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Jaromir Jagr makes an immediate impact for the Bruins

Apr 4, 2013|

Salk and Holley discuss what they saw at B's practice today, and how the presence of Jagr will change this team for the better.

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It's a great opportunity form displayed their most of his career and given an opportunity. It's something that I think he deserves. So where will CO -- and that's not the coaches do which they do. It just. -- Julianne this morning on Tyler Sagan who switches to sensor. -- army or younger will play the wing on one side Brad marsh and on the other side of that's your new second line for the brought to the first line remains intact and went down to morning skate this morning Michael -- wanted to see what that would look like want to see. The buzz around younger and there was significant buzz all the TV cameras that are pretty crowded around them. In the locker room it was nice to see and I mean he's he's got a presence to -- which you would expect for guy's been in the league as long as he has scored many goals. As he has but I want it to see what it was gonna look like we debated yesterday whether they would slides taken over to San Aaron. It's not what I would do. It's not why not cover art to me right and we -- -- yesterday exhibit after that is that you went to morning skate. Had an opportunity here quote explain it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The need to have a center right now somebody like -- -- -- -- Bergeron and the need to ask him playing in his regular spot and be comfortable with what will be doing come playoff -- playoff time this was -- -- -- I think you say it's as part of everybody's hooker rule description. We don't expect people just to be. In one spot and then can move around like you don't UCL a Beverly -- he's a Winger to complete senator. -- another one achilles' Harry complain when we've got a lot of guys that it. And versatility that weighed down by his late senator and junior. So we got a lot of that stuff going on and so we put guys in certain position for the most part tolerated and there. PG uses the word versatility and it's a good one and to me. There's a patriots element of that right building eighteen with depth with some versatility. Where guys complacent multiple spots and protect you in case somebody goes down to love the fact that they're built that way. I love the -- can slide over the place banner that day he mentioned -- I didn't even know that the -- came up as a senator and yet Sagan who we nosing natural sentiment played that position -- -- -- and all the way up until becoming a pro with the Bruins when he was moved away. I like that they have bad gap in and versatility in their team. On the other hand. -- -- defense of team first right we wrote that about them their popular on his defense system of quotes we know sickens biggest. Hurdles still to climb is some of his defense. And we know that it's much more important for the senator to be able to play that defense especially when you're gonna have jogger on one wing who's not exactly known for his ability to back -- get you know help out on the defense side of the -- I would feel a little bit better me the way I would do it as I would want knowing that I'm getting if I know that I'm gonna get Bergeron back. By the playoffs. I would rather have -- playing is naturally his position that he's going to be playing. In the playoffs and just skate his claim to be comfortable what he's doing. Have the muscle memory and everything is working the right way for him to be the most effective Winger. That he can be now. If you're telling the Bergeron is not going to be able to return. I've backed off I say hey you gotta do what you gotta do you've got to find a way to to succeed it. Without one of if not your best player but he is gonna be coming back and you are gonna keep that line together. I guess on the street is doing this for gamer to it. -- -- -- -- okay well and that's where you're sitting here you're talking Italy many reasons that's why we don't see you. Pro friendly cursing in English and French and I freely recognize that by the bench part of part of the unit that is almost it's a lot of fun is that we get credit we get to how well well what we would US that question the cold responded to US to imagine what I did yes aren't. We shouldn't. Because all we didn't eat he didn't give you position versatility like like Bill Belichick talks about all the time but the very Bill Belichick answer. -- left tackle is not just left tackle you play right -- to play guard. The darkened place senator. If we don't we don't just believe in strong shape he's in preach -- these they can play both positions right and that's what -- just answer to Beverly Beverly can be -- very dubious honor. Tyler Sagan. Is a center. That's what he is in now this is a fantastic opportunity for him to play his natural position I can play both positions. And I think he has done well and he's improved as a two way player I would say he's a liability. I really is a liability to complete player I don't and I must say that he. I think I think here about leopard do you expect him to go play center on that second line and play defense with Bergeron has this what I expected him. Maybe he you know I don't expect him to be like Bergeron Bergeron we talk -- yesterday. They have to their top two players and team -- their leaders on the team. They don't Chara and and Patrice Bergeron so I don't expect him to be the second best player on the team automatically just because like I've not available. But I won't be surprised to see. -- taken goal off. And thrive in this role because he's not going to be thinking what do I do here is gonna go back to doing what he's always done. If the pros he's had to make the adjustment. He's playing against better competition obviously. But in terms of knowing the nuances of the position I think he's going to be -- we'll see. I don't I don't get that feeling not my gut tells me that it's not gonna go that way -- certainly said in the first -- we played coming in there that that he's reserving the right to change this up if he doesn't like the way it looks a look I'll be curious I hope you're right Michael I certainly hope it's Aiken comes out and he does feel unfettered in three. And the center position he's able to do more things and he's able to not have to play on the wall as much in the open space is great for his game that's certainly a possibility and it certainly won't shock me. If that's the case but. I think that in in in a perfect world -- he never would have done this if Patrice Bergeron was hurt we agree on that that's her he was comfortable -- -- the way it was an of that line is going to be reunited which I think it would be soon as Bergeron comes back. I think I'd rather have have have -- -- -- bit fragile and and -- you know what it's third season mentally fragile not from a physical percentage but just in terms of his development I want his development to continue down a positive road. And and I'm with a guy who is important to their future as he is. I'm a little bit hesitant to do anything that could that could injure that. That upward climb and that comfort ability I think they need him to BH solid right wing goal scorer in the playoffs now. If this means the Bergeron isn't coming back and I can certainly see how you'd read the tea leaves and see the only reason -- -- makes this move is if he doesn't think he's going to have Bergeron back this year and I understand I make it stinks. I sure don't wanna see like for the Patrice Bergeron and I think they go from being a Stanley Cup contender to being something just below that I think. I think the reason Colorado I think I can understand that reason vote makes this movie is because he came in easy and I gave that answer before like margin make them. Like just what let's switch up the lines quote because on the culture in -- any kind of giggle when he said that. He's got a versatile team he's got guys who can do a number a number of things and thrive and a number of roles that the number two overall pick in the draft. Who has had super stardom predicted for him since he was probably seven years old going back to his NAFTA position it's a very exciting thing I had I think he's gonna drive and. Mostly 617779792837. Your meter yard -- goes to the right wing at ball Sagan shares dissenter martian in the last max's in his car. -- -- -- -- It gets that attention really -- that they were previously. It's a cute and all that and whether or not eakins back. That's going to be key to a you know -- scooter alkaline urgency and -- think -- even touching story he's got -- it's filled out and see what's gonna look at this pilot. You know it pretty well as a unit and yeah -- yeah yeah I mean on the first Ottawa. Wouldn't make sense what I'm putting you -- -- -- Everything. Yeah. Right exactly yeah well over there and I'm utility guy. But he's got to quit on that straight he's not gonna do. It also is gonna. Oh yeah a little Doctor Who I didn't -- -- twelve they're executing and not -- -- in for a suspect a lot of these guys have gotten. And that's that for the most part people understand that about younger now one thing we do know is it appears. As if Chris Kelly is get a return sooner not later and that was the best news down -- skated not just by himself. But Chris Kelly skated with the team -- insinuated that would be a matter of days not weeks. Before Chris Kelly would rejoin them he is gonna travel with them. After tonight's game when they go up to Montreal this weekend he is gonna go with the Michael secrecy Chris Kelly back very soon and now all of a sudden your third line that you -- chip apparently back to wing you've got Kelly in the middle. And maybe it's gonna be dog of -- maybe that's a spot where yarder to go on to that wing maybe it's a spot for Lucic we can wait and see. But but some options are going to be opened up when Chris Kelly returns and -- -- doesn't play well as a senator. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there's a better course. I feel about this team. -- are you feeling about this team right now they go into the playoffs. And you think the Bruins are what's now. Let's let's this this -- but the reality right now the Bruins. At least I think for the rest of the regular season no Patrice Bergeron of the penguins. For at least the rest of the regular season no Sidney Crosby who they go into the playoffs and let's just assume that neither of those guys return. What do you think of them that think of the penguins are the standard you have to measure yourself -- they're they're they're they're the favorite -- In the Bruins compete with them -- abroad to other Bruins absolutely. And they beat them yes they can. And you think -- a seven game series. I just really can't I don't know when they're going to but I think they have a good enough team they have enough talent on their team and especially the Patrice Bergeron back in and now jogger and I wanna see what it looks like with the with -- what he how he. How he fits on to this team and and -- made a pretty clear now today that Yonkers gonna have to feed into their system he is not going to fit his system around younger. I wanna see what that looks like -- Michael Howe Barnes. Absolutely they have enough talent now does that mean they're gonna play well enough to do so that's why they actually play the game six -- 7779790. -- are you skeptical. You gotta get -- got got to watch it Thai airline next Michael -- mikes all talk and I'll be the.

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