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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 4/04/13

Apr 4, 2013|

We touch on four topics we haven't touched upon during the day. Today featuring AL vs NL, Stevie Johnson, Rutgers scandal and more.

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And and he sold in the police are poor and the floor board are all four. Fun cleaning. -- -- We still completely. And -- W. Your goal with. Report for us do you buy dot villas in Boston in Foxborough -- place. Question number one the designated hitters now forty years old does the inning and -- important DH -- respected of the difference between the two lead like that you assume that it's the NL needs to get on board with the island not that we need to go back to the stone age and -- both -- don't have the DH. I hate watching pitchers. I can't stand it any into the DH I don't like watching -- team -- a rally going all the sudden here comes the pitcher so much for your rally to stretch. Some god but series its signature secede and every game this strategy that can be sold. I think it's way overrated but I like that they have in the nationally -- no problems with the difference between the leagues and I think it's fine that whoever the home team is. -- by their rules although I think would be nice if for awhile they switched and had a go bye week -- Well I'd I told you before that being nice I think negotiated -- Parker told you on day one that -- a hypocrite. And so here's an example my -- -- if this were football. Or basketball or hockey -- I would say. How does that make sense for two weeks. But you know to conference's. To have different rules Western Conference as one -- basketball on the Eastern Conference with -- -- let's -- it. But I like it would be a pick -- baseball. What the designated hitter to stay. And they don't have a DH internationally and they never have wanted to go with that. Mike rice has been fired from rikers yours behavior that we saw on the video eighty timber and -- and president Robert Bottke. Suspended -- for three games when confronted with the video last November -- they need to be fired as well for their lack of institutional control. All of them take -- ball out. This is ridiculous they all were aware of the situation especially the AD if the eighty tire that's one to eighty was told by Eric Murdock. Got -- of of a pretty good reputation as an NBA player. So he has seen a lot of coaching at the college level at the professional level only knows. You know what's outrageous and what's not Eric Murdock told you showed you the tape you review the tape and you still -- That it was -- right thing to fire this coach I think they all have to go because they have no judgment. Well clearly there is a lack of judgment there I'm glad when I first read -- -- -- that Mike recent fires on -- no I don't know like rice and never Greece that would have been tragedy. We lost Mike Reese -- like a lot. They need to be fired for lack of institutional control clearly they have a lack of institutional control if you think that -- -- terrible offense -- they probably need to go what they need to be fired for being dummies. For not handling this situation the right way for not remembering that that which you do when darkness tends to come out in the that would you do in the dark on this day leading -- -- -- Bring an old friend used to stay right along rhetoric that which you do in darkness. Will come out in the life ever had in this day age Michael -- at times and then it shifts -- administration now. -- eventually in this day and age of social media. And cameras everywhere part of the service now that. But the difference there that's fire and bring don't have our doctor -- that -- I don't know I know it's tropic. They should be fired for being stupid you got to know the stuff is gonna come -- he can't hide anything in today's damaged. -- Yesterday bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson treated quote war is nothing to be played -- I apologize North Korea but if yelled drop bomb first bomb Foxborough mass. Sincerely hash tag bills mafia. Is Stevie Johnson complete Fuller and making too much of this to give both things be true Steve Johnson I think is a fool would generally a harmless one he seems to play the game with a smile on the. Based I like that he's ratcheting up rivalry even if it's a -- isn't even a real -- and all they've done is one what one demons and what was. The lawyer Malloy game and then this year right or -- ourselves -- -- here. And that it be -- On the other hand don't you like when people say things and truly eight. The other team doesn't hate the other team. Report tension Stevie -- -- in the the fans that not that try to strike a rivalry with god after it dropped to pass a dramatic drop capacities that are. I served well all yours and if you -- That I get a few hits the call your receiver. The reason it just comes off. This tasteful. It's because it's not in the abstract it's not how I hope somebody drops a bomb it's North Korea and you know they're crazy and this is a real threat. I mean I am are you legitimate and I can take a pause or are you would get a really creeped out by North Korea so -- But we're also don't really wanna talk about it because the idea that something truly bad can happen is not something that we all that comfortable with the -- we don't -- -- fire and brimstone where you're on the radio he -- that there's an answer for Steve Jobs I I'm just hoping that more thing isn't nearly as bad as it looks like -- on the news for minutes -- got. We're all gonna die really soon. I'm hoping that that's -- They're accusing the laugh like Stevie Johnson got a laugh because you don't really wanna deal with what could be the reality. And now the AT&T question of the day Auburn university's coming under fire because of an article that Selena Roberts wrote about -- tampering in payments to players. How large is the NCAA needs to come down on. You really can't. I I don't think you can come down on Auburn because if you if you. If you start doing that you start disciplining them. Yeah -- have the gold. Three of the top 25. I mean that this story this story it was not shocking to me Selena Roberts. Former New York Times reporter former SI reporter but does a wonderful job but don't you assume. That it happens everywhere in big time college football what are you saying you're some sort of super genius because you weren't shocked because they -- since she. In Oregon -- and get our. I thought that's what you are proud of -- elsewhere and not being surprised wherever that story later. No kidding they went totally surprised with the story right ticket come got to improve after Auburn down on them. Look at the -- can't you know what they can't come down on the if they had their opportunity. When the story was right in front of them Cam Newton his -- expect to hear you paid. That was the story they had only NCAA doesn't get. How right the resource -- to actually go laughter and investigate these things snort they really want to you don't know what resources they don't have the the ability to go out and investigate everything that truly needs to investigated. What they do is they rely on the media to go do form and usually it's been Yahoo!. Give Dan Wetzel in the other guy -- throttles rob that you great job on the huge Wetzel and he does a great job as both an investigative reporter. And as a columnist I think he's one of the best in the country both things they give Selena Roberts to credit to she went after this when she dug into a story and did a great job she's also the one who brought down Iraq right. To give -- -- A-Rod book comes right. And a -- said that she was stalking him okay. At that she broke into his. It is so crazy yeah -- fixed for Selena Roberts like 51. Just like -- little -- -- little reporter or Iraq I guess you're just gonna go after Iran now or where we're repetitive -- NCAA house to do what it has to do although Mike slide commissioner the FCC probably won't let them that's for four. Talking -- every day at 4 o'clock. Your WEEI. Just about this do you really think. Think the NCAA. After all of that you're gonna see you really think North Korea's about to start bomb nerd ought got a lot of focus on her sort of started. -- Not this hour at least not like I Topper I can't even turn on CNN. I do live in some secret fear of nuclear -- Can't turn on CNN because -- get that reception in the basement that's fun. But I think with with the NCAA in this story there's so many loopholes in it for Auburn to say what she's talking about everybody has denied denied denied. Even the players that she quoted on the record are now backing away saying this is outrageous she took that out of context and say that. How do you prove. Other and a bright they're gonna have to do something if they're able to prove it than they need to discipline them but all around right. Of course they -- that I got the better question what are listeners Selena Roberts gutter journalism degree from. It is that true oh I didn't know I didn't know that she's -- my creditors think it do you think it is the top fifteen teams in the country. It under your perennial. Powers right -- -- you probably 45 and it's easy to James I assume you assume everybody's doing it I assume the entire SEC anybody's having success in the SEC but they're definitely dirty on the negative guy by nature I assume that everybody. Every team that's having major success in either basketball or football is dirty in some way whether they are meeting to be super dirty or whether there's just some indiscretions it may -- crossed the line. I don't think you can win and be 100% clean in college football. Doran called -- especially. In college football in the SEC. That an end and there's a million examples right when you watch. The HBO real sports that they did last year did you watch all that when they talked about paying college athletes. -- -- from UMass was it -- Was this normal one of the kids from UMass -- today all the entire team almost walked off the court. During the beginning of the of the NCAA championship. Tournament because they were wanted to protest the fact that the kids were getting any of the money Jason whitlock had some really interesting stuff in the -- this kid. What went to Auburn. If I remember correctly and he said you know I wanted to take classes I sign up for all these classes in the coaches that -- and and and you know taken a class you know here to go to our president you're here to go to play football. So when when that's the culture that's been created I possibly be shocked that they're changing kids' grades in order to have complete global. That's the culture created at at most of these school right there's too much money involved. That there's too much at stake. From from the perspective of the coaches who have millions of dollars. For them from the get millions of dollars out of it from the perspective of college presidents. From the perspective of the conference. They want to -- in the BCS money that's involved here absolutely I think people most of these schools or do you think they should be paying kids. I wouldn't be opposed to it yet. -- -- I just think it's criminal that these kids go out there they're not really going to school they're telling us the kids aren't -- just to go to school they're making millions of dollars on the backs of the kids. And then not given them a dime -- -- I think it's unfair I know they get scholarship money not all of them want -- My analogy is always been our what if I decided to pay UN iTunes gift cards. I mean maybe you wanna survive on music but maybe that's not something you care about maybe you'd rather have money to spend on rent or whatever it is you like to -- and I think -- the case. Here's a telltale sign salt. Gene Chizik former coach at Auburn this guy got -- hadn't won a national championship. Since 1957. So all of a sudden they get Cam Newton. Go undefeated. In the SEC. Which is the the junior National Football League than the next best thing to the NFL better better than the AFL better than the CFO anything else the go undefeated. And then the program falls off about four bit and chizik gets fired how they go from being the nobody. To. Winning -- national championship there's money involved there's never rumors even then about Newton and his -- so obviously obviously. They're big they're there are thousands of dollars involved are coming up -- the Bruins are built like the patriots Michael and one very important way I'll tell you what it is and why it's helping them right now. Talk -- ninety seconds WE yeah.

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