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John Farrell postgame press conference

Apr 4, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after the Red Sox lose game 3 of the set w/the Yankees, 4-2.

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You can talk about Boris -- and you know -- stay away from. Some damage in a couple innings -- men on base. Two out base hit by overbay and then I thought Carter had a good pitch on the ballpark to him first pro. In right field but to you know high number strikeouts some walks mixed in. Pitch count really down trying to -- things are -- want more of retirement and well he did look like Alter the night. A lot early outs benefited by three -- little place. It's very your game against Michael Vick doing and think. Yeah action in the first inning Johnny always past always he's going from second third and he -- were Pettit is on the -- feels -- -- be tomorrow plate but. It's ability at a nice recovery drop the -- block home plate it. -- Well you know we've got a pretty good matchup of -- at the plate who's had some success against -- but you know she's an aggressive base runner and in this case didn't work out. -- I thought the ball that David Ross had a chance ago or you know he's giving it right and -- -- exactly catch up against the wall and just from we seem to get a little momentum finally be able to breakthrough of the components. You know he shuts down with -- play and so -- and can talk about -- you -- -- -- -- You are again I think we put a good series overall showed some comeback ability in the ninth inning against halves of those close in the game. -- just but a solid three games later New York. -- -- against strikes on the look for pretty tight with a -- back -- named a number of pitches handsomely missed it was cutter. But the biggest thing was a three key double plays via. It. It. You know get a very good split changeup tonight that I got to number swing and miss too. I thought it made a number did this is that you know he didn't get some calls today and -- he fell behind some hitters counts and didn't give him. I think there's more -- -- -- walks and -- are probably more pitched into the situation not giving him rather than. You just can can part the strike zone fastball counts. Yeah -- you know Ross -- got a tremendous reputation Indianapolis. -- shut down a running game did it again tonight whose English is with a couple very good tags at second base on some balls that you know we're short talked to him. But I thought defensively we put a very good game him. You know with middle books it's -- second -- shipment. And now. Based on the information we have I'm saying this far and that -- second baseman shortstop over and over and why -- -- number of balls that are closer look back and put our defender was the best range in the in the area where. We have. Information on a greater number of balls are things that.

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