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Rob Bradford on how this Sox pitching staff is shaping up

Apr 4, 2013|

Rob Bradford from WEEI.com stops by the studio for a Red Sox update.

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Or else you start. To complain you know -- -- -- You know aggressors in oil revenues -- It is -- races. You know we're playing sort of bats. You know pitching well you know playing good defense and -- was so you Morgan's some earnings season but it's father's preference you know it's it's always -- Shane Victorino he's my early candidate for template or war. Little he -- -- my god but he Barbara Bradford but definitely a -- you know right to get some vendors. Who survived the -- is just -- -- -- -- -- from -- Kutcher went in 98 reasons voters as of donors Twitter pictures -- with that but. Obviously one. The gremlin. Go into one of the -- Gremlin body of a -- -- and awarded you the sphere has had. Speakers in the actual seat like in the headrest of deceit. There was speaker proposal doesn't have. While most cars don't have the start saying my -- -- a fitness and -- our rob Bradford is with us for a little while course WEEI dot com. What are you what are you what are you take from these first two games is this. The beginning of something special is it a couple of wins against these zombie looking yankees team or or where are. -- -- the first thing you have to say is that the Yankees really -- and this is a bad team right now so that's the job via but it's still. Compared to how they've come out of the gate in the last few years I'm talking about some of these -- the best team ever year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's night and day I think there were much better prepared I think the coaching staff that are very very good job. Of getting these guys in the right mindset playing the right way whether that translates to wins two weeks from now I don't know. But you could tell -- that first game in being down Fort Myers in seeing them work on things and emphasize certain things than being able to carry it over. And that's being purging thing to me in another hugely encouraging thing for me. Is a lot of people talked about the enthusiasm in the optimism but one of the things I got from a lot of people the coaches. The players the manager that they took away right away was the dugout. And I'm not talking about the high fives and hugs a talk about when someone does something wrong then getting on. Which I don't think they Caron flat who who does this in the in this clubhouse who will get on the engulfed example of Jonny Gomes and missile one of the guys that kind of was highlight to me. During spring training where somebody would do something wrong young player says listen that's not the way you do -- that's not the way to do it and if this guy -- This first year here only been here for couple days -- and power enough to do that. Then other guys who have been here maybe you haven't even felt empowered to do it argument. Art -- still isn't sure about this pitching staff like who these -- the 345 starters are you. I am I'm sorry I really have to see them -- -- -- apologize for wanting to see them before I decide what their records Palestinian Ryan Dempster he even know guy I don't know. 35 years all I think. Don't wait until charged forty throwing like -- -- for a longer than a month in the American League he's been around well I would in the AM John Lackey is over thirty he's been around for a long time. I'll be with you Bryant I think he's the number five W and -- report number five I think I think John Lackey will be average. -- healthy he'll be average and Ryan Dempster of the good solid. I almost put the rotation I think the only the only question I have about rotation and I -- -- hear what you think of it -- his. Can -- -- give you 200 plus innings. This don't question is what he pitches and he's healthy he's good -- except for the beginning of last year. Which I think that that was recovering from the back clearly because every other time when he's pitched he's been pretty dead. Arm that's going to be the most important thing is no question about it right now is we see here are you optimistic they Lester and buckles would go to great. But to talk about the other guys if you get asked me I think that salt does have a good point dumpster we don't know what he's going to be for full season -- the American League. There was mixed results with Texas last year. But he looks saw he looks a lot like Lackey like you just describe black. Right solid which for what he's getting paid what like he's getting paid you want more than that. But I think of buckled Lester are good as good as we think he might be. The he'll take that would you say it's fair and and and again I'm I'm trying to project to these three guys are going to be that rather than having a 34 and five you have three number force. You have three guys that are probably number forced -- would be -- for them to have someone step up and someone of that group could certainly step up even a -- brought. We we the broad problems that you can't get deep into games. And if he takes the next level he has the stuff to be that guy in another guy that. After BA maybe this is this product of spring training but if you get to July and I'm following Pawtucket. Al Webster was so good. Al west there was so good and he has the capability. Two big guy who can jump in if he has lights out. Students in the minors l.s son he's pretty yet that you guys into the conversation as well rob Bradford is with -- WEEI dot com aerosol can all idea Derek. Is in -- ever want Al sorry Alison mills high. I it's impossible. Oppressively humid down here -- -- Normally I'm open middle. On. You I'm definitely not pleased with our Red Sox deal with the trading deadline but this year I'm kind of excited because -- -- -- the money. And that's why I hate the Al wild card -- team in the wildcard situation and I think that they might go after any interest during what is. Well you don't know what they're gonna go after now and when we maybe see what their record looks like -- -- worried about it after two games Jackie Bradley started setting the walks record for rookie. And and there's no question about why he's committed by. We forget the trade -- not waiver trade deadline last year they -- game on the playoffs. So yeah ask about -- with a cell with a -- wind dies. If if that team the -- are so last year the game of the playoffs at the trade and then you it'd be you know try to wanna do something. Yeah I think they've they've -- Last year. Paterson were to -- their game out but I think we all knew. Other very cautious yes yeah even though it did look like they -- game out of the playoffs they were miles away from the playoffs it was just waiting for that whole thing the collapse and or bad team at home last year to. That I don't think anybody really I don't know I don't get all the way to -- my 31 were here on April 4. -- not ready for July conversation where where's Jackie -- -- going to be program went where -- where's it gonna lose you've seen him now for two games -- making it -- it -- -- -- -- like why don't I know but I think a legitimate question -- registered here what you guys think I have to make a determination and a pitching -- -- -- to get the -- a -- look at the -- question -- did -- make the team as the 25 guy -- he -- on the team. -- on the team. I know he was the last guy like I'm -- -- like carpets the 25 gas so he's he's -- -- might be Tony Phillies got to got to got its community progressed the now. That doesn't mean by what do what do you think do you think you've -- -- disappears. Entrepreneur and I've thought this for the last few weeks or whatever it is he absolutely was gonna make this team the best team without Ortiz that you -- By you have to factor in everything. And I think that -- Ortiz comes back there's going to be some tough decisions to me. And I think one of the decision might be sending Bradley down now we yelled though the part of that equation would be the twenty days getting the twenty days to get the -- year -- -- To do that at least in front fourteen if they come back and Ortiz comes back. And we heard Ferrell say yesterday it's going to be middle middle of the month of everything goes well that's -- about two weeks until the team is. Eleven and four. And they really get off to a hot start Bradley's continuing to take walks and look at pitches and play good defense and take the extra base and hit well enough to to -- -- I don't know 260 or whatever you're telling me that he's going to be the one to go down. I'm an -- -- -- by the same as of very real possibility that happened there's two things you get a factoring in which I don't think people want to factory which is. Bradley still have some development to do here there is improvement and there's going to be adjustments that he asked you to make on the fly. And there's going to be a downturn for him somewhere limelight which all rookies have especially one who doesn't have a lot of experience like him. The other thing is the guys who you gonna wanna play at least some -- probably have to play every day if he's here. The guys that you gonna wanna play. At. A minimum two or three times a week. You value. Jonny Gomes Daniel -- Shane Victorino. There on the team for a reason and so -- -- here and we know he he's gonna play every day. Well where's he gonna play every day if those guys are doing what they've done the last two days as well. Things you have to factor -- it. Tournaments in the now. I I I think the -- -- -- obstruct blood but US -- nail you down when asked about July 31 I did not. You asked could I sit at an -- I don't know I don't well and it -- -- -- -- include me if you ask me if you ask you probably give -- the umbrellas by -- of South Florida I think -- -- I think it may might be different conversations in July. Because by July you know cares just wanna make a run. Also -- Jackie Bradley junior after watching him play enough for a couple of games and being excited about the brand of baseball that he plays and what he brings to the team I have no problems with him going down if he's not contributing it. At a and A plus level which he's doing right now. If he is contributing in such a way that it seems that you can't get him out of line -- I don't know how I feel about the yanking him out of there and sending him down because they need space. And an affair. But -- I can I you have to factor all this in one of the you have to factor and his. These guys that you acquired for specific reasons that reasons that we saw on display this. I'm glad dads are on I can no I don't try and Richard that's just being too rigid in your thinking to army. Of course general managers all the time. Go into the offseason saying we need this so we need to acquire this guy I mean you feel thought. How Jeremy Giambi well we'll solve a problem here -- David Ortiz can contribute and then look what happened. Plans changed so you can not say what we have Jonny Gomes and attainment even though Jack Jackie Bradley hitting. Well we had jacket. We -- -- -- a resounding golf fanatic something to be wrong with Jonny Gomes if this is what it turns out to be. Hitting. Does that tell your -- because the agent has Ortiz -- yeah Ortiz gonna play every day and that Ortiz is gonna get right I agree with you guys -- last couple years I agrees with -- what you're saying. All I'm saying is that this decisions being made at the end of April into may. If you can get the June June 14 is when you can actually traded Johnny Jones. And then okay you know this change -- conversational orbit but we're talking about a couple weeks at the end of April and -- -- I'm gonna assume when David Ortiz comes back that Jackie Bradley junior by then is hitting 295 on base percentage of 550 has -- an extra ten or twelve runs the and is by far the best player on the team there actually if that's not fair I don't know really disappointed rob quickly be disappointed if the Red Sox don't sweep. The Yankees. Yet because you're playing a double A team stand -- I got to sleep in practice another -- rob good to have you -- thanks rob Bradford WEEI dot com nice to have him stop by you guys can get get involved in this excellent 777979. 37. You've seen these Red Sox for a couple of games now you have. A little bit of a a little bit of something to go on or to make some determinations. About who you think they are at this stage in the season plus Michael a -- answer my question. When the Celtics knicks to win there in BA championship when they win banner number eighteen. Could Jeff Greene BD finals MVP talk coming up salt and all the W the.

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