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Ryan Dempster postgame press conference

Apr 4, 2013|

Ryan Dempster spoke to the media after the Red Sox lose game 3 of the set w/the Yankees, 4-2.

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Wagner and talk about you and to me. Yeah. Just you've got to pitch back again and so the field and made. There's a lot of good pitches and comfortable balls stolen. And that was enough to win the game. -- hit a lot of swing passes and I was missing you know. Couple walks. You know I'm not trying to make extremists trying to make it. So kind of the way it worked out there and my pitch count up -- -- good job playoffs pitch to him. And they knew they featured a game and and knows the difference that could put over -- -- for Clinton Era to play. You have neither -- restriction. Known over base who's broken just on the responsible. And -- -- situation you wanna do much to get there and I didn't that you made it. His swing a ball and the ball felon and that was an announcement again it's this way ghost camps recruitment and make pitches like that you know none of which -- Yeah I mean you know I it still comes with a that we just put his focus and just keep trying to make those pitches and make as many qualities you can and hopefully the results and the team didn't. -- -- When we will. You know. Obviously it's good reputation he has inning both of our guys do they become. You know behind the -- in and we're lucky. Plus teams don't have that depth. You guys do really good. Yeah wants. -- I always have you know I'm not. The -- went what he's been able to do over his career. You know to come back out of retirement -- in the classroom and -- -- such -- worker. You know guided. Think you should look up to his peers because he does things -- Wayne was about. Was ultimately he's he just knows how to pitch and -- did you. Dempster.

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