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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04.04.13

Apr 4, 2013|

Salk talks a lot, so what? Plus think unsexy thoughts for that last message, will ya?

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If you won't -- said I don't. And I didn't. -- now analysts negativity that's in this town Sox beats Mike job with -- -- can holing. Dial 6177793535. Nice city will in now Mike Dunn Wei goes the Colombian we've phase -- maybe don't really we saw economic. Again Roger by AT&T WE I live available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T the official wireless provider. But the Boston Bruins almost four G coverage anywhere in new England and what are we got. They are -- I don't believe you read the patriot I don't think you could. Well -- that we don't know what duplicate what Africa. Is backing. And yeah. If the short Brcko. For what is your book is -- -- buried -- this is a book by the way about about the patriots. It's called the patriot Raymond. I'm reading from chapter nine -- finding the missing piece that you run and this is all about people most important thing in their life is the job. And the people who work there had better have opinions on things no moderates squishy squash and this thing you know last great life lessons I think. -- -- -- have to agree with Rush Limbaugh. But when he talks about your book on his show did he do that it's not a bad day if you do that I -- here are unclear. What if it could have gone there. All of on the page -- page right. I am or my -- awkward spot that I'm very well. Hadn't yet there are. Well but I'm -- -- they really. You know it's bad. It is very I would yeah red. You know -- if they don't. Product placement -- again. The Red Sox commercial world all he got it got to talk to -- about that he has he has the -- -- With Jokester -- you've heard have you heard Joseph drop by Shaw's well like the shot WW -- Red Sox are in network it just in the middle. It's almost like -- a Red Sox still in the Yankees coming out. Also the WNEI Red Sox radio network he invented the word -- it's great. By the weighted average of the of its media officials furniture -- -- the patriots and you -- the commercials or preserve or restore your eyes. It's the same furniture store or why can't they be official for just horrible. I think they get to choose sides your -- and -- name names sugar. Candy I think. Jokester -- own social laws better than anybody says anything. Out. -- Let's let nation in the medical would -- -- don't all have to go. What it would show. Up. We have been hit one apparently -- -- what this we have. And trying to emulate last year's ace Josh Redick does that beard is tough. It's cold this -- stuff live and in that thing called gotta have beards to visit beard Napoli got something go right. Who knows -- ski mask on yesterday. -- but that was the -- You know what I realized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- didn't have. -- -- -- -- -- No. I believe in the truth and this message. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is. This -- I don't know what. Completely reported that might come up output. And this message. There are nice going that's a little bit. It is dark days I would -- -- hockey schools. That it got -- that I don't clot out of played -- line. Wow let's see what the practice. You're a big shot now. That would know would all but -- not get a life. Is that how I was -- I didn't know what all that those not from -- -- and know at all who knows nothing what you did today. This is what -- decided to do but this through what I would do as though we get paid to do man. Haven't you know that probably get paid to do yet you let not our job is that not part of our job that's part of the job but it's just the -- the juxtaposition. -- That's the way he's doing it he's the coach and he gets the right to do it and he's probably right. I would do it differently that's -- we are. Every time Terry Francona took out a batter or two get a pitcher rather or replace somebody or org changed the lineup. Don't we all play manager coach or GM or whatever and try to figure out what we would do we were in that spot -- usually after the fact. What does that now after the fact no it is this is before the fact. This is what we actually let it play out OICC you get the benefit of hindsight -- -- -- pretty good job right on it. An Italian thing I'd do without the benefit of hindsight I'm gonna say what I do now that if I'm wrong I'll take all the crap that goes with a problem right. All the crap that goes -- no crap all of the crap that goes whether you're talking about. -- -- -- -- -- -- Department froze under which equipment mouth are minor minor public -- -- select reporting it was just OK -- -- -- hit a bit. -- -- -- -- And it's showing you sound like communication breakdown samba partner to embark -- a difference. Because there's a -- Cecil once. So it was here -- I like that though I think we should listen to the people who hate salt as much as possible. You're rap over flew over the -- -- around -- No. Deal. You know revered aren't great WB ER dot com and and I can tell you how many times that there. Scream that the -- -- -- market and since then and nobody bested. It welcome there and I don't know if it's aggressiveness to -- before well. He plays on my name where they just never it'll. Now what that was the best play you've ever heard in your life in my life I've never ever ever it was either sole gain. Drinking the eight -- you -- -- and so is this I still like the silk ones those are funny and and a party started hadn't had one. And they want the guy who says he said that I was calling a room barbarians what does he call it more like alcohol that was good. Charles -- if you wanna buy a friendship with the beard move now if you want to read blog. That is now do -- Beers and may make it happen. In a hit today -- it it may kind of money they guys don't hit so to Fenway Beers. Whether it's 750 rape victim computer a 750 in men neglected was an 850. While depends what kind of -- you want it. So it's it's probably you know somewhere between 1517 dollars yeah -- -- that you're gonna have -- kind of kind of money do you think I have -- minority tried to tell you what I may. -- -- we tried. Cannot -- out there now -- get out if you -- see exactly what -- -- pretty good and you could find out that I can't afford to -- everybody to what -- -- -- be -- -- go on -- radio al-Qaeda -- I will buy you a bit -- coming out with us. Michael I'll buy you beer the are costly and I don't know I don't know just in terms that you thought I think you know I didn't off tonight and how other day that's gonna hang out talking about yesterday you were all over -- people beer not all of it's on May all ball over hanging out typical. -- college. Courses that are thrown. Electric but other way. Then. That trilogy not. Right now it's wrong exit art and sciences now think about -- are out easy answers your question there but there's an easy. -- And yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't. -- every campaign -- can't get out out this yeah. I've sat up below average parent than we did not help but don't -- well. -- and a bad credit and -- call them battle it out a bit about. Ten. What the magnetic. I don't. Bob Bennett that -- And. -- -- -- Well I don't know whether rings or he any match the whole North Korea things creepy. We said it earlier -- -- time we get a tweet right after sort of way to go out on -- -- salt being creeped out by north your area. And I. What that. Tell us how he gets. Good -- -- -- will be about the Boston show that's good. That's so cool. Cool cool cool program aren't -- Baghdad today. And you see savers make it through the year no no he won't he won't make it here you got to wanna make it easier he's not a part of the well. He's not he's not part of that plan that ideal plan to get to Hanrahan and and I think they are tipped their hand you look at ideal plan as what they did. The first game of the season. And he wasn't a part of that mix. I think we're in the it was. Well. And your nasty guy. That's -- mass -- -- -- got to finish -- it's that is tomorrow is nasty dude I was an end to Mike powered by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. Most -- coverage in new England's. Yeah I mean that's just that's. Yes that to get over it -- -- before into the -- to Panama will answer that question. The easy answer to the matrix vs Lord of the Rings trilogy question is that the best single movie is the matrix but the best trilogy is by far lower. It is it's gonna answer it's the only chance. I would. A fight that's what -- -- -- would have trouble. That is I just really hard on my god I'm not gonna get myself for the trouble that way it yourself and what mobile. Everybody everybody everywhere wait wait until you see the people lined up. For your Monday. Mike that just like a big -- the matrix trilogy of all the matrix is revolutions was actually really good movie you go to the two -- 22 minute mark. I don't think you -- -- people like that who who went on Monday the whole that whole stereotype and hurdler guy got -- well was that Geithner now. Going to be -- going to be angry. A little edge and that's why we're gonna find a -- and are now apparently -- body -- soldier you're you're you're chipping out on -- -- because because buying -- takes the edge off for a usually when you buy appear for somebody takes the department you wanna -- -- -- at the art house on Monday. After our show we get done at 7 o'clock in the marine and head over their answer the question -- next sent the text 37937. We will answer it's alcoholic WB.

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