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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 4/04/13

Apr 4, 2013|

Before we end the show, you ask us anything, we answer.

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-- It's. Time for answering the question jerk answer the question with soccer and holly is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer the questions it answers the question yeah. It's the question -- -- -- by heiress restoration specialists appear any property your facilities manager or an insurance pro call heiress to a jury having disaster restoration game plan in place only 774611111. Or a terrorist you're. Dot com Mikey -- with -- says he tends to. It who -- -- what are you doing any legislation to turn off your mind lately lately just trying to entertain myself let's as the thing I don't know like that -- -- -- you're doing voices are you working on some production -- yeah. During yes you could do so they're not -- meals on tour is it going to be a one man show. But it big accomplishment of thoughtful. The subject would you see a -- -- one mention we're always a whole bunch of different characters Tyson admitted -- aggressive and have to pay for it like -- -- -- look Erica I'll copy. Odd I've seen them I'd like he won't pay for his one man show but I'll pay for your book. I don't even take a free version drug dealer and you won't take up in your -- -- who paid for the drinks last night. Last night. Game we got together now play it I just saw Michael there he was -- much -- ground. Serious we feel intersection again maybe. Maybe they'll you leather residue on you very -- Jerk chicken veal or eggplant -- -- -- eggplant socks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You try to -- you know and under the above and I'll give it to somebody you don't like part of giving away. Answers given away while you know what part. The first person I've ever heard a first person everybody -- arm away and jock emotions itself that would harm on Columbus. It's a good spot Newton for chicken farm -- -- Bob -- Bob's a ball great great chicken farm. Next question. Do you think that hangover when the third version comes out will be the best true. I think it's. I think it's going to be bad had a seizure is the only answer -- lived while lifted. -- -- -- through there on a personal sucked and I -- in the rare mine are okay he needed it. Did you see it. Three months after yes yeah exploits every over to see you dated I thought it was terrible. So it's -- -- answers -- it's it's that sophomore is that even I don't mind -- I just thought it was dumb sophomore is supposed to good sophomore studying in the trilogy conversation that it's not in my not my -- -- issues next question. There was also by the -- came out ninety and ninety but got hurt her younger debut godfather theory because the first two were so good god father of three can hold it hold abandoning the -- can hold its -- and -- -- conversation. Because the first two dominant right. That can take that weak link there yet and still win. Some very good Michael after our visit your question for both you yes you -- to drive alone across the entire country and you have no radio. What three albums would you take from three different artists. Takes an hour to do this show. On that. This is what things has -- through hell do you have -- -- women's right captain Antonio greatest hits. -- -- -- -- Roberts. Barbara solely on your loss. That's what they have we have. No radio he's got the real goal and going cross country you need. -- double albums are prepared to go to help counter right. But yet the -- got one item I got mine to exploit low end theory of course. Yanks are stepped -- to -- Fluid pool that. You would go. Hip hop hip hop between. Us I would go with sublime forty -- to freedom rush chronicles which is kind of cheating because it's the greatest hits -- -- And probably Metallica's master. To go wrong with that I'd like James Brown anything like that James Brown obviously is that he cannot go wrong Richard -- you're gonna project it will want. James Brown -- you can go wrong. Not to go to as Russian history so ask your point of saint. James. Brown it's obvious that kind of book is that -- Iraqi for right. Yeah. Gotta throw some Stevie Wonder and there and Steve you want to it wants to double album double problem -- Next question how many seven year old could you beautiful wants. 11117. Year old and a twelve you'd be in trouble now like to and easy up and now we're bigger stronger faster and cover so dateline -- Andre. -- you while it. How many seven year old just before they would over -- fall for stuff that's about to break -- -- in the year it. -- if you're probably a lot right now bush and we -- was seven years old yours obviously -- easy years exactly but it is seven girls are Prince Fielder. Shortly -- that he is one of fat seven year old was delicately boo -- like half a bigger small -- -- Next question Dirksen what does the statute of limitations -- -- -- statue but what is the statute of limitations on dating friends next. -- wait at least the next day while. United said dating a threat so these are single you're absolutely I think this is none of that got to marry others on America's got tricky. Because you can't do that and a -- we're not talking about -- -- -- getting your your for an extra 52 -- seconds. Stop it. Well there's a process. It's probably. Somewhere and it's probably four to six months depends on how it ended two for ex girlfriend lives and how it ended is in our -- is what a fraction of how long they actually dated each other -- -- -- two years after we won I don't know -- that time if you still have feelings are done. Used if she dumps you OK and you can't get over it. Well well maybe it's like to read -- hard today. -- your body. Nobody heard what coach dropped the girl Ryan and now you want debater yes did you just ask your bank isn't the answer to go to audience am interest in -- that girl's -- -- and I can't -- -- right -- -- do that -- whether she's a -- you don't like I would definitely wanna do that is if somebody wanted to -- in my -- soon after -- broken up there won't vice -- I want my -- to come to means they -- And it just didn't do that -- you call that no -- I don't I don't necessarily want your blessing on it. I wanna tell you about it -- republic dictator. You might you might hate you I didn't wait to not only just for no good reason now I know I'm gonna support you but I'm not asking. For your blessed right. So they used to think it. Excuse. But that doesn't work that has systems that's I think you go to guy I don't guy says no. Portable that your your market you're guessing no and deprived me of the up that I ask. What I should do at each other nice thing to do to me that's how we should treat each code and its treatment. This is so we've evolved from being -- I think that the good that I know -- -- next question I -- up on the dirt -- -- -- you -- during a restaurant does not being. -- -- -- -- Depends -- -- -- -- We're just -- the fuse is planning and getting some sleep you windows people are absolutely few quick flight. Structurally. -- but your quick flight instructor like you're part nobody -- that it is. 0634. It. Out and applied it and -- six our -- are usually -- just got it calculated and all -- all your carry on under the seat in front of -- when you. Talk a window nobody -- what I now realize is that the real answer is as long as -- flying without your -- it doesn't matter here. If you're flying with your -- you can have the wind you can have the dial it doesn't matter -- miserable because you've got -- -- -- -- well and when -- consequently -- -- that your kids you'll sit in the middle of five people doesn't matter because it's so much easier stuff happens it was your -- and then it and if you have the window -- -- always -- of this and that and a pilot says ladies and on the -- the right side of the -- you can see whatever it is democracy. There's the Soviets after you actually pretty. Good program they're like really I -- jurors I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that would be. -- -- the fat ass. -- -- coming up next we'll be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock. The running part.

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