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Seriously, how bad are the 2013 Yankees?

Apr 4, 2013|

John, Gerry, and Kirk discussed how far the Yankees have fallen. Kirk admitted he had not realized just how bad they were and the guys talked about the continued good feel around the team.

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I didn't think this when it was. One nothing Red Sox I didn't think this win Knoblauch got hit by a pitch and Bradley scored a ticket to nothing Red Sox I didn't even think this when -- Reno. At 82 out single to left to make a three nothing really -- Jackie Bradley junior got his first hit a single up the middle again two out sport nothing. But wind -- -- six nothing it occurred to me hasn't this Red Sox Yankee rivalry. Finding itself on the verge of becoming the patriots jets rivalry we have to say not competitive at all and not as fun as it used to be when you know both teams were good right. Right patriots jets patriots bills patriots dolphins you know what's the fun and I'm reached that point -- you know wants to games and I don't hate the Yankees -- I feel bad for them that -- I thought -- yes he has I feel bad for them. Are Yankee fan friends you know frank from Gloucester and me in those type of they're gonna have any really long so it can be ugly it's gonna and I don't even think it would be you know ugly and colorful like the Bobby Valentine Europe you know that would again and get some talk about all Joseph Girardi. I mean I guess you could blame on Brian Cashman but it is hard to believe. When you sit and watch in this team that they're relying on 39 year old guys. -- and news -- Yankee fan friends. And you guys are supposed to give her don't bounce back they don't play short. They don't steal bases and in each rose 39. -- is all most 39. You know you -- might as well be 39 Vernon Wells and and and Travis have to mine as well be 39. Minutes forty right. Before yesterday as he goes tonight. I don't -- -- wish Pettit and Rivera -- thirty now don't we see the comparisons here with 3839. Year old guys coming back from -- it's an ankle or or leg injuries in terms of Ortiz and Jeter it just doesn't happen quick -- it just so that was not that sometimes it doesn't even happen at all. It hit only happen. And in the ninety's and two thousands because they were on drugs there was stuff to help them a little helpers there and and I mentioned. Some above 39 year old yesterday and get in those people wanna borrow. It and in the name and players about clemens' Houston. It went twenty year old and every eighteen and full -- was a lot of thought about bond but it wasn't on something. I mean that's the only way it works historically. Is no such thing as a viable. And along -- that are viable shortstop at 3940 or pitcher at forty to forty per. We know repairs of free and maybe Johnson maybe he's not. I don't think he's gonna have. Great year defense yet to duplicate it won't matter I was I was told couple days ago we did the pre season predictions and I was wrong has nothing do with the Red Sox these first two games that's fine. I didn't realize how bad the Yankees or I was blind to they are going to suck. It was a hundred games and -- series they might -- And suffered in -- did the Yankees. In the offseason maybe it was in cash from brokers ankle bring in Theo Epstein and because these are such feel moves consultant and I -- wells and have been home runs. When you look at wells and after Youkilis and a rotten. And had written Ichiro and one after the release day. Were they taking secret sealed orders from Theo Epstein because that just wants to putted. -- You know over the hill washed up bigotry in afternoon. And correct me if I'm wrong is this the time of year when generally you're in pretty good shape yeah. Haven't yet played a 120 games the bumps and bruises haven't added up you haven't -- conduct in the second base of your hand in hand your thumb at this point that's what you're supposed to be. I have a -- baseball team. Yeah that's true and now I'm in a lot of people picked the Red Sox for last place in 22 games and they're going. Didn't really you know look that closely at the Yankees make a -- thirty what is -- thirty -- -- thirties get the roster again with the on this a few times his fingers are broken rodents too is old. It's old obviously. Doesn't think that it's gonna make even one -- starts. Not gonna happen I mean if he does then god bless him he got good masking agents. Tell you when we were doing the Dixon who you gonna put first second third fourth the last here in America we used that invariably seems to me one team. What ever -- and explain done on predicted. There's absolutely has this aberration all year you can understand what the hell happened that I could get a maybe that would be Toronto because all these great pieces might not -- maybe it'll be it'll Baltimore because what they did from 69 in 92 to 92 and 69. Probably isn't gonna happen again. The US market probably the Yankees have a there's going to be. And apps in its shadow of all you're. Ever extremists and I saw your tweet about with losing 200%. As possible. May be make in ninety but it's possible. They won nine beef and I guess Girardi didn't get enough consideration for manager of the league last year Cashman league in the executive of the year last year they won 95. And what did they lose. -- of what that Russell -- swisher Russell -- -- put Russell Martin Nick Swisher right granderson right now to share those guys are playing met that is a difference in May be in those are guys gonna come back. Right what happens on you know little better but it was the chorus and it. Pitch like this since about these velocity is. Again it's two games -- animal reacting -- the other team to be good to share on the downside before -- -- just yet and what we -- wrist injuries like this when -- -- doesn't go like that -- that yeah but that -- -- they do -- without the HE -- they do not amid a look at that the ESPN has the roster and you go to roster and it's like I'm well whenever. And then at the bottom of the roster they have disabled list. Curtis Granderson. -- 32. Fifteen -- and they sell fifteen million Phil Hughes. Seven point one million Derek Jeter sixteen point seven million Mark Teixeira 23 point one million. Iran's not listed there for one call it what it. Oh. It was thirty in the go up to thirty is that is the 31. We have fun with -- contract every you know couple months we played with -- yes yes we we laugh about another we're halfway through. Now after five years through the ten year deal you say yes they CC sabathia and to share a ball halfway through color Joel Sherman told journalists at the halfway point Teixeira sabathia. -- And somebody else. Like we spend. And in an inordinate amount of time on injuries it's like the the the the be. Sure we ever did that in the mid nineties and two -- that. That's exactly what about it we're talking about what's up Patrice Bergeron will certainly get him and I I need a moderate concussion. It's a moderate concussion when that someone else someone else that's not you liked it feels like a heart surgery. You've got to Ortiz you got Stephen Drew. And we just digress here for a second I heard Sean -- heard a bunch of other people say there's not a league shortstop controversy on this to guess there is Stephen Drew comes back I say that's a bunch of crap job. If -- in interrupt we decide to cut back to a talent you know -- if there's a dodger variety there is popular or not pretty. And let me just to get a for the next month Panetta bendable -- He's from Cuba. He's got -- at six hits in five minutes are up five hits in his average is 556. And the temperature hasn't been above 42 right yet this spot to sixth this in this they can't take a quiet tonight all right. I'd say beat 240. Couldn't -- amount. Because there -- -- the same people say there's no controversy said inject it halfway through spring training -- there's no way Jackie Bradley starts the season. On the big club barrel himself said last night drew comes back he start to shortstop. After the game he said. Does he realize he's -- drew is to rose never really come back you know it's only temporary. They come back they go away and come back ago Stephen Drew inside the one point five million dollar -- -- -- to -- he would not be starting when he comes back some legislation sit in I don't try to frustrate you but that's. Reality. The body will because he's making so much money. Give -- -- in other guys better mountain. You're still paying the 95 where he sleeps on a hyperbaric chamber and doesn't get into any game or plays a 161. Games still paid him nine point five. Isn't that deciding factor who the better shortstop. Yes but again you these two games for glee season I don't I don't I can't turn all of apple would -- see -- genre you guys to slip up next three or four games he's never hit. Really well Gerri will disagreed and the high level will seat but he's been good so far. Are sort of controversy and what I want David Ortiz comes back on talk about drew some more okay. It's arm I missed some Stephen Rue really that good what he was -- ankle injury. Overpaid him. Amend it and I heard somebody call it the third best offensive shortstop in the in the game when he was right before -- he did his ankle. Career to 65 -- with a 3280 BP's. I'm mean it is it is what he's doing 2010. In 2000 that is big year 2000 and so with an original play and 151. Games -- to seven the hot. -- routes home runs -- fifteen -- -- 61 or what about 2011. And 2011. Good to. 528687. No that's 86 game for -- in 21 and it's 317 he's seventeen but last year to 23 right. I know we got hurt but he's gonna get hurt right that's what they do. But to me what -- do but it's what players do to some players. Her the comeback -- gave her the -- What -- the pitchers he gave them -- vote and -- was a good defensive shortstop at least this is bad. The pitchers today. Good job and I don't understand I guess Aniston's side I guess I understand why he -- -- faith and Iglesias right. Requires serious news. For as a sadistic three months older than -- for months he's acute and always. Making big money and -- -- defector from Cuba and all that but he's young we think less than they just make it you know we think he's still young. We think he's got an upside not a huge upside offensively but defensively. Doesn't Pritchard pitcher's mind cities. What -- so I don't you think that there is now some trade possibilities here if indeed there is this controversy. What we don't doesn't somebody need a drew order Iglesias seem like there was a huge yet -- incidents where there's a huge market for Stephen Drew though in the -- -- seems to be dying for him in May not any which coach. Only need to Novo baseball and is not a huge -- reform but he got nine point five million. Make him more than Tom Brady. And I think they probably regret that now and say we could go with the kid. And if you did work and you go look for a short -- remembered getting sort of bog down the other stuff I wanna know. So it can be -- game one. Right buckles or -- -- -- irregular heartbeat that was seen I have a day you're so. Rationally we haven't seen Dempster. And Lackey yet so how do we know who's going to be in the post season rotation. Well if Lester do enough. You wanna start game one -- pretty soft colts after last night's start you know I would -- it's a good question let's start Lester in game when he's better more able comeback in 4 and 7 am it's 330 times in the seven game series to torture wanna see Dempster Lackey and -- before you decide. Who's the four man rotation but the playoffs that's trivia treat for topsy. Wicked 86 he's a little pocket he's a little little but you can yankees may be -- to a yes that's how did they win 95 to Sharon -- granderson was that good to us that's good to make up 25 game also. Of their baseball reference page from last year and it's one of those ones you look at it you can't really explain sabathia was okay is pretty good. Hughes is pretty good Kuroda was really good and the pull the ball pretty without Rivera was good. Made a budget home runs and I guess that's how they got there and you know. All of those balloons are gone. Yeah yeah well bred as a young -- received wells and -- -- last night they went deep. They went to good luck with that you were reliant on wells and Hafner and and you could. You can have a market of that what do paid twelve million -- to Kevin Youkilis. Mean that is -- that -- a mystery to me to look at nine and a half. And -- -- -- and -- Youkilis gets twelve and Adrian Wilson gets a million bucks you know a million and a half. Baseball baseball that to happen like it's on the can afford Kevin Youkilis. It's making twelve million bucks -- -- would be taken eleven. I guess -- would have taken I've bigamy. I mean yeah I -- I mean again they can afford it but it just seems like -- lost -- way. In these these veterans and when they don't know how much they have left. And and night against the Yankees Red Sox -- always the special. It feels especially if it's no show last night in the public. And on the with the British celebrities that noticeable are. It was a debacle it was there -- -- W out federal cam the animal all right as Guyton. Elected -- him -- happen he moves over such happened to the record players in the -- right. So and so -- -- was a -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Aren't they -- to ensure a subject and --

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