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Apr 4, 2013|

We check in on the playoff-bound Boston Celtics with Cedric Maxwell. Max tells us about Green, the return of KG and the big women in the paint!

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-- Lining up to rebuild. Who's right and stuff you just -- here slept isn't actively blocked it to the floor are separated for three. The one moment. The one only senator Max all join us here in just a second Celtics. Win last night they're in the playoffs they clinched. Doc Rivers is happy about it though he didn't realize that they clinched -- somebody told them Paul Pierce. Wasn't even all -- happy for good reason. Often it's it's. Despises -- injuries and then. That was one focused on changing. Love that sentiment we -- -- playoff team. Before this season even starts out like baseball where you work all year hoping. To just get a shot at the -- not like that they knew they were playoff team seems the Bruins know their playoff team in the season starts so I think I saw -- in the locker room after the game -- and champagne now. Celebrating in the playoffs and is that true had a -- on -- -- out. We can't -- Oh yeah. A word and we. Oh well. Actually bought it. What though it is about well. Banner and that. It and you. Right now couldn't begin. You know he and it will be. Here and not a year. How are supposed to judge that because how much -- know what's Celtics team I'm going to see in the playoffs when now find in Pierce's back -- it wasn't hurt just had. Just had dead of the birth of prince Paul Pierce we're excited about prince Paul Pierce. But knowing that that Garnett is is such an X-Factor in such a question mark how much supposed to judge the likelihood of them actually doing what you're talking about. Well I think huge budget just while watching it or to mediocrity. At the yacht trip and been done now left out here. Watching the team and you will actually I don't think anybody gave the team a chance. I believe beat Miami. Upcoming work -- -- and have them in their own building to eliminate -- In the six game so I really don't know I think you give his or to -- Altria and exceed that which you have probably have you wondered don't want. I was so there's the immediate future Max and that's the playoffs. Starting in a couple weeks -- few weeks and there's a long term future. Those Salk was talking about the long term future earlier he said does. Jeff Greene have the ability to be an NBA finals MVP well why not asking NBA final the former NBA finals MVP. Does he have that kind of talent and can he put together that type of consistency to get it done. That that that's going to be to question. That we have Rebecca McDowell yeah. Which some that they bring -- there. As always quiet one out at the root of the order in which he which is probably bit. The trademark -- No you dropped forty troop 43 or Miami and it makes my -- and they get a lesser team and help exploit that report. That's not attempt to leave or looking or so green is or would be the best one answer that question. What do you attribute it to. -- -- -- In knowing -- you are decked the player and I'll quote by a group of soccer are the best -- You have when you scored what he Berry get Miami's -- -- -- that -- -- and government all we're deeper like he was closer to the next game. Biographer says you know what you want and -- is there and that belief that in the -- on the best -- a -- I have to believe the right now -- about all in all the -- -- and looking at the same way. In the city you have -- on the. So as fans can we is that something we can put on Doc Rivers can we expect Doc Rivers to find the right way to make Jeff Green understand that or is that just on the player. Due to. Learned form -- and figure out that he needs to be that guy ever. I think -- the -- -- -- -- the clear so I had the coach -- which in the position. You could take all or you know someplace where the water. But if he doesn't want tricky he's not saying -- with a later if you put him into the position to win a Basque while gains in it he does not. You Google things properly and you're not mapped out our product so if wore down a bit in the that they actually in the UBA -- later shall. I know we haven't seen KG in a -- put them just from in in what you observed what you've. You've noticed over the years about these guys Paul. And KG a particular pubic -- at the point in their careers. Where they are ready to. Anoint the next guy and do they feel like I have to like -- at that point. -- but based on that -- already based noted that last year or this year really well -- In the Rondo. I think that they cannot -- dissident chairman Garnett albeit bought into that city it was cute thing in with a local art is -- it is. You know extra now that the key is not here as the next person is what speech green at the -- got. He has the wild court he has that one -- -- -- -- you were about -- He's on the school also score. What you put out their -- out or somebody else. -- -- random bad thereby you have to pick up on top of that out rebounded the basketball. Last might negate what when he are at the rebound routine -- should be in the Lee and me the -- game because -- although it's -- What do you think they did it party party think they said OK it's your team is that. They don't believe they can carry a team anymore is it just just a reality of their age of what what is it what can a lot of guys can't do that. Well it happened with all on the start the war. Where you -- that next great player. You know it's gonna happen -- it'll happen now right now with the rip shot. You know it -- Mick -- got to -- you people want -- do it right now if you it's being a man. And I think that players habitually watched you know they looked at you know. If if all while baseball bat whatever they see that next great player community and it -- look this kind of view they've talented. What Larry Bird I do watch labor Communist so well. Not much -- to what mr. Blair -- -- So you kind of follow up up -- as the play here you know ought to play in the bella. And and all you want -- -- Why not make sense when it's Larry Bird I mean certainly when Larry Bird as the next guy it makes sense to maybe step out of the way and say it's his team at the question I have is are they saying it because they truly believe -- Toronto's team and he's a guy they can BA superstar and a finals MVP and then all of a sudden while he's not here while I guess it's Jeff green's team and I hope he. If they are they saying it because they really believe it or because they want to believe it. Well I think bidder and incredibly. I don't think that you can't go around long enough and they'll not accolade that they -- -- call in and let other debt taking. You know you'd you'd talk about your recent years you look at all beat all the time is out there. No Magic Johnson when you when you -- Korean Korean it would always Kareem Abdul RC. Robinson became matched and so it is pretty -- it is trying to go through it now. Yeah we're not clean Gerald Green and actually mode for sure -- Castro -- this talent and ability -- -- really change the way a gain weight. Blocking shots learning the -- but. PM abreast of all all it -- -- what you what you saw earlier in the corner where it's bad intentions you like would not come to the bar. A bad attention you know they've got to get better church which we come here that's what you bring that they have every -- they're on or moral -- -- -- Not give up that bar. Get out that bar that guy has bad intentions. And got good intent to do is try to go under have a drink. -- wouldn't know it got you shouldn't come into age appropriate rabbit you know look. I mean it got to go. It's time to go home. You're hanging out at some -- -- has -- -- you know it happens happens even a nice bars you'll know that it is. You know it even happened in the -- well okay all it. All all her game we're all very easy. Well not do this via. A somber. And he got some stories that got them that the market there you go oh. Yeah I would have been another -- group -- all the fish market risk market about the Arabic call the pike place you have pike place. Well yeah I know back to god that's for Cedric Maxwell after dark from your apple stories I ever but I what Seattle story in a hotel. -- A&E. -- line eight iron. Alone which we played us. The rate you'll. Our I'm not go I'll let you tell -- wonder but this oil and asked you 75 games the Celtics played so that seven more games ago. Right now the playoffs started today they'd be matched up with the knicks didn't bother me a couple of weeks ago. It bothers me a lot right now if you've got to be New York or Indiana it looks like west the better matchup. I am too routine I want I want the best matchup I want the best bang my book. By Corey and broke out in a player not the player. I think I boldly mix because. It makes other next on the way they -- rival they are right down the street from it bugle at -- local art in the late game is -- -- What market square -- in anything Indiana whatever they have there by. It late in America as a player. You look at that your outlook that we want the play and that -- we won't be at what we wanna go -- somebody wrote in the note right in the court. -- -- at the last couple times they've played that team they've been punched in the bill as they haven't done any of the punch -- so so what what is to lead me to believe that they're going to do the punching. Well I think it's a different team right now and different outlook the play I think if you if you watch -- -- basketball in the last. Report users usually that means right -- to not allow or in the way out not to think they have a year. Is that Carmelo term right now either dynamic score the thing I don't believe about laughing about the mix is. Report shooting in the playoffs a lot -- go away because art to -- a lot more traders. And it'll have in opera. BR -- shouldn't mean. You can beat this any different effect you attacked the rim and look good job of really close him out there running with the ball. Yeah JR Smith can be yours scored -- -- birdie and a good -- shouldn't -- play opt in or removal all want to me in that pretty. Yeah and that's what -- girl that's what I like in the paint. Senate before a journal say it again Cedric Maxwell hey we appreciate it meant thanks a lot. What are what are -- comes into the bar grab your factor with her partner and get out of there it's just just about as bad intentions they go to -- -- there's Macs via the AT&T hotline like all of our guests. And and -- -- there about turning a team over to the next guy. Again I believe that they could look at one player terror which -- in the team over do you church and your team now. But the fact that they do it -- that guy gets hurt and then a couple weeks that I just guy. We're gonna to -- and they're doing that now they don't know what they're doing timing and assault and -- WE.

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