and jewelry to purses and cash have been stolen from his hole while he was out on the town now. Raise your hand with something strikes you as awed here. The police report said their house to be an excuse me ransacked. The Miami Heat forward and his wife left their two children with two housekeepers while they were out at the party. And no one home reported hearing anything that can happen and that's just a little audio. They ransacked the house stalled nearly half a million dollars us off nobody heard anything that's a malignant site. Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said quote we are leaning on the side of this being an inside tiger attack at a somewhere there's a baby sitter who live -- -- this week and he cheek Conan now he's got an alarm system he's got out surveillance cameras to go look at the video from surveillance camera -- -- -- -- contractors hard to work on the house had access to the residents for the property. Check this out bosh whose wife said that among the stuff that was stolen. Purses. Totaling about a 155000. Dollars. Targeting idea why they're not like we are 155. For personal purses. Holding a 155000. Dollars along with 151000. Dollars in cash. It was in the house and twelve watches worth 300000. Dollars. But they left his NBA championship ring behind. Obama compassion there its nice to burglars. Yeah yeah his 20112012. NBA champion 31000 in -- -- -- thousand cash 300000 dollar with a watches and 155 grand in purses mean you have. A -- a couple of babysitters. And contractors in your house and you leave fifteen grand line around notes pocket change for a while he watches worth 300000 and then -- -- like locked out. Where's the money it's just and should that be wall safe somewhere twelve watches or paint in the Q where is the mall. -- I don't know what a month. When a month now that could -- watt -- -- I can't Wear a watch on -- it's my -- moments but can. He has a tendency to collect water he -- like to get where he does use toilet paper and he won't Wear a watch -- animals in Iran you know one I have a -- -- yet stink and that it's a nice watch that he -- and don't you feel like it's -- The can be constricted and it's a lot of yen yen and what if I don't double me I'm about to light when -- -- -- -- phone it's still legal yes yes it's useless and telling your generations the last one. Now -- -- what generate. Chris Bosh is younger and you -- not the -- but he's -- he's doing -- -- look at the time. Of months ago fashion statement and it has you know. Those -- be period that's what I'd love I have a good watched too nice watch -- and is my guy yeah I am indeed as well on the one. -- this is committed to. I'm getting the swatch that present an opportunity you guys first that's true war -- maybe at some -- assumption it is yeah that is definitely an search warrant that view is one of those but -- -- -- he's going to be 95 people in the hockey team. That's ridiculous study him say. What -- it was that grey -- like formaldehyde and they kept the survey asked if you're ambiguity can live for a I read into it SA guy and I and I said that as a good watch uses it to whatever it is that what you at least 594 watches. It under 94 collects them and this is our Internet cult that you always says something for everyone involved Kissinger there's an Internet cult where you trade -- -- -- yes you know by himself -- yeah just for fun just for kicks. Honestly if you had -- pre conceived and you know like when he had 290 moderate before he never Arum well. Look a little clip her car's right right you dig -- -- well. With you at all times you really need to know -- to -- your phone while. I think about this go to Jamal Lewis for how long question question -- elderly and the ball as well if falls in the Charles the fourth of July when honorable I don't rather. It beat the phone. But for -- a couple of hours I'd rather be in the wall like you leave it at home. Leave in the car rather be the -- but if you tell me. Lose your wallet credit cards pictures Monty you know little. Insurance cards and all that I says well I Tehran was my fault because you know you feel when you think you've -- -- wall. And yeah finding its its chaos you know you look at riders and their I have this evident that touch it and Tara -- 'cause when I travel time. I lived in abject fear that leave it like airport men's room -- back -- Larry Craig and you can faults or our cab it's just gone. And yes in a panic mode -- in the middle of whenever Chicago and you don't have wall. Well it it I guess because of the clout in you have all your contacts in the clout I guess a full does. Pretty easily replace go get another phony download that contacts in the McLeod. Right but you nobody a a large phone company I wanna say eight AT&T could like AT&T in my service provider -- I would say they did the study. They found out that the vast majority of Americans. Take. Three hours to realize they are without their wallet and about seven minutes to realize they're without their phone. -- larger much more on where men that you somehow you know lift your phone only kitchen table right vs your wallet on the. -- but the pain in the massive. New license new credit cards you do all that stuff gets a new condom -- yet on how that all that leg or the night and Alex yeah. And I would never worried but they -- me locker room house. Which means -- We're gonna do is electric right -- go to liquor cabinet but I have relatives -- Populist sterling silver write just that I and you know -- happening sterling silver. Do you do you know -- idol mussina iTunes. Use that in my house I think I have. It was -- -- the potato bar potato bar and a much greater amount I don't tell Barack to an end like. The next day we got up and -- was still there but I. -- the match I felt I have that shared put it right everybody was elect champagne or wine glass something yes you accuse it was a big. We call those things with the -- of the fact that I got drug but was mashed potatoes with all these different kind of top right scallions. Ravi -- nice she uses that as you know mr. moderation over there and just go up once. This is the point the program -- -- I don't like man I -- -- -- now I love I don't like scallions and Alex I expect like mashed potatoes and I -- there's an idea for you expert -- potty match at a car mom he's the kind of things you can do once and people remember them and the camp. Great -- -- -- table by licensing elicits a grown apart than just go to camco. -- that the -- of a what this means this comet would what does that mean. -- New Hampshire. Oh excellent public old we know that Oxley CDs the other it was you -- in the dark right now fairness of the lights out and Shenzhen New Hampshire say Jim good morning. Area. Our challenge that the answer the -- -- -- morale when I was living in derby. -- where it did CC sabathia is -- Panic in the -- -- incredible like that's like a men's clothing store and want to -- said he had to do everything with customer and -- I think you have to pick a special court with. Over -- sections. Once preached to us she is well. If you were elected as well it it. Really you know less expensive watches you have to want them. No wonder you get a wind or I have a wonder what you really. It's a little guy a little issue with a -- earnings -- to watch him. Every minute did you know that the cheap watches like my next guest Leo -- great time -- -- mess with them. That when -- you know running whatever. -- -- watches Latinos. Cartier tank while I -- -- you W want one but a day. You have to want him every time -- -- yeah I mean you have that watch because you look at times you like the fashion part I do yet and that's fine but I mean I just yet that's not I can't -- it's like slick professional might mean you go by what -- like at the pit bulls -- much cheaper in -- last forever forever -- I don't wanna spend all my little tiny bottle. That that is a good example up -- fifty role Alexis wouldn't you like like what Rolex and 49. The amount they don't know it's a cult thing how much -- I got a friend a -- -- Who's that he's using. The keys took a salesman you know. That work and he would say sometimes -- -- and India. It was Rolex thing for -- -- that fifty but he had like five or six how much is good Rolex the once a bathroom you combine Monday on do you. I don't -- how much -- 4000 bucks to 20000 dollars -- diabetic now and I don't -- much more than -- that he is the kind that sabathia -- -- twenty -- if you -- documents and -- -- million dollars so he makes a 160. I don't I don't really that I play amnesty I can explain this to picture some. 29 year old guy collects about the Bausch and you're jeweler what he said you could invest investment 'cause they'll know that's only here growing fast in the they see this thing innocent why wanna buy. Mutual fund board in the mutual under -- Or do I want a new Rolex. To -- told me these maintain their value. -- were you know that that. Inside watch people -- the Rolex BB the most over rated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's use public eyes -- -- I collect them -- and we should collect what watches Rolex -- which government collects Rolex solid guarantees got more odd. And on hobby. To collect watches a grown man that's not -- -- well I mean pretty better than you know you collecting belly button went to -- what -- you collect recollect -- -- and a grown man. -- can't collect any time. I don't even as -- Lexus. You'll know the day ritual the guy Scotty Cameron. The U Scotty Cameron -- -- -- -- at the -- begun Tuesday is on the camp -- look Scotty Cameron writers write me upon. -- collection is an exact if you have eight Scotty Cameron putter head from like. I asked to be six years ago. The crowd. Duplication. Of the Rolex logo is on the putter hit on the putter cover. Until Rolex found out about it. Sued Scotty Cameron it's a futile changer logo on your putter cover. We're gonna -- -- so no longer. The Scotty Cameron on his putter covers how below go from -- he has something different similar but different if you have one. We'll potter covers of the Rolex 01 that's a collector's. Is this real this is a picture of he said he sees about his cake. Now bosh is a -- -- connector what is that what are you start from that you're the first person cut would you cut if you can ascribe that your owner Jerry when it gets it. It's. As or when -- were born to an elephant that's chocolate elephant. Shot shall I see now some of the notes that chocolate elephant or -- in the middle isn't all that looks like -- It is hoping that yeah he's riding the talk little dog case it is a big chocolate elephant in writing team is a little -- guys. But honestly would put it into first thirty this is twenty ninth on top. He -- chocolate elephants are no I'd -- probably in the -- adult in the yup that's a Dexter says I. Was given a oh I was given a Rolex for some -- want to -- -- Rolex I was awarded a Rolex from -- drop at the first day I got it shattered the -- 800 dollars to -- not yet you that are dollar repair.

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