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Doc Rivers on the recent outstanding performances by Jeff Green

Apr 4, 2013|

The Celtics head coach said that the great play of Jeff Green recently is entirely on the player. He also discussed the Mike Rice situation at Rutgers and expressed how he had never seen anything like that on the basketball court before. Lastly he said he came close to joining Isiah Thomas at Indiana and playing for Bobby Knight but ended up at Marquette.

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Dennis and Callahan morning show. Gerry Callahan DNC from the skeleton guys Sports Radio network and WUPI dot com. -- doesn't Callahan for them. Final hour conversation with Doc Rivers is brought to -- northern bank and trust -- space and by Mercedes fans thought it was always. Join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL PT good morning doc how are -- Good morning gentlemen are you just green's best all around game this year. You know I don't know why he's got a lot of good games. -- -- -- You're not implement category that is -- do wonder well there was defense there was offense there was a little bit rebounding the job. Yeah I mean -- he was terrific but I would please certain. You know the Miami game was pretty special clue we didn't win the game but territories. Can put together -- -- Israel regards. I don't want what what happened -- it was a -- Did you bring this out of him. No just brought this audio. You know I just bird I didn't. You know -- you -- you last year you know and we just a warm but sort of cordon blue world. Especially with the injury that he had and I just -- it took control our men this you know we've been an explosion of his career earnings start to pick off. How many games have you won in the past we've had I think just for offensive rebounds -- -- were rebounded. Horror quickly by the other team on the offensive glass. Why do we want a lot of did you just four. We just have won a lot of good humility that's when it probably thought I think that's the problem though. -- -- -- Were a -- more free throws. Team pitched 22 more shots -- -- You have to be really good defense we're and we were -- we held them 36%. Children. Are we shot over fifty. -- we had to to win the day. It was Paul and green do for you two and three. You like that. I like -- you know oh there's my pitches not sure less well I was -- we're concerned by. Because of the -- mostly -- I didn't think there is a little bit -- right are not thought that was one of the reasons. We gave a committee offered to really well echoed those -- -- to the basket. Our Vytorin helped position. But I do like you I think you're -- size advantage. They re not you are one of those two guys you're gonna have to be guarded. By a smaller guy. And it do you -- game this went without German. We really don't have more and sort -- and create. A post game fours which is good. Paul was asked after the game was that significant to clinch a playoff spot tonight and he said no not really because one we begin -- at the beginning of the season we expected to make the playoffs you feel about the same way about that block or is it significant deal. Not a large part of the Miller. You know World War II met today even numb one in my coaches should say we just made the playoffs. Pin number oh great that that's true. If that in the baseball they spray champagne and not Santa hats and T shirts just from. This is slowly they look -- reduced through our. Did close to be alcohol. -- -- Hey -- you said it was nice to have -- know around we had a good we have a question from a caller last hour. Sit next fall when they'll show up in earnest at camp. Will we see the same Rondo or it will -- -- -- sitting back watching -- -- well things have unfolded without them really be a different player in less. Set in his ways player will -- be more adaptable to the to the system into the players around them. What did you feel better where I just think when you shouldn't watch this look at a young age. When you watch -- team cartoons and are you do watch a lot of things yes may have brought this slow and shoot around. Who were born drug -- Kamal -- and you know what you've written comments go about. You know how we approached you better and it's he would and you know usually really good I think there are you are you are -- have a home. -- should on the sideline but this can hurt you. Has the light go on for Brandon Bass that seems like it has recently. Yes they -- -- You know I did you use comfortable again. The EU is starting to really perform defensively and do all the little new. European maybe looked every note that it made him. Be more verbal -- Ahmadinejad and and -- accountability not only for himself reported seeing. Maybe that's the one blessing having given up. What it's what you formula for resting guys the last seven games now that you have made the playoffs are used to play by your. I just -- -- you don't really have a formula. And you know our -- we were still know are just frightened her didn't bother him so we're utility player and you know we have each -- -- a good stretch here and there are we didn't really improve our team over the next week of the developed. Practice day of golf and so would rightly be. Good stretch here for a started to improve it. If you got four games at home and a bunch of days off in between -- of obese and Jim Thomas suspect. -- are very we're very in a perfect world would KG play a couple regular season games before this the playoffs begin. No please don't oh boy you ought to know -- -- try to birth. Did you -- play and Jerusalem. And not to miss some or anything. Pay day dark have you seen the video vocal former Rutgers coach Mike rice at practice and have you ever. Played for a guy like that are more important to many of you ever. Do you think your sons and your sons of ever played for a guy like that if they have -- -- what do you think. Now. -- due to video and it was just shocking. They're -- I don't they never seen anything like that and then and then he practiced that I've been in the room when I think about a mile apart and I've been in. I have employer and have a Trojan. And the part of -- I've watched my kid still true problem. You know in India. A move that Georgetown is due June. -- -- My daughter and a Florida. Just remember -- right there. And knew I assume think Rutgers had no choice but to -- show on the door. He really didn't. You know and I don't know our approach -- -- all. But you know. Obviously I think when you saw that. Each suit you understand and probably -- as well well which is a good thing -- -- But -- don't Brodeur notched. You know when I just don't promote kids because you know the college student and they go to college says a mirror careers -- and coaches there. And so they they -- will not. Complain no matter how bad -- garbage they're all have been strained imaginative in BA. And they don't wanna be the guy bad guy and it just started this candle pin tended to like mark. And so they can really be taken advantage of some. And in that particular work. Can you talk about the the it. Nurturing an instruction and an improving guy is in this guy seems to think fear and intimidation you -- guys play well. When there is fear and intimidation hanging over their heads like apparently wasn't -- program -- Well let's -- -- you've done that and I never believed that lasts I think you have maybe. -- know for a moment it may word. But at some point. Becomes white noise right and it could no longer work so I don't believe America you know I'd get all my guys I encourage Jerome. In the today I challenge them that just won the -- veteran and he benefited -- That do very I think that's the word approached. Did you get did you get recruited by Bobby Knight. You almost why didn't Demi I am in the thing always amazed me about nine is it I'm not always sure the kids wanted to go within their -- They do their fathers their town there and the high school coaches steered him there and the kids went their reluctantly. You know -- taught me I did I grow together and you know we may just there were gonna go to the same school. And originally -- really gonna go to the party switch at the last moment I want to Indiana. Sort of a bit of Indiana and I just started. Move you know and I did -- -- it couldn't -- -- saying. So for -- you will -- pretty dead just a month ago. Why not it was a night that is dialed. You know really wasn't as much as I didn't this did not dispute that I had envisioned that I want to go to. And so it was more about. -- you know but you know night did a lot of that are but he didn't do that you know it's one of the pyramid Randy Whitman so who are playing toward approaching our. Note if you include the -- did yell and scream. But there was a problem that it would challenge -- that you stupid died. What -- -- you better than that you know you know it's it's amazing how. You can scream until one and one way to -- probably given the other way can be completely degrading a negative right. Then you're always thought the -- -- on you was more challenging. Are up for you to be a better person a better a better player. A -- -- closing the loop on on the Michael Wright situation worse some other choice words he used as shocking as some of the actions that he performed out there. Don I know I know you -- a lot of bad words in -- profanity in in gyms during practice little beer ya but you what are some places I don't think it. In addition to -- the -- Portland now are just. But. Matt I -- that was still -- -- person out there and I don't did you ever make anything personal. You know you. I took note the other day and I'm I'm not -- -- -- rice or denied or anybody. But you sure some tough love for Chris Wilcox she says it's -- you know we went through a tough time. No we had some now it's time to put that behind him and play. Yeah you -- honest I just think you're out of some guys beat each element that way com. There and you still room you know until -- all the time -- Are used to more due to be better than what I think you are usually going to be better and you know so I did on notice -- -- from -- But I don't think it's the -- you just can't make it personal -- he drove. And disrespectful. I'm guessing you feel like you've crossed a line once or twice and then. Maybe culminate office later the next day and say not maybe that I don't push a little too hard. Yeah I'm sure but don't even know about what -- I explained to does. Why -- Who took another -- bit. You know I'm going to -- And do you get it right but at the end of the day they they you have to have. Some kind of leadership inside you -- wanna be good and great and if it's not clear there's no words there's no pushing. The coaches gonna do you do develop. Be on the heels of Kevin where global what's what's the worst injury your witness in the gym doc. I don't know -- are not that I assume. No. You know probably had -- -- to -- on the playground. -- injuries and admitted to a basket for a hoax is you know. -- you know -- approached -- suited to look like. But what not that would worsen our members seem. Ever remember about the worst indictment. For a -- shoes through Baltimore. Do you think his presence in Atlantic as he's going as a percent or two to their energy and effort electrocution in the final four. I don't I've been the great story. And it's great for the kids because they -- home to -- they have a great affection. For him but there's three other teams that won a window sabathia. And they have their own reasons for wanting to win and so I don't think he gives anyone an -- Our time now the coach is questionable we brought you by your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer Stephen do scheduling test drive today on the web at MB USA dot com. -- this week's question actually still -- -- -- -- are you pleased or ultimately dissatisfied. With market performance in the yeah in million determined -- Are very pleased Obama and are very closely and you don't there's going to be -- rebuilding year you know they lost like six seniors last year yup. And he really thought that job this year there'll be too young and make you would be the year that they would have a chance because there. Most like you are gonna return their entire team and that's been brought. Second part of the question is which member of the celtics' organization is in the driver's seat in your brackets whose got bragging rights so far. I don't think anyone because this thing that it that the that the it's. Food in -- room -- I didn't do much upside down right now. If it went out well Marquette in there who -- like we what do you like or -- we rooting for doc. Well over there rooting for anyone. You know I've I -- -- Louisville it is -- I think it's played the best. You know search you know -- controlling. But the drug that no tomorrow way and then to -- -- commemoration. I'm trying to cure information. All right talking got a lot of -- -- a lot of games at home a good luck we'll talk to down the road. Our guard brigadier Doc Rivers -- Dennis and Callahan brought to you by northern bank and trust closed space and by Mercedes unit did you. Ever know. That he and -- no -- no hope. I didn't -- I should know that -- out but I don't think. Maybe I'm wrong wolf they just told a story. Maybe hasn't told this story it's something that we agree I mean we were there -- was planning was always very good and if you always a great in bright and talk norm now for years. But everything I'm Tim we've talked among Bobby Knight in the past about call in -- mean some went to Indiana realized they had a pact. And -- pack era and there are gonna go to the same school and as they went to India and guess what -- wishes he didn't.

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